RUMOR: Captain Pike ‘Star Trek’ Spinoff Series Moving Forward

We've come full circle.
Over fifty years later, the original pilot finally got picked up.
I'm okay with that.
Even star trek isn't safe from it really being like that sometimes.
Yay finally, I'm excited for this. Pike is definitely a favourite of mine! I just hope they do the story justice.
Considering how much they invested on sets and establishing Enterprise crewmen, they damn well better move forward with a Pike show.
With Rebecca Romijn back as Number 1.
If it's a return to classic trek about exploration and morality plays, and they stay away from the dystopic "bad guy threatens the whole galaxy with revenge....again, and again" trope, I'll be on board.
A show with an Enterprise is gonna be our baby Yoda
The bridge set is just beautiful. Beautiful.
That bridge set alone deserves its own series.
I love Discovery and Picard, but I hope that the new Captain Pike show will be more episodic, like the original TOS and TNG, to set it apart from the existing two shows and Section 31, which I presume will be similar. It is obviously something that a lot of fans want.
I hope for episodic but all the characters to grow. I don’t want to go back to the days of something crazy happening one episode and the next it’s all chill like nothing happened.
Actually, I would most appreciate it if they would go with the Enterprise season 4 model, which had the occasional single episode and was otherwise 2 - or 3 - parters.
Imma have to agree. "Magic to Make the Sanest Man Go Mad" and "New Eden" happen to be two of my favorite Discovery episodes and they were pretty stand alone. It can still have an over arching plot for the season but it doesn't need to be 100% serialized. DS9 found a great balance. I hope the Pike show can too
It does seem like with this many shows set in the same Discovery era, this would be an excellent time to have crossing over shows with wildly different styles. I would really love it if these shows had different styles. I'm not talking DS9 vs Voyager differences, I'm talking Battlestar Galactica and Firefly levels of differences in style and tone.
No one has ever done that intentionally. Star Trek would actually be the first TV show "universe" to not only be juggling multiple shows, but have them be really different from each other while still being connected. I hope they give it a shot. I don't need or want 3 different Discovery styled shows with different casts. I want the shows to actually be different.
Bring back the bottle!
This is the perfect chance to do this, too. TOS style.
I want ds9 style. Some episodic and some small arcs, and then large arcs.
I want a mix. Every episode should still be like a chapter in a novel. However, many (or even most) episodes should relegate the ongoing story to the B-plot.
If they can learn to reach both sides of the fandom, especially starting to bridge the gap with Picard, I will be happy
I don't want a totally episodic show, myself. But there is definitely a great opportunity to do something really cool and unique with the Pike show and the different flavors of Trek will be awesome.
That will never happen. At this point it's little more than wishful thinking. However, it's important to maintain hope.
But it's so much easier for the writers to stretch what would be maybe a 2 or 3 part TNG episode story into a whole season of Discovery. Why pay all those writers to come up with all those different stories? /s
I hope it'll be episodic in the same way modern Doctor Who is episodic. Individual stories are largely separate, but it's building up to an arc story.
I agree. I think it will be a nice change of pace in this Trek era.
It would make sense. From everything they've said, it looks like they're aiming for a diversity of Trek series to fill different niches and genres. The one thing that appears to be missing from their lineup is a more "traditional" TOS/TNG-type series, and this would be the perfect candidate for that.
I agree. I don't want it to go full VOY where they take massive damage and then suddenly are totally fine the next episode which takes place a day later, but I think a Pike show in particular would be the perfect one to do more episodic stuff with maybe a background arc leading up to Pike's eventual fate.
Anson Mount is the best thing to happen to Star Trek since Patrick Stewart took off his wig at a casting call
Seriously the only reason not to get him back is he doesn’t want to do it. Which I know he definitely does. Just a matter of scheduling. I was blown away by him after about ten seconds on screen. Then it just got better and better.
Idk how about that, how about the best thing since Avery Brooks grew a beard?
It likely wont pay off in terms of views / continual subscriptions.
They won’t
There's an ideal balance. I'd like to see them go episodic, but have some continuity and consequences that can last past one episode. No reset buttons.
Half and half would be better.
I really hope they lean hard into TOS style writing and abandon the mystery box BS. If done well, an episodic show is just as bingable as a serialized show
Santa, if you can hear me, please -- I've been very good this year so far. Please just let JJ Abrams/Kurtzman mystery box just die please?
I feel like DS9 s3 is the perfect mix of Episodic and Serialization. I'd prefer some semblance of serialization combined with stand alones. Like Buffy/Angel/Firefly.
Higher rewatch value too. I rarely rewatch the serialized episodes of DS9 but I always go back to TOS and TNG episodes because I don't need to be caught up on anything. I know all the characters, I just need to put on any episode I fancy.
Yeah, other streaming services like Netflix already understand the bingeworthiness value of non-serialized shows such as anthologies like Black Mirror, documentary series like The Toys/Movies that Made Us, and stand-up comedy series.
Some of them even have a "Watch in any order" label. Obviously, some watching in an order might be necessary even in an episodic show, just saying they must already know the value of series that can be watched in no particular order.
"Guess what, guys! The Red Angel was Burnham all along!" Dunnn Dunnn dunnnnnnn
I would absolutely love an episodic show with "problems of the week"but unfortunately TV audiences today are conditioned to consider any episode like that just "filler" that doesn't move an overarching plot forward. :\
I'm reticent about section 31 but a Pike series does sound great.
I was worried about a flood of Trek shows but from a practical perspective Picard will probably have a short run; unless they proceed without the title character.
It's incredible that in a short space of time we have gone from zero Trek to possibly four simultaneously. Good times!
Picard is set to run for three seasons. They've already been officially greenlit for a second season and the showrunners have said that the higher-ups on CBS have told them in an unofficial capacity that they can start working on the third as well.
I'd rather have a Temporal 31 series with Daniels...
I'm not. They should have had at least one more in the 90s and with George Takei and the Excelsior along side Voyager and DS9.
Awesome! Anson Mount is so freaking awesome as Pike it’s ridiculous. Also let’s give credit to Rebecca Romijn as Number One, she took what was kind of a bit character and made her totally awesome.
Please just no more clandestine organizations lurking in the shadows! I had enough section31/talshiar/mossad/etc to last alifetime
If the Pike show and the Section 31 show are running at the same time we'd have to assassinate every producer in Hollywood to not get a crossover.
still room for an obsidian order season on one of these shows lmfao
As a Stargate fan, is one series too much to ask?
Just don't try to make it a clone of something else, and we're good to go.
I hope it’s more episodic in nature. The concept of these tightly wound season long arcs and leaving off on cliffhangers every week is getting rather stale.
Especially with the uneven writing we get. At least with single or two episode arcs, we have the possibility of different writers creating different story arcs. Ought to be some good ones.
If they didn't cash in on this positive uplifting Captain they would be fools.
Stuck in the mirror universe,
🎼 they’re on the run, no time to sleep, they’ve got to ride, ride like the wind, to be free again
And they’ve got such a long way to go, to make to it to the boarder of....🎼
Man, Aston Mount was PERFECTLY casted for Disco. Go back and watch the original 1966 pilot, dude legit looks like he could be Jeff Hunters' grandson.
And his character is written and he behaves like someone who would crew a ship on a 60s tv show, just with less camp. I could see him in TOS or Lost in Space or anything like that.
Give me Enterprise season 4 style storytelling please. Several multi episode arcs, tying into an overall theme for the season with some one offs mixed in.
The Enterprise continuing its 5 year mission is perfect for this.
More shows need to do the mini-arc format. It's a brilliant way to have fleshed-out stories that don't drag for too long. Star Wars: The Clone Wars did mini-arcs too and it works marvelously.
Yes. Dr Who was also great when they were doing this
People love to shit on Discovery but for all it’s flaws it really did reign in a new golden age of Trek. Could potentially have what, 5 shows running concurrently? What a time to be alive
If this is an episodic, villain or moral connundrum of the week then I will cum in my pants.
Pike: A star Wars Story.
If we get this and a Brand Routh Superman limited Series on HBOMAX I will be a happy tribble.
Wait, WUT? This is the first I am hearing of this! Dude that would be hella awesome.
I loved the 2005 "Superman Returns" movie.
havent heard this rumor but would be amazing. I really hope they bring it back to the hopeful, bad ass superman.
He really was a great Superman.
A beautiful cross between TNG and The Orville would be amazing.
I need some episodic levity in my life.
This is the best concept out of the bunch so far post Nemesis.
I love Disco and Picard, but the Enterprise just felt "right" in terms of Trek.
I don’t know. It seems like they are trying to shove too much into a time that has already been established. What else could they do in the past?
This has been a persistent rumor ever since the heads of the franchise announced that there were two new projects in development that had yet to be officially revealed. I wouldn't be shocked at all if they officially announce that it'll be going forward around the time the first season of Picard is ending.
Praise be!
Umm... May the Prophets open?
I'm excited, but I'm so worried they're going to over-saturate the market. Again.
That's more of an issue with network TV where you're competing for timeslots and your primary focus is to please advertisers. Streaming platforms are different because you need a smaller audience to be successful which allows them to more tightly focus specific demographics. They also want to build their content library so more shows is better in that regard. The studio can choose to axe on series but not another, so there's less danger of the entire franchise getting shelved. The ability to get direct viewership numbers without having to guess is very helpful.
Please just make it about a captain and he crew boldly going where no one has gone before. If we're going to have a bunch of Trek shows at once, please give me a straight up old school exploration/adventure of the week adventure show.
I kinda hope if they do have a Pike show that it follows the original show formula where every episode, unless its part of a "two parter", is its own thing. I really like the continuing story that all new Trek shows do, but I really do miss how Trek was able to make each episode have its own original story and message.
Punch it.
As someone who listens to their podcast I'm really glad the article committed to saying “Hot Scoop or Shot of Poop”.
I was very happy this article is based around a hot scoop from the weekly planet when I read it
Weekly Wackadoo too far down. UPVOTES!
I know they won't, but I'd kind of like it if they named it after the Marvel comics series from the 90s covering Pike's time as the captain of the Enterprise, Star Trek: The Early Voyages. I just can't imagine a better, more suitable title.
I love ALL of Trek, from TOS to Kelvin timeline. Anson Mount is the best thing to happen to Trek in decades and I hope beyond hope they give him a series.
You can say that again. I'm guessing you watched Hell on Wheels? Anyone who has seen that knows how good he can be in the roll if the writing is decent. I'm guessing the doubters only saw Mount in Inhumans (lol)
Please please please please please please please
Yes! Pike was the best part of Discovery!
Two episodes into Picard and now all my hopes are suddenly pinned in this .....🤪
What? Not excited about the adventures of Miss Marple in the 24th century? 😉
I enjoy Picard as an offshoot of Trek's main focus. But I think they'll run out of steam on ideas a few seasons in, or Patrick Stewart will want to retire.
Can this please be the new show where we get to see humans and aliens, working together and just fucking exploring space PLEASE
Oh my God yes. This show must be made. Discovery has been ok it's first two seasons, nothing amazing. But Pike and Spock in season 2 made it fantastic, and just great. A show with them on early Enterprise adventures would be huge.
Hoping we finally get some Enterprise crossovers. Phlox and T’Pol could still be alive, and I’m sure they could find all sorts of ways to get the other actors involved if they wanted.
You know who I'm thinkin.... Jeffrey Combs!!!11
Can we get some Shran up in this bitch?
Oh my god yes Oh my god yes Oh my god yes Oh my god yes Oh my god yes Oh my god yes Oh my god yes Oh my god yes Oh my god yes Oh my god yes Oh my god yes Oh my god yes Oh my god yes Oh my god yes Oh my god yes Oh my god yes Oh my god yes Oh my god yes Oh my god yes Oh my god yes Oh my god yes Oh my god yes
I think we all know how this is going to end.
That's if they carry on the show after he hands over the Enterprise to Kirk.
Hasn't Anson Mount repeatedly said he isn't interested in the long-term commitment of a multiple season series? I'm thinking we'll get a one-off season.
That may well be a negotiation tactic.
God damn i love money too.
In a word - okay, two words - “Hit it!”.
As a Star Trek fan, it's a great time to be alive.
Hope it’s episodic
As someone who likes neither the writing of Discovery nor Picard (to no fault of Patrick Steward though) I'd at least give this show a new open mind. I acknowledge that Anson Mount is the best thing that has ever happened to Discovery and his charisma might just carry me through overdramatized plots that makes absolutely no sense.
Please don't do this to me. Lol. My hopes are so high for this.
My dream would for Star Trek: Pike to be a return to an almost completely episodic format with planet/race/monster/civilization of the week episodes.
I'd be fine with 2-3 episode stories with single episodes mixed in being the format like Tennent era Dr Who. I think that is the ideal show format for a show like this. Sometimes on TNG there were episodes or continuity that made no sense as being one offs.
It should be called “Star Trek” We can consider it season -2, -1 and season 0 of the Original Series. Use the same format as the original.
I didn't watch S2 of Discovery. Are there any clips that people would recommend which showcase why he is so beloved in the role?
I hate Discovery. It's sound and fury signifying nothing..
But Anson Mount is the fucking jam. He stepped on the bridge and asked every their damn name. We had previously spent an entire season not knowing who any bridge crew were. He's the only character who knows he's in a Star Trek. (I like Saru too, though)
This is a good one.
I'm here for it. Keep it stand-alone episodes like TOS. No damn drawn-out story arc. Just give me some fun, Wagon Train to the stars, on the wild frontier, exploratory, Trek.
I'm hoping for the cranky doctor who makes housecalls with alcohol. If that happens, and it's an episodic show, I'll be happy.
Kurtzman wants to make every Trek show to feel different. So far Picard feels pretty different from Discovery and Lower Decks should be a comedy. Pike Trek is asking to be "adventure of the week" show. That way you'll really have a show for everyone.
This would be siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiick
have we all died and went to star trek tv heaven lately?
Please. Please let this be real. Anson Mount embodied Pike. And if this series can embody the episodic trek of yore, it will be a. smash. fucking. hit.
(gets excited)
Yes! That's awesome! That would be the trifecta of Trek. All happen in the prime timeline with one in the present, one in the past, and one in the future. :D
Yes, yes, yes!!
Cool. I can't wait to see more of the Enterprise's roller-coaster turbo-lift system.
God I hope this happens. Even though I'm not crazy about post-Abrams Star Trek, I absolutely loved his character.
YES YES YES! Please be accurate!
I'm hoping this comes true.
If there is ONE new Star Trek show that should be episodic and not serialized then this is it.
Who is the "reliable source?"
Picture the Data fist pump gif here.
Yes please!
I hope they call it Star Trek: 1701
I'm not familiar with this source - are they typically reliable?
I don't want false hope...
Don't get me wrong, I'm a HUGE fan of Star Trek and love that this is happening... but where is CBS getting all this money from? Based on my own personal servey almost nobody that I know has CBS access or knows anybody with it. I just hope they're not going to run the franchise into the dirt by making so many shows to where they overpredict how many people watch it which could lead to the decline of quality in the shows or quick cancellation.
The two that are already airing have been pretty much payed for by their other streaming and TV deals. I imagine that’s also the goal for a Pike series.
This needs to happen.
YES! But pleeeeeeaaaaseeee with better writers. Don't give the Enterprise a stupid plot like Discovery season 2 ....
Good. Make it a proper Star Trek with exploration, science and adventure just like the best of Trek.
I know I'm in the minority, but I'm not interested in exploring the retconned past for the third time. It's only to my benefit if a Pike show does well, though, so I bear it no ill will as long as more non-past Trek gets made, too.
He is so likable, if they do a two or three season run with him ending in the chair it will be epic.
DISCO and section 31 can fuck off, but I would be there for Captain Pike and Spock.
I'm with you. But I don't like Speck Spock, so I'm conflicted.
Uh what, I need to rewatch the season finale, I thought the wheelchair was five years away at least in the timeline of events.
Seems like it would squeeze between Disco, season 2 and TOS just fine.
It's seven years - the same amount of time of all of TNG.
Even if it were they don't have to do a season equals a year like old Trek. Discovery season 2 felt like it only spanned a couple months at most.
Is there any reason the story has to be told in a completely liner manner? I don't see why it couldn't be done Better Call Saul style and have an older Pike living on Talos IV reminiscing about his time as a captain on the Enterprise.
They could give little glimpses of what his life could be like on Talos IV, while potentially having an unlimited number of seasons if told from that perspective.
"Hell On Wheels In Space?" Sign me up. I love Anson Mount and have always thought Pike a more interesting captain. Disco S2 already brought him into focus, so why not more?
I'm about to run out of Hell on Wheels episodes so this show can't come fast enough.
Send O'Brien through a time portal and reunite Anson and Colm Meany! YEE HAW!
We now refer to Anson Mount as 'Space Walkin Boss'.
I thought they whisked Discovery 3000 years into the future because they wanted to get away from stepping on established cannon? Now they're going back into prequel Star Trek after just leaving it?
Well it's a lot easier to focus on one show following established canon than two shows at the same time?
CBS really wants to milk this cow lol.
I think CBS finally figured out that the Pike series is more likely to be a long term success than their current set of concepts, in production and out. It's a return to the roots of Star Trek: space exploration.
With Akiva Goldsman acting as showrunner this series will be the usual turgid, dumb, badly written garbage that we've seen in Disco and Picard. Somebody needs to wrench Trek away from the incompetent claws of the team of idiots that are Goldsman and Kurtzman.
Goldman's filmography makes for a sobering read:
He wrote the screenplay for one good movie ('A Beautiful Mind' in 2001) but the rest of his writing output has been mixed. He was even nominated for a Golden Raspberry Award for worst screenplay for Transformers: The Last Knight. And that's not all - he was also nominated for Golden Raspberries for A Time To Kill and Batman & Robin:
He's also been nominated for some BAFTAs ........
I think Kurtzman has done fine so far, but Akiva's filmography is really, really bad. He may be a good producer but his writing/directing credits are awful. He did co-write the first 2 episodes of Picard, which I enjoyed, but for all I know he was responsible for the parts of the episodes I had issues with haha.
I watched him on The Ready Room last week and through most of it I had very little idea what he was talking about. It would appear the inside of his mind is squishy sticky muck or maybe quicksand from which coherent thoughts or ideas cannot escape.
I like Discovery.
The only good part of Discovery was Pike and the Enterprise.
I need Spock back with the beard. They don't care about canon any other time, at least give me bearded Spock. You owe us CBS, big time.
Best potential for a new Trek series out of all the recent concepts, those currently in production and out.
Not knocking the new Picard series. It is enjoyable. But it is quite different from the space exploration encounters that Trek was established around. Plus, Anson Mount could potentially do a long series if the writing is good and the reception is good. At 79 years old, Patrick Stewart's years as the central character in a series are numbered.
Do casual viewers even really care? I assume they just want to be entertained for 45 mins and then they go about their day. It's pretty much just us hard core fans that are pre-occupied with figuring out how it all fits together.
I definitely like him but Georgiou is so much more interesting. I think she's the best actor on the show and the character (especially the mirror) could go so deep.
I like both Pike and Georgiou, but I agree with you. Michelle Yeoh was the best part of Discovery.
I believe the opposite; that she's the worst actor on the show and her delivery of every line was stilted.
Well, I really liked him in the role, and the Enterprise design is great, so that's two things going for it. I am worried about oversaturation, though. It happened before.
Even if they have a year of new episodes every week it’s still less episodes per year than back in the day.
I'm just glad they properly credited the Hot Scoop or Shot of Poop segment.
I know this might be cheesy but what are the chances we could see Chris Pine or Zachary Quinto do a cameo in one of these
It’s a shame Jeffery Hunter never played the role of Pike. I think he did a great job in the original pilot.
I actually really liked that episode in TOS where Captain Pike goes back to that planet in the pilot. Really well done. I can't wait to see this.
"The Menagerie"
My idiot friend said this isnt gonna happen and that Mount and Romjin were out. I gotta stop buing weed from that guy.
Kurtzman confirmed there are two additional liveaction shows in the works. I think it's a given that one will be a Pike show given the fan demand. I think the other will be some kind of Picard spin-off perhaps featuring one or more of the new characters from that show. It's likely PIC is only going to last three seasons and if the fans really enjoy the new characters, why not expand upon them in their own show.
Isn't pike doomed to get all burned and wheelchair bound with a blinking light for communication?
He was the best part of Discovery so it makes sense. I just hope that it has different writers and show-runners. I’m not a huge fan of the Discovery team.
Star Trek: Cages
I love this. I was EXTREMELY skeptical at the beginning of season two but by the end i LOVED the treatment of his character and he quickly became one of my favorite Captains.