r/SpaceX Arabsat-6A Media Thread [Videos, Images, GIFs, Articles go here!]

It's that time again, as per usual, we like to keep things as tight as possible, so if you have content you created to share, whether that be images of the launch, videos, GIF's, etc, they go here.

I wrote about my experience watching from the Feel The Heat viewing location. I didn't take a lot of photos (I want to just enjoy the moment), but I wanted to convey what it was like to be there.
PS: includes bonus where-to-sit information to prevent having your view blocked during landings. :)
As seen from the Saturn V Center.
Amazing photography
Those are some AWESOME shots ... love how you were able to get the whole sequence. What kind of camera mount do you use to keep things steady?
Has anyone seen a larger/downloadable version of the third image in this set:
There's a similar one on SpaceX's Flickr page but it's just a bit different.
It's a photo by professional launch photographer, Ben Cooper. You can find it on
Arabsat 6A live recording from K Space Academy
THIS is the BEST unnoficial video of the launch, at some points at the level of the official stream, and stuff like this should be the top posts in the sub mods, not static images imho. This deserves way more publicity than it gets. You don't know what you're missing guys :P
My first attempt at amature footage of a launch/landing. Put together what my experience was like at Playalinda Beach Lot#1. Left it raw audio/no post production on images etc.
Odd debris growing on the spaceship near the engine when in coasting phase.
In this video:
Starting from this point:
You will see some white elements starting to sprout at the top front of the engine.
It goes back to the coasting animation, and when it comes back to video here:
you can see it float away.
No idea what that would be.
Also, what the heck is this:
There is a great explanation of this picture in scott manley's newest video. I highly recommend to check it out.
The white stuff that grows and falls away is solid oxygen from the pressure relief line.
The blue/purple thing is the liquid oxygen inside the tank.
I'm trying to find some more live recordings from amateurs, like this
Here is the video I took:
My reaction at T+1 was “oh.... shit” because I didn’t expect the transporter/erector to be visible from the angle I was watching from and when it retracted I thought it was the rocket tipping over in preparation for RUD. Ruined my otherwise lovely video of the launch lol
Some decent audio from the launch in the rest of that video as well.
I've been looking for some good audio, this was great, thanks for looking to it.
Pretty well summarized article about the launch and recovery of the Falcon Heavy. Also has a few great pictures of the launch from their vantage point afforded by press access! I met the author after the launch in a local IHOP. His colleague and him had some great insight in the launch when we spoke that night. I thought I’d share their publication to Reddit!
A little background on this image:
I've been trying to get a remote camera shot of a launch for a while, and I have been unsuccessful. Today when I retrieved my camera and saw that I captured an incredibly detailed shot of
Big thanks to the many photographers that I've met that helped me, and gave me some guidance
An amazing shot! Being witness to one of these launches is on my bucket list.
Ben Cooper is a photography god at this point. You see other photos and think how amazing they are, and then his work just blows the pants off just about everything.
Didn't one of the boosters look like it landed a bit rough / it was hanging to one side? Anyways, in
Hey guys, I was just watching the Arabsat mission on Youtube and I stumbled upon this half a second frame:
Does anyone know what is this supposed to be?
It's the inside of the second stage liquid oxygen tank.
It’s the view inside the second stage liquid oxygen tank. Here’s a
Edit: be sure to watch at 0:25 when the fluid becomes weightless after engine shutdown.
Falcon Heavy inspiring the dreams of the next generation.
This photo is legendary stuff!
Close landing clip with sonic boom
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.5 sec clip inside the FH second stage LOX tank during coast on Arabsat-6a
Clearly an oopsie of the video mixer, but one of the cooler shots of the webcast
We see these short scenes from the LOX tank cam quite often though, so maybe not that unintentional.
But wait... The Expanse has taught me that blue goo inside your spaceship is bad, who am I supposed to believe now?
I noticed it on my stream rewatch when I got back home from Viewing the launch. Was wondering what that was as we never went back to it.
Got a pretty detailed shot of flame from the Falcon Heavy's boosters
I wanted to get a shot like this but lots of factors led me not to. What was your location and camera settings for future reference?
Hey, did anyone else catch
It is inside the LOX tank but not inside a COPV. You can see the COPV along the outer edge.
I've compiled
This 'viewsync' takes existing videos instead of creating its "own" video, ensuring that the 'uploader' (me) will not steal any views and ad revenue from the original uploaders, as my only part was syncing the videos.
The perspectives I included were:
great job
My composite of yesterday's launch and landing from jetty park, in my continued attempt to master streak shots during the daytime. It's still not as defined as I'd like, but it's an improvement over my previous attempts. Swipe
I'm returning to pad 39a with the rest of the media and hoping that camera captured something incredible.
Where did you take this shot from? Jetty Park?
Close-up video of launch by AmericaSpace
My 97 image composite streak shot
Can't wait to see it!
wow much better view of launch compared to cocoa beach (i went there cuz its close for landings)
Ben Cooper
Kinda bummed this one didn't make it on SpaceX's flickr page.
This is a clear evidence of russian interference !
My wife and I just saw this and both immediately said: "woooah!"
I got a new wallpaper for my phone today!
Here is my footage of the complete launch to booster landing, tracked with my custom software and telescope:
I know I don't have professional credentials, but is there any chance I can get an exemption to post this as its own thread? I collected a ton of data from the telescope during the tracking as well which should allow me to do some analysis and calculate the approximate altitude of the booster throughout its flight.
Thanks mods for letting me post it on the main page!
Your footage made me cry some happy tears. Thank you!
Seriously, SERIOUSLY impressive. Thanks for making such an effort, and posting that online as well.
I hope the mods make an exception, I think the proof is in the pudding as far as credentials go, I wouldn't know you didn't have some slip of paper that says you're a "proper" photographer.
Mods - second this request as it shows a different perspective on the launch.
Watched this on YT earlier. Great stuff man, you earned a sub from me!
This is damn impressive! What kind of telescope mount do you use to get such smooth tracking and how many organs did you have to relinquish for it?
Absolutely stunning.
Absolutely fantastic. Being able to follow from blast off to landing - kudos.
Watching it like this makes it look even more impressive than on the stream!
Were you at the saturn v center?
Now that is a flamethrower!
Really crisp footage!
Did gimbal lock occur at 2:43?
Brilliant footage, thanks for the perspective!
That is insanely impressive. Much appreciation for all the effort put into this. I would love to see a thread about the software for the tracking and how you handle the booster separation and continous tracking from then on.
Dang that's incredible footage
That's amazing footage, nice work! It's so cool to see such close up footage from almost the entire flight, it becomes so surreal just watching that thing fall out of the sky and then land. Also I would love to see some more info if you get permission!
I put this together showing the 1-3-1 landing burn, I thought it was pretty cool you can clearly see 1 engine lit on the left, 3 in the middle and back to 1 just before landing
From Titusville!
awesome launch!
Here is my gallery of the best photos I took today. Highlights most major events capable of being seen from the ground. Enjoy!
Lot 2? That's where I was. Nice pics!
Very good photos. I can clearly see in #4 that the center core is throittled way down, perhaps more so that flight 1 last year.
Here's the shots I got today!
Nice start. It looks like you have a lot of glare from the sun. Always use a lens hood. Even a cheap $10 job will keep the sun or any indoor lights from striking your lens from the side and lighting up the glass.
Caught the boosters landing through a slot in the buildings (VAB and whatever the other one is), can also see part of the launch control center
I think that's the C3PF, Commercial Crew/Cargo Processing Facility
Awesome shot!!
Trying something different...
Very cool! What were your settings & equipment?
I cut together a
Not fair to use adagio in d. That's like the most emotionally evocative song ever written, lol. Awesome highlight reel! Going to send this to some friends .
Absolutely Brilliant ............. Hardened Spacex nut here....goosebumps and I seem to have some dust in my eyes. Thank you.
Thanks for putting that together, I knew I had to show my friends, who didn't care nearly enough to stay up in the middle of the night, some parts of the launch. This is perfect! :)
Thanks for the video!
You know, I remember watching the first return booster landing, and it had to have been the most exhilarating thing I've seen as an adult. Is it weird that watching three of them land doesn't have that same feeling?
Thanks! My favorite moment is when we can see, from the left booster camera, the other booster flipping back...
Long-Wave Infrared Thermal camera footage I took of Arabsat-6A Launch , and the Landing of the first stage side boosters
Good sonic booms capture, as well. It must have been a humid evening - the sound is nice and loud, as in most videos I've viewed.
Some really interesting and beautiful shots in there. What causes the colour range to shift between grey scale and the various other colours?
Have you tried stabilising it at all, I think would be even more impressive.
Here's my shot from Playalinda. Really glad I went out early, that's the closest I've ever been to a launch.
Which lot were you at?
I really like the look the distance gives it. Great shot!
Fairings being reused on starlink
They are gong to need enough of them for Starlink. Even if SpaceX only uses them internally and uses new ones for customers and don't care if they get damp its still win-win.
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Amazing pirouette back to Earth.
Dual landing burns
A few more shots in the gallery located
Great shots! What lens did you use?
SpaceX LC-39A Water Tower Dumping out right before launch what’s the purpose of us this not meant to happen?!?
I assume they are pumping water into the tower as fast as possible so it is filling it up while it is also emptying out, they probably get 1 1/2 times the volume when they need it, it is just the overflow as the pumps are running as fast as possible.
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Falcon Heavy launch from Deerfield Beach, 150Km South! (sorry for the potato quality, it was through glass on a top floor).
Imgur link
We had the livestream up and saw it at about 8-9Km altitude reported.
I have a fun video of it too but that's still uploading.
Don't worry about the quality, watching these historic launches is all about making a memory!
My take from Playalinda Beach
Is this from lot #2?
what's the zoom on this? I've never seen one from Playalinda...is it really as close it it looks like on a map?
The view of this afternoon's SpaceX Falcon Heavy launch, landing, and sonic booms from along highway 528 near the Banana River Bridge (just west of the port). Uploaded in 4k UHD
I was just a little east of there, you definitely got the better spot!
great footage!
Nice video. Shows well just how fast the centre core is accelerating relative to the boosters when they separate!
Falcon Heavy as seen by a drone from ~120 miles
I honestly don't know what I expected, it was the first time I did this. But it ended up pretty neat anyway, maybe if my schedule permits i'll hop to my friend's house near Cocoa Beach and do it from there, as I can imagine I probably wouldn't be able to fly a drone too near to the launch.
Thanks for sharing, what kind of drone is it? Generally all drone cameras have a pretty wide angle lens, so it's going to appear very small, but still a neat perspective.
Falcon Heavy Arabsat-6A launch livestream fail
The drone boat needs it's own tethered drone dingey with an antenna on it that can float out of the blast area
Yeah. That happens when you point a Merlin 1D at a little antenna.
It literally happens every time haha
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News articles , If you find others comment on this and i'll update it.
Truly amazing photography by Trevor Mahlmann - visible shockwave below landing booster!
Is this the effect of supersonic retropropulsion?
Is that a shockwave or refraction because the air is hotter, kind of like on a hot road?
Most shockwaves I’ve seen are much sharper angles and don’t really precede the vehicle.
I think that's the best picture I've seen of a three-engine landing burn
Truly amazing indeed!
What is this?! It was up for less than a second when the camera changed from second stage to cruising graphic. Looks like the LOX tank maybe?
Any chance of a re-upload? I can't seem to get to the image
It's the inside of the LOX tank, you can see the COPV (containing helium) on the sides
What is this image that popped up for a second whilst viewing the second stage booster?
Short answer - inside a tank.
New School
Old School
Is this shot from inside the lox tank?
For a second I thought SpaceX was transporting an alien portal and didn't mean to show us which is why they changed cameras so fast
It could very well be the interior of the lox tank. Here is a gif that looks similar
Here is a gif I took at 0.25x speed. The time stamp is T+00:25:11
I looked amazing. I want it on loop!
This camera view popped up for a split second during the coast phase. Any idea what it's video of?
Oh, just asked the same question. You were a minute faster.
Liquid oxygen tank
The inside of a LOX tank. Probably the second stage?
Ah, the return of Stargate.
Its the LOX tank.
Meanwhile in Centennial, Colorado
All 3 cores have landed:
The guy is lagging, ahaha his happiness comes only when the woman looks at him
Love the enthusiasm!
What a time to be alive, one day this will be boring!
looks like a scifi movie, love it
3 for 3!
3 for 6?
Was one of the side boosters tilted? Looked like it but may have just been the camera angle. Issue with the legs?
Shivers when the feed came through from OCISLY!!
Side-boosters have landed:
The top left shot (assuming it's a drone shot) is incredible. Truly a breathtaking accomplishment for SpaceX
my man
I love that guy
Stream is up:
Much less clouds than yesterday here in Florida, viewing should be excellent...