What do you guys do to stay healthy in the workplace? (mentally)

Guys I've been behind a desk at an I.T company as a tech for about 4 years now dealing with the angriest of clients (medical side) and i'm worried that one day it's all going to catch up to me mentally.

I try to avoid eating at my desk, I get out of the building for lunch when possible. Once a week me and a couple coworkers go to lunch together to shoot the shit and not talk about work. How you take care of yourself out of work hours is also huge. Unless it’s necessary don’t work out of your scheduled hours and if you do have to work after hours then make sure you take comp time, if your company doesn’t allow that then find somewhere else to work ASAP.
Thank you for that advice man I appreciate it I will for sure go out for my full hour break today instead of sitting and eating Infront of my desk :) and yeah usually boss does not like me taking the full break because we are so busy
hey we do that too! Is it Friday? do you go to chipotle a lot? Do we work together (starts feverishly deleting internet everything).
Regarding lunch, here's what I've been doing that works. About 30 minutes before I actually go to lunch, I eat at my desk while working (typically planning my afternoon). I then spend the entire lunch hour out of the office either walking around or just relaxing and doing nothing. That hour seems much longer when you're not spending a big chunk of it eating.
Besides taking walks, I do the 30-30-30 rule.
Every 30 minutes stand up and look at something 30 feet away for 30 seconds
I heard that's actually a really good thing to do! I might have to enforce this rule lol! Does it make you feel better?
I like that. Will definitely try that. My eyes are killing me by the middle of the day
This helps me alot.
I also have a desk that can be controlled up and down.
So every once in a while i stand instead of sit on my desk.
If getting yelled at or otherwise treated poorly is a daily or even weekly occurrence and your partner is noticing the effects your job is having on you then a change of job/environment is probably the best thing for your mental well being.
Yeah as I'm still young I think maybe one day I may have to find another job as I think in the long run its doing more damage than good! Thanks for the input
Vacations, and hobbies. As many as I can muster.
Burnt out? Take up something new and take a vacation doing it. Newest big hobby for me is Sailing. I am addicted. I spent a week sailing in the Med last summer and I swear I felt like I took the entire summer off work. Time slowed down SO much. I can't wait for next summer to do another run.
I can't stress hobbies enough. Seriously, go learn something you never thought about. I picked up lock picking a couple years ago for no reason other than it came up on my youtube feed. It is magically stress relieving and gets the endorphins flowing when you succeed. All you need is a 20$ lock pick set and a bunch of cheap locks from home depot.
Hobbies that make you happy are so easy. Can't think of something you actually want to learn? Get into something you don't understand. Learn about it and go out and do it. Its winter, go learn to ski. Already ski? Try snowboarding. Do both? Go cross country.
Need something every day to make yourself feel better? Hit the gym. Don't have enough energy to get through the day? Try doing a Keto diet.
Biggest thing is, if what you're doing isn't working, make a change. Doing the same thing over and over again hoping that it's going to get better eventually isn't going to work.
Edit: Thanks stranger!
Fantastic advice thank you so much man legit <3
I took up exotic gardening and have a 3 year old vanilla orchid in a climate controlled (high temp; 80+ and high humidity; 85+) clear grow tent. I've been experimenting with indoor fruits and veggies, last year did carrots, strawberries and ground cherries indoors - this year i'm going to try a few watermelon, honeydew, and cantaloupe varieties and see if i can get fruits indoors.
Every time i look over at the garden it's satisfying seeing things i planted, grow - and the fruits (and veggies) of the labor are so sweet (or savory depending ;) )
Lock picking is oddly relaxing. Hackerspace had a bucket of locks and one night we all sat around until like 5 in the morning picking locks and just chatting. I dunno where my picks ended up now.
Sailing is awesome. I really wish there was a club or something closer to me so that I could do it more often.
Walk really fast through the halls with a very import looking clipboard and a serious face. You get cardio, prove that you still exist, and look productive while doing it.
Stop that. Your partner probably thinks you are devolving into Ricochet Rabbit and when your body crashes devolving into his partner Droop-a-Long.
Drink water. Enough so you have to get up and pee every hour. That will keep you moving a little.
Take some Vitamin D3 supplements to help with the lack of sunshine.
Once in the morning, at lunch, and once in the afternoon deliberately walk outside. Do some jumping jacks while outside.
There is an old proverb about treating things like water on a duck's back. Change what can be changed, accept what can't, and seek wisdom to know the difference.
D3 is a big thing, and unrealized by most. It sounds like OP gets no sun shine at all during the times where you make the most vitamin D3 so he is almost certainly deficient. I know GRC gets crap around here but it's what turned me on to the problem and I think Steve's summary and research of the topic is pretty comprehensive.
I agree OP should drink less energy drinks and more water, I typically limit myself to 1 caffeine source a day and typically that's green tea with no sugar.
Getting out of the office is huge, even if it's just to go for a drive or walk. Decompress a little, have alone time, regroup to finish the day.
Exercise is big too, I find it a stress releaver and find I sleep better when I do some cardio. I don't get as much as I should but it's something I am working on.
Diet and sleep are important too. When your digestive track is running like it should, you feel better. Meal prepping can be a good way to get more healthy food quickly and less expensively.
Sleep is critical, maybe the biggest thing yet here mentioned. I know when I was younger the transition to being a night owl to full time working adult was hard and took a while. My sleep is what suffered and I suffered as a result.
Lastly make sure your getting your annual physicals, and doctors visits. GP, Eyes, dentist. A lot of young people avoid these because of the cost but you can avoid a lot of more serious and costly health issues by catching them early. OP is arguably seeing some changes, and thats when it's time to go to the dr, get some blood work done and talk about it if it's still an issue after changing a few other things first.
get healthy outside the workplace.
With sports or active activity you think?
I've seen significant mental (and physical) gains by getting a standing desk. I'm in an open floor plan MSP (but with coworkers that, for the most part, are pleasant to work with), and after about a third of the staff here ended up with one, I hopped on the bandwagon.
Do not regret it at all.
I just couldn't imagine how standing could actually help your mental or physical health! Do you have any pinpoint things that have for sure changed in your life after getting the table switch man?
I've been depressed since I was 10 or so, never been mentally healthy, and prefer the peace and quiet of working with screens than people. I categorically refuse jobs that require me to have a phone as a major component of them and will use mail / text / walking for anything. I have a fear of phones.
When I go home, I get away from work and write fiction. Occasionally, I go outside (when it isn't so cold) and very rarely do things with other people. I quit caffeine and alcohol last year and I only drink lots of water (about 6l a day) except 2-3 ice teas I allow myself a day (I'm a sugar junkie; years of coca cola and alcohol will do that to you). I try to eat healthy at lunch and not forget to eat. I also try to eat normal dinner, I'm... so-so at that (I don't like eating). I also smoke because I need one crutch left in my life.
Frankly, I already had two meltdowns and spiraled deep into alcohol addiction and I'm only 30. I'm sort of on the edge of barely functional now. Taking care of myself is mostly not pushing too hard, being prepared to accept I'll never be peak-functional, and that anything can throw me for a loop. I'm not a stable, well adjusted human. Far from it. But I can pass for decently adjusted as long as I just do my work.
I grew up hating the phone. I now have a job where I spend a lot more time on the phone with customers and still sometimes dread answering it.
I have found limiting alcohol and sugar has given me more energy and my mental thoughts are generally more positive. I have also learned I know where my limits are in general and refuse to deal with certain levels of bullshit or push through when I'm feeling bad. Instead I take a break and let myself rest.
I do gym on lunch breaks twice a week. To prevent any troubles in the future, I usually state this during the interview process when speaking with HR (initial screening) or towards the end when presented an offer letter. This makes it clear of my intent to follow a schedule and to make up the hours when necessary.
This actually came to bite me once when another manager noticed I wasn't at my desk between 1 - 2 pm every Thursday. Thankfully, I kept all my "work completed" email I send to my direct lead when I work from home 1 additional hour a week after hours. I sent this to HR and they cleared the matter.
As much as your work is important, your health is double important as it's literally what keeps you alive. That being said, I think it's worth it to put in the additional effort to make up for any lost time.
Also - I drink A LOT of water while at my desk, just to be safe.
What the hell kind of toxic workplace has a manager upset that someone is gone from their desk an hour a day? That's called a lunch break. If your breaks are thirty minutes, that guy needs to find something better to do than seeing who's gone an additional thirty minutes.
Damn as if you almost got in trouble that's rough haha. Are you against drinking soda or energy drinks at work?
I take sunshine breaks, listen to nature sounds in combination with rainymood and i eat fruit. Oranges and Bananas mainly. On Friday's I work 5-6 hours and start by eating breakfast in our office kitchen while i listen to jazz, time wise it fits with my morning routine syschecks.
I also went to a diet professional to get a tuned meal plan to suit my body and activities. This was the biggest help. My sick days went down so rapidly.
Instantly, stop drinking energy drinks. And focus on getting 8+ hours of sleep. And don't bring your shit home. I stopped taking my laptop home.
You have the Perfect plan I think man I was going to say almost everyone here has said ditch those energy drinks!!! Sometimes its hard to leave shit at work though :(
don't eat at your desk, try to connect to others. get out if you have time, and look at the horizon, it relaxes your eyes. find a good position on your chair. your legs and torso should be at an angle of +/- 100° and feets flat on the ground. stay straight when sitting, your arms should not support weight. work standing if you have the posibility. drink water, eat healthy and not too much. Leave the work at work, don't bring work at home, don't think about work at home (harder). And if you still don't feel good, look elsewhere. Sometimes just looking at oportunities (or lack of) make you realise your not that bad.
This is honestly fantastic advice thank you mate. I definitely feel myself hunching without even realising I'm doing it it's weird and I heard it has big consequences when I'm older! Cheers again friend
What helps whilst in the office me getting is away from my desk for a bit and stretching my legs, I sometimes walk around the car park for 5 mins or so, or go chat to a friend in another department for a bit over a tea/coffee/pepsi etc.
One of the things I have started doing is regular visits to the Gym (I go a min of 3 days a week for 40-60mins) and even see a Personal Trainer who has really helped me with my training goals.
As a former energy drink fan (like you 500ml on my way to work at least) I found that this just made me feel worse so I would encourage kicking that to the curb; keep in mind it won't be easy though, even just one a day has surprising withdrawal effects. My wife spotted a big difference in my mood when drinking a lot of coffee and energy drinks similar to what you described above so I thought it was a good idea to stop.
When at home; I like to play video games I can get lost in as well, like Zelda Breath of the Wild or Assassin's Creed. I know that isn't really for everyone, but I find if there is a lot to do and a good story to it, then hours can go by and I'll feel much better for it. If I'm not in the mood to play a game, I catch up on some web series or Netflix shows.
I think someone else mentioned that try not to do anything work-related outside of working hours if you can, and I definitely encourage that too, but I do recognise that isn't always easy depending on your role.
I hope this helps a little.
Yeah this comment does help for sure man I appreciate the support and it seems I'm in the same boat as you were then! It's crazy what partners can pick up that we are too stubborn to see sometimes hey?
When I was your age (I'm 34 now) I was pounding energy drinks to keep going on a daily basis. That's really the first thing that you should change, and stop drinking them. My wife works for a company that manufactures fire suppression systems, and she told me a story about one of their clients. This client was tasked with rebuilding the sprinkler heads in a factory. The thing that stood out to my wife was that this client did the same thing for the same factory 6 months prior. She looked at the history of this, and determined that they had been doing this for over a decade where the sprinkler heads of this factory were being replaced about every 6 months. What was being made at this factory? Monster energy drinks. The fumes were so acidic that it would destroy the metal sprinkler heads over the barrels. Now imagine what that would do to the inside of your body.
Secondly the next big thing is to get your mind off of work when you're not at work. Others have suggested hobbies, and I would agree with them. I don't have many, but my big one is singing in a barbershop quartet. A hobby that you enjoy can do wonders for you when you leave work each day.
Thirdly you need to take periodic breaks. It took a long time for me to develop this habit, and how it started for me was by getting a Fitbit. I work out a couple times a week to try to maintain a somewhat healthy body because I sit in a chair all day 5 times a week. The greatest part of the Fitibit is that by default it will remind you to take steps each hour if you haven't. This helped me a lot in that it forced me to get up from my desk and walk. Most of the time I would simply go talk to my boss about something, but reminders to get up and move can help you too. The act of walking away from work for a few minutes can help a lot.
Lastly I would advise checking in with a general practice physician if you haven't in a while. I remember when I was younger I didn't do that, and I left some things untreated for a long time. For me it was sleep apnea mostly, but I had other things I improved on after the first year of working on my overall health. A simple check up can give you a roadmap to follow that could help in unforeseen ways.
We all have a moment (sometimes many) where we hate our job, hate our boss, hate our colleagues, and generally hate work. The key is to make small incremental changes that bring you to a path of getting better each day.
This comment is what I needed to see man seriously thanks a lot for taking the time to write it out for me.
That energy drink story scares me man I had no idea legit. I mean I knew they were strong but not that strong!
At the moment the only hobby I have is playing games but that means more screen time technically which is probably making everything worse!! I will need to find an outside hobby asap I suspect hopefully one that my partner enjoys to. Maybe mountain biking or just walks around the block.
Cheers for the post mate
I would like to say thank you to everyone that put the effort in to speak to me today I really appreciate it and I'll take all your advice to heart. I've never posted on this sub before but I'm glad I did today. Cheers guys legit.
1: Take care of your body. It gets more difficult in all directions as you get older.
1.1: Knock off the energy drinks except as a once-in-while thing. I've gone through any combination of "massive amounts of caffeine and sugar" phases, and I can assure that it's NOT good for you.
1.2: I recommend joining a gym. Build it into your routine, and leave your phone in your locker. It's worth it.
1.3: Personally I find sunlight to be pretty overrated, but most people are not wired that way. For me it's about routine. Sleep patterns are very very important. And lack of schedule, exercise, and a bad diet will hurt you.
2: Do not let work become your entire life.
2.1: It creates really bad problems, where you start to behave as if in an abusive relationship. Always be on the lookout for a new gig. You're not "a family". The business will survive just fine without you, and your relationship must begin and end with your paycheck.
2.2: Even if you think that you've acclimated to a adversarial environment, you'll eventually realize how much of your life you spend actively fighting people who are trying to attack you. It's not only exhausting, but it leaks to other parts of your life. You start to wonder if your family is plotting to kill you. You start wondering if the people in church are offering to help because they want to make you look weak. The paranoia becomes more and more difficult to ignore. Plus you'll start mentally normalizing horrible interactions with other humans.
2.3: As much as we joke about it here, don't rely on chemical release, either. Sometimes we all need a whisky, but when it becomes a daily thing... it has all kinds of other problems. Expensive problems.
3: Find things that are not related to work. I tend to be much less of a group person than most, but I've found hiking and reading to be nice. Some people get a dog for this reason. Go to a reddit meetup.
I drink way too much Red Bull, but even I would have a heart attack if I was pounding half a liter of that stuff a day. Kick that habit, first and foremost. Smoking is obviously bad, too.
Thankfully I don't smoke but yeah I better stop with that energy drink I guess I figured because i'm young it shouldn't affect me too much but from the looks of it i'm dead wrong
I go to the shooting range during lunch. Great stress reliever.
Holy crap that would be awesome haha
Hey, I was in a similar position this time last year (same age too, I was 24!).
I make a point of taking my lunch break, go and get some fresh air, listen to some podcasts or music and avoid ANYTHING work related during that period of time.
Cut out the caffeine where you can, it's just speeding up your heart rate and making you more agitated, I limit myself to a cup of coffee a day (one in the morning). You'll find this will improve your sleep and mood too.
Don't let your social life take a back seat, prioritize it when you can, speaking to friends and family always helps. Don't isolate yourself, although it may seem easy to do when you're exhausted and stressed, it won't help you at all. Focus on a hobby outside of work too (whether it be getting down the gym, going on long walks, music, art or whatever!). Light exercise and having a creative outlet will help relieve stress and boost your mood.
If it continues as a long term issue, then you should probably speak to your boss to see if they can offer you any help, a lot of organisations will have so or look for other opportunities, even if the pay is great you shouldn't sell out your soul for a miserable existence. I ended up having a complete burnout in my old role, I resigned and took 6 months off work. I wouldn't recommend this at all!
Good luck!
Amazing advice thank you man it kind of makes me happy I wasn't the only one in this position but it seems that it's not a doomed one as you got out of it OK! I for sure feel myself exulding people when I get home which is bad for my life with my partner that's for sure.
She wants me to leave ASAP but at the moment the pay is really good for my age and I just got a house so it's a hard situation haha
I swapped out the Monster and Rockstar energy drinks for GFuel, essentially pre workout without the protein. It's a much cleaner energy kick that doesn't give you a sugar rush or crash afterwards.
Are there health risks to that man? Ive heard of G fuel but never have tried it! Is it nice?
Work out multiple times a week. Take my dog running every day, and hiking on the weekends. Don't answer work email after work hours. Spend entirely too much time on
Bottom line, get some exercise daily, even if it's just a quite walk. Try not to do work after work unless it's an emergency, and find a hobby that is fulfilling and that you can build on. Hobbies with gfs/bfs are great, but sometimes you need one for you, and no netflix doesn't count.
Damn I was going to say does binge watching shows on Netflix count lol! I think the biggest problem I have is that my boss has the opinion that I should stay back at work for free and not take my breaks as I get paid fairly well for my age and it's just 2 staff so its really been breaking me down lately.
I need to get a hobby that gets me outside as right now all I do is play games or watch shows when I'm home with my partner which means more screen time after looking at one all day..
Motorbike, and changing jobs when the NON it shit creeps in
How many IT jobs have you had man at the moment im too worried to leave mine haha
I drank a yeti of coffee and 2 monsters every morning. I receive no sunlight unless I work remote as my office is in a basement. I have a never ending laundry list of stuff to do.
What helped me is coming to the realization that that isn't very good, and by being on an energy high and pumping out tickets and projects at an efficient pace it doesn't help as there is always more shit to do.
The key is to 1) unplug when you get home. Don't check your email unless you're on call. Just forget about work. and 2) Maintain perspective. The more I get done the more the 8th layer knows how productive I can be and I get more hard ass work. The key is to string out your tasks at a slower pace so you don't get as much work and then bitch about the thing that is the Achilles heel of your environment without ever actually doing anything about it. Like the guy in office space. Sometimes I just stare at my screen and pretend to look busy like Costanza. You have to realize all the little things that annoy you will not get fixed. Its just the corporate world these dies. Don't sweat the petty things.
Great advice thanks man. That's exactly the same boat I feel i'm in now just constantly being a cash cow pumping out the jobs destroying myself. It has to stop!
Eat lunch (cooked at home because going out for it is a colossal waste of money and forces you to sit at lunch) at my desk so my entire lunch hour is freed up for other things (I firmly believe that except in a few work environmental circumstances, eating on lunch is a sucker move, 'cause you can easily eat at your desk [barring some workplace types] and then use your entire lunch hour for something else), take walks alone at nearby parks for my lunch break, lift weights after work, drink lots of water, have non-screen related hobbies, and leave toxic jobs.
All of these are important, but will do nothing and will be harder to do if the last one isn't done. When a job is toxic, all it does is make you feel varying degrees of better when you're not at work, and then you fall in the same cycle when you think about work or when work is looming.
Yeah you are right man for sure. This year is the year I either leave my job or figure out a way to make sure it's not toxic anymore. It's crazy how much our line of work affects mental health
Buy a little light for your desk for seasonal depression. That will help with the no sunlight.
Stop drinking energy drinks and eating like shit. You will feel what you eat.
Do some things that will give you a sense of happiness and accomplishment like exercise, even if its a little bit.
Basically wake up and make a list of things you want to accomplish for the day. Even if its small, write it down. Its about getting "wins". Even small wins add up.
Get a good nights sleep. Eat fruits and vegetables. Handle a certain amount of calls face to face to get up and move around even if you can handle them over the phone. Don't mentally work your work problems from home. Just tell yourself "stop" and think about what you can do for you or your life during your time instead of doing work on your time.
Stop drinking energy drinks or any kind of caffeine. Do not turn to drugs or "supplements" of any kind, ever. Get regular physical, safe, exercise. Drink plenty of water and get plenty of sleep. Eat really well, eat more when you are sick even if you are not hungry. When you get stuck look forward to the next opportunity don't wallow in something that is holding you back.
500mg energy drink?? I'm a caffeine fiend and that's insane.
I got out of that mentally strenuous job that was making me lose my hair at 22. I took the experience I gathered and moved on to a small local government and instead of now managing 10,000 users on a small team I'm now managing around 200 with a team of 3. I can actually focus on my next task instead of doing 50 million things at once while staging new computers and laptops.
First of all, drop the energy drinks. Coffee if you need it, but drop that, too. And take breaks and go for a walk. Go outside, get some light, and enjoy fresh air.
Same goes for alcohol. I used to drink VERY heavily due to stress at an old job, and now that I'm drinking at most one drink a week, I feel a LOT better in every way.
Get a new bed if yours isn't great. Seriously, you spend 1/3 of your life in it, spend some $ on a nice one. Go to bed early and get a full nights sleep. Try it for a week, see how you feel.
As backwards as things can be here, I count myself VERY lucky in several ways. I have two 5 foot sliding windows in my private office. When I need a break from the people, I lock the door and put on headphones. I have a note on my door with how to contact me.
I work in a school with multiple buildings, so it's not unreasonable for me to get in my car and leave the main campus to head to dormitories that aren't on the main school grounds. This sometimes turns into windows down, music up, and a quick 5 minute jaunt on the back roads around campus.
Believe it or not, I'll go drop by my boss' office and have a gripe session (often going both ways). He's in another building, so it's a nice few minute walk to get there.
I have music playing almost all day, albeit very quietly as there are classrooms on either side of my office.
I do my best to handwrite as many things as I can make up an excuse to write to counteract the almost solely digital lifestyle I live with a little bit of old school analogue (I even use fountain pens for that extra step away from the modern).
Wow I love the variety you have in each of your day to day activities man and I appreciate the support for sure. Thank you very much for the suggestion will take it to heart :) Also good job kicking the drinking to the curb!
Really good advice :) my boss does not pay overtime on my salary though :(
Get a hobby not related to IT, the more physical the better.
Even if you don't smoke, take 'smoke breaks' - they're given to you for a reason.
Take your lunch away from your desk, every time.
If you have CTO -- use it.
If you are allowed to Work from home -- Do it.
When you go home (if not on call) dont do work, or things too much LIKE work (fixing computers for family for example).
After work, GO OUTSIDE even if it's cold/hot/snowing/raining be in nature -- it helps. Do stuff on the weekend to look forward to (museum membership - you can travel to neighboring museums and go in for free too, zoo membership - great place to go to walk around and see people and animals and be outside, also inside sometimes too)
If your boss is telling you there is no time to take your breaks, maybe you can work something out with them, tell them how you feel and what you're looking to do and that you're not looking to reduce your output, just increase your health/enjoyment/focus while AT work.
Don't think it's a terrible decision. It 100% is a terrible decision
Not all the time but go pretty frequently when I feel I need to
Exercise out of work. Exercise is going to help your mental health massively, inside and outside the workplace. If you're not exercising now, find something you enjoy and do it as much as possible
Your diet is also going to have a massive impact on your mental health.
As much as people will deny it, ( thank you healthy at every size movement idiots ) your physical health plays a huge role in your mental health. If you're physically unhealthy chances are you will be mentally as well
This may or may not effect you but after work I basically don't touch TV's or computers. I spend all day in front of a screen, I'm not going home and doing the same thing
Thank you man this will come in handy for sure. and right now I just swapped out the energy drink for an orange juice from the petrol station haha
Hourly. Sometimes some of my best thinking happens while I'm smoking.
Legit heard this from an ex-employee that smoking helped clear his brain
I recommend getting a fuck buddy at work. It’s a great afternoon pick me up. Usually happens only once a week, but it makes a huge difference. If your SO isn’t cool with that, see if you can arrange conjugal visits with them.
Haha shit man I wonder if this legit happens. I just don't think I could ever find the time plus the missus wouldn't agree ;)
I quit drinking, other than that, I don't... I'm a train wreck waiting to happen.
See, I cut almost all caffeine from my diet. I just drink alcohol now. Unfortunately, a finger of whiskey with lunch isn’t as acceptable as 3 Mountain Dews.
Do you have any hobbies?
Brazilian jiu jitsu at lunch twice a week and at 6 am twice a week.
I did hear that waking up early helps heaps at the moment I pretty much wake up 10 mins before I have to leave to go to work. maybe a change in sleeping habits will help
Just inherited my first standing desk. Let’s see if it does better for me than Xanax.
Apparently it's the way to go man
No.1 would be get out of the office when you can, even if you take your lunch down the road to a park or something. Can tell you from experience that energy drinks are fucking bad, but I think you already know that. Some physical fitness outside of work is also a good idea. Has to be something you want to do though, if you like people some team sports or something of the sort. If not maybe do couch to 5k or get a push bike. Also as wanky as it sounds meditation could help clear your mind a bit and help your mood issue. Anything helps, take small steps
Take your 2 15 min breaks your allowed. I vape (quit smoking regular cigarettes 5 years ago) and use this for my 15 min break. But I walk everywhere
Also think about leaving to a new workplace. I'm at a non toxic work environment and it's amazing how much better it is for my mental health
I play poker. online and live.
it's a great place to put theoretical concepts into practice(gto theory, nash equilibrium etc). plus you will profit if you get good, but be warned it takes a lot of studying to get good enough to elk a profit.
When I worked shift I would try to maintain as many constants as I could.
Hygiene, workout, coffee every morning, if I have down time listen to some news, read something, or write something.
I had a good friend group and we’d talk about stressors and get together to talk about anything.
I work as a dev. We had a darts board in the break room a while back that I used frequently on breaks or when I was spinning my wheels on a problem, but management has taken it down after a client commented no the holes in the wall by it (yikes reasoning but anyway). Now I've taken to meditating on lunch, and taking frequent water breaks at the far water cooler to stretch my legs.
Tbh the more important thing is what you're doing after work. I joined a darts league as well as a basketball league. The forced routine of socializing outside of work has done wonders for my mental health.
Also, lay off the energy drinks, the weight will sneak up on ya
Oh wow a dart board that would have been awesome lol. The best I do is throw a stress ball in an empty bin lmao. My boss is old school who believes any type of music or pretty much anything fun is a distraction that ruins the income of cash flow
Goto the gym 4 times a week during my lunch break, 45mins of only having to concentrate on one task is great for me. Most weekends I do mountain bike riding with the wife which is a good bit of fun, again it's something I can completely disconnect from work with.
I think that is where I am going wrong man, not disconnecting from work. Thank you for reinforcing the idea to go mountain bike riding with my partner :)
Most of our it department (up to 12 at a time) go for a group walk at both coffee breaks. We happen to be lucky that we are close enough to walk to Tim Hortons during our break.
On fridays at lunch we play d&d as a group and order pizza.
Without that I don’t think I would enjoy being at work at all.
I am so jealous you have no idea my friend. It's me pretty much alone in an office
Found the Canadian! We have 2 Tim's on campus so it's not a far enough walk. Our team goes out for a bit of a walk at morning coffee and gets better coffee from 7/11.
Man you're lucky you got Tim Horton's. I'm from Boston and we got crappy Dunkin Donuts. :(
Or try find a different job, one where you are not bound to your desk, I work in a college. I get up and walk around and talk to staff/students in person, its all part of the job having a relationship with the people I am supporting, I could not think of anything worse than supporting people remotely only, you work so hard and don't get to interact with them in person to get the respect you worked for.
This is true man, I didn't even think of it that way. Most of our clients I never meet but speak to on a daily basis
You need to swap jobs my friend. Your work life isn't going to get better just by doing some exercise. That's not to say don't do any, or don't get a hobby cos you absolutely should, but I getting a new job that you get some sun and don't get shit on will make a larger difference.
Good luck!
That is what my partner tells me as well lol! I think I might have to if things don't improve that's for sure. Thanks for the advice friend appreciate it
Unless it's raining or really cold, I take walks on my lunch. I find getting out helps clear my mind. Also taking periodical breaks sand just stepping away for five minutes.
When you leave work, leave work at the door. Or do the best you can. Talk about your day, but don't answer emails. Don't take phone calls unless absolutely necessary.
Find something to do at home or away from work to take your mind off of your job.
The problem is I work in a business where I'm legit the only head guy there and when my boss is onsite I cannot leave the office which means my breaks are trapped inside. It's actually annoying as hell and if it wasn't paying as good I'd be out the door because to me it feels like Staff abuse
Park 10 minutes away from work. Gives you a 20 minutes walk everyday. Go to a restaurant or a nearby grocery to get lunch that's at a 5 to 10 minutes walk. Becomes a 30 to 40 minutes daily walk.
That's actually smart haha! Never even thought of it that way
Doctors are taught that they are god. I doubt that logic or reason, or whatever you try to do or say, can fix years of indoctrination on someone else's part.
Accumulate some experience and/or certs, then look to move.
Doctors and Dentists sadly are the same when it comes to that god complex from what I've seen its actually extremely sad how some people think it's ok to abuse the technician that's trying to help them
We have a nice walking path behind the office, so when the weather is nice enough I go for a walk a few times a day.
Used to have pretty angry clients myself. Not sure if this is the easiest thing but I used to drink a 500ml energy drink in the mornings too. Once I hit 25 I started noticing that the energy drinks impacted my mental health more negatively than they once did. The words of angry clients hit harder, I had worse anxiety, and was generally more exhausted by the end of the day. Take a break from energy drinks, switch to coffee, even soda honestly. It's not easy and definitely isn't a complete solution but it will definitely make a difference with how you feel throughout the day.
I blast metal music and walk around the building every hour or so. Also do pushups in my office every two-ish hours.
But, I also get no sunlight and there is an energy drink sitting on my desk. I've been here 15 years and I need to leave. :(
i talked my boss into letting us all work from home 1 day a week. i'm only operating at about 75-80% at home, but the rest of the days i'm 110%. it gives me a day to unwind, do chores, or relax while waiting on tickets and being proactive. i usually use those days to plan large scale stuff, prep updates, policy changes, etc. really a game changer not having to get up for that commute and breaks up the week really fast.
I might have to legit ask my boss to do this, that sounds amazing. I just need to find the correct way to word it so he won't think I just want to slack off
Take walks.
It may not help the sunlight issue, however I find walks help from productivity and mental health. I'm Sysadmin but also solo onsite IT so everything technology in the building is mine. I rarely go more than an hour with out a call or email to get out of my desk. If I dont.. maybe every 2 hours i'll take 15 minutes to walk around the building. Social interaction helps, not staring at screens, but it helps me stay appraised of operations in the building that eventually involve IT, but also people tend to come to me with problems that are minor they may not email or call about.
I also do that if I'm feeling tired. I to fall victim so energy drinks once in a while, (I try to stay the hell always from Monster and others, and stick to Mountain Dew or something that's only sugar and caffeine mostly so its less bad). But walks help get energy back.
Also don't take lunch at your desk. I always stress that to a lot of our new hires when I do "IT Setup" with them. It helps keep work/personal separation and lets you shut down a bit and relax. "Don't eat where you shit" is a saying that comes to mind. I love our cafe, it has TONS of windows, and we have a nice patio that we can use in warmer months. I'm also usually cheap and bring lunch, however sometimes when I know I'll have a harder day, I'll go out for lunch and get a sandwich from the local deli just to get some away/outdoor time.
I had a stressful time last year. I had a battle with a C-Level over printer contracts that lasted over 6mo. It was.. a trial. It stressed me out, and I had the same messages from friends and such.. I was tired, mood change, etc. Luckily for me, it ended, but after I got the same 'warning signs' I took a full week of vacation off. I had way to much PTO so I just used it and took a week off. I did some day trips and hikes and it helped a bit. Use your PTO, take a few days off to clear your mind and such. It's why you get it. I tend to just bank mine. I was single for a good chunk of time, and never took any since I didn't have a SO to go on trips with. That wasn't good for me one bit.
A few times a week I walk all the way up to the 7th floor and back down. Really gets the blood flowing and my legs end up feeling like noodles.
On the weekends, especially during spring, summer, and fall (live in New England) I try to get out and fish or what have you as much as possible. During the winter, I have been skiing every weekend so far. During the week its harder to do that, but I typically try to run a coffee break or something every so often.
Wrong answer.
If only my friend
Been pushing for that at my job for years. They gave us all whiskey glasses last year, but apparently it’s frowned upon to drink at work.
I keep a bottle in my cabinet at my desk for medical purposes.
Booze lots and lots of Booze...
When you are down, drink some brown!
Hang overs suck :P