Which character would you want a spin-off/short story for?

Title says it all, really. It doesn't exactly have to be realistic, but if there's any character or concept you feel deserves a spin off (feel free to put forward any ideas of the plot etc.) or a short story devoted to them, comment below and tell us why. If there's a spin-off idea you've got that's focused more on an event then a character, that's fine, too! So let's hear 'em.

Lord Vile.
Praise his terrible glory.
Darquesse. I want to know what she did when she left
Tried to fight a whole race of Dark Gods, of course.
But this is immensely possible, since she's actually got POV establishment.
billy-ray sanguine. I want to know how he lost his eyes and learned his unique style of earth magic
Two words: Melon Baller.
Otherwise, I'm up for a backstory on his magic, the hints of his past are intriguing, to say the least.
Saracen Rue. I just wanna know his power
My favourite theory is that he has a super sniffer. He can smell things super accurately.
Saracen Rue "nose" things.
Presenting: The Many Sexual Conquests Of Saracen Rue.
Subtitle: Still not telling you his power.
I want a book about the Dead Men and the war
Highlights such as the Vanguard assassination; the first meetings (fanfiction be damned); Skulduggery's descent into Vileness and so on....Couldn't count the fans who are thirsty for this
Quite enjoy the monster hunters...would read a monster hunting adventure...possibly with Fletcher... or without
Gracious and Donegan are a must for a Monster Hunter story (Dai and Fletcher pending membership), but who out of the two would you have as a POV vessel?
Scapegrace, Thrasher and Clarabelle. Some more stories about thier tenure as The Dark and Stormy Knight + Cohorts followed up by some untimely deaths and them returning to rule over the Necropolis.
If Scapegrace is the Dark and Stormy Knight and Thrasher is the Village Idiot, I wonder what Clarabelle would be?
The Necropolis story thread might have to be picked up in a spinoff story, because Bedlam didn't make use of them much and that included the Necropolis. Maybe it's for the best...
Billy Ray Sanguine
Oh my, he is popular today. Fully deservedly, of course.
Leibniz Serpine (specifically when Mevolent is hunting him for being a traitor)
You might as well just say anything Leibniz, that universe has so much to explore. Serpine, for all his shifts in allegiance, however, deserves to be the storyteller.
Oooh, good ideas. Personally, I'd be more interested in Brain Muncher.
Seeing what Fletcher got up to in the 5 years between Dying of the Light and Resurrection could be fun! Or more of Scapegrace, Thrasher and Clarabelle!
Like both of those ideas! The Penguinmobile gang would have the air of a family comedy, as they plow through mundane living and we can see Fletcher hired at Corrival, befriending his ex-girlfriend's stalker and him banging Miss Wicked.
Here’s a weird one for you “The Wonderful Life Of Darquesse” Subtle “before everything went to hell
I wanna know Darquesse’s backstory before she even knew who Valkyrie was
"Before anything went to hell" can be for most characters in this series tbh. Btw, do you mean Darquesse as a True Name (in which she'd be a part of Valkyrie so she's kinda know) or the Ancient Darquesse who killed their own brethren?
Saracen Rue
Your wife he'll do.
I think a story about Ravel could be really interesting - seeing his views developing and warping over the years, leading up to Chapter 51.
Love it- seeing Ravel's POV without all the golden eyes secrecy for the sake of readership would be grand, especially his torture in the war and his time spent with the Children of the Spider. Anything, I just fucking love his character- also I like how Chapter 51 is immediately recognised as that chapter, even though there are eight other Chapter 51s.
Could I have the Crones of the Cold Embrace? More than one character, I know, but I really want to find out what their “cold embrace” actually consists of.
Of course you can, if you truly feel you're up to the task of learning their torturous ways of dipping themselves in ice and crushing you to death in a dark hug. Seriously though, any Warlock and Witch stuff is fascinating Although I can't help think they're better left ambiguous. Maybe a short story centred around a Witch Hunter who has little more idea than we do could do the trick.
Tanith again, but this time detailing her time with the black sand thingo, then later Derek can just continue the tradition of giving tanith all the short stories
Tanith is prime spin-off material. Seeing more of Black Sand is a good idea, it was featured a lot less in Bedlam than I thought it would after hearing about it in Chapter 11. Bit presumptuous of me to believe Frightening would be involved?
Edit: Or her return to the Knives in the Shadows, and the behind the scenes of China's assassination.
Basically anything with Fletcher. Where he was in life before he got his powers (prime story fodder there) and like someone said already, what he was up to for the 5 years gap.
On that side note, I want an average day in the life with Valkyrie in those 5 years too. She has that military involvement in the US army, she was probably deep in PTSD and trying to build relationships. I'd love to see her in a mortal bar trying to bring home someone or getting her pup.
His mother's death and his father issues is prime drama material.
Love the Valkyrie idea. I can imagine "A Day In The Life" playing in there somewhere.
Finbar's wife needs a novel to herself.
Yeah...Too bad she doesn't exist
A rather unimportant side character, but I would love to have a short story about Tesseract
He is neither unimportant or a side character! He's a legend. Whilst his ambiguity lends him strength, I'm by no means opposed to this idea.
Tesseract (assassin dude from ‘Mortal Coil’) for sure. Killed off too soon imo and his backstory seems like it could be pretty interesting.
I've probably mentioned this above, but Tesseract is one of my very fave characters and imo, one of the hardest to write a convincingly good backstory for, since his ambiguity lends him strength as both a character and an assassin.
Has anyone said China? She has such a shady past.
I mean... You've said China.
I am a tad late to this post, but I personally would love to see the younger versions of Omen and Auger as tiny kids. The very idea that Auger just apologises profusely constantly during their childhood because of his destiny is rather amusing to me. Definitely only a few chapters; my heart couldn't deal with how much abuse Omen receives.
Also, Clarabelle. Before she met Grouse, I mean. I want to get to know her as a person, and not through anyone else's POV. What's her magical discipline, if anything? How is she involved in the magical world if she has no magic? Does she have a family? Where are they? What happened? She just intrigues me so much and I can imagine a chapter written in her POV would be an absolute mess and a delight to read.
For someone sharing bits of their name with Jenan Ispolin, you care a lot about the Darklys! Seriously, though, I wholeheartedly agree, perhaps a compilation of bits and pieces in one story about Omen's life with Auger at the Chosen One helm. It'd be pretty angsty.
About Clarabelle, it's almost a dangerous idea, because so much of her charm and humour lies in just how the hell she gets on in a magical world in her circumstances. Could be the SP equivalent of a Squib, maybe, but with magical parents highly influential (even in death) and her nuttiness is the result of severe psychological repercussions. The short story needs to be a little less depressing, though. Then again...
Thanks for commenting and you're by no means late to comment, this is recent by my standards (some posts from 4 or so months ago still get comments) and feel free to display thoughts on any of them! I always reply, more or less.
Can’t believe no one has said Razzia yet. She’s an incredibly fun character and she has some POV establishment.
No doubt it'd be about her days in the anti-sanctuary/her time in love with the other psycho/her daddy issues/or how she got so mad.
I'm probably the only one who thinks Temper's past would make good story.
His Gist condition and his Disciple days are all good points. Also, how he came to be a close pal of Skulduggery's. So, you're not the only one!
Lethe. Reckon his thought processes and such would be interesting in that suit.
Billy-Ray Sanguine?
Dexter. Bloody. Vex
Ah, interesting choice. Dead Man backstory? Past flames? Post-TDOTL? So many avenues...