Jeffrey Dean Morgan is still holding out for a Negan Prequel movie


I'm glad that JDM recognizes the necessity to flesh out the character, particularly to help people understand the character as more than merely some kind of sadistic asshole, but the question is, will the right people recognize this specific need, as well?
One of my favorite episodes was the episode where they followed the Governor after he gunned down a bunch of his people. It really humanized someone we've really only seen as a villain up until then. I don't know that we need a whole movie about Negan but I'd love an episode dedicated to showing his backstory starting from the beginning of the apocalypse.
And the fact that he keeps getting older.
Is there a need though? I guess it depends on how they intend to use the character in the future. If he just disappears after the Whisperers arc then it would be pointless to do a whole movie on his backstory now. If they intend to make him a main character, then it would be good. Otherwise, the best time for a Negan movie would have been between seasons 7 and 8.
Particularly since he'd have the $tarring role....$$$
They were lucky to get him on this show. A negan movie would be perfect and it’s amazing he is excited about it.
He WANTED the role. They barely had to ask him.
I’d love a movie but couldn’t they easily just do a 90 minute episode like the one showing what happened to Morgan between seasons 3 and 5? Just have them be more like the Governor episodes in season 4, which gave that character more dimensions, and less like the Morgan episode that completely derailed the momentum of that season.
I’d prefer it as a movie. That way it doesn’t break up the show’s pacing.
I'm still completely flabbergasted that we didn't get a Negan back story incorporated as part of season 7/8. Whether it was short flash backs to start each episodes, an episode or two devoted to Negan's past, or just Negan talking about how he got to where he was.
The show gave viewers (arguably) its biggest villain, one who is rather unique in character at that, AND that it intends to bring into the group of 'heroes' in the long run. But it didn't bother to give us much if any reason to sympathize with, relate to, or even understand him?
People are resources though... so.....
Instead we got a Tara bottle episode.
I guarantee you it’s coming
I think it's because they wanted Negan to really seem evil at first, so they could gradually make us realize that he's no worse than Rick.
Season 7 he's almost purely a dick until the moments with Carl that first showed his good side. In season 8 we really start to see that Negan isn't too bad. He is devasted over Carl and opens up to father Gabriel. We even see him cry in the finale. The s7 Rick is much more sane than in s8.
Even more, Rick is mostly sane in season 7 while in season 8 he starts killing surrendering men in cold blood because he's so blindsighted by the need for revenge. This is the opposite character progression from Negan.
So I think they didn't have a Negan backstory episode sooner because that would have made it way too obvious he isn't a bad guy. They wanted to save that reveal for Season 9 after teasing it for 2 seasons.
Negan as a PE teacher...
Especially if he
I'd watch that for sure. Negan has been the best part about TWD for a long time. A lot of that can be attributed to JDM.
I'm still trying to figure out why we haven't gotten this yet…
My only guess is that they are waiting for his inevitable
I really wish they would have showed that in the TV show by now. It's pretty important for a character you're going to keep around.
yasssssss I would kill for that!
They have an absolutely amazing and easy story sitting and waiting for them. They can bring back Sherri and Dwight for it as well. Just make "Here's Negan" into a longer 90 minute show episode. It would be a huge story and would break the tension after he hopefully offs Alpha.
What are the rick movies supposed to be about exactly like when are they set I’m so confused
Stupid shit by hipster punks who for some reason think its clever or cool to annoy people
Would be so amazing to catch Negan's story from before apocalypse to forming saviors and making a vast community that had so much power and control. I would absolutely watch it for sure. It would even be cool if they did it during the offseason as just something to get interest.
I'd watch the ever-loving fuck out of that.
Meh an episode would do
Am I the only one a little bit afraid of how bad these “movies” will be?
Realistically, the episodes are almost as long as movies themselves, and some have been horrible. Imagine paying money to sit in a theatre and watch any episode of FTWD?
Does anyone know if these movies will be in theatres or a TV movie deal?
Let’s just hope they don’t have any deer in them.
The Rick movies will be theatrical releases. There is no Negan movie currently planned.
I would love to see that
That would be a dream come true but I think it would be better a miniseries cause they could tell a lot more
We need to have the "Here's Negan!" Movie, with a more fleshed-out group of bad guys.
Absolutely, I'd love to see the sanctuary when it was in Negan's word "A warzone'
I would love a neegan movie, I don’t think the show gives enough insight into why he is such an asshole (aside from him being an asshole) I would love to see a gradual evolution of his character up until the point where he realises he needs to control with an iron fist and a shit tonne of fear, to save the most people.
That would be fantastic!
Omg I rly freaking hope this movie happens!!!
Please please please do it JDM
I’d watch that. As long as gimple is kept far away.
That would be cool but I want the rick movies to come first. The rick movies have been talked about for years and they haven’t even started filming yet. A Negan movie would only push the rick movies back further
Years? Rick just left the show a little over a year ago...and the movie is now in pre-production. So that's a pretty normal time table for scripting, which they say is complete.
I'm not a huge fan of the idea, but you can bet I'd rather watch that than any additional TWD spin-off series.
¿Por qué no?
I hated thecwhole negan writers armor bullshit plot but id love to watch this
Negan did nothing wrong.
I'd pay to see it. You could do the same with Michonne, Daryl, and maybe Aaron. Father Gabe, Eugene and even Rosita would work too. Make a whole series, call it TWD backstories. Imagine throwing in Merle, Tyrese, Glenn, Abraham, Dale and Andrea, even T-Dog. The possibilties boggle the mind.
Yeah no
im good fam
Of course he is. He's an actor. It's a job. He wants that payday. If he were on TWD for the "art" or the "story", he'd be doing it for free. Why do people insist on being so gullible?
“You should do art because you love it.” Okay. All us artists/musicians/actors/comics have heard it. I take it you’re not one. Jerk.
lol ok, well maybe you won't change your view... but 99% of the viewer base will.
Ever watch GoT? People's view on Jaime Lannister completely flipped because of a 5 minute scene with him explaining his past.
Its like saying I don't want character development. Its fine that it doesn't effect or change you... but you'd be in the vast minority of humanity.
I’ve always seen JDM as Harrison Ford trying to play Han Solo again. You’re too old for the role and it’s almost as if TV show Negan is tryna hold onto when he was younger (Comic Negan). His weight is a huge problem too. Hope that makes sense.
Moral of the story is. They should’ve casted a Negan in his 30s.
based on the wikia he's like 60 by the end of the comic series, meaning he'd still be about 50 right now in the comic. that combined with him starving in a prison cell for like 3-5 years or whatever?? what do you expect
Harrison Ford didn't want to play Han Solo again. He tried on numerous occasions to have the character killed off.
JDM was the worst choice for Negan.