Submissions — Week 1 (Theme: Drinking Song)

The First Theme

Late, but in my defense today is the first time I've had a computer in months.
It's still the 6th in Colorado! I wasn't able to spend much time with this, but I really want to try to hit all 52 songs this year no matter what.
Great drums. Haha, sometimes the simple sentiments are the most appealing. This is like a psyched out Dead Milkmen! Except...kinda mean. Haha, don't come over to my house and drink, my dog won't appreciate it.
Excited for my second year!
Beer bottle samples I hear? Excellent.
How did you like the first year?
The Good Stuff Waltz
I liked it so much the first year that I came back for more! I'm excited to start the 2016 song a week challenge!
This is a waltz about my favorite whiskey in the world. It's been getting some flack recently, but I'll go to my grave with a glass in my hand. CC always appreciated!
Year 2! Great song, but never cared for Rye; it was Single malt for me.
Made in Indiana! My home state. Great verses man!
How many songs did you end up submitting last year?
ETA: man, I gotta do a waltz sometime!
Future Lover - One More
This is my first submission! Did I make the deadline...whew! Haha, just like this song says, I tend to overdo it. So here goes. Maybe next week I'll try and keep it a little simpler.
Edit: fixed the link.
smashed it!
So many cool elements together. Harmonies really fit the song. Loved the surprise tambourine paired with the drummer down there on the toms. Nice.
I'm just now joining the bandwagon! I made this song a few days ago, and the inspiration I got from it coincidentally fits the theme so here I am.
Excellent synths. That progressions is SO 90's Playstation game, know what I mean? Great. Love the vox, great processing, and nice mellow vibe overall! Are the lyrics...backwards? Or in another language?
BTW, how do you like yungcloud versus Soundcloud?
I'll Have Another, Bartender
I went for a stein swinger. Something I could get everyone to join in. So please sing along with the chorus, if it so moves you.
Had I not been a solitary drinker, I'd have wanted to hang out in the tavern where you were playing this. Totally captured the spirit.
Hi! Felt like I was in a movie scene, hearing the chatter in back and all! Quite nice! If one of the elements when writing, is that we want the audience to feel the scenes, mission accomplished!
Oh, this is the song I would have wanted to write but didn't have enough experience on the style. Just excellent. I especially like the percussion, in all its simplicity.
This could be a Pogues song, all you need it to lose all your teeth, get very drunk and put on an Irish/English drawl! Great man.
Haha, I'm a bartender and I hate it when people ask me for "the best you've got." Such a subjective thing! Haha, I'll hand them anejo tequila and they go, "WTF was that?!" "That's my best." I'm a tequila guy.
That harp is excellent!! Dude, that last verse is sad AF!
This was my initial thought when the theme was posted but I couldn't get anything together in this vein. Awesome job. I love the percussion. I can see these guys playing around the piano at the pub.
Underage Alcoholism
Sorry this might be late but we started it tonight and ran out of time, also it is short. This is also our first time submitting here.
The tempo change in the chorus is badass. Sadly, I relate a little too well to the guy in the song.
We're not strict here mate, good to have you aboard!
Excellent chord changes in the chorus of this song. Reminds of something that I can't put my finger on, maybe Weezer? Love the double tempo in the chorus too.
Do Ya
First submission ever. Pretty excited because I actually finished something. I had been trying to write this for, I don't know, a year maybe. But without deadlines I don't seem to get things done.
Recorded on my phone, so not all that great quality wise. But hey, I wrote a song!
Really like your voice and the way you blend with the piano.
You have a nice voice! Keep writing, dude!
I really like the melody. I hear lots of potentional to do future songs! I like the "skip this conversation, make my get away" line a lot. Keep on writing.
Papa Doble and Me
A song inspired by my favorite cocktail, the Hemingway Daiquiri. The lyric of the chorus is even reminiscent of a Hemingway quote, "I drink to make other people more interesting." Enjoy!
Sounds like you're having fun on that Piano, nice! I love the quote also, long time no hear... Continue having a fun year! Cheers!
Nice man. You could sing this on a piano bar on Broadway, and blow alot of the people they hire outta the water. Kinda Ben Foldsy.
Also, good taste in cocktails.
Great great great job. Love the lyrics. And the melody. Love them together. And it has just the right amount of cowbell.
This one even has a cameo from the great Weird Al
Is it a coincedence that you're playing a piano accordion, and that your song is happy and inventive like Weird Al?
Your voice is a lot like Ben Folds though! Totally reminded me of some sort of acoustic song that could be from the same album as
Hey everyone! This is a great idea! I hope I can get something out every week (even if it's super simple), I mainly just want to work on working on music this year and I'm going to use this as my 'deadline' per say.
I'm open to all the feedback anyone wants to give me! I'm just trying to have fun with this and get some much needed practice. Thanks for listening!
Dude that was great. Strange and cool. Good work.
You can drink in an igloo!
Nice work, man. That bass synth is creepy, and very awesome.
I can't believe you made me enjoy hearing the word 'igloo' so much. That was fun.
In A Glass
I just found out about this page this morning and thought I would knock out a song to get my creativity flowing again.
I don't have any fancy recording devices so this is just sung into my phone. Hope the quality isn't too bad.
Nice playing, man. You've got a great voice, very reminiscent of Chris Robinson mixed up with a bit of Clint Black.
That's a weird chord in the verse, what is that?
Great tune man. You wrote a song that suits your voice well which is awesome because your sound is so unique. Hope to hear more next week!
In One Year, Out the Other
Not themed, but based around the new year! Going into my last semester of high school and stuff was a big inspiration. First time I'm trying something like this. Wish me luck!
Great title! Are you recording to a click track? That nylon string guitar, or uke, sounds awesome against everything else.
Wow, great job! Clever title. Your vocal delivery has a lot of personality in it, which I like. I really liked the instrumentation, with those little nylon string plucks. The arrangement was great too, short and sweet. The sound bite at the beginning works as a perfect intro. The lyrics themselves were probably the weakest part of the song, but your delivery gives them some life. Overall, I enjoyed it a lot! Excited to hear more from you.
2016-01-Rock'n Two Beers
Happy new year everyone! I just love the first posts of the year with so many awesome new people :) Cool! This year I should be getting back to Rock (After 6 months of Reggae), posting in Portuguese and a few in english, but for this one the chorus might be easy to understand! Based on an ideia from John Lee Hooker – “One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer”
Cheers to the
I love the bridge/breakdown on Em. How would you translate the lyrics? Google says: Whiskey goes, goes and takes my problems/It takes, because I can not even take me
So I popped the lyrics into google translate and think I mostly get the gist of the tune. You've definitely got the rock feel down and gave a cool treatment to the backing vocals. Nice work!
Opus 001
I decided to use some samples
I saw that sample pack on WATMM subreddit! Tempted to DL some of his WalMart samples too.
Very reminiscent of When In Rome or maybe New Order, or the Human League with a modern, 8-bit minimal twist to it! Awesome. Love that breakdown/bridge at the 3 minute mark!
Yes! Another instrumental. :) Unique premise and an interesting tune. I'll admit I was unsure at first, but it grew on me.
Just looked down at your comment on the hardware you use. Sounds mighty complicated. I'm just getting into Garageband (like just over a month using it now) and that's about my level I think. I'm no techie. Although I think I will be looking into upgrading to Logic Pro X in the near future, though, so I can have more control.
How long you been doing this kind of music?
January 1st
Found out about this subreddit a couple weeks ago, and think it's an awesome idea! Psyched to start out a new year with all of you. Kind of a downer song about starting the new year with a hangover, hope you enjoy!
Radical Face vibes! Really like this man! Guitar is so so good!
That second "I'm serious" is killer. It comes out of nowhere, which makes it even better.
The instrumentation is very nice, especially the banjo. Love the lyrics. Love the part where you sound more frustrated and frustrated with every line. Looking forward to hearing more stuff down the road. Cheers!
Love it! I have a slight problem with emo because its defining quality seems to be the voice the singer uses. I can never tell if it's their natural voice or if it's put on. I hope you know what I mean. It sometimes bothers me when singers don't use their "real" voice. This was a very well written and executed song though so I could easily look past it. The ending was especially good.
I've never heard emo and folk mixed like that; I like it. Nice guitar work.
Nice, I do really like the mood of the song and the progression of the vocals.
It's on
High ambition + low skill = disappointment. I really struggled to finish this one… and the result has some pretty glaring issues (besides the fact I can’t sing).
On a positive note I think time pressure is what I’ve been missing all these years; this is the second song I’ve ever written after years of trying and failing to write anything by myself. So even though it isn’t perfect I’m still really happy that I’ve actually written a song. I’m also pretty happy with the solo, and I learnt a few things about what not to do with the next song.
The song is about how I feel on tour, after a good show where the bar is free to the band; “I’m going to get as drunk as humanly possible, and then more so”.
Looking forward to the next one :)
Okay. You did it. I am ready. I am ready to get drunk and rock this place. I love the feeling of tension building in the chorus and then the release on PLACE!
Oh please, low skill? Pfft. Hardly. Slight timing issue aside, this was a great song, and you created a great vibe with it, really good energy. And nice job on that solo. :)
Loving the variety of pieces people are creating. For me, going through all the songs made so far, it definitely highlights how having lyrics in a piece opens up the options in terms of the types of songs you can do and still be on theme, unlike instrumental only pieces. Man I wish I could sing. :)
Look forward to see what you bring to the table next week.
Guitar rhythm work is a bit off time, mostly beating the beat. Singing is fucking excellent dude! Perfect for this style of music, and a pretty well written song!
edit: EPIC SOLO!
A Night in Berlin
I hope we keep commenting this year each week as much as this, there are over a hundred comments!
With the first song of the year I'm elaborating the story of
There's something odd happening to the vocals for me; it sounds like a noise gate set too high maybe, making them cut out when the volume drops; I can't make out the lyrics because of it, but it sounds like it would be a good vocal performance otherwise.
The music sounds really good though, great riff, great solo.
Very cool. Sounds like a character theme in a video game.
Anything that isn't straight 4/4 baffles me; good work.
Oh my gosh, I lOVE it! Can I use this? This is amazing, YOU are amazing!
Thank you!
I wonder how I can download it from SC? I will play with it later...busy busy!
I enjoyed that a lot. Cool beat to it. I downloaded a demo of Ableton but I can't see me progressing with it. I just don't know where to begin with it. How long have you been using it?
Think i'll stick with Garageband and then progress to Logic Pro when I feel I know a little more.
Gravity (Indie/Rock) [Non Themed]
Sorry for the non theme, late submission. I didn't know about this thread and was just referred, but also trying the same challenge. Good luck to all, and some great submissions thus far.
Wow, I really enjoyed this. It has a real 20th century feel to it - in the fade in, for a bit, it sounded like a Dead concert. Great rhythm, interplay between the guitars. Really good work.
Nice song. I dig the chord progressions as well, and I really liked the ending.
Great chord progression. Very cool. Keep them coming!
Oh this is great. Great guitar work, great composition, great vocals.
Did I say great enough? Because I enjoyed this greatly.
Edit: Aww, you only have one other song on soundcloud (which is great too)... more please!
Really cool song, I liked the vocals a lot
Love the rhythm in this. Great track.
I rather liked the melody of it. Personally, not so keen on the 'MouseTrap's that dotted it, but that's just my taste. And the timing of them seemed slightly off at times? Interesting idea, though. Nice one. :)
A Silly Drinking Song
Had another go. Very silly, plinky plonky tune. But it actually kinda puts a bit of a silly grin on my face, as daft as it is. Go figure.
I wrote some sort of lyrics but I don't sing so they're not in the mix. But you can try and sing them in your head when listening if you like. :) You get the idea of what i had in mind anyways. Hope you like. Was fun to try and produce something totally not my kinda style. :)
I like the plinky sound of this, the repetition, the jolly feel, and the melody. While I was listening I was thinking it needs more clarinet, weaving in there among the right-hand parts. Enjoyed!
Made me smile. I like the melody; it's really simple but really catchy.
I agree with the silliness. It has something hypnotically repetitive in it that makes it feel like it never ends, even though it's just over 3 minutes. It's almost annoying. But don't get me wrong, I like it. And it works quite well without any vocals.
I'm curious how you made this, it sounds really cool.
Shining Armor
Usually I don't do a non-themed song, but I really couldn't think of anything this week. I wanted to write a song about my friends' favorite bar, but I would have wanted them there to help me write it and they're all on vacation.
This sub has always been here for me, even if I haven't been writing as much as I'd like, so I'm gonna say something. I had a rough year, right up until the end. This year, I'm focusing on positive energy, creativity, and health. I want to go to Iceland before 2017, and I want to lose 50 pounds before next school year, and I want to develop my spirituality. I'm not saying this sub is going to help me accomplish those goals per say, but it will help me with keeping my chin up when it gets hard. Wish me luck guys!
Anyway, this is a sadder song than I usually write, and more honest than I usually get in Song A Week, but I'm proud of it. If you like it, listen to Ben Sollee, I've been listening to a lot of him lately and it's helped me lyrically and musically. Plus he's just really good.
Any feedback you have for me is, as always, greatly appreciated.
This is really nice. And if you're being lyrically honest as you indicate, to accomplish all those goals, you just need to avoid the "you" in the song.
Hey! Happy new year!
All the best wishes for yours goals! Positive Vibrations! Cheers!
Hey smorrison! Good to see you are still going with this, still find myself singing Its Alright For Men To Cry At Movies round my house ha! Love the Death Cab vibes, lyrics are spot on and your voice has definitely improved since the songaweek 2014! I posted under Blue Hollow back in 2014 I dont think its possible to fit 2 years of songs on one soundcloud account, what is your strategy!
You have a lovely voice. I really like the storytelling in this; creates a very vivid picture. I think your honesty really shows and makes it a better song for it; it sounds very genuine, human and relatable.
Good luck.
I like this tune a lot. You have a lovely voice, and your guitar playing complements it nicely.
I'm getting an error trying to play this one. Did you accidentally set it to private?
After dropping out ~18 weeks into this last year, I'm really excited to try this challenge again and see how many songs I can knock out this year.
I tried a couple times to write a dance/party type song to go along with this theme, but ended up with a sappy sounding pop rock song about trips to Napa Valley with my wife. This is also my first piece with the new Telecaster I received over the holidays, so I featured that quite a bit.
Great guitars, backing vocals, and chorus. Nice and poppy.
I like the simple, singable melody of the chorus. The backing vocal adds a lot to the arrangement too. See ya next week!
That Telecaster sounded sweet! Nice gift. :) I hope you manage to stick around for plenty of entries this year, that was a real nice feel-good track. :)
Wow, this was a real curve ball from you! It has the same haunting quality as your acoustic stuff, but even more so. It would definitely work at the end of an album - the changeup in instrumentation and texture would pleasantly surprise the listener.
Really loved this. Shame I can't 'like' it over on Soundcloud, with it being private, I would listen to that a lot. Great vocals too. Definitely a Postal Service/Death Cab vibe there. I'm glad someone mentioned that, as I couldn't put my finger on it until I came here to comment. One to watch, for sure. +Followed.
I loved the sounds you used for the percussion. Really cool piece
Solid voice man, liking the melodies! And you remind me of a cross between Death Cab for Cutie and Mikky Ekko two of my all time favourites! Cannot wait to see what else you make man!
Shine ON
And we start off year 4! A song a week. Started this experiment to see how long I could keep it going. Along the way, changed mediums and put out 2 albums. Found this great group of composers around 2 years into it, so glad we are all still here and welcome new people!!!! Excited to hear your songs :) Happy 2016 everyone!
Happy Year 4!
Regina spectorey! My fave! nice voice as always! I know nothing about mixing so I cant say much but I would like to hear your voice more embedded in the song if you get me?
"Let's Drink to the New Year"
Peas and rice. 53 songs (plus stuff I didn't post here) in 52 weeks. I'm out. Peace.
No, but really, this has been a blast. Some down weeks, but hey - I've got at least 10 good songs, right? I'd say that's a win.
One last one - another blitzkrieg since I just moved back into my work home away from home. Saw some fraternity brothers I haven't seen in forever, and I thought this would be appropriate. May you have a great start to the New Year and if you, like I, are single in a wave of "we're engaged!!!11!" posts all over your Facebook or in your phone, may you stay sane and... Be excellent to each other.
You haven't seen the last of me! I just need a bit of a breather. lol.
Consider my glass raised! Cheers! All the best and hope to see you soon (next week maybe :) ?
I like it!
Liking the guitar in this! Reminds me of The Front Bottoms! I Think you would like them a lot!
Congratulations. That was a very well put together song. It sounds very firm and like it knows what it's doing. This really does sound like something you might hear in a bar on New Year's eve.
Drinking Beer Till You Drop
I've been attempting to improve my guitar solo work, particularly with blues solos, so I wrote this song. I'm living in London at the moment so I don't have access to my usual equipment. I don't have drums or bass, so I have to use software instruments which is a bit annoying. Anyway, I had no trouble with this week's theme because well... London and drinking go hand in hand!
Your attempts to improve guitar solos must have worked - the intro sounds like John Mayall's Bluesbreakers from the 60s. Very nice, and thank you for being a Mod. You know how much we all love this sub.
Yeahh! (hear that in drunken shout from the back of the bar :)
Super impressive. Some of the best blues I've heard for a while. Really well done.
Really professional sounding. Do you make a living out of music? Is guitar your main instrument?
I think your guitar solos are just fine. Great song. :)
Like this man! As you know the vocals are a little quiet, would like you to sing louder in future tunes cause I like the delicate tone of your voice!
[Burning Bridges] (
I really was planning on writing a song that fits the theme this week, but this song happened instead. I'm pretty happy with this overall. The melody is a little dull to me in the verses. If I ever rework this, that's probably where I'll start first. As always, I greatly appreciate feedback. I'm looking forward to another fun year on songaweek!
Excellent song. A great song to take a walk and listen to. Loved the guitar, loved the vocals, loved the melody. Though bittersweet sounding, still very charming.
loved loved your song.
Love the fingerpicking and guitar! your voice is sick too maaan! I am envious!
The Non-Drinker's Pub Shanty
Since I've decided to abstain from alcohol for at least a year, I thought it would be fun to write a drinking song about NOT drinking as a sort of sea shanty! Call it a style-parody if you like.
Love the style of this one. Very simple, yet very charming. Looking forward to more mate :)
Hahaha, nice job :)
Hah! That was good fun. :) Great job.
Deep Flamed Homer
Since I'm not a drinker, I had a hard time coming up with something to fit the theme. Decided I'd do something that involved my favorite alcoholic: Homer Simpson!
I like this a lot. The low key instrumental is gorgeous, especially the outro. My new years song is similar, thematically :)
I really liked the melody. Nice guitar sections.
3 Things
Love this thread/challenge but for the past two years I usually give up around Februrary. I'll try harder this year :)
Welcome back! Cool song, sounds like an Irish tune to me!
Indeed! I'm also a non-drinker so all the words were comprised of stuff I had heard from other people :-D.
Still Alive
Hello again everyone! I hope to see/hear a few familiar faces/sounds ha! I skipped 2015 but took part back in 2014 for the whole year, I dont know if I can promise that this year but we will see!
This song is about trying to drown out feelings with booze, very cheerful to start the year!
Beautiful. Guitar has a very James Bay kinda feel to it.
Love this. Getting a major Justin Vernon vibe from your falsetto vox.
Welcome back!
Very moody! I like your vocals. Do you listen to this kind of music a lot?
Very nice. Impressed with how you handled the vocals. Good job.
High On Life
Really tried to keep it to the theme, but I found it quite hard being someone who doesn't sing/do lyrics. I hope you enjoy it anyway. :)
EDIT: Link now working. :) Thanks 'Lazy' for letting me know.
This song has a good feel to it. I'm not picking up that much drinking vibes but instead I get a very strong sense of a film scene where the main characters are seeking rare parts to some project they are building from all over the country and this is a montage of them traveling great distances to retrieve them. The picture switches from being on the road to negotiating with the people who have the parts. The atmosphere is going forward well.
The link doesn't work for me. Are you sure the URL is complete?
Drinking Song [Country][Themed]
Alright, here's my entry. Beware the vocals :D. They are stunning.
I listened to a lot of drinking songs prior to this to find a common thing between them, but there doesn't appear to be one. Most are cheerful, repetitive and have a nice kick to them (whatever that means in terms of music theory) but I found there to be also somber, sophisticated, aggressive and all other types of drinking songs as well so... I guess it doesn't really have a clear definition.
EDIT: How do you create a hyperlink out of your song name like the other posters here did? Is it possible to get the instructions to the sidebar for inexperienced users like me? :D
Why was I seeing the bar scene from Beauty and the Beast in this? I feel like this would be a good visual representation, but with more LaFou lol.
Oh my god that was hilarious. loooved.
Hah! That was great fun. :) Excellent.
Btw, the post template is above. If you literally copy and paste that and then put the address etc into where it shows, it'll do the link like other posts have.
Drinking Song
This song is a perfect example of how to not write a song, first song I ever finished, it's 2016 and I want to make song a week.
It's pretty obvious that the song's about love, about beeing thirsty for it.
While recording this I noticed how much I suck at singing (and playing guitar).
I hope that by the end of a year my songs will be tolerable
You are free to criticize me :)
You're dedicated to this aren't you? It's in your name and all :D. I can't wait to hear more from you. Your chorus is very catchy! It has a good simplicity to it. Why would this be a perfect example of how not to write a song? What kind of music do you usually listen to?
Happy new year y'all! look forward to another year of song making and assorted shenanigans from y'all. Keep it toasty!
Cheers Mr ROM. Nicely done.
This is like the perfect intro to some quirky indie film. It's smooth, your songs have gotten more polished even while keeping their rough quality.
Tasty crunch on that guitar, dude. I dig it.
How long did it take to compose this song? It sounds very fluent like it was composed in a short period of time. It's not the kind of music I usually listen to but it sounds like you really know your stuff. I think this sounds like a confident piece. Is this the style of music you usually compose?
I suggested this theme I think! Woo! Now I have to do year 2, I suppose!!
This is it. I'm all done. 53 songs in 52 weeks.
It has been an amazing year. I have learned soooooo damn much about music, songwriting, recording, mixing, mastering, shooting, editing, working with others, staying motivated and a plethora of other skills. It has been, quite frankly, fucking nuts.
Mega special thanks to the
For now I am done... time to chew on all that I have learned and consider where next to focus all these energies. Thanks again. Here's my entire playlist...
tallJENNY - Song a Week 2015:
Really like the backing vocals on it, and the build up is great too. Solid. Past the build up it opens up really nicely and sounds BIG.
Like I said on the video, this rocks. ;)
That's a great song. I really like pieces that build up, giving a big pay off. Nicely done! :)
That was really solid. I like how it builds up from that quiet and tender part. Also the party mask was perfect :-D
All My Friends Are Empty
I just realized that I hope two submissions isn't like spam or something. I just am really awake and my voice is alright tonight so I am just lettin it flow. Either way, here's another drinking song.
Wished that was longer, that was really good. Great job!
Really envying those of you who can sing now. I'm struggling how to get across a drinking theme when I do purely instrumental pieces.
The Other Drinking Song
This is just "let's get this done." First take on two vocal tracks. Samples for the instruments. Minor effecting. Done in like 58 minutes. Operation "get it DONE" is a success. Here's a song to show for it. Have a great week!
Really liked the tune to that. Awesome that you knocked it together so quickly, too. :)
I think I can hear the "done in 58 minutes" in this song. It has that incredibly natural flow that comes from not thinking too much or at least not continually rewriting parts again. This is a good song.
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