Toronto Raptors announcer is fed up with Chicago Bulls coach Jim Boylen for calling a timeout with 1 minute left in a 25 point blowout: "It's Super Bowl Sunday, I want to get out of here!"

Well the Bulls aren’t enjoying any of their games, so they might as well ruin the day for everyone else, too.
It's the famous "Single digit IQ" play.
Member the time when they were playing like trash the whole game against the Lakers then turned it on in the final minute so that fans in Staples wouldn't get free tacos?
I member
I guess it is kind of nice for other people to see how much Boylen sucks. We have to live with the guy.
He did this at during his UofU days too.
Geeze, is hillary clinton their manager? heh
I wish there was more of this clip because, if I remember correctly, they immediately turned the ball over and Jack shitted on the coach again.
Yeah he said something along the lines of “well wasn’t that time out worth it?!” Savage.
here you go
Yep. Bulls immediately turned it over and the Raps scored on an alley oop.
LOL yep he sarcastically said “Great timeout” it was hilarious.
He said something like” look how that play turned out for you”
Starts channelling a little bill burr
you remember correctly, and jack said something like "how did that time out work for you?"
Nobody likes Boylen in the first place, not even his own team. Dude has nothing to lose from this
He may lose his pen. I always lose my pens somewhere. Takes ages to find them, it's very frustrating.
Huge bulls fan here. Chicagoan my whole life. Fuck Boylen. Fuck Nagy too
You rarely get announcers saying what fans are actually thinking but this one is really spot on.
Matt and Jack are quite the entertaining duo
That's Jack Armstrong for you
After the bulls turned the ball over and the raptors scored a dunk
Jack Armstrong is the man.
A lil blow by!
Get that gahbage outta here
He sounds like the human equivalent of a jpeg from Brooklyn that got re-saved too many times. He's just pure accent and yelling at this point.
In case you're wondering what Boylen was drawing on his board: "This guy on the right is trash. This guy on the left is even worse. Then we have this third guy, who's just absolutely terrible. And the remaining two guys, don't even get me started!"
Ok guys we only need 8 threes and a regular bucket to win this thing. I've got a great plan....
Perhaps he thought he could apply North Korean basketball rules where points in the last 3 minutes are worth 8 points. He was just putting some final touches to plays recommended by Dennis Rodman
Starts writing out suicide note on play board.
Pulls out army of Reggie Millers
One time as a heavily under qualified youth basketball coach my team was down 25 and the other coach called a timeout to draw up a play for the last shot. So I told my team to foul immediately on the shot, got the ball, called my own timeout and drew up my own play. The play didn’t work but it made me feel good.
I'd have coached the strongest kid to granny shot it from half court.
At least at youth level, he could be helping his kids get experience with last second tactics under no pressure, which could be useful for their future development. Boylen has no excuse!
Sounds like you're about as qualified as Boylen, just don't make your players run suicides like middle schoolers and then bench your best players when they challenge your authority and you're demonstrably better at the job.
So, I'm guessing this announcer is from the northeast. More than one r got dropped in that tirade. It happens to the best of us.
Woah the mid Atlantic does not claim that accent
They are Canadian
Boylen is no stranger to petty shit, he literally did this a few weeks ago too. Bulls were up by 7 with possession of the ball and 5 seconds left in the game, fucker CALLS A TIMEOUT. The other coach erupted for a second before being warned by the refs, then he shot Boylen the dirtiest look after the clock ran out.
He's also costed us games with his shitty timeouts, who calls a timeout when you're team is killing it?
That's because Boylen is a useless asshole, as a coach and a person.
Yes, I'm a Bulls fan.
Seriously, fuck Boylen.
I refuse to watch my beloved team until garpax and boylen are gone.
People across NBA are starting to reach their Boylen Point
(guys on SI Open Floor said that about him once, too accurate)
get dat gahhbage outta here!
So, I'd like to propose a trade to our brethren up North...
The Raptors' Ball Boy for Jim Boylen. We'll just leave him with you so you guys can mull it over.
Boylen would somehow find a way to fuck up at being a ball boy
I don't want this twat as my ball boy
I mean... he makes a pretty good point
You’d be hard pressed scoring 25 points in a minute if they gave you the ball at half court after each field goal and this fucking guy is drawing up a play.
Background music: "Tonight's gonna be a good niiiight...."
I'm sure jack got sloshed on super bowl Sunday
That’s our Jack, hellloooooooo
Like the 49ers coach taking time outs with no chance of winning instead of just letting the game end.
Trying to extend out the Super Bowl, possibly a once-in-a-lifetime experience, is a little more understandable than doing it in a February regular season NBA game.
Or Not taking timeouts. At the end of the first half...
Happens in every NFL game, though. It's pretty standard practice if you're within two scores.
The 49ers know very well that
Reid did it too. It's to give the owners time to get on to the field and ready for the celebration
This coach looks like an idiot calling timeout in a blowout
"Toronto Raptors announcer"
Put some god damn respect on Jack Armstrong's name
It just blew the game WIDE OPEN! Oh...
Guy has a great Bill Burr vibe to him
Good ol' Jack going at it again. What a treasure this man is.
He sounds like Ray Romano to me.
My son's football coach does this. They will be down by 30 and he will call time out with less than a minute left. What are you trying to do, come up with the 30-point play? Wrap it up so we can get the hell out of here. It's not like I can leave because I'm his ride. Then I usually have to sit through a 15 minute post-game talk.
Jack Armstrong needs more representation on this site.
We need more national media members to shit on boylen. He doesn't get the crap he deserves.
Teachable moment!
“Get that garbage outta here”
Did he take a knee
I love Jack Armstrong I’m so happy we have him as an announcer
Is the NFL big in Canada?
yes, but he is american
Gotta love the Matt and Jack duo baby!
Why does anything go on during Superbowl Sunday? Everything but church, bars, and takeout food should be closed. Especially other sports.
haha I know Jack personally and it was hilarious to hear him yelling about this
that really is an a-hole move. It would be in ANY game. Super Bowl Sunday has nothing to do with it
He is playing Naughts & Crosses, hoping to get some kind of win under his belt.
As a bulls fan, I have to say this is hella embarrassing yo
This is the guy who got a raise AND AN EXTENSION
I don’t get why people do that. They’ll call timeout when the other team is way ahead of them with like 2 minutes left.
Really wants to see which team has better and more efficient roids.
He's a national treasure
You’re not wrong Walter. You’re just an asshole.
talk about priorities amirite
Who cares
Not to mention the fact that he looks like he's about 70 years old, and he's only 56. He's actually younger than Leo Rautens!
Never seen someone in such a hurry to go home and watch commercials. Don’t worry, they’ll all be on YouTube after the game.
It's better that way, you don't have to watch the 'mostly standing still at the line of scrimmage' championship
Why does the Toronto Raptors coach sound like he's from New England?
But I feel ya Jack.
Isn't this the same sport that takes tv timeouts? Did he object to those mid game?
Most sports take tv timeouts
You're completely missing the point...
The team is down by 25 points or something, with 1:04 to go. No matter what you do, ain't no way you're going to win. So calling a timeout there is pointless, because there is no strategy that will make you win anything.
The commentator's rant wasn't about wanting to watch the Super Bowl. It was about not understanding why you're take a timeout at this moment. The Super Bowl thing was just his way of putting a bit of colour in his commentary (after all, he's the colour commentator...).
Plenty of sports take TV timeouts. Notably Hockey, Baseball, American Football, Tennis, etc.
Excuse me?
Are you crazy , they are top 5 at least .
Shut up man. Is that what works you up? 9/11
September 11th?
13 points in 30 seconds is possible. This timeout is 100% within the bounds of acceptable basketball.
not with this team this year.
Not without a Tracy McGrady level player
Timeouts should be banned in the last minute of basketball games. It’s a sad strategy to win and should be looked down upon. Any win that you have to bullshit this hard to get to isn’t worth it. I don’t care how many upsets you can tell me about, if you can’t win a basketball game in standard time, don’t rely on stopping the clock to do it for you. “Trading two’s for three’s” is the most disgraceful way to win a game imo.
And using the argument “but we still won tho” is like bragging about button mashing in a fighting game, or move-spamming when you’ve been outplayed the entire time. It’s just a bitch move and its one of the few things that’s turned me off of basketball as a spectator sport.