NSW Bushfires Megathread.

Hi everyone,

More resources:
BUSHFIRES: Official Information Resources & Unofficial Bushfire Survival Guide
Ways to Donate, Fundraise and Volunteer this weekend
I have a peice of advice from my parents who had their home saved but have lost a lot of the rest of their rural property including sheds and fences.
Get the ball rolling asap on insurance claims if you can.
The sooner you get it started the better off you will be, it's only going to get harder as more and more people are affected.
Aunt and uncle live near Jindabyne, it's pretty scary. She's left to head into town proper, while he's gonna stay back and defend the property.
It's... it feels so unreal, you know?
Hate to say it but we have been told about this for ages.
Building near the bush or near the sea is a bad idea for future investments or just general living.
Sea is gonna keep rising.. and these fires and high temperatures are just gonna keep rising unless we curb a lot of things causing all of this.
But human greed and stupidity keeps us all in darkness.
One thing I'd like to add regarding ABC emergency broadcasts: write down the frequencies before the emergency. At Malua Bay we had no idea what we should tune to on the radio. There was no power and no mobile reception as the fires wiped out most infrastructure.
I also heard rumours of politicians trying to cut funding to the radio stations because we have apps for everything now, but again, there was no mobile reception during this crisis, so we couldn't use any emergency apps.
Hey, just a small thing, but I've seen the RFS saying people should call 000 only if they see an unattended fire - not if they see or smell smoke.
The sooner the better to get insurance, many have clauses that they will not cover you if a bushfire occurs within the first 72 hours. You might find some have an embargo that prevents you getting a policy online depending on your postcode.
Cheers mate!
I have got around $200 worth of pet food (mostly dog and cat with some bird, rabbit, and guinea pig) boxed up sitting in storage. Does anyone know how I could donate it or animal shelters that may have use for it?
Someone on FB mentioned Charles Sturt Unis because they are looking after a lot of injured wildlife, domestic pets and livestock. But, depending on where you are, this might be a bit of a stretch.
This article has a lot of good donations options for goods
Animal welfare league of nsw has taken a mobile vet service to fire affected areas to look after animals. Check their socials or website and reach out to them.
Drop it at your local PetO who take it and donate it
this is seriously making me reconsider whether i want to stay living in Australia
between the fires, heat, smoke (which has given me asthma attacks), and the knowledge that it's basically just going to get worse, i'm really thinking about where i could move in the next 5-10 years
you might say i'm overreacting, but... this is just not gonna be a nice place to live in 20 years time. i could hardly go outside when the smoke was bad
It was the election that sold me. Sydney is also terrifyingly fragile when it comes to resources, the worst of our changing climate is yet to show itself and our water security is already bad. Fires, a huge metro area with zero ability to sustain itself ringed by endless suburbia that relies on petrol. If collapse happens there's the potential for a lot of pain
Gonna finish saving enough to buy outright somewhere and gtfo
I mean... is your issue living in Australia, or living in your current location within Australia?
Not over reacting!
I’ve been thinking the same thing recently. So much so I’ve started looking at how to move to certain countries!
I would move to England or Canada without a backward glance, if jobs weren't a consideration. My mum is a Kiwi, so that could be a contender, but I do prefer Aus to NZ all other things considered.
I've been having the same thoughts too. call it an overreaction but I'd like to get out of here for good once I'm done with uni.
Yeah, a few months ago this peer reviewed study was posted that predicted outdoor activity during summer in Brisbane won’t be possible by 2050
That’s enough to make moving less of a crazy idea.
I'm in the same mindset, but where do you go? It's going to get worse everywhere. It'd be pot luck to predict a location that won't be impacted in the next 20 years...
Over the next few years it'll be better - simply because there's no fuel left anywhere.
In the future - yeah, it's gonna get worse, and if you have somewhere you'd prefer to be, it's not a bad idea to get out.
I have this thought every day and wonder how I could get into a social welfare country or just how I would manage to move to any other country with virtually zero savings.
But yeah living in Australia I feel like we always push our luck to the absolute limit and even then never heed the signs and well this is a huge wake up call that will again go unnoticed unreacted to.
I love Australia and what it has become but the cons and just overall excess carefree nature always has me on constant anxiety.. maybe it is why I cannot sleep at night.. I want to move to the most progressive country in the world and my gut feeling tells me it is somewhere in Europe because America is just I mean if I was a gambler America would be great but I am not so the Scandinavian countries or top Europe countries look ideal.. Sweden or one of the top social welfare countries would have been my first choice.
I hear they have already trialled universal basic income there or one of the neighbouring countries.
Australia keeps dancing with recklessness and their own limits and I am sick of it I cannot support that lifestyle and mentality for too long it is outdated and starting to affect my health.
I was considering Japan but I think that place would not accept someone like me into their society because I would feel like I would have to catch up so much and be the last in their culture coming from backwards ancient land Australia.
Just my two cents.
Might be time to start a rain megathread.
For anyone who can help with animal or veterinary supplies the
For anyone who can sew, knit or crochet the
If you're on Twitter; follow the RFS at
NSW Fire & Rescue -
NSW Police -
Transport related;
Sydney Trains & NSW TrainLink -
Live Traffic Sydney -
Live Traffic NSW -
I have a genuine question: why are people foregoing evacuating to safety in order to stay behind and protect their properties? In my mind, the only reason I can think of is that they don’t have insurance for their properties. What baffles me is they think they can control a blaze which RFS men and woman cannot control.
I saw someone on the abc yesterday who had decided to stay. Her rationale was that the roads leaving town would be packed and they didn’t want to be stuck on the highway in the middle of a fire - they’d rather be home. The reporter pressed that the advice was to leave and she said she didn’t care - she wanted to stay.
The RFS doesn't have enough resources to save every house. They do their best to contain the overall fire but they're not hosing down every house constantly to protect against embers.
People get emotionally attached to their homes and other possessions.
Even if you're adequately insured (apparently many people are under-insured?) you're still gonna be displaced and inconvenienced for months waiting for your house to be rebuilt.
People underestimate how dangerous it is to stay and defend. "Won't happen to me" etc
Probably other factors I haven't thought of.
Can anyone tell me if Wollstonecraft in Sydney is okay? I've got uncle and his kids out there and he's not responding to emails.
The map doesn't make it seem like Sydney has that much fire but people keep saying there are fires in Sydney?
Wollstonecraft is in the middle of Sydney. No bushfire is going to reach there
“Sydney” is often used to refer to the massive basin surrounding Sydney and it’s suburbs. Wollstonecraft is extremely far away from any danger :)
Hi everyone, my company is organising trucks full of water bottles to donate to communities without water. We buy them, pack them onto our trucks and drive them to the communities even hours away. We’ve done St George Basin, Batemans Bay, Narooma and doing Uralla. We’ve got more trucks getting ready as building companies are now sponsoring some trucks.
Anyone know about any communities in need of water in NSW?
The NSW Rural Fire Service is investigating reports of a serious incident involving an aircraft in southern NSW this afternoon.
Contact was lost with a Large Air Tanker which was working in the Snowy Monaro area.
Local ground crews indicate the aircraft may have crashed.
A number of helicopters are in the area carrying out a search.
No further information is available at this time.
Hey OP, it's
Has anyone confirmed when Celeste Barber's fund me page is going to release funds to the RFS?
I reached out on FB and messaged them and have not heard back.
I think it's silly if the funds are released 15-90 days from now... what's the point of that?
They've said they're fast tracking it
Is all this current drenching in Sydney doing some good in putting out the bushfires for good this time?
This is great 👍
Great post thanks mods
I have a question in regards to volunteering. Can I volunteer in March if I have asthma?
Thanks in advance
There's no fitness requirements, but you need to consider whether you can operate in the highly smoky conditions present in bushfires/HRs.
Alternatively, you can try joining Comms or catering
What thekriptik said.
If you can still be productive in a smoky environment good practice would be your kitchen when you overcook something then yeah sign up.
But if you think you would be a burden under smoky conditions then maybe think of something else.
I'm in East Hills, it is so fucking windy right now.
Prayers up to the firefighters.
I am supposed to travel from WA to Katoomba for two weeks as of tomorrow- just to stay in town at Katoomba. I won't have a car. Should I travel? What's the general consensus for the Upper Mountains at the moment?
Between Mount Victoria and Penrith you will be fine.
I am in Katoomba and public transport and taxi's should do you fine unless you plan to visit like 10+ places more than a few kilometres from each other away from public transport every day while you are here buses and trains are fine between Mount Victoria and Penrith which covers the mid to lower mountains.
Getting to Lithgow from Mount Victoria is a bit tricky atm because of the fires up near Zig Zag, Bell and Blackheath.
But yeah check tripview app on the google play or app store and rfs website.. should be fine but they have updates on what routes and places are affected constantly.
If you are just staying in Katoomba you don't need a car you can walk almost anywhere.
Echo point and a lot of tourist locations are still ok not sure about scenic world.
Most things are near the station anyways.
Any more questions just ask me your local Katoomba wacko.
Keep an eye on the RFS website, or even download the app. The fires haven't impacted Katoomba town, but it will be very smoky, and you'll need to be prepared to evacuate in case anything happens. Can you stay in Sydney instead?
For public transport,
Currently out of the country - how have the recent rains helped with the fires in the last couple of days?
My throat has been hurting for the last 4 days, I’m in Penrith. It’s getting worse and worse. Scotty from Marketing, despite your best efforts to tell us that “this is normal,” I strongly dispute that.
Welcome to the world of increased climate volatility.
So your throat hurting is your evidence for increased climate volatility? Personal anecdotes are not scientific evidence and do not help your position, rather weaken it.
It infuriates me that we can see the building of the blame game to the Greens for reasons that are provably false. This needs to be tackled hard. The idea that greens, a) are against hazard burning and b) have any kind of power to reduce it anyway, is so obviously false yet it's spreading due to Murdoch and dickheads like Joyce.
However, I was pleasantly surprised to see an article in The Australian that actually calls it out as bullshit...maybe there's a bit of hope (even if the comments still contain fuckwits saying it's because of the burns)
The irony is quite funny though, the one party supposedly for the environment is the main reason for the disaster.
So where can you donate to help the Koalas and other creatures affected by the fire? I want a place that will not take a percentage out for CEO’s. I want to help the animals! What about tree donations for after the fires?
A small collective Sydney based orchestral members will be hosting two fundraiser concerts on January 27. Please visit our Facebook page -NSW Bushfire Fundraiser Concert Series - for more details
Can anyone tell me if there’s any fire danger in North Richmond? I’m from California and I spent last March and April in Aus for work and the family who’s home I stayed in was in the area. I’ve been trying to get into contact with them but haven’t had any luck. Thanks in advance for any info.
Richmond proper should be fine. If you know the exact location you can double check here:
Not from Australia, but am genuinely curious, is the fires slowly panning out or is it still pretty bad? I wish we got more coverage of what's going on down there. Sending you all my best wishes.
It's picked up again today, particularly around Canberra and the South Coast. And it looks like one of the water tankers has crashed
They've backed off a fair bit since the worst of it, but it's going to be 41° in Sydney today, so it could get worse again.
Canadian here. I have a week booked in Sydney following the Australian Open (Feb 3 - 8). I was hoping to make it up to the Blue Mountains, but now I'm hesitant to leave Sydney. Is my best bet to keep monitoring the fires using the site in the OP's post?
Hoping things get better ASAP for everyone. This is a terrible situation, one that I hope gets more attention in North American media.
Keep an eye on things. Things could potentially be rather different (for better or worse) in a month's time.
I can't stop thinking how to put an end to these fires. Looking for solutions. I am in disbelief it took this long to get the military involved, they should be part whenever there is a bushfire that is getting out of control, it should be part of our training across the board. All available hands on deck. Also thinking about bombs at first thought maybe thermobaric bombs but they would be futile given the size of the fires. Now I'm thinking how about a whole platoon of B52 bombers loaded with carbon dioxide dumping it all over those fires while in formation? ( or whatever it is called) granted we would need a lot but currently, we are as useful as collectively peeing on a house fire. Maybe we no longer have B52 bombers anymore but we have some large logistical operators that could be used or not? Would it be an option? If not why not and what else can we do? Anyone? Someone must have some brainstorming going on, I can't be the only one googling and searching for ideas. Please throw some ideas around and the smart ones can tell us what does or doesn't work. No idea is stupid and all are welcome. Just don't take the piss. Be serious and help.
I thought the experts all said we can't put them out as they are. Simply too large and no mechanism by which to do it.
We don't have B-52s and never did, nor any real heavy bomber presence in the RAAF post WWII (F-111s not withstanding). There's a water bomber C-130 but water bombing is a control tool and doesn't work to put fires out
I don't know why you are being downvoted. It is a fair question.
While I do think it is possible to put these fires out, I doubt it's practical at this point. It was practical back in September - the NSW and Fed governments could have declared emergencies and fast tracked leases of a fleet of water bombers and nipped it in the bud. Even in November I think it was doable. But now - I think it would take the entire GDP of the US to do it and a fast tracked geoengineering project.
Your idea is an interesting one -depriving the fires of oxygen. usually at this scale removing heat is the focus. It could be done but I think you would need something heavier than CO2 so it doesn't rise due to convection and I suspect the scale you would need would be in terms of Gigatonnes per hour which presents some logistical issues.
One idea I had was potentially using space mirrors. Either to cool the fires or to go the other way and get a "Black Nor-Easter" going. The former is easier to execute but could cause collateral damage in the form of ppl freezing to death. The latter would be difficult to execute due to the complexity of the heat engine (Earth).
The money spent on the F35 fighters could be better spent on a fleet of fire bombers. The next war is this one and there should be a force set up to fight it. A lot of it is pissing in the wind of course.
Well I hope firesnearme works for you folks, it did NOT up the coast here, was slow (up to days) to see line scan updates and then one fire completely disappeared even though it was unchecked and still threatening houses on the southern flank. As you can guess though this is an issue with the paid staff running it not the system itself but since we have some pathetic paid staff that leaves fnm totally unreliable here.
Was scheduled to visit Sydney in a few days. Would it be wise to change my flight and visit Melbourne or Perth instead?
Sydney is safe. The main issue is the smoke haze but that may be the same in Melbourne as there are bushfires in Victoria as well.
Perth will be clear.
Sydney itself is extremely safe and unaffected, but smoke from the fires hits us every couple of days. But that’s the same for Melbourne and even New Zealand across the Tasman.
Is there a hashtag to follow for art sales that go to Bush Fire Relief?
We need to get from Melbourne to Sydney in 2 weeks. Initially we were gonna drive via the ocean for sightseeing and hiking but that seems to be a bad idea. Any alternative scenic routes which are safe? Or might the worst part of the fire have passed by then? Sorry, I'm a foreigner and have no clue how long these things last or how long it takes to restore traffic.
I donated how much I think it deserves
My advice is don't bring your leftist ideals, stay home and drink your own soy decafe lattes.
We need strong people who put action above social media posts.
I'm a "leftist", and I was a pretty decent firefighter. What's your point, mate?