TPTB trying to pick the next Bachelorette from this group of women

I'd love to see Tia as Bachelorette. JUST SAYING.
🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 please god
This is the worst cast of girls EVER
Does no one want to have a season of Mykenna? She'd be the ripe old age of 23, totally ready for the commitment.
I read online before this season that they were trying to cut down on the amount of pageant girls, bloggers, and influencers that they cast- clearly that DID NOT happen.
The only one I would even begin to consider is Kelley but she's too mature for the entire franchise.
I feel like that would be pretty amazing to watch her shut down all the peacocks she would get though.
I would love an Alayah season. I can see her going full princess and I’m here for that
Deandra would have been glorious.
This season has been trashy and mean. Makes me realize how much I liked the girls from previous seasons. I miss having a GOOD villain like Courtney or Tierra.
Ugh I miss Tierra and that makes me feel crazy
Kelley reminds me so much of Andi. I feel like she has the same vibe and would have a similar season.
Hannah, Madi, Kelly, Alayah, and Savanna are all good choices.
Me for Bachelorette! Chubby, Short, Latina Lawyer in her 30s who doesn't want kids for Bachelorette!!! I'll break out into Spanish swearing if I encounter any fuckbois/influencer wannabe's, instead of roses i'll bang a gavel if you're moving on to the next round. My dog gets to sniff out the good guys from the bad.
Ratings Gold I tell you.
I'm down, apply apply apply 😂
My prediction is Hannah B is coming back for a second stint as B'ette.
Oh god I hope not
Amazon's Alexa would be the perfect Bachelorette.
Me too.
I’m all for Kelley. She wouldn’t take ANYONE’S crap or drama. What we need for an ‘Ette.
I don't want Kelly as the next 'ette, but it seems like she might be getting a favorable edit that would make her look appealing to the viewers for the next season. I can already see the way she'll be portrayed ... "Smart and beautiful attorney who had a strong connection with Peter, but was heartbroken when he chose someone else ..."
In "the old days" of this show, the producers were notorious for showing very, very little of the F1. You could go several episodes and hardly see the F1 and even the F2 -- so much so that you'd almost forget they were there. I noticed last night that they rarely showed HA and/or Madi. I even wondered if they were actually there sometimes, so I'd freeze the picture so I could find them (i.e. in the rose ceremony). The cameras focused on everyone else but them, showing the expressions of the Victorias, Mykenna, Tammy, Sydney, Kelsey, etc., but NEVER on HA or Madi. It made me wonder if they're trying to be discreet with the forerunners and trying to mix in an element of surprise at the end.
Anyway, they would never make Tammy or Kelsey the next Bachelorette because they are both getting an unfavorable edit. Ditto for Mykenna. I can sort of see Sydney getting the Bachelorette edit because of her humble beginnings, being raised by a single mom, eating her lunch in the bathroom stall her entire senior year, the girl who Peter was so clearly infatuated with, the best kisser, etc., etc. Peter is obviously being told who to keep and who to let go, and I'm sure he is also told which conversations to bring up with certain women, too.
Since I'm blabbing on and on anyway, I'll also mention that I am almost convinced that whoever said that Natasha is a "plant" on the show is probably right. I don't think they've ever shown them kissing, and last night when it seemed like the appropriate time for Peter to zero in and start making out with her, they cut to a different scene. I wouldn't have noticed probably, but now I watch their interactions carefully and I think she might be there to stir up the pot a bit and to gather intel when the cameras go away.
"Smart and beautiful attorney who had a strong connection with Peter....”
i just think this is funny because you could say this exact thing about Rachel after her ‘ette season!
i also agree with what you’re saying otherwise. it’s just so grossly fabricated for drama.
This season is an absolute FLOP
Kendall for bachelorette.
I love her but it seems too soon
I couldn't take her long winded sentences, constantly talking about taxidermy and how quirky she is because she plays the ukulele.
No no
Is Alayah eligible, or does it have to be a person that stays in the house for a longer period of time?
I’d be okay with Kelley, she seems to be actually mature and I like that he called him out for rewarding drama and questioning if he’s ready for marriage. She seems to be out of place with this cast of women who just want to be influencers
Kelley is the only contestant I actually like this season, but I think she’s waaay too good for Peter. I don’t want her to “win” but it would be nice if she could stay on for awhile to add a sense of normalcy to the craziness lol
Even with her reverting back to crazy, I still think that, if it really must be someone from this season and you can't bring back someone from previous seasons, Kelsey is still the likeliest option so far.
Can’t believe I like Kelsey now
I’m for KatieMo personally 🤪
Oh I'd love that one too
I'll give you Kendall (although I think it's too soon after her breakup most likely) but Demi? No. No no no no no.
I'm gonna have to respectfully disagree with you there
Perfect use of the meme 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻
But I already cut all the bagels into Cs for “catty” since it fits so many of them
I’d put money on Tia being the next bachelorette. I think the last few seasons have shown them they need an older lead who is ready for an engagement & marriage.
Tia is a mean girl as well.
I'd be on board with this, I miss the camaraderie of the girls from Arie's season. Yes there was drama with Krystal and some about baby Bekah's age, but at least the women weren't vicious and mean spirited. The girls this season have just been downright cruel and nasty to others, they don't even understand the concept of decency and respect.
I’m hoping for Alayah but only because I’m a stan & if not, BIP here we come!!!
A+ Office meme use
Let's be real, I think they're planning on Hannah Ann if she isn't F1... They're giving her a good edit (I think they thought her "de-esclation skills" would come off as not condescending/fake/insincere, and since then are just keeping her out of any messes after the mixed reaction)
Yeah I can see this too. But I would rather see Hannah Ann on Bachelor in Paradise because she’s fun, fits the vibe, and you know all the guys pursue her, which makes for good drama
Unfortunately, I agree. Will they probably pick the Bachelorette from this season’s cast? Yes. Will I watch if they do? Probably not.
Agreed. Do they not think we can see through her little act & realize she's a mean girl in disguise? I truly hope they're not tailoring her to be the next Bachelorette. But also I feel that way about all the girls on here except far.
I quit watching and just read comments on Reddit
I see Idris, I upvote.
P.S. He’s extremely polite IRL
I Woke up to this snd can tell this is going to be a glorious day. Thanks for the laugh!
Last night my husband walked in the room when I was watching and asked “which ones do you like?” And I said “none of them. He already sent the normal ones home.”
Maybe they’ll go for someone from a past season ala Arie but not that far back. Make Tayisha will get her chance if she’s not dating anyone.
I used to think Tayshia was a secret mean girl, but compared to the girls on this season she's like an angel! Hell, even Caelynn seems nice compared to these new girls.
😂😂 seriously. This is the first time ever I haven’t been able to finish one single episode. They’re all exhausting and their immaturity is irritating.
None of them are hot enough to have the personalities they have and to be that dumb.
Kelley. That’s all
I’m not down with her politics though.
I was rooting for Victoria P, but then...
Tammy? She's funny asf and she gives off some "bro vibes", but in a good way.
Not sure if Kelley would do it bc she already seemed hesitant coming on in the first place, especially bc of her job. Although, I do like Kelley and how down to earth and natural she is!!
Edit: I haven't finished last nights episode yet, y'all.
Edit 2: okay, yeah, Tammy been wildin this episode for no reason . Lol
I use the phrase “Mr. Outside Hire” once a day and I have no regrets
"Or Mrs. Outside Hire"
Kelley and Madi only options from This season
I want Kelley! She seems like she went to the Rachel Lindsay school of taking no shit. She’s send home the drama immediately!
Madi is so genuine and real... so pass
Madi is the only one genuine an real enough to be the Bachelorette.
No to Madi. I’ll give Kelley a shot...kinda boring but usually safe choice for a safe season.
Oh No- there would be potential for several more Luke P’s in one season:
Men with unattainable high standards, roided out, big fish little pond, angry but thinks he’s nice, good looking so has gotten away with it into adulthood.
Yeah can’t be Madi with the virginity thing
Hard pass on Madi. She’s nice but I can’t do another season of inexperienced 23 year olds.
I don’t think I could do an entire season of an Instagram 23 year old. She seems nice but imma pass
I know this season has been an absolute dumpster fire but I am loving how meme-able it is.
Whoever was in charge of casting for this season should be blacklisted from show business
I mean...they'll probably be praised. this the good TV they want
I have never disliked a whole cast so much.
Same! They are all catty and immature. Not for it.
For real- I don’t want to see any of them (except Alexa, Kelley, and maybe a few others) in paradise either. They’re so mean!
Same. It's rude comments: pill popping / alcoholic comments or anything they said about Alaya, or bitch faces: like when Kelsey told all the girls about how she spoke with Peter and they were all staring at her with such distain. Or just poor attitude like Lexi anytime she says anything except when she defended Kelsey about the comments from Tammy.
They’re all so mean
I remember loathing Ashley Hebert's cast, but that feels like a long time ago.