Neymar celebrated his upcoming 28th birthday with a lavish party at Parisian nightclub Yoyo on Sunday. Paris St-Germain manager Thomas Tuchel skipped the white-themed party under the Palais de Tokyo, after branding it “a distraction,” with the event coming just two days before their next game.

28 already. Damn
I know it's a dick thing to say but it really does feel like for football fans a lot was lost by Neymar moving to PSG. So many prime years spent playing basically exhibitions with the odd Champions League Round of 16 game thrown in.
If you're a PSG fan obviously it doesn't matter but in the grander scheme of things it just feels like his career has lacked meaning/excitement as a result.
[fun] fact: Neymar, Cristiano Ronaldo and Carlos Tevez all have the same birthday
And a couple more good footballers. 5th february.
Hagi, C. Ronaldo, Tevez, Palacio, Januzaj etc
Also on that list
Basically, if you want your child to be a successful footballer, you want to get busy on the
goddamnit, only if i was born 9 hours earlier
Pique and Shakira have the same birthday as well.
Wow Neymar is 28. I still remember him as a 21 year old giving that huge crowd his presentation. Time really flies by.
Man I still remember when he and Ganso were hyped up to be the next best thing at Santos
Time really does fly by
Remember when he left Santos. Time flies holy smokes
I thought he was cancelling it this year?
Nah, he only made it smaller like less people I think.
Might be difficult to cancel something that's already happened Einstein
Why is that guy in the picture wearing black feathers?
I assume that like all rich people, Nemar has vampire friends.
Why is Gotze holding Neymar’s umbrella in the first pic?
what a massive false equivalence
Hey there woolwillwilt. Glad you could come in. Listen, first I would like to say Jimmy said you did a great job this month, but there is a small issue with your... personal presentation on monday mornings.
Neymar is 28 years old?
Damn, he's pissing his career away in France instead of a top league.
In terms of fame and success, sure. But certainly not financially.
Why is Tuchel angry about a Birthday parties 2 days before a game
Well they probably do a final tactics training drill etc the day before the game so any players that went would probably be hi giver for that. Plus maybe it's because I'm now 30 but my hangovers last 2 days now.
he probably isn't and this is more than likely some made up bullshit ''news''
Nobody hears of Messi or C. Ronaldo throwing extravagant birthday parties.
Wasn't there this controversy because Ronaldo threw a lavish 30th birthday party a few hours after Real lost 4-0 to Atleti?
Because neither of them are Brazilian
Both are family man and they celebrate with their families and with close friends.
He looks like Smooth Criminal Michael Jackson in the pic.
Feel like everyone lose in his transfer.
Barca wasted money from his transfer Neymar wasted his prime time in PSG PSG shown playing to Ligue 1 will never make you a super star, and have a unhappy player in thier team that injure when needed.
He got injured for the second part of the season twice in 2 seasons, just let him end one properly before making such statements, what if PSG and Barca cross paths again and he destroys his old team and PSG go to the final or win the whole thing, huh?
Neymar is needed against Nantes?
It's his sister's birthday Tuchel needs to worry about.
O wow, Neymar is 2 days younger than me!
Love to watch him play but he really doesn’t help himself sometimes.
He had a birthday party. Most people do.
.....AND HE IS INJURED....as prophesied!!
neymar is overrated
He should’ve never left . I still remember waking up in my gf bed and reading the news it’s all backfired for him & us
28 already? And with his lifestyle, maturity, and gameplay he will not be a world class player by 32.
What's wrong with his lifestyle? Ibra never matured and he is doing fine. Yeah, his gameplay is the 'issue' but what can he do? He already adapted his style, he is still getting butchered
He's the 3rd-best player in the world.
He's not even a world class player today if you ask me. His attitude sucks and his numbers are getting worse when most would be peaking. History will remember him for wasting his talent.