Time to replace my charger it seems.

It's a feature :) annoys me they cant build a more robust connector.
Their chargers are absolute shit. Mine is similar but the "brick" is plugged directly into the wall and I had to fix the cable multiple times, now I just use that laptop as a desktop because The battery is dead and the charger may break more if we move it too much
Bruh I’ve had and used the charger shown in the video since 2013
Nah just slap some flex tape on it. It'll stop those baby lightning bolts from running away.
"arc generator"
Protocol 3
But how else will you know it’s working.....
Slap some rgb leds on it
lol that reminds me was at my parent's house and my dad was having trouble with something, I forget what, but I wanted to rule out the device or the charger itself. They don't have much in terms of tools so I ask my dad for a paper clip. I'm like "this is pretty sadistic but it might work" I short out the power supply and see a spark. "Ok so the power supply is ok, it's the device". My dad just started laughing.
Just one question... Why can't the manufacturers of these power bricks include a connector between the cable going to the charging device and the brick instead of a direct cable?? Like most USB chargers? If the cable breaks, just replace that instead of the entire brick!
They could - but they rather sell you another charger than a spare cable (which you'd probably buy somewhere else anyway).
Most laptops are moving towards usb-c, so this might end up being the way they go.
Apple does this with their USB-C chargers. But the connector is in the middle and at a 90 degree angle, which makes me a bit nervous about it's longevity.
Nah, it's still working.
RGB charger! Do it for while and you might get the red and green arces
No no no. Thats a feature. You just downloaded a cigarette lighter.
fuck apple for getting rid of the strain relief mechanism on their power bricks, and fuck all of the PC manufacturers for blindly copying them!
this was a solved problem for 50 years, until Apple brought it back
I like Type C for it’s universality and features, but I still miss MagSafe connectors for ease of use and quick disconnect. The cord on MagSafe is very meh, though.
This is why Apple builds their buildings out of glass, glass doesn't burn in a riot.
What’s a strain relief mechanism?
A smooth strain relief is a lot cheaper to manufacture. If Apple didn't do it, someone probably would have to cut costs sooner or later.
Naw dude it's just the new thunderbolt connector
I thought amazon made the fire not asus
Asus makes terrible chargers, buy an aftermarket replacement
My ASUS charger is the only laptop charger I’ve ever had that broke
I still don't get it how people get their stuff like this.... even worse how they still using it.
Free fireworks fun for kids!
Nah it's fine as an electrician i can guarantee the sparks only means it works
Or make sure your insurance is update and covers total replacement then keep doing that until a fires started and delete this post. Boom instance insurance claim.
They also have the weirdest output voltages if you want to swap with another PSU: 19.5V? What!?
I replaced my broken power brick with one that came from an old Liteon TFT monitor. Works flawlessly.
Use it as Christmas lights
I don't understand why people just don't replace shit the first time it has a major break. You can get good chargers for cheap
Cord: sparks when moved
Human: “ooooo sparks” as it continues to move it to make sparks
I like sparks
I had an Asus laptop before with a similar charger, only the brick plugged directly into the wall (no cord between the brick and wall socket), when I would plug it in while the charger was inserted into the laptop, it would spark at the contacts of it. Didn't happen when it wasn't plugged in to the laptop.
this is why you are not supposed to wrap your wire tight around the brick. This is user caused.
To a point. Yes the user should have been more careful with this particular product, but Asus shouldn't need a crystal ball to know that these things are going to be shoved in a backpack and should design them accordingly.
I always took care of my stuff. I have an HP power brick that I used since 2013 and it was shoved a lot of times in my backpack and is still in excellent shape today. The real problem is that the power cord always felt really flimsy, thin and cheap.
Asus chargers are pure shite, this probably didn't even take much doing.
Same thing happened to my ASUS. New charger was like $120
Aftermarket replacements work better and cost less
Same thing with mine as well. I didnt realize so many people had issues with ASUS chargers
Sure hope that's an LED and not a light emitting arc.
Last time my laptop charger did that it exploded and scarred my hand for a good while.
Happened to my Surface charger too, fortunately it was in the figure-8 lead, so it was cheap to replace. Still scary hearing it do that down the side of your bed though, if I'd already fallen asleep it could have set fire to the surroundings.
the asus chargers are hot garbage
Nope, it's time to learn how to solder
Ah, yes, the charging LED seems to have escaped
Time to use that as a taser :)
I've never trusted those SNSV chargers.
Yeah, replace that before it fries the laptop
Well that's a Feature! Light show and you get to charge your laptop...albeit quite intermittently.
Sparky boi
vs comfy home, who would win?
I don't think this is what they meant by "lightning cable"
JFC stop doing that!
This is gonna get buried, but one day I was sleeping with a laptop at the end of my bed, and the charger cord was all messed up like this but on the laptop side. I woke up to my leg being zapped lol.
if there's a gas leak and someone accidentaly hit the cord, you're all kaboomed!
"It's always done that. I'm pretty sure it's supposed to do that."
I had this exact charger. That same area got very very worn and torn pretty quickly to the point that it looked like that, just (thankfully£m) wasn’t sparking.
...then I accidentally poured tea on my laptop so now I don’t really need the charger anymore.
Lmao... you really used scotch tape.... wow
Lemme guess, you got this from watching a YouTube ad from 5econds. They're a scam website stay away from it.
You just risk damaging it by shorting it for no reason... Charger is still good, you need to crack it open and re-solder some wires in there
It's sitting in the trash right now. I don't want to waste time repairing this thing to be honest.
that looks safe
I replaced my asus power supply when that bit started losing connection in certain positions. Got a cheap PWN+ psu that works just fine.
That sparking is worrisome. XD
I'm amazed the power supply didn't trip. Good supplies stop outputting power when they detect shorts occurring until you completely de-energize them and clear the short.
It was unplugged when I was doing this
Cool, acts as a night light now.
Giant fire, here we come!
Ahhhh so this is what they mean when they say chargers cause house fires
Those Asus chargers are the worst. Those and the Surface chargers. My company can't keep those replacements in stock.
Asus is crap
great party trick if people are ever bored
HAHAHAHA I literally just went through the same thing! Found an awesome magnetic charger (Compatible for my phone, laptop and tablet) so its extremely convenient, durable and best of all I don't have to carry a bunch of charger!
I got it from:
Very highly recommended and they currently are doing 50% off! so it'll be cheaper than what I got it for! 😂
Good luck getting a replacement; ASUS support sucks.
Good that universal chargers are a thing.
absolute madman
Nah more tape
Wtf is Elon Musk making of a Tesla charger
Hmm, I though only Apple chargers did that. Oh, and the batteries blow up too!
Apple bad Android good You may laugh now
Cut the cable make it a tad shorter open the case solder it on fix it with hotglue and duct tape
Gently crack open along seam, put on a piece of heat shrink or if can reuse stress guard, then solder, reassemble, seal with weld-on acrylic solvent cement.