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ARK Cathie Wood (from Barron’s profile this weekend)
5 year bear/bull case for TSLA : $600 / $1400
They’re also heavily bullish on BTC, gene-editing and SQ
German capitalism versus French capitalism:
thanks for sharing this
that perfectly explains why Airbus is the way it is
Spent the weekend working on building a home lab server rack out of 4040 extrusion. This stuff is neat, like adult versions of Knex.
The only problem is that the rack rails were clearly cut by a blind gorilla, because they're 15mm longer than they need to be and are very uneven. I only have 10mm of slack in my design and now I need to borrow an angle grinder to cut them down to size. Ugh.
What will you be using it for?
I like NY.
City is nice in the right areas. I live upstate it’s a great time both down there and up here
You in the city?
Sitting next to a professor who’s class I walked out early every session last semester. Going to be a long plane ride
So I did some reading on Elliot Wave today and tried to apply the analysis to the Daily chart of SPY. I eyeballed it/used the fib retracements/extensions described in the PDF below to try to identify the waves off the December bottom:
I came up with the following:
Wave 1: December 24/26th - December 28th
Wave 2: December 28th - Jan 3rd
Wave 3: Jan 3rd - May 1st
Wave 4: May 1st - June 3rd
Wave 5: June 3rd - July 26th
If this analysis is correct, we should now be entering into an ABC correction, which can take a variety of forms.
Any thoughts? I hope everybody's having a great weekend :)
Pretty crazy market is up just 2-3% in the last 16 months.
That shit is whack man, I’m sorry to hear that.. I’m so glad I’m out of banking so I don’t be the daily reminder of what pieces of shit people can be.. So sorry to hear that bro..
Better chance would be to report them to the FTC, BBB, and postmaster general.
Small claims court?
Yo this is actually really fucking infuriating.
Alex Thompson's new Hugo Boss IMOCA 60 looks siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiick!
I hope he takes it down this time. His new ride looks so badass.
He's a
Would love to sail on one of those yachts. Closest I ever got was a Class 40 which is basically a baby version of Alex's yacht.
Cloudy Outlook Seen For IC Biz:
Pretty decent macro summary of the semi industry.
This whole twitter handle is gold.
people that rage like this make me feel very good about my trades, I live for this
it is unfortunate that BYND will probably go down this week tho
Anyone got a PDF for a good textbook on Elliot Wave theory? I know many people aren't a fan of it, but I'd like to study it a bit more in depth.
I actually found some pretty good info here too. Chapters 9-12 are pretty good (just change the number at the end of the URL). Chapter 13 starts dealing with Gann techniques.
There was this one book about commodities I found at my college library that talked about it briefly.
The Commodity Futures Game (1st Ed. from 1974)
It was written by three professors of Finance & some other stuff at UC Riverside or someplace. A couple of them had Ph.D. if that helps any in promoting their qualifications.
Your library may have it if you live in a big city.
From what I remember it said, the original creator of the Elliot Wave and his students were very “successful” using it, but that in the authors’ research, they could find no other instance of Elliot Waves being consistently successful, or of there being any pattern whatsoever. And they also mention that Elliot, the guy who created the waves theory, legitimately believed he could time the markets with astrology or some stuff.
Not a textbook, but a good guide.
Short pdf.
Another tanker was seized by the Iranians: the seizure was on Wednesday but was just announced
Q2 Earnings Report from FactSet:
Q2 2019 earnings -1.0%, up from the -2.7% initially forecast.
76% earnings beats, 59% revenue beats. 77% reported so far.
Q3 2019, earnings forecast -2.2%
Q4 2019, earnings forecast +4.5%
Q1 2020, +9.0%
Q2 2020, +10.7%
Positive thoughts:
It’s always nice to see everyone stop their car to let a family of ducks cross the street
It'd be a shame if a duck went missing and became a tasty duck steak.
Hamilton in 2019 is an easier bet than SPY CSP in 2017.
I swear if I have to start avoiding F1 spoilers in TWS too I’m just gonna have to implement a no reddit on weekends rule. Which would probably be healthy anyway tbh
Wtf is with all these shootings
It's nothing new. You can post this every week if you want and it'd be relevant.
Paranoid patriotism.
Too much baby proofing. At least in the 1800s, the dumb ones would off themselves early
At least they mowed down the second piece of shit. Fuck giving them a trial. Just hang them.
Too many guns laying around.
Lot of sad news over the weekend. So far. I’m not trying to trade off tragedy but I will say I’m not in happy buying mood.
Thoughts and prayers, and cash.
Went to try on rings yesterday. Some of these things are as much as a car. It’s crazy how much people spend for a rock. She tried one on because it looked “pretty”. Turned out that one had a 21k price tag.
We settled on an engagement ring, but had a huge argument on how much wedding bands should cost. I’m guessing in the $500 range, but she insisted on the 1-2k range, after coming down from the 3k’s
Can somebody back up my price tag? I don’t have a lot of money.
Edit: found a REALLY good one. Check it out:
Try looking on
Aren't you barely out of college?
Jesus man.
Okay listen up, even though I know you're going to ignore all this and get married, I have to look out for my fellow man and weigh in.
Don't marry this girl. Within 10 years you'll be either A: divorced, or B: miserable and a shell of your former self. I've personally watched too many people go through this.
Extremely pertinent to you - one of my closet friends years ago - married this girl. They fought about money though a handful of times - he had more she came from less. Long story short, two years later she initiated the divorce and he ended up paying her $50,000. You want to pay a girl 25 grand for every year you were married to her?
I have another good friend who would absolutely be divorced right now if it wasn't for his kids. He's absolutely miserable.
50% of marriages ending in divorce doesn't even begin to describe the landscape of marriage. 50% end in divorce, 40% are miserable, and 10% are actually happy.
Really, think about it man. You're coming on Reddit complaining to RANDOM INTERNET STRANGERS about your not-even-married-yet marriage issues. How is this setting you up for success?
I'm going to assume you're in the U.S. here - there's 150 million girls. Let's assume that there's an equal number of girls in each age bracket between 0-90 for the sake of this exercise - so roughly 33 million girls between the ages of 20-40. Attractiveness follows the normal distribution, and let's say that you are an attractive fellow yourself, so you're looking for a girl around one standard deviation above average - top 20% for the sake of this exercise - so that's 6.6 million girls that could potentially be a good fit for you. Do you realize how big 6.6 million girls is? That's the cities of Chicago, Houston, and Austin combined of nothing but hot girls. Don't you think you could find one girl out of 6.6 million that you go "I like this one, I want to get this one for you" and her immediate response is "I love it!"
This girl literally ruined what should be an exciting, special and fun once-in-a-lifetime event between the two of you because she didn't think you were spending enough money. Let that sink in - my heart actually hurts for you.
If you're interesting in 24 karate, try Mene; 75% of the cost is the gold by weight, 25% design fee:
Not about the price tag mate. You got bigger issues to figure out. Can’t come on reddit looking for backup every time you and your wife disagree on something. Get on each other’s level and have a talk.
Just got home from watching Hobbs and Shaw. If you want fo get entertained then that is definitely a movie you should watch. Hilarious and action packed so it was a good time.
Not sure
Sad because true.
That shooting in Texas makes my stomach turn, and my blood boil.. And on that, goodnight gents, I’ve had enough of today.
The most frustrating thing is that this will keep on happening, because compared to New Zealand, nothing will be done in the US to fight this bullshit.
Lot's of "thoughts and prayers" followed by "now is not the time to talk about gun control" and "it's all about mental illness"...but in the end, nothing will happen. Other than more mass shootings that is.
And I also know some will downvote me for saying this. I'm from a country with A TON of guns, yet we don't have mass shootings like in the US. Why? Because in Switzerland the same chaps who go to gun festivals also push for strong gun regulation...because they don't like some asshole to shoot up the neighbourhood. We also don't have assholes like the NRA who corrupt politics.
Kosta did a good segment about gun control in Switzerland:
That tweet is comedy gold :D
But fine, set the clock to 8pm...
Lmao! 😂.
I think we're at the part of the bonds crossroads where the generational low vs fundamental shift crowds will finally get to test their hypotheses. What do you guys think? I wish it was easier to follow this discussion somewhere.
Can you expand upon what you mean?
I'm pretty pissed off. Spent a good portion of this weekend and last weekend cleaning out my apartment so I can move out. Landlord still isn't satisfied and pretty much demands perfection or he won't give back my whole security deposit. Meanwhile, I've got a family member who's dying of cancer and I don't want to deal with this shit. Anyone got any advice?
honestly mate. Let it go, have him send you an itemized receipt and challenge him on each item later on. Right now family is your priority, not a couple hundred in cleaning fees.
Check your local laws but I bet he/she was supposed to keep your security deposit in an interest earning escrow account. Ask for proof. You can file a small claim pretty cheap and often the threat is good enough to get what you want. Really depends how much time you want to spend on this versus how much you could get back.
Nobody really wants to deal with this, it's normal not to want to, but there isn't really an alternative.
For me it's really hard to go where the feelings are, because I don't cope very well with anything but "love & joy", fear, pain, shame, guilt, grief, feeling powerless, all these I try to avoid, so I rather distracted myself, but that way I didn't get to process them in time, and then they settled in, leading to long lasting moods and mental health issues.
For me, feelings are fucking hard, but life doesn't care and keeps trowing shit at me, so I'm learning to face them, the sooner I go there, the less of a burden they are. What worked for me was looking out for support groups/fellowships, then I realised that I'm not alone with this, there is a great deal to learn from other peoples journey.
Thanks guys. I agree, it's not worth it. I'm just furious that I wasted time working on the place
Not worth going to war over it. Focus on being there for your family - you can always make more money, you won't get the time back with your loved one.
And write that fucker a shitty yelp review (or whatever ppl use to rate property mgmt around you).
take the loss and move on.
Same shit happened to me minus the family member issue.
anyone got any recommendations on what to do in anchorage
I've never been, but how is it and Alaska in general? It's been a long time since I've had a proper vacation/some time away, and I find Alaska really intriguing.
Go to the Moose's Tooth I guess. Highest grossing pizza joint in the nation.
Lucky Wishbone for some damn fine pan-fried chicken that I've been unable to beat anywhere else. They will actually serve you a chunk of chicken with the wishbone embedded in it with some meals. I believe the meal I used to get was called a "mom white".
Ofc I'm sure you can also find some kind of expensive ass seafood restaurant and get alaskan salmon or halibut. Can't name any names here since I didn't have that kind of money back in the day.
Chilkoot Charlie's is a famous long time bar, not sure what kind of crowd hangs out there now. Mad Myrna's puts on some entertaining live shows... It's sort of like a gay bar with a heavy dash of normies
There's all kinds of outdoorsy shit not far from town of course. Idk how much time you have.
Talk market with bears. Alaska is the only place with black, brown, polar .. etc bears.
The beekeeper suit I ordered from Amazon has arrived and tonight I'm going to try to deal with the wasp plant. How is your Saturday night going?
Have you considered that the wasps might be in league with the turkey?
Well, it was complete utter shit until I started thinking about you killing those flying stinger wielding assholes and it made me smile.. :)
Can we get a live stream please?
bought quite a lot of bitcoin
Lol you buying Bitcoin?
Times have changed
According to the Stock Trader’s Almanac, in years preceding presidential elections since 1971, the July-October span marked the worst four months.
Got a record player recently and have really been enjoying coming home and listening to a full playthrough of a side or two. Really liking Wilco's Sky Blue Sky.
Anyone have any favorites? Bonus points if you have a specific time they're great for like relaxing after work/about to go out/cleaning/etc.
Fucking hell I cannot catch a fucking break to save my fucking ASS.... We got wifeys bloodwork back today... FUUUUUUUUUUCK...
Edit- Just because I need to blow it off now at this point, and seriously you guys are my only real friends... She’s in Fucking kidney failure, and we’re going to have to go see the cardiologist now.. Undiagnosed type 1 diabetic, and ongoing complications from T2 diabetes. In the last 6 months we’ve had nightmare issues with diabetic ulcers, and now we have to deal with this shit, and we are HYPER vigilant about her health. Fucking A1C is ~5.5, she’s totally controlled, takes care of herself, but the late catch of the T1 and her childhood is now starting to read its ugly head. Seriously, FUUUUUUCK.... I mean really, can I just catch a fucking break here?? Like I’ve spent so much fucking time in hospitals and drs offfices this year I may as well just take up fucking residency...
Hey man. Good luck. I wish you and your family the best.
Sorry to hear that mate. I am sure she is in good hands with you around.
Do shoot me a PM if there's anything I can help with by way of answering questions etc. Would be happy to, especially given all the guidance you've given us on here
Jesus. Sorry to hear that.
Fuck bro, sorry to hear. Stay strong
Sorry to hear that boss but stay strong. I hope this passes soon for you and you move on to great happiness in your life.
Wishing you the best man! If you are as good to you family as you are on here they can't ask for a better man to help them along!
Condolences man! Wishing you and yours the best
From one online friend to another, hang in there.
I’m sorry man, you’ve got a lot of people in your corner rooting for you and yours.
For whatever it’s worth, with the compassion I’ve seen you give for strangers on the internet I know your family is in great hands.
Truly sorry. Please keep your head up.
I’m sorry man
What happened ? everything okay?
Damn man...sorry to hear that. Good luck with everything.
Back in C IL. Was at a kid’s bday party, and the grandfather (farmer) was late. He told his son he’s late to the party because he was planting beans.
Dafuq? Who plants beans in August? Must have been some pp acres.
He’s late to two parties, the birthday party and planting party!
Trump is a moron (Rex Tillerson was goddamn right) and I am not saying that just because. Remember I have defended him in the past many times. I don't identify myself as a red or blue just to be clear.
Why I'm saying he's a moron is how he has handled this week. Starting from Ratcliffe to always blaming the Fed even when it's CLEARLY his fault. I was pissed this week when I had to absorb a large loss after his more tariff hike on China which came absolutely out of the blue (unless you're a trader friend of his, then you obv got the info just before). Oh, I'm sure he's feeding his circle of Wall St. buddies. How the heck were ED spreads on the wides just before he tweeted it? I don't know man. And then he has the audacity to
Oh, btw we closed the house sale on both sides. Moving to the new place ltr this month.
It sure is unfortunate about the “trade war” considering how much business investment was put on hold after the tax cuts simply due to trade uncertainty. Our economy should be so hot right now.
But since it is happening, I decided to rewatch
I think it’s important to help understand where Trump is coming from, to understand what Navarro and Lighthizer are telling him. He’s being told that a win on a couple items is still a loss. Meaning that he isn’t going to cave until he gets some major concessions from China. It almost feels like it’s going to be nearly impossible to reach a deal, especially soon. I could see Trump using China as a “boogeyman” for his 2020 campaign and disagree with anyone thinking he’s going to take a weak position just to get it done before the next election.
But back to your original point, and the reason I brought all this up, I think Trump views the Fed as a tool he should be able to deploy in his trade war. That’s why he’s been screaming about currency manipulation so much lately. I’m not agreeing with him. Just trying to understand what he might do next. In my humble opinion, these tariffs are not only coming but he will ratchet them up, especially now because he sees weakness in the Chinese economy. With the Fed helping him, he sees a victory. His tweets and comments on the Fed sure turned them dovish on a dime (obviously it could be their data as well but the timing with Trumps tweets can’t be denied). Why would he stop now. He’s just pushing for more cuts because that’s what he’s being told will help him win against China.
This tariff raise has been long in the making by Navarro, Lightheizer, and Bolton, Trump is just the fall guy for the announcements. I expect further escalation over the next year.
From what I saw in China over the past 4 months -- Chinese domestic tensions are heating up and Xi is starting to feel a bit of pressure from within the party to give in. There has always been a sect of the CCP that has long identified its weaknesses and pushed for reform, see: Bo Xilai and Liu He. No way of getting a whiff of this in western media since you have to read in between the lines on domestic Chinese newspapers itself, such as when someone on another political faction has control over newspaper X.
One of the biggest misconceptions is that the CCP is a giant hegemony with Xi at the top, whereas its a bit more like an opaque Democratic party, with internal clashes that are never discussed.
Congrats on the house!
I saw that this morning and actually facepalmed myself. I can’t even at the level of stupidity there... I was going to post it earlier but I didn’t want to poke the hornets nest so to speak... :/
That said, congrats on your house man, that’s awesome!
Look in to DEA. I’m a fan.
Regarding a dividend portfolio, it has it’s place. Ive posted a few times about my thoughts on dividend portfolios if you’re young. Tldr is your getting double taxed. Once at the corporate level, again on income from the dividends.
My thoughts when young are to invest in growth, then when in retirement and needing income switch to dividend.
Wife and I just finished Stranger Things season 1 last night—what a good show. Super stoked to have two more seasons left to watch.
My 2 1/2yo son just got accepted to a really good Montessori preschool that has an insane waiting list, so this has been an awesome weekend! Hope everyone else’s is going just as well!
Just about to finish season 3 and be caught up.
Congrats to your son. I consider preschools to be the most important in formulating a kid's foundation.
Stranger things is one of my favorite shows ever, I watched it I think the second or third night it came out, had no idea what it was until I watched the trailer and started watching. By the end of episode 2 it was over. I watched it over 3 nights at bedtime, then watched it with the fam again all the way through. S1 is the best, but 2&3 are very good too..
Congrats on your win as well!
On a media binge so far this weekend, just started Euphoria. Zendaya kills it and whole show is well done
Good god Denver is flush with talent. The rooftop bar at the Rockies game was unreal. 5-6’s do not exist here haha all 7’s and above. The we’re from out of town is a solid opener haha
Bear dance is my favorite golf course I’ve ever played. Shot an 82 41-41 from the blue/black combo tees at 7100 yards. Had 3 triple bogeys and 3 birdies on the back, I missed a lot of easy putts. If I played it again I think I could break 80, cost me a few strokes by not knowing the course. The course was amazing, beautiful scenery, condition was immaculate, the service was top notch, and it was difficult but fair.
This is an amazing city, of all the trips we’ve taken it is by far my favorite. I’d seriously consider moving here
You need to check out avanti, which is in LoHi. Was there last Saturday night and it’s very easy on the eyes. I’m married but if I wasn’t I’d be there every weekend
Was hoping you’d post an update—glad you had fun here man!
82 is super respectable on a new course, and the greens here are faster than lower elevation cities in my experience.
Pretty sure I’m going to build a new Ryzen rig soon, some of my spreadsheets are a tad too laggy and my current build is starting to show its age. I did the research and I’ll see a 50-300% performance bump across most applications so it’s probably time. Only thing that I am worried about is AMD switching away from their AM4 platform to something that makes future CPU upgrades impossible. Currently rocking a 3770K @ 4.4 on a pleb motherboard, 8GB DDR3, and 500GB split between two SSDs with a bunch of fans that are probably end of life. Luckily I have a relatively new GTX 1080 so that’s one component I won’t have to worry about.
Make sure to get the fast ram, it's really noticeable in the DDR4 generation.
imo, you rarely upgrade a CPU without building a new rig. Go for the new Ryzen 3K series. And splurge on RAM, my current build has 64GB and it's glorious :)
(also, your current Ivy Bridge chip probably took a perf hit from the Spectre/Meltdown patches. I had a Haswell machine where the perf difference was noticeable after the patches.)
Excuse me, how the fuck does someone have over $200,000 in student loans?
I'll finish my master's with about -120k.
Many of my friends are laborers and live comfortably with a lot less stress. Some days I'd have rather chosen a different career...
My sister borrowed for 2 years of undergrad and 3 years of pharmacy school, about $200k total.
I believe she earns between $125,000 and $150,000 working for a PBM.
Yeah I’m on the verge of giving up a software salary to get my ass kicked for 4 years in med school. Should be 250k with interest accumulation through residency. Don’t think I’ll ever break even on opportunity cost....
Med & Law are very expensive. Dental is I think the worst. My wife finished with 400k in debt (parents loaned her 100k 1st year) after her state dental school and state residency. Baffles me how much they saved her on interest over 7 years @ 7%.
Get this - medicine you make 50-60k/yr in residency but orthodontics (which my wife is), she paid for her residency. Many dental specialists you pay for your residency. Her classmate has 800k of debt, and isn’t that uncommon (private dental school & paying for residency)
Private schools or medical/law.
Shit that’s nothing HB, I regularly saw >$250k on credit reports. Highest I ever saw was ~$600k, he was a pediatric neural surgeon tho making >$500k a year though. Worst I saw, ~$480k, pharmacist at Walmart ~$140k/yr sal. He’s beyond fucked and will be CH7 tho at some point, he and his wife live like he makes $400k a year.
I’m all for education, but if people are not gonna use it or you’re salary won’t justify the cost of the degree, just don’t go to school and get some blue collar job. JFC I know guys who drive trucks/operate heavy equipment that make comfortably >$120k a year and they’re all dropouts.
Besides other things mentioned below, $200K is really easy for doctors.
Lol I know a lot of people here with 3 master degrees plus undergrad will double that easily. Uchicago law mba or undergrad will easily get you there
Easy if you go out of state and don’t pay anything or don’t pay much. This would most likely include room and board. Penn State(which I left after a semester) was damn near 20-25K(Per fucking semester) if you also got the meal plan.
Undergrad going for like 70k a year at some schools
My wife just sent me
I’ve always wondered why they didn’t release their albums on streaming services. Secondly, why change now? I know they have a new album coming out soon...
Once I got through episode 2 I was hooked
Thanks ev, there's an hour I didn't realize I just spent going down the youtube rabbit hole...
I got into formula1 a couple years ago.
Drive to Survive will bring this sport back. It's so exciting and they capture all the diva drama that adds context to the races making them much more exciting.
Wanna rate another one?
Watcha trying to say? I see a lot of lines but no message.
I picked something up off Twitter this am that touched on the basis for how I look at certain trades I’ve done a lot of in the past ie earnings fades etc. Basically trading breakouts/breakdowns at certain levels/timeframes etc that kind of gave a fundamental roadmap that I was missing, going to do some backtesting on it today and will report back if I find some correlation there. I never got the expected breakdown on $GOOGL last week when I wanted it, but probably should have held what ultimately was about a 700% trade, but, that said, still nailed the entry based on price action, now I’m going to see if there’s actual correlation looking back, then I’m going to do a whole bunch of testing on other things I watched but didn’t trade..
Edit- Well son, of, a, bitch....
I have just finished Options, Futures and Other Derivatives by John C. Hull. (though shit lol)
Anyone has a recommendation what to read next? I'm looking for a deep dive into options or the bond market and interest rate stuff. Preferably some kind of academic textbook. I saw someone quoting one about bonds a while ago and that person said it was 'the standard work'. I thought I saved it somewhere but seems like I forgot!
I came across one called “Trading & Exchanges” by Larry Harris. I haven’t read it yet but I’ve been told it’s very insightful.
Have you read Options Volatility and Pricing by Nattenberg yet?
Also you might be thinking of The Handbook of Fixed Income Securities by Fabozzi
If we can get vix > 20 again, may switch to just selling spx ICs. Sell one IC every 7 days, 45 days out.
Actively monitoring a dozen tickers gets tiring. Selling spx premium is less management.
Edit: with the advice below, putting this idea on the back burner for now.
I touched on this earlier today coincidentally ala the Tastyworks method of selling OTM IC’s.. Last year would have gotten you murdered 100x over doing this on SPX as we repeatedly blew though em’s like they didn’t exist. Oh, 45 days out at the 2SD, SPX - hold my beer and watch this shit boys as it annihilated those moves like they didn’t exist. 30 DTE SPX call spread at the 1SD is a .20 credit (3085/3090), i don’t have enough nope in me to touch selling that on a >40x r:r.
Hmmm can you describe the profit potential here? I know ics are great for high vol environments... but how far otm are you looking? Like would you do 3050 and 2800?
After the drop the other day, my strategy then calls for cutting directional plays since IV is getting too high, so I’m trying to explore other opportunities. 45 days out though, seems like it could easily extend past the width of one of the ends, no?
If you like scifi, do yourself a favor and don't watch Another Life.
If I had to sum up the show.
The premise isn't bad, but the entire crew on that ship seems like the most incompetent soap opera people they could have picked.
That, show, was, garbage... I watched the first episode and thought “this show is complete utter shit”, checked the reviews, oh, good, no need to waste anymore time..
On the other hand, started watching The Sinner, couldn’t stop, watched the whole season last Sunday night/Monday morning..
Have you watched The Expanse on Amazon? I enjoyed that.
Do you take gundlach seriously or is he a joke?
I don't agree yields are going back up until let's say 2025 for demographic reasons, but otherwise, yes, I take him seriously. One of the MD's has a podcast with interesting guests, search 'Sherman Show.'
Why, what do you think is off?
Iran Owns the Persian Gulf Now, by Steven A. Cook of the Foreign Policy.
This furthers your argument,
Home Depot can be a bit of a ripoff sometimes - I'm building something with t-slot extrusion and wanted M6x15 socket cap screws. Home Depot sells 2 for a dollar, Fastenal sells 50 for $8. If only they were open on weekends...:(
I’m a hardware geek, HD/Lowe’s are terrible for hardware.. Fastenal is great (I use to buy several thousand dollars a week from them), but if you want to go crazy for hardware, it’s all about McMaster-Carr.. I could spend hours and hours on that website. And if you have a warehouse close, you can will-call from them as well. If they don’t have it, wtf are you building because they have literally anything and everything you. Like ever need.. lol..
Last question about Stranger Things (spoilers likely). What happened to hopp?
he was captured by Russians and in Siberia
When is our MM coming back?
What if I told you they never left?
How much can an elected Democrat Medicare for all candidate affect varying blue chip health care or health insurance stocks?
I made this comment a month ago with some “back of the napkin” math.
The TLDR is that it is unlikely that a M4A plan makes it through Congress written in a way that materially impacts private sector IMO. The sector should be trading ~6% off of highs based on political climate.
Just noticed a couple downvotes. I don't care about the downvotes but I would like to say that this isn't a political jab, I just want some perspective on the subject and hope someone wouldn't avoid a comment assuming it was a jab
Going tubing tomorrow, finishing up the last two episodes of The Boys tonight. Really enjoying the show.
Tubing is great fun. I prefer kayaks though! Enjoy!
Use sunscreen. Or don't. I'm not your mom.
What an amazing show. Kept seeing it advertised on Amazon video, and thought screw it, I’ll watch it.
Best show I’ve seen in a while.
What app do you guys like for keeping up with earnings calls?
Wow I didn't realize today was Friday until I saw the Random thread up on TWS front page.
How the fuck do you not know it’s Friday
Refunded my futures account. Havent played with them at all since before the micros were introduced. But looking forward to playing in ETH a bit again.