NBA Daily Discussion - 1/30/20 (Thursday)

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Fucking called the Hawks but gave it all back on the Jazz... Fuck the Jazz man..
Hammered a Beal and Kawhi parlay yesterday when I saw Kawhi was only at 31.5 pts + ast. Checked the Clippers score after, started freaking out, realised he must have withdrawn, counts as a void. Didn't lose, technically. Hooray, sort of.
0-5, Im already blasted
Ugh. Absolutely disgusted by the Jazz, Clarkson gave us everything he had, Spida went completely AWOL, but I gotta give credit where credit is due, joker had ice in his fucking veins tonight. Dude’s mid range touch is ridiculous. Like even when he short rims it it just bounces in
Denver bettors we made it through the storm!!!!
Celtics the only favorite that covered
And Washington
The player props were gold tonight fellas
Wow. I got no words, I couldn’t have been more wrong lmao
you deleted your post on your picks today too?
This organization don t deserve any chip this year, being bullied by the Kings while also being at full strength, makes me sick... honoring Kobe my a$$
Kawhi didnt even play
simply can't ever bet on clippers again... never know when kawhi's vagina will hurt
Mitchell gets 30+ one day and next time gets 00000000 lol. He baited us big time
Gobert biggest turd in the league
Anyone here knows will it be refunded Kawhi's bet on 1xbet. Tried it today and dunno if it will refund... first time on 1x
Only refunded if you bet under 😂
Most books I think would give a refund
Porter jr is what will separate these two teams down the stretch
Gobert+ Porter Jr. o20 reb just 2 more oh god
nicely done
Didnt watch. But what happened to the Clips tonight?
edit: ah just saw Kawhi was a late scratch.
This nuggets game is some blatant ref fixing.
Love a good old 27-1 is this a NBA record geez
Can someone fix Mitchell he’s fucking awful
15-0 run by nuggs to close 3rd quarter + mitchell playing like a jv player today. Jazz fuck my shit up!!!!
Donavon Mitchell playing the absolute worst basketball I have ever seen.
Seriously jazz?!
2nd time this week a -1300 team is going to lose 😂😂 happy I went with Kings +6 for +325 odds pregame
i need a 30-0 run by clippers
Reminds me of the night Embiid put up 0 the memory still haunts me
Jazz gonna ruin my parlay. Held off betting on them 3 games in row smh lol
Jazz are such ass
Jazz are trash
The one night i bet on Utah and Mitchell does nothing
Mitchell 0 pts 21 mins 0/6 FGA worst shit i have seen these days...
0/9 omg
0/8 lol with 2 BA omfg
Omg looking so good so far if the Kings when this I may shit myself
What’s the haul?
The Clippers are absolutely pathetic, if I’m a member of the coaching staff right now I’d be so fucking embarrassed with all aspects of my team Jesus Christ,
feel sorry for the fans who go to the game only to find out Kawhi is out last minute and PG barely plays a minute
First the Sixers and now the Clippers. Uhhh Kawhi and PG, wish y'all were healthy
A team that was -1200 is going to lose.
Fuck. The. NBA.
29-5 down. Clippers what are you doing ffs. No changes in the first 8 minutes of the quarter either. Your team is playing dirt and you don't think to alter something until the last three minutes. Got no chance of my bet hitting now. No way they go 21-0
yea spread is done man
Why the fuck is Leonard sitting
Pussy “load management”
Clippers live -1.5 for 4u because I hate money
PG not even in the 2nd quarter.... Wtf are the clippers doing man
Fuck this Clippers spread. Sucked me right in.
Donovan 0pts in the first half, wtf!!!
Denver bettors we got this!
Gotta get out of this big ass clippers -13 but idk how. Maybe a bigger bomb on Kings ML
Too late gotta hit clips ML right now
Hit Utah spread. Still low.
-6 now clips mmmmhmmmm
Im bouta hit this kings ML fuck it. I'm gonna see how the rest of this half plays out first
I grabbed that bitch at +950 no kawhi it’s worth the shot
i love how live bet still giving clips -9 down 5 lol
my minds telling me nooooooooo but my body my body is telling me to hit the kings spread since Kawhi isn't playing
damn everyone on the jazz popping off on 3’s but not the boy Mitchell
Well This Donavan Mitchell Over points prop has no chance of hitting, no clue why I tailed some random redditor on that but I did lol
Welcome to sportsbook, where you tail ransoms and always lose
Yeah Spida fucking sucks
He is out there 11 mins with 1fga...
ofvvvv took that live bet -1 jazz to fast
Come on utah
I got the Kings +950 they win this I’m paying my bills the next two months!
Awesome GL!
Wth Kahwi??
Kawhi not playing making this Clippers spread very questionable
what happens if i put money on kawhi's over? do i get refunded or they just take it
If he doesn’t play at all they typically refund it, or push if parlay
Wtf Kawhi
206 o/u live bet??
Jazz on a back-to-back.. why are they favored? GO Nugs
All in Jazz -.5 1st Qtr... feast or famine.
That was close haha good shit
I hate that i bet The under on the Sixers game... wtf was i thinking
It seems like on the Hawks games are going over
Thanks Philly 👍
I just hit on Boston vs GS over 222
Game total: 223 🍀 luck of the Irish
Thank you Eric Paschall <3
Taking Mitchell over 2.5 3’s. He has hit 7/8 in the past 8 games. Hopefully the all star nod makes him pop off tonight
Sixers are so much better without embiid
Thoughts on LA Clippers then in half hour. Gone for 2Q -3.5 and 3Q win for LA. Thoughts?
What are you asking here my man?
Jazz ML & U215.5, Kings +14 parlay
Don’t think the Kings have a shot tonight...
gonna tail this because fuck it
1h jazz -1?
Of course the time I bet on Embiid Points and Rebounds over he can’t hit his free throws
Denver now at +2.5 ....thoughts ? I already hit on Atl +6.5 tn
Got burned by Jazz last night. Can they do it tonight?
You will never know nephew. Leave it to god
Yoo what the hell happened to Jazz spread why the 4 point swing?
Conley also out.
Harris, millsap and Murray are sitting for the nuggets.
sixer are done shoudlve took that live 252 under mann fuck
A lot of this sub on Jazz tonight. Might need to take a shot on denver.
That was easy...
Think I might tease Nuggs and over.
Need this insight too!
took alt line raptors -6.5. hahaha
O220.5 raps cavs fuck yeah
I had the over and -5.5, so the 3 was clutch for the over but it made the spread look hopeless. But alas.
“god damnit fuck this shit! Sick league bro”
I got that one too. The 3 saved us
God bless that 3 pointer in the end
Yeah I was nervous for a bit.
Every time I touch a double digit spread I get smoked
Lol stop touching them then
Fucking raps o116 are you kidding me
$25 to $1K Challange:
Bet 3: Toronto -10 LOSS!!
Bet 1 (tilt!): Utah -2.5 + La Clippers 1H -8 Parlay +257 [$25 to win $64.23].
If I win this parlay, I'm joining this 25-1k challenge.
Time to deposit another 25
50 to 1k challenge
Darius Garland with the Clutch 3 for that over!
wow raps/cavs cover. I was in massive doubt. Time for 76ers to cost me.
Wow 1 point over cover in the Charlotte game. Thank god
raptors cavaliers over never in doubt babyyyy
Never in doubt. Wasn’t breaking a sweat or anything
76ers live ML?
You’re willing to bet on the Sixers away from home?
nah as a hawks fan who put money on hawks ML before tip, i suggest you to not put money on sixers ML. trae always pops against the sixers and he will definitely close this out
raul neto has some bucks on hawka fosho
Now the Raptors turn it on. All they fucking had to do was not lose the 4th quarter in order to cover.
Wtf you mean fuck the Raptors, fuck the dogshit 76ers
My number 1 rule since Embiid put up 0 points earlier this season... never bet on the sixers.
Only hope is OT for raptors to cover lol
fucking raptors
Fuck you Raptors.
Wizards,,,,thank you.
Sorry guys, i jinxed it when i went on raptors 2H -4.5
Looks like Raptors will in fact mess up my parlay. Called it. Cavaliers are too good for them. Pelicans and bulls can cover over 10 points against Cavaliers. Makes sense.
That’s what happens when you do parlays
Really the only game that will mess up my 7 team parlay hehe
Im fucking done with rigged piece of shit novel. Im out
Thoughts on a solid player prop for either of tonight’s games?? I like Mitchell O23.5 but feeling it could be close. Thanks!
How can you not make a wide open 3? You’re in the NB FUCKING A!!!
Need Boston to win the 3rd quarter for a big win. Any idea if I should cash out or not. I am confident they win it but after being up so much I am a bit less confident now.
They’ll win it easy
Raptors Will lose to Cavs ahahahahah i love my fucking life
Great time for raptors to go ice cold fuck
Edit: also why are all the next day threads popping at the top at mid day
+20 war live bet mmm??
Rage bet jokic over 22.5 points who else is gonna score for the nuggets
Raptors are going to ruin our day aren't they?
Rip my unders on 76ers lol
live bet celtics warriors over while people still think it's going to be a low scoring game.. both teams are hitting free throws and both teams average about 20 personal fouls a game. they're getting shots off and it's only a matter of time before they start dropping
Jumped in at o212.5 live! Good looks and BOL!
I hope you’re right cause I took the over 222 before the game 😔
Trae Young cashing the over 9.5 assists in the 1st quarter $$$
Holy, this guy is the Court General.
Siakam o4.5 reb is not looking good at this point. I gotta stop parlaying prop plays and just go for higher value singles like Beal pts
Well damn, first time in a while Siakam has come good for me. I'll try not to get used to it though haha
He got there man. 1 Rebound first half then 4 in 3rd nice lol
It just won? In the 3rd quarter lol.
The passed week or so has been great for the over on Beal prop bets.
I love you Trae
Does anyone know if PG13 is on a minutes restriction?
Lol sixers just gave up a double double in one quarter...great....
they are f'n terrible on the road
Was just coming here to post about Trae’s 10 fuckin assists in 1 quarter lmaoo
Whoever said Trae Young o9.5 assists...
Thank you 😁
Trae Assists O9.5 completed in the first quarter lol
Khawi over 27.5 points sounds too good to be true. He hasn’t had less than 30 in 2020. Am I missing something?
The amount of people who ask “Player X points line looks so good what am I missing”
Literally 100% of the time it’s because someone major is returning from injury, just look at the lineups lol
George is back so less touches and it'll probably be a blowout so he may rest in the fourth.
PG and Pat Bev most likely back for the first time in a while, still has good potential but against a Sacremento team on a back to back.
Paul George is back man
I really thought Devonte Graham would have a bounce back game, what a shitty bet that was
I feel prop bets never seem to come good staying away from them in the future
I started doing them because ML and spreads were no good for me. Props have been failing me lately as well, might just switch sports at this rate
looks like my bradley beal over 39 for total P+A+R is a lock already, this guy is mad
Tailing Beals pts over during this stretch has been so nice.
On this same pick...dude’s already got 21 at the beginning of it
I went undefeated on personal plays yesterday.
Most intriguing game tonight is Jazz vs Nuggets. Jazz on B2B lost 2 in a row and first meeting between two division rivals. Nuggets great team at home, but down 3 rotation players in Murray, Milsap and Plumlee (Underrated loss) along with Harris on minutes limit.
Jazz have been hit from +1.5 to -2 now.
I am leaning towards fading this line movement and playing Nuggets .5u +2 and .5u ML, along with 2u on the Over 215. Jazz haven't been able to stop anyone and I think the Nuggets can still score plenty with their deep roster. Going to lock in the over now but wait on the Nuggets side because it looks like people are hammering the Jazz still.
Man coming here every night to see how we all get fucked is starting to become tradition. I love it
Who does it tonight?
Raptors -1.5 1Q for the win