New T-0 of 10:00 a.m. EST to optimize for decreasing winds in the recovery area

That's 16:00 CET, for my fellow European space nerds.
In about 2h32min
22:00 in Bangkok 😁
Nooo im in the train at that time and have no internet connection :(
Dancing lessons with my girlfriend starts 16:00 CET :(
My Man! That's what I was looking for.
What about us British nerds?
We are ready to go at the Max Brewer Bridge! Clear skies ahead of the coming front.
That’s good to hear. I haven’t left Orlando area yet and just looking East it looks like the clouds are rolling in. 🤞
Same here, let’s go Falcon and Dragon 🤘🤞
I'm here already!
New tweet from SpaceX, launch pushed back another 30 minutes.
Would a crewed soyuz launch have to deal with the same kind of weather parameters? I don't usually hear about soyuz launches being delayed due to weather
They don’t normally delay for weather. Snowstorms, lightning it’s all good for the Russians. 😂
Well, the steppes of Kazakstan don’t have the same weather dynamic as eastern Florida unfortunately. My guess is that the parameters are similar, if not the same, but the issue just doesn’t come up as much for them.
Also the weather parameters are probably stricter for this test than they would be typically - especially regarding visibility, since they'll want to gather as much data as they can during the test.
This is just a speculation from my part though.
Weather in Florida this time of year is weird. It’s weird all the time, but Florida “winters” are weird.
Well you don't have ocean in Kazakhstan, so you don't have to worry about your capsule after it lands, maybe bears and other stuff can be a problem but it will not sink by accident.
A real crewed launch to the ISS would have been instantaneous so no chance of delay, it would have been directly a scrub. Also these delays are due to weather on the recovery zone so the scrub would have occured also on a launch to the ISS. Soyuz crewed launches occur in the middle of nowhere and most of the time are under good weather conditions, sometimes a bit chilly and windy, sometimes as hot and dry as a frying pan but are usually under "normal" circumstances compared to those the uncrewed Soyuz rockets have traditionally launched.
Soyuz is a sturdy beast. They can launch that thing in a blizzard.
Too damn late in Australia, I gotta get up for work!
Ight no sleep for me then, thanks for letting me know.
Buoys ...
That was so cool! I was worried I wouldn't get to see it blow because if the clouds.
Did they blow up Falcon 9? So sad....
Got to watch it from sebastian inlet. Awesome to see. Still prefer my night launches.
God damn it - i have to leave the house for one miserable hour tonight, and that is smack in the middle of that...
The window is officially 10-2 if that helps
already pushed back another 30 minutes to 10:30 EST
Why did they let falcon 9 explode and not land ?
It's not designed to be able to fly without the capsule at those aerodynamic loads. Hence they could not prevent it from exploding.
I guess they wanted to see how much time would it take for the rocket to disintegrate after shutting down the engines.
The aerodynamics without the nose cone forced it to disintegrate
Wouldn’t they want to launch regardless of winds to prove out that the recovery system can handle it?
They would never launch outside parameters anyway. Especially a crewed launch.
Do you think they would launch actual crew without ensuring that the recovery area was inside safe perimeters? What is there to prove?
Hazards to recovery crew will be taken into account during normal launches too.
It was delayed due to winds at the recovery site preventing them from picking up the capsule afterwards.
That's a factor which would be taken into account during a real mission, so no you wouldn't want to launch in bad wind conditions. Falcon 9 was never designed for windy launch, especially since high altitude winds can reach up to 250km/h and the rocket experience really fast changes of wind direction.
They plan descent and recovery based upon ground conditions normally when they deorbit.
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I'm wearing my lucky launch t-shirt!
Use UTC next time
10:00 EST + 5hrs = 15:00 UTC
Could you imagine if a commercial flight ever got delayed due to weather, that would be insane right?
Denver flights were delayed yesterday for... wind.
That's one additional benefit of Starship, it's not nearly as sensitive to weather as Falcon 9
It is the water landing. Starship Superheavy will do RTLS, much less critical.