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Why does everyone want Kelly to be the next bachelorette
Jed is really trying it with his last post. I’m pretty sure people have moved on from the Haley situation. Why reference it?
Fill us in?
You know everyone keeps saying an LGBT cast/lead would be tough because of housemates hooking up, but am I the only one who finds that mildly insulting? Like idk take the current show: people are supposed to be there for the lead and when they act in ways that seem to display other motives/a lack of sincerity it’s considered a bad thing. So why wouldn’t/couldn’t that principle carry over to an LGBT cast you know? They’re still supposed to be there for the bachelor/bachelorette and LGBT people aren’t like incapable of controlling ourselves.
I think you’re reading too much into it. I def think LGBT are totally capable of controlling themselves! But you’re in a house, spending significantly more time with fellow contestants than you do the lead... things could get messy, feelings happen, etc. Again, I’m sure many people could control themselves, but a house full of incredibly attractive people who are looking for love, it would most definitely happen. Then the show becomes about contestants dating each other.
Because if you introduce me to 30 potential partners, what are the chances that I would happen to gravitate to the lead—especially when the lead barely has any time to pay attention to me? Some people spend half their lives unable to find “the one,” and they aren’t limited to a pool of 30. The idea that all or even most members of the house truly fall for the lead is against all odds. The lead doesn’t want to be with most of them...why would they necessarily want to be with the lead?
I think the show partly relies (or at least believes it relies) on the contestants having only one person of the gender that they are attracted to to create an environment where they eat, sleep, breathe just that person and it results in them putting that person on a pedestal/if there were too many people that contestants had the ability to be attracted to that obsessive environment wouldn't be created because the contestants would be constantly reminded of what else is out there. And therefore wouldn't be as easily tempted to create drama with other contestants because they may realize the lead isn't worth that drama. Also, the lead isn't usually half as cool as the contestants (who are spending way more time together), so why would people care to "control" themselves if they are possibly making better connections anyway. However, despite all of that I think people underestimate the power of the temptation of the associated fame and traveling that comes with going further in the the show, I think that would balance it out. I don't think people think straight people can "control" themselves and thats why they put that expectation on others. As a straight‐ish person I can verify that I would not GAF about the lead if there were other (better) options around that I spent more time with the only thing motivating me to get further would be the possibility of getting to travel. But maybe I'm just a trash person haha
I miss Wills, I hope he's on Summer Games and finds somebody. He is great and just continually treated as a crappy option. He deserves better!
I know people hate on her, but I really have to applaud Bekah for being so public with her journey to reduce waste. It feels like sustainability is a common buzz word, but she just posted stories today that showed her total trash and recycling for the week (very low), and it’s just really awesome to see her walking the walk in addition to talking the talk.
I know the vax thing is not great, I am not a fan of that. But she does a lot on her podcast to educate on environmental and social issues. And she does screw up, but she will own up to things shes called out on and correct herself. And she works hard to be a better person on issues. I don't understand why so many ppl on this sub hate her so much. I mean clearly there are a ton of other users on here who enjoy her based on how many people here like her podcast.
what are the chances that our bachelorette will be from past seasons??
None. Periodt.
I’m just now finishing this weeks episode and all the girls are fucking insane. What the hell why do they all hate Alayah so much? She didn’t do anything to deserve this kind of reaction? Also Victoria P at the cocktail party was hilarious, but I can’t stand her 😕
I wasn't sure to post this as a question in fear of getting it removed so daily discussion posts here I come.
How do you stop comparing yourself to the contestants that appear on this show? I was thinking about this the other day, and I realize; a lot of these people are prettier (every fucking Hannah that's been on this show), more put together (Tammy, from what I've seen Becca, all the Lauren's that are this show) than I am at the moment. And sometimes it's tough watching this show knowing that. But how do you stop comparing yourself?
2 episodes this week?
Why are we getting two episodes this week? RS said that we are getting an episode on Monday and Wednesday but it’s not like the season started late or has missed a week
My best guess is something super dramatic happens and requires two episodes for what would usually be one
I'm mostly unspoiled and I'm wondering too. I don't really get it
Has anyone noticed how much weight caelynn has lost? I was just looking back at coltons season and noticed how skinny she is now, just me?
I know a lot of contestants say they gain weight during the season because of the non-stop food and alcohol. It could just be because she's exercising a lot more now that she's hiking with Dean. Obviously not right now with his hip but before the majority of their trips seemed to be very centered around hiking and outdoor exploring.
Did anyone see Tyler’s story? Is normal and chill the new genuine and real?
Just a head's up if you listen to Off The Vine Podcast. Kaitlyn recaps on Grape Therapy today and for those who are really sensitive to spoilers/contestant tea, her and Jason talk about a contestant and rumors surrounding her. I wouldn't listen if you want to be 100% free from anything that's out in the media about a certain contestant.
Who was the better commentator, Demi (on Colton season) or Tammy
Have people been talking much about something going on with Chris and Krystal? It seems like it's been a long time since they posted together. I don't watch their stories though. Also, yes, I know their instagram posts are not the end all be all of their relationship.
I've seen it mentioned here and there the last month or so, and every time I see it mentioned I go to their IGs (don't follow either) and have yet to see anything with them together, but I think Chris posted a story with one of their dogs when I looked yesterday. Honestly, I still despise Chris R so I would be cheering for Krystal if they split up - I know that sounds bad bc I don't want to wish them unhappiness, but I just think he's the biggest douche. Would be pretty wild if the first BN divorce is a couple that haven't even been married a year.
I mean they might be busy dealing with her news of possibly not being as fertile as she thought. They might just be struggling with figuring that out right now.
I haven't seen Chris in Krystal's stories for a while but I don't follow Chris so I don't know if she's in his stories
I’m Watching Jason M’s season of the bachelor
His season is like a whole different show, I’m pretty new to this I started at Colton’s season, But this show has gone way down, the girls on Jason’s season are so much more wholesome and mature, I can actually root for them! But with Peters season and even Colton’s, it’s so hard to root for anyone.
I wanted to know if there was a turning point where the show started to go into a garbage fire? Or has it slowly gotten worse?
Glad you recognized this!!! I wish more people on the sub saw the difference
Tbh it started even before coltons season I mean look at Corrine. Lol. I think it started when girls (and guys) started hitting a million followers and people realize how famous they could get .... plus the show has just become more and more popular and mainstream which just adds to it. I think back in jasons season, before his season people knew about the show but it wasn’t near as big as it is now. I actually think jasons ending is what made it more known.
At least 3x a week I remember that insta Becca K once posted and people were asking in her comments what her purse was and garrett responded to every single comment with the brand name. LOL it was cute
Anyone else’s notifications being weird? I get a notification that someone commented (red number on bottom right corner on mobile) but when I click on it, there’s nothing new there and the number won’t go away?
Same. I’m also getting notifications for subreddits im not subscribed to? It’s been frustrating.
I get the pop up if my comment was liked 5/10/etc times and I go there thinking someone replied to me and it’s just empty and won’t go away 🙄
Same here actually. It seems to temporarily go away if someone actually responds to me. But then if I open the app again later, the fake notification comes back.
Reddit has been super glitchy recently!
Just want to thank whoever recommended the Rosecast podcast the other day, I didn't know about it. I just listened to the latest episode and never laughed so much at a recap! Thank you!
I just started listen too after it was mentioned in the recommendation post. I’m really enjoying it and even went back and listen to Hannah’s season too. Lol
Was not me but I’m glad someone recommended it to you bc it’s my FAVORITE
Yay!! May have been me. Lol I’ve been hyping them up all over here
Does anyone else hear Miley Cyrus when Tammy speaks?
YES. I commented something similar in one of the episode watch threads.
Absolutely no one who goes on this show is too good for it or above it.
Does anyone have the vanity planet scale some of the contestants shill? Or can recommend a good one? My scale is 9 pounds off of the doctor office with clothes on 😳
Really an off-topic thread question but I can recommend the Greater Goods digital scale on Amazon. It’s under $20 and seems very accurate. You can stand on one foot, shift your weight, etc, and it’s the same. Sometimes, if it hasn’t been used for a while, you have to go on twice to get it to be accurate, but overall I love it. First make sure the zero comes up before stepping on.
I was looking through
Really interesting breakdown! Funny how I don't recognize most top commenters. I wonder who the [deleted] most frequent commenter was?
The only thing I can think of was Tahzjuan wanting Guac on BIP after almost fainting from the heat but I’m not sure that makes it worth 4th place lol!
Idk why that there's fuckboi and fuckboy in the list makes me laugh so much 😂
Stagecoach being in the keywords is hilarious.
Dude that’s hilarious. Also lol Black Tuesday stats
How am I not a top user I like live here 😂
I’m surprised it’s not BEC, but LOL at stagecoach coming in three. On the guac, I’m going with the sub just loves it ❤️🥑
Do you ever think about how you could unknowingly be interacting with people you know on here. Like maybe your neighbor upvotes all your comments and your coworker is the person you got in that fight with, etc. Odd
We need a code word for BN events. Like if you keep saying “corn pasta” and someone else is a Redditor, you’ll both know. If no Redditors are there, you’ll just sound like a weirdo
lol my friend and I talk about this sub when were together.
Once someone had posted a screen shot of a comment on Instagram and forgot to block out the user’s name. I recognized the name as one of my sorority sisters and made a comment about it on the post. My sister then messages me on Instagram that she saw my comment 😂 not only did it show me there were probably people I know personally on here, but it made it clear how important it is to block out user information because you could be posting something from Instagram and that person could be a member here and see it which makes things mean and awkward.
When I went to the DWTS live show last week, I definitely wondered if I was sitting among people who were fellow Redditors, especially when I heard several people discussing Hannah's absence from the show. (Obviously non-Redditors could discuss this as well, but it made me curious and I was tempted to ask them, lol)
Based off some fluke comment two women here realized that they not only live in the same city but the same apartment building. They now watch the show together.
I know a girl from elementary/middle/ high school message me asking if it was me because she saw I had posted pictures of my dog on another sub🤪 I kind of freaked out going over my posts and comments, like if I ever said anything to offend anyone, but she said no lol. hi j*****!!!
It’s frustrating that being a 23-year-old dude in college automatically makes girls surprised when I say I’m into the show just as much as them. Especially if I know more about the show than them, they seem legitimately perplexed that I would be this into the franchise... idk why, because of my masculinity? My sexuality? At first it’s funny but after a while it gets tiring to justify my interest, so I just stick to reddit 🤭
I primarily work at university campuses and overheard a group of about four guys furiously debating the show and if Hannah Ann would be a villain. I found it charming.
Glad you mentioned this... this is how women who like sports feel when men seem to dismiss how much they actually know their stuff. I never considered the opposite scenario with reality shows like this. I’ll be mindful of my reaction to men who watch the bachelor in the future.
I’m sorry you get judged for watching the show. I wish my significant other was into the show more 🤷‍♀️ reddit is here for you
I need someone to define ‘pile on’ for me because I’m not on the same page as the rest of this sub
The post starts with a topic (usually negative) then a commenter adds an off topic negative comment and another commenter adds another off topic negative comment, so now there is 3 topics about Kaitlyn-all negative.
This is a pile on, and against the rules (because we should be kind) because the comments off topic from the main post.
From what I noticed, it depends who it is about and what the subject is. For example, in my opinion most of Kaitlyn posts turn into pile on and it has been going on for months. But I also understand how it must be hard to control as a mod because it is not about specific topic. The sub just hates her and is ready to jump on to drag her for every little misstep ( or not) even if usually more than half of the comments admit they have not even seen said IG, heard the said Podcast etc. They are just dragging her based on an already existing opinion they have about her and the hate comments seem to feed off each other and it turns into pile on.
A pile on starts when the same point is being rehashed over and over again and starts to devolve into downright mean comments.
If you have any more questions about sub rules, please send us a modmail. Thanks!