Told a user to shutdown their virus infected computer and ship it back and to label it as infected. They did good.

Not bad seeing a user do exactly what IT tells them to do.
Glad I didn't tell them to find and deal with the user who installed the infection..
Not relevant but I'm going to forget this shit in a couple hours because I'm drunk.
Today a lovely lady working with me called me, the usual "it's slow, i can't work, yadda yadda". She have a 1 month old i7 8700 machine with 8gb ram, and M.2 storage. She use only office, and ninehundredthousandzillion instances of adobe reader. I tell her to close the windows that she don't need. I distinctly heard the ACTUAL window closing. Almost shit myself laughing. She is old, and lovely, very polite so It's not a big deal.
I go over in her office, and with horror I discover that somehow the predefinite app for opening PDF's was switched to....chrome. 73 Chrome tabs. I didn't even explain to her, I just grabbed two 16gb sticks and slam'em in her machine. She would've killed me if I had changed the predefinite app, she really dig Chrome as a PDF reader ahahaha i fucking love my job
"Oh dear, this phone has a loose screw!"
Sure as hell could have used this level of care for this dude who left my company recently - his computer was infested with fleas or bedbugs or something. My company is very mobile so he brought his laptop home a lot and left it somewhere. The bugs came out of the woodworks when we took possession of it - my poor sysadmin got bitten to death and we had to close the office for a day for it to get fumigated.
Are you looking to fill that sysadmin spot?
I worked at a radio shack in college and a woman came to return a vcr, when we took it out of the box a couple roaches crawled out... we didn’t take the return
I worked a temp job in a warehouse for a medical testing facility back in the late 80s. One day I found a big roll of bright green stickers that read "CAUTION: POSSIBLE AIDS" that I assume lab techs would label blood samples with.
Funny how those stickers date from the 80s. Nowadays all blood/tissues samples are treated as though they are infections.
Best part is AIDS isn't even contagious (it's a syndrome, not the actual virus).
That's fucking hilarious.
Have you told this story before? I've definitely read something, at least, nearly identical several years ago
That's what I was expecting to see when I clicked on the picture.
Wait, they shipped that in the mail with a HAZ sticker? Did they have a DGD with it? I’m so confused
I think they wrote "infected computer" on the outside and some half awake shipping employee slapped that sticker on it.
That's not gore. It's beauty.
Exactly... It's adorable!
I'm pretty sure that's breaking a law lol
There's certain packaging requirements for low level biohazards like home sharps disposal, which you mail back to the company. It's in s box with a similar sticker, is in a sealed heavy plastic container and then in double cardboard. Then it can be shipped normally, at least with UPS and FedEx. USPS probably has a different policy because it has to be searchable.
At worst, they paid extra to ship it, since there's not any actual biohazardous material. But it may have gotten it better handling in transport.
Don't think so, but take that with a grain of salt. I think shipping hazardous materials WITHOUT the proper labels is what's illegal.
Or they sneezed all over it and it's now a genuine infection hazard and they were trying to warn you
No. We found it infected via our antivirus console and contacted them and told them to ship it back and label it infected.
As IT, I immediately thought of the units I’ve come across full of bugs. I wish I didn’t immediately think of that
If I had to do that and had access to those stickers, you bet it would arrive like that!
You can.
That’s a hell of a way to get in trouble with Fedex/UPS or whoever shipped the package.
Yeah...no way UPS or Fed-Ex would accept it with that sticker.
I love the infectious substance sticker. Makes it even better lol
Its a lie! That package hasnt been shipped yet. No scuffs. No dents. No dirt. No labels. The tape isnt even pressed fully onto the box.
TBF, that is kind of going to become an issue with the rise of molecular computing technology.
Not to necessarily accuse you of bullshitting us OP, but as someone who has had to send DOT regulated materials through the mail, there is no way in hell any regular shipping service would allow this without a mountain of paperwork and permits to go along with it. Either the person who sent this was incredibly stupid and paid a crazy amount in extra shipping expenses for no reason, or we've all been bamboozled here....
Edit: Actually I am going to call BS on this. Either the shipper sent this illegally, OP is full of shit, or this was hand delivered instead of shipped. NFPA / DG stickers are no joke and are taken extremely seriously by shippers.
Someone left one of these stickers on a box they reused to ship something to me. It delayed my package for a week.
You gotta be careful with stickers like that. Labeling something like that can turn it into solid waste that has to be disposed in accordance with RCRA
Not gore. This is beautiful.
Genious way to get post to treat your package gently
oh fuck this was hilarious. I can just imagine getting it in the mail and everybody immediately freaking the fuck out.l
This aged beautifully
Infectious substance lmao
That's taking it way too far. Take my updoot.
well you can't say they did't listen lol
I miss that sticker. Had one on the back of my bass guitar.
You're playing this off as a joke right?
I thought this sub was for actual cases of tech support
Imagine not having Carbon Black
Why would you tell them in unclear terms to "mark it as infected"?
Lol that's great. I bet everyone that handled that in shipping was very careful too.
well if it's infected with samaratan, then hazmat might be a proper labeling.
I have a hard time believing this. I cant imagine a shipper actually accepting a package like that. Even as an obvious joke. They dont play around when it comes to hazmat labels
Top this side up. Got it
Might infect your brain
How did it get through customs
Maybe someone had a sense of humour. Just suggesting.
Infecto Vamputer
I can only imagine the people who need to handle that machine were so scared of breaking whatever was inside
Can imagine them handling it with gloves and a gas mask
hahaha! This is awesome. I wish I would receive messed up computers like this.
Infectee Vomputer
Only thing missing was an Umbrella Corp. Sticker.
This is not gore its done right :)
Haha me 666 upvote
I honestly don't understand how people get viruses. I've been online since the 90s and the only time I got a virus was when I downloaded a keylogger from LimeWire in high school to steal my teacher's passwords.
Hell, i run an old xp box that likes to live fast n loose with the firewall disabled and no antivirus. Haven't gotten anything yet.
People can’t be this retarded.
have you met people?
Clearly you do not work in IT End User Support.