The exploration mechanic as a whole is now obsolete

It is plainly obvious that the whole game is going to take place within 1 to 3 solar systems, so the need to discover jump points leading to new solar systems has been rendered obsolete. Heck, the whole jump point mechanic may be scrapped as quantum travel seems to work just fine and could be scaled up for extra system travel.

I 'm personally thrilled that exploration/gameplay has taken a back seat to foip, whiskey glass holding mini games.
They could always make some randomly spawning quantum signularity macguffin for the explorer ship to "mine" for sellable data. There's lots of empty space to use for it.
The reality is (and don't worry, I'm not gonna go dig up my old posts to shout "called it!" with) that their exploration model was always dependent on a large scale, and was always going to have severe limitations (Elite's exploration model works, for example, because there's essentially and endless amount of "shit" to find) based on the relatively small number of star systems planned.
But the thing that absolutely sealed the fate of any kind of exploration gameplay was the news a year or so ago that they were only going to have five to ten star systems at "launch" and would then add more in later. It was around that time that CIG started quietly pivoting to focusing on planetary exploration, because that's something they can kind of make work. Which is fine and good - you'd want planetary exploration to be worth a thing - except that the unspoken part was that it was coming at the expense of space exploration.
Unless they adopt some kind of half measure to speed up the way they create systems, they're just not going to be able to pump them out at the rate they need to, which is not only going to strangle any kind of exploration in its crib, but is gonna mean every time they add a new system it's gonna look like the starting zone of a new WoW xpac on day 1.
I recently tried EDs beta for exploration. Gotta say I'm impressed, the whole scanning is done wonderfully and they are adding phenomena to find too. Some of the mechanics sound just like what CR wanted to implement.
The fact that the "exploration gameplay" was dangerously vague like a lot of their gameplay mechanics should have been a dead giveaway. They have zero moment to moment gameplay to back up their talk.
Lol what the hell is the newvan ship the mako gonna do? News stuff. Boom new gameplay loop they wont explain.
What happened to CIG's amazing never done before Proc Gen tech? NMS does it. ED does it. Space Engine does it. Just to name three. So what's CIG's excuse?
You can fit Skyrim in that crater.
They go the extra mile by hand-placing assets and POIs on their procedural worlds, lovingly caressing every blade of grass with their zbrush tool, and quality takes time.
I feel like the Procedural generation is the most dangerous part to this project since they hired the guy from NMS to do it. If he uses ANYTHING from NMS to make it for them, CIG is fucked.
They have so much technical debt embedded in the zillions of ships types they have sold that this is just one more problem for them.
Many of these ships were sold based on flight of fancy ideas and nothing more. CIG had no clue if the mechanics could or should be built into the game.
It's fun to imagine the tech debt they're going to pile up in the next few years just trying to keep afloat. How many concept sales do they need per year to keep paying their 400+ employees? Are people going to buy more fighters? Exactly how many carriers does the average player need/want to buy?
Everything new they make is going to need to fill a niche that hasn't already been filled by some other ship that was sketched up for a sale. So every year the concepts are going to get more and more ludicrous. They already sold tanks, base builders, and freakin' land claims. I'm wondering what game mechanics they can cook up to make buying the new ship dedicated to that mechanic worth it.
it's just like Eve was 5 years ago. Tons of abandoned and broken ideas floating around with loads of ships and items to service them
for the life of me i dont know what Chris is doing. all people wanted was an updated Wing Commander game
It'll be fine, I heard Chris Roberts said a single crater on a moon will have more content to explore than say, Skyrim.
Rumors has it that a grain of sand on hurston has more polygons than all of RDR2.
Yeah, maybe, but at least Skyrim saw a release.
Anyone remember this?
Yeah, it's quite hilarious how this vast and rich universe that was promised (that got many of us interested in the first place) is reduced to one or two systems. It's like playing Skyrim where you never get to leave the first village... what's the point.
Hey, at least Riverrun has enough content for like 2 hours of gameplay.
Same goes for the passenger service ships. What will be the point of big space liners, especially the luxury ones, when distances are becoming negligible.
But but but muh DrinkMaster mini game fidelity!
They'll become regular airliners.
So now you can take the metro to reach the airport to reach another city to take the metro to reach a bar where a bald dude will tell you to grab a box from a place located near the city you were first at.
I oddly found tourism endearing and wanted to be a space bartender -_-;
Imagine being the guy who spent $900 or whatever it was on the giant telescope ship to scan deep space for hidden wormholes and then hearing the news they were planning on "five to ten" systems at launch.
The way Chris Roberts was talking at Citizencon made it sound like launch is now defined as 'feature complete'
The same way I now feel staring at a Carrack in "My Hangar."
That wouldn't work with 100 systems either, "being the first ever" was always gonna be the smaller part of exploration afaik.
If this trainwreck of a project ever gets released (which I doubt it will), it's literally going to be the most boring, shallow space sim game ever made. With pretty graphics. And low framerate. 7+ years of selling ships and trailer hype just to make a game that somehow has less content than Elite:Dangerous (2015). CiG manages to make Frontier look like genius developers in comparison, which is... astounding. Especially considering how little progress Elite has made over the years.
/thumbs up
The same people getting excited over this latest release are the same folks that get wowed by the latest Skyrim mod with gigabyte textures.
Sure, the static screenshots look pretty, but there's no coherence with the janky animations, and the world continues to be stale and static with nothing to do.
I wonder why no one has posted a video of them blowing a tree to splinters, for example. <--- This is where the real gameplay comes in, not the stale museum of textures that Chris Roberts has poured $200 million into.
What people buying $300 ships think they're getting:
What they actually get (none of the foliage reacts):
I'm glad they have shelved this mechanic as the game needs more time and money to work on assets.
Might as well get rid of the carriers too.
You don't need Bengals, Idris, and Krakens if the farthest you can go is like going down the block to the corner store.
If they get one solar system working without going bankrupt I'll be slightly impressed ( and 70 years old or so )
For the most part, yes, it's dead as the dodo.
To be fair, the dodo at least existed once and while it is now extinct, the dreams certainly aren't and CIG is dressing up fat pigeons to keep them that way.
It would work if star citizen took place in much earlier times. Like tech where humans had in oblivion movie before war started or something similiary 'primitive'. It would be cool because I think limitations can make room for exciting and relatable design.
Even with 100 solar systems, it would be dead in a month. It didnt take 2 people any time at all in NMS to land on the same planet and go to the same spot in a galaxy with quintillions of stars.
How long will it take everyone to discover everything on 100 systems?
This just shows how naive and ignorant CR is about the current gaming landscape.
Why so sure about that?
EDIT: I'm just sincerely curious if I missed some info or news or something...this escalated quickly.
They said a while back that they were only going to launch with (I think) five systems, and the first system is a year late. The point is that instead a large matrix of pathways to systems (like, if there were a hundred systems, at least you could hide a gate to each system in each system, and have different sizes of gates, so there could be thousands of undiscovered gates and several hundreds planets and moons completely uncharted) there isn't likely to be more that a few dozen gates, and all of the planets likely mapped out long before beta even ends.
The first few Guardian sites in Elite: Dangerous were charted very shortly after their existance was revealed; CMDRs (iirc) found the system by watching the skybox in the teaser, lined up the notable constellations, and traveled to the only part of space where that could be, found the right planet, and then the right spot on the planet; there are thousands of systems in that sector, and usually between 10 to 20 noteable bodies in each system. After discovering the first site, CMDRs banded together and once in the right type of system, pilots systematically combed the surface of likely planets and more were discovered in short order. This is in a game with billions of systems, and each system likely having several landable bodies that are very probably realistically massed with according surface.
The point is that huge, expensive generation ships for incredibly long journeys aren't really necessary if there are only five systems to explore, and five seems like a lofty goal considering the first system is still incomplete and at least a year late.
It's a worthwhile point that blasting off into deep space to discover the unknown isn't as exciting when there's only a few places to go. No matter how big the moons and planets are (or even how much space is in between them), finding what is on them isn't going to take much time if the player base is anything like that of Elite -- you tell space plane pilots there's something to be found, sumbitches are finding it.
I really hope Star Citizen turns into something special, but it can't possibly hurt backers to have some realistic expectations in place, and be reasonable with observing what was said, and what was done. If they couldn't get it together with 100 million and seven years, their chances don't improve greatly with another 100 million and a few more years, but here's to hoping.
He's just grasping for straws.
They're not sure about anything, aside from their desire to spread "FUD" lol
" could be scaled up for extra system travel."
That's not the case since even with 64 bit you can only go so far before you lose floating point precision.
They're probably limited to a few hundred million km.