Episode 303 | "The List"

parks aka white thought is hilarious
Bony Hawk was too slick
I like white thot, because on a lot of online forums they call black thought black thot lmao
They never getting the Drake interview now 😂😂
Teenage fever 😭😂 joe gotta relax
Yeah that shits a wrap now 😂
Parks telling interesting industry story on music podcast
Joe interrupts and changes subject to Justin Beiber
Joe: Oh so Stevie Wonder walked in,saw you and said ‘let’s flick it up’? Rory:...Mal so industry Stevie can see him.
This felt like an old school episode. The barbarian/head/list talk was funny barbershop type shit that they used to do more often. Lately a lot of the convos haven't felt genuine, like they're just forcing opinions onto shit they don't really care about.
yes! it really did!
Joe pointing at Mal and pausing the music during We Dem Boyz was nasty 😂😂😂😂
i was cryiiiing lmaooo
wait the video aint out, how you know he did that?
This was definitely the nastiest episode since joe jerking off his dog
C’mere Baisely
this is honestly the best episode in weeks.
The Fabtastic 4 definitely shot him some bail on the Shiggy topic. Fab wasnt like, hey let's do a sketch or something, it's not like Shiggy is ever gonna need a verse from Fab, he was offering nothing. Just do this for free. No, nigga.
this vitiligo talk is wild
Parks new nickname is two tone malone
game is a clown, but his discography bangs.
lmao at the game convo though...imagine if Game/Joe did make a record with hopes of Jay jumping in
Joe cracking up to that omg lmfaooooo i need them to chill
Parks having a vitiligo asshole is insane 😭
I gotta see the YouTube, I know Joe's Joc dance was nasty
His Harlem Shake is legendary too lmfaoo. I seen a comment that said Joe run like Jar Jar Binks and that’s all I think about when I see him do some herky jerky shit.
Holy shit. The Forced Head segment fucking ended me. “Let the force be with you” Mals fucking nasty lmao.
Nahh the Fabtastic Four is hilarious lmaoo
Guardians of griselda
Whole episode I thought they were saying Faptastic Four...
Milly Rock? Biggest dance of the past 30 years. New Yorkers are a trip.
Big cities like new York are a bubble. They assume things that are big there are big everywhere.
Most people in the middle of the country barely know the Milly rock and they think fabolous retired after "make me better" lol.
Soulja boy dance is probably the biggest dance of the last 20 years btw lol
Stop reaching!... he clearly said it was “one of” the biggest dances in the past 30 years... whenever someone says that it becomes subjective.
You just know joe be getting into his nickelback bag
Yo parks is 100% a black man thinking hero by nickelback was creed. Lost all white card privledge 🤣
nah this one of the funniest episodes as of late
asking Rory if his ass is purple had me burst into laughs
"its a hemorrhoid, don't eat that"
It's not so lonely at the top when you're with your friends. This past week, Spotify announced the JBP as its BIGGEST podcast (14:18). Mal also praises Fab's new project (22:13) and the crew discusses his situation with Shiggy (28:19). They also show their support for 2 Milly (34:02), Justin Bieber stands against racism (49:04), men having "a list" (69:52), the hackers attack Offset (88:21) and much more on the NUMBER ONE podcast! We thank the first and last time listeners for all of your support!
Sleeper Picks Joe: The Game - "Gangstas Make the Girls Go Wild" Rory: Jessame - "Times We Had" Mal: Griselda - "Chef Dreds" Parks: Action Bronson & The Alchemist - "Descendant of the Stars"
Gunshots and salute to being Spotify's biggest. I still remember the humble beginnings of I'll Name This Podcast Later. From that to this...organically. good shit
during the list talk, around the 77 min mark they call up Ish
This episode has me laughing way to hard this early in the morning!
Them boys poddin poddin at the list part
I'm glad Mal didn't let Joe slide claiming he didn't have a list.
Does anyone bring up random IG joints more than Joe? He did it right before that conversation.
He has a list and he's in the fan club. Which makes me think something else is going on. Like maybe Joe and Cyn are trying to work things out or somebody would be mad if he admitted that.
Mal is such a fraudulent dude he’s an alleged “NBA guy” his beloved LA Lakers are 18-3 #1 seed in Western Conference led by LEBRON JAMES and not a peep from Mal about it let them would’ve been 3-18 and LeBron was mailing it in he would be like “I told y’all this wasn’t gon work”
His nba takes are some of the worst takes of all time I’d rather he never mention it at all lmao.
He said last year that they should trade LeBron lol now he’s quiet.
He said on Twitter Bron is the best player in the league
now I know fans of every team exists everywhere but how did a new yorker end up being a LA Lakers fan. New Yorkers even though the knicks have been bad, are pretty loyal to the team at least the ones I've come across
Every time he made that tired point in Lebron's first season I rolled my eyes.
Nobody thought the Lakers were going to be amazing in year 1 of the Lebron experiment.
Patiently waiting for the 1 on 1 podcast between Mal and Joe pause.
Joe thinks the twist of the matrix is that Agent Smith is really “The One”. This guy has trouble understanding movies
Mal with the profound tales after deep thought:
“I listened to Fab’s project and smoked over the weekend, and the thing with that is... it’s a Fab project.”
“Yooo, you dumb still”
Sounds like a good episode based on what you guys are saying. I’ve taken a bit of a break cus they just talk about topics I don’t care about recently
lmao this head talk
We need a “Ghost of Pussy Past” flair asap
I think I know why this episode was so good. I don't think they mentioned Summer Walker at all!
Knew it was gonna be a good one when Joe opened up with "You ever seen a girl shit in the bushes outside a club?"
I'm glad they finally started killing Drake for his underage girls shit
What’s the Instagram page that shows Mal with different celebs?
That 2Milly shit is trash
I ain't gonna go that far, but it sounded like some mid to me
What was the old rnb song Joe played at the beginning? I forget the name of it
I want to thank you-Alicia Myers, a Sunday go to
DC do got them tho. And they be having actual jobs and shit
This is one of their best episodes. I have to admit. May the force be with you.
I smell a pull up with 2 Milly coming soon
Wife on the first night lmaooo
Mal’s list is crazy cause everytime I’m creep liking some IG thots pics I see malbytheway all in the likes smh.
Like 20 different bitches too
Why you liking mc 8's joints.
Parks is the worst type of white person. How you don't know the difference between Creed and Nickelback.
Cause parks is black, you ain't hear my guy got vitiligo.
Boi they gassing that 2Milly record
I was listening like:
Ok The Whispers sample sounds nice...
The flow is cool...
Um that’s the drum pattern they chose?
Yeah I don’t think he caught one.
Bad indigestion is nasty.
YOOOOO the teenage fever segment is an automatic classic but why they disrespectin my boy drizzy like that LMAOOOOOOOO
Rory still trying to defend the weeknd is ridiculous
The combo of Joe asking Rory if his asshole is purple to Parks saying he had vitiligo to Joe mispronouncing it mad times within minutes had me dying
OVO Corps
I'd pay good money for a Teenage Fever music video with Joe subbing in for Drake
What's the last song in the intro?
The pod was an A++ today
The Joe sleeper was sickening. It made my stomach fucking turn. It was beyond Doof shit.
Joe convincing a girl he'd move in on the first night by saying "this area has great schools" for her kid was fucking hilarious.
I felt super trash making this
The song Joe played when he was talking about mals girl flushing the pack down the toilet?
I'm so sick of parks calling any hip hop that doesn't sound like 1994 "pop hip hop".
Dude needs to understand that music evolves, even when his music taste don't.
i definitely understand what he means tho.
he was honestly giving a lot praise, normally when a record sounds like that they're emulating another artist or sound. Dude wasn't
They always sound so ridiculous when they reminisce about the days when they could bully oppressed groups without fear of repercussions.