Absolutely terrifying and where my fear began

NATGEO? What a great article of Ballard and Alvin. The foldout was GREAT!
I always thought this was rendered, surely the water visibility wouldn’t be this clear due to deep sea rain
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This too. Almost this exact same image. I remember being very unsettled by the dolls head photo taken on the ocean floor too. I must dig that one out, I haven’t had nightmares for a while :/
Must have had a huuuge underwater light to take that picture.
Seeing those bigass (engine pieces?) scattered on the floorbed is chilling
A computer rendering is where it began? Ok
My original obsession
There was an excellent/terrifying exhibition of Titanic that toured around the world some years back. I went to see it when it stopped near where I live. It was brilliantly constructed nightmare fuel with some bits I'll never forget.
There was a stories from the team that first dived to the ship. They opened some of the cabin doors and found otherwise uncluttered cabins with floating one set of adult clothes and two sets of children's clothes. The bodies had dissolved before the clothes.
Could you link to a source for the cabin contents? (I know you said it was some years ago but hoping you might be able to dig something up). So far some limited googling has failed me, although I may try more later.
In my recollection the early dive teams were very cautious about entering the ship with the ROVs out of concern that they could become entangled and lost, or cause things to collapse. But I haven’t read up on the subject in a long time myself and could be mis-remembering.
Not dissolved. Eaten.
Fun, terrifying fact: because of the speed at which the stern hit the sea floor (roughly around 24 mph I believe?), the decks crashed together and now the entire collection of decks is less than 15 feet tall. Each deck is less than a foot tall.
Unfun Fact: when you drown in sea water you actually die of asphyxiation. Inhaling fresh water will allow the water to pass from your lungs into your bloodstream killing you "relatively" quickly. Sea water is different though. Because of it's high salt content, the water will not pass through your lung tissue and you will simply continue inhaling water until theres no room left and you die from lack of oxygen. This can take several minutes (I heard 10 minutes, but I dont know the real amount).
Just think of all those people in life jackets who succumbed to drowning after hypothermia rendered their muscles useless:-/
Enjoy, @op.
It was based partially on photos so at the time it was painted I remember it being fairly accurate. Now it has collapsed even more so its quite different.
it makes me so sad thats shes slowly disappearing into the deep black sea. in the next 50-100 years she'll likely be completely gone.
In a way that’s sort of closure. In 1000 years do you think anyone will remember?
I am almost certain my fear came from the titanic as well. I got this book when I was really young which had some of the first pictures from the initial discovery. See all the metal calcifying and everything frozen in time, it intrigued me but terrified me.
I think it was both the famous
I know it's kind of gruesome, but I always wanted to have some of those dishes.
Apparently when they filmed James Cameron's Titanic, some people were able to get pieces of the White Star china that had appeared in the film. I always wanted some of that too.
+1 for the doll.
This is supposed to be Titanic? Anyone know what reference photos the artist used? It doesn't look like the photos I've seen.
I remember seeing this artwork in Robert Ballard's book. It's the stern section. There aren't many (common) photos of it. Most photos I've ever seen are of the bow.
Mine was The Abyss. 😭
Weirdly I love that film and have zero issues with the submechanophobia. It’s the real, legit stuff I don’t like. I had to hurriedly close the USS scorpion wiki page because since last reading it someone had added new photos I’d not seen before and it freaked me out.
Watching Lt. Coffey slowly loose his mind was haunting.
I wouldnt really call that a structural failure since it wasnt designed to sink.
Well the front fell off
Titanic was my first childhood obsession. I can't imagine how much I'd freak out if I were in a sub seeing her in person...
I’ve always had the same obsession-fear. But I’ve also suspected that actually being there in a safe submarine would be a much more exciting experience than the fear that comes from viewing images in your phone.
Maybe. :)
Same!!! Hahah, obsession twins!
Have you ever found Noah’s ark intriguing strictly from a scientific point of view
I think about it every time I fly to the UK from the USA, which I've done three or four times now, because I know the wreck is off Newfoundland. Would love to know if any commercial flights come near the area.
Plenty of flights go from Canada to other nations
Me too.
I still routinely think about the guy in Nigeria
That and the follow up story about him dreaming about his bedroom filling up with water.
God bless Trapped Nigerian Guy. His story has long haunted me.
The thing is that wouldn’t have even been a luxury for Titanic victims. I remember reading an article that said due to how fast the ship sank, anyone trapped in an air pocket would have immediately been crushed or would have quite literally been shot by bolts in the walls firing outward due to water pressure
My god. I will never forget that story either .
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So sad, the story of that beautiful ship
Yo, anyone know how this is lit?
It's a painting, probably Ken Marschall.
It’s an artists rendition, probably used hundreds of reference photos to paint this.
It’s virtually illuminated
Except it's over 2 miles below the surface, and light only penetrates about 700 feet through sea water. So everything you see there is in pitch blackness.
ok but why would you do that
I was wondering that... I have no idea how this picture was taken. Unless its just a very realistic artist's rendition.
Well now that wouldn’t make a very good painting now would it
Thanks for the anxiety attack,have an upvote
Except it's over 3.2 kilometers below the surface, and light only penetrates about 213.4 meters through sea water. So everything you see there is in pitch blackness.
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It looks so small. The ocean is too big and I vote to nerf it
You’re gonna be tight when you see the patch notes.
Sea levels are getting buffed.
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