Servant - Episode 5 - Discussion!

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This episode was intense. Made me feel sorry for Leanne and dislike the Turners a whole lot.
And this episode confirms what I read in a review for the whole series about Leanne can bring the dead cricket back to life.
Why was the HR/PI guy going into their house? That was stupid. Sean is already spying on Leanne. I assume Sean dumped the crickets on her while she slept... how cruel. And disgusting about the dog food. Immature and stupid!
I don’t know about Sean; he seems to be warming to Leanne as she helps him with his cooking—and shows more interest than Dorothy. Julian seems way more evil at this point-paying Wanda to encourage Leanne to leave.
And I agree, creepy & unnecessary having the PI in the house.
What was the dog food used in? And why was she so shocked?
I loved this episode because it really flipped the audience’s view of Leanne.
I see Leanne now as a really dynamic and tragic hero in the plot-line. I think she is having an existential crisis with growing up in a modest and religious household and having these supernatural Carry-like powers. On top of all that, I am seeing a naive and scared young woman who is trying to figure her way through a new environment essentially on her own.
Dorothy comes across to me like a character from Ayn Rand’s, “The Fountainhead”. I believe Dorothy is attempting to be “nice” to Leanne for selfish reasoning - in order to feel better about herself. While she is not purposely trying to hurt Leanne, I also feel she is not really trying to be her friend either. In the end, I think her “kindness” will backfire on her.
I think Sean is going to be the protagonist of the series. He outright seems to be a voice of reason and the most relatable of all the characters on the show. He just wants a healthy marriage and to protect his family.
Julian is clearly becoming the antagonist of the show and I think we are going to find he has had some sort of hand in all the “pranks” from this past episode, if only by influence.
Where I am truly stumped is with the PI. First off the man is total shit at his job and I don’t understand why is going into the residence.
The couple had nothing to do with the dog food. Sean told him off on the idea and told Julian to see himself out.
You're just assuming it was Sean dumping the crickets, he wouldn't ask her opinion on the cricket candy if he had done that. It seemed more like a case of "plague of locusts" in a tiny scale to punish Leanne for her thoughts on the couple having sex. And judging them and marking them on her bible. After Sean trusted Leanne with something important to him (her opinion on his work) she felt guilty and whipped herself.
If anything, punishing a little child with anaphylactic shock was WAY worse than the dog food cruel joke. I furiously despised Leanne for that. The child didn't deserve that.
Also, Leanne being jealous of how a BABY reacts, and being angry at the way Dorothy asked her to step out of the house were nasty too. What did she expect? Did she expect Dorothy to tell her: "Hey, I'm finally gonna have sex with my husband after over one year, could you go take a walk at the park for one hour or so?". Telling her go to get some expensive sweets for them was ok in my book.
Could you link the review or tell me where to find it?
You should have spoiler tagged that part about the whole series.
You saw Leanne's tearful expression and felt bad for her. I wonder how you'd feel about Leanne if the director had decided to show Olivia struggling on the floor, clutching at her throat with a terrified look on her face, turning blue for lack of air.
If later it's revealed that there was a good reason for the PI guy going into the house, who's gonna feel stupid for making such remarks, huh?
You assume a lot, but forgot to assume that those crickets were important for Sean's culinary experiments and that he was against practical jokes.
Dog food isn't disgusting. If it were disgusting people wouldn't feed it to their dogs. It's basically meat by-products plus other stuff like veggies and flour or rice. Looks ugly because it's not meant to catter to human tastes but it's pretty much the same kind of meat that goes into nuggets and sausages that some people love to eat.
Immature and stupid, yes, that describes Leanne perfectly in this episode. I already pointed why in my previous comment, I'm still waiting for miss-know-it-all to give me an answer to my questions.
I love how this show is filled with assholes. Like, I'm actively rooting for the (supposed) antagonist at this point! I have no idea how this will develop further so I'm just gonna go along on this very weird ride. Exciting!
I actually found myself thinking partway through the episode, “What if Leanne is the only normal one in all of this??”
...then the cricket came back to life as she started whipping herself.
Yes, I think this episode showed that Leanne is not the evil one! She's dark and spooky but she's actually the kindest and most honest one, really.
I don't know what her obsession with Dorothy is though. Dorothy with the fake cake was pretty fucked up however. She might as well have said, "Here's $40, now get lost."
I’m amazed that someone hasn’t cracked what is going on. Shows like Watchmen and Westworld are spoiled by Reddit so quickly.
It would be bad writing if it was already figured out. I think we're getting closer after this week.
Definitely think Leanne is a reincarnation/ageless/time traveler etc from 1945. Her outfits are totally 1940s!
I know there’s been people who have seen the full series already and I feel like someone must have said something by now but I don’t want to go looking for it and get spoiled.
I think Watchmen especially the creator said he left enough clues for people to figure it out, it's great that he played fair. Westworld I was surprised by people figuring it out but there were clues for part of the reveals so far, but not all of them IIRC.
Both of those shows have already established universes which makes figuring things out much easier.
Did anyone catch which passages she was reading for Dorothy and Sean?
I really liked this episode because we got to see everything from Leanne’s perspective. I definitely sympathized with her, which is a complete turn from the first four episodes, where I felt bad for Sean and Dorothy.
I'm rewatching. For Dorothy, it was 1 Samuel 20:13:
"But if my father intends to bring evil on you, then may the LORD punish me, and ever so severely, if I do not tell you and send you on your way in safety. May the LORD be with you, just as He has been with my father."
For Sean, we can't see what she underlined, but she's in Leviticus. We can see Leviticus 18:14-16:
"You must not dishonor your father’s brother by approaching his wife to have sexual relations with her; she is your aunt. You must not have sexual relations with your daughter-in-law. She is your son’s wife; you are not to have sexual relations with her. You must not have sexual relations with your brother’s wife; that would shame your brother..."
I don't know if these have specific meanings tied to the plot but it could be likely, although to be fair some heavy meaning can be extracted from every Bible verse.
She wrote their names by these verses.
Dorothy - 2 Samuel 19:24
Sean - Leviticus 18:16
The passages play an important role in British history. When Henry VIII wanted to divorce his wife, Catherine of Aragon, so tatt he could marry Anne Boleyn, these are the verses he used from the Bible in order to achieve an anullment.
He did not get it, so therefore he abolished catholisism altogether, and broke with Rome and the Pope.
Catherine was previously married to Henry's brother, Arthur, who died from illness when he was a teenager.
As we know, Anne was executed.
yes, my immediate thought was that Jericho died in it, and that's why they hid it away with the blanket and stuffed toy, which also could have been with him when he died.
I think we're going to find out Leanne had a very sheltered and religious upbringing, there are many religions that still dress like her.
I agree with you on this. I think, lol.
I don’t even think Jericho was a living child. To me, it’s more likely he was a fetus that the Turners lost.
It's easy to jump to the conclusion that Jericho was born because of the decked out nursery in the Turners' home, but the only real information that's provided regarding Jericho's death is when Sean tells Leanne, "We lost Jericho when he was 13 weeks. He just didn't wake up one morning." This statement could actually reveal that Jericho was never born. There are no photographs of Jericho anywhere throughout the Turner house, which doesn't seem like something a family this emotional would do, even if they're in mourning. There's never any clarification given on the specifics of Jericho's death and Sean's "didn't wake up" phrasing feels more euphemistic than literal. Furthermore, it also comes to light that Dorothy has suffered a number of miscarriages and she's preemptively given a name to each of them, so it wouldn't be out of the norm for her to do the same thing with Jericho.
I don’t know whether it has any significance plot wise, but it could be a twist towards the end of the season
I’m still just really curious as to where the real baby came from. And i can’t figure out if Leanne is good or not
I think the PI was in the house trying to collect DNA samples to see if Leanne is Jericho's biological mother.
Why? Sean could easily do that. Having the PI go in not once but twice is way too risky when Sean could get the samples on his own.
Someone else suggested that Julian was paying Roscoe to do something and I agree. I think he's up to something.
Rewatched the episode. This is my favorite so far, especially the cold sore revenge.
I'm still unsure about the crickets. Did Roscoe hide them in her room? Did Sean dump them on her while she slept?
Or maybe they kept escaping from their enclosure and coming up through the vent and even drains because they are attracted to her, maybe because of her powers?
Sean genuinely seem interested in them for a recipe, and Tobe seemed to know they were for eating. Plus I can't see Sean being this malicious.
I don’t understand why there is no discussion about the flagellation being a result of her “attraction” to Sean as a theory...
Also, is there any theory about why every time the tv is turned on, it’s always Dorothy’s segment? Do they not have cable tv and can only play her recordings?
Yeah, I got the vibe that she might have had an attraction to Sean when he was talking to her about the crickets. She felt guilty about it and self-flagellated.
I mentioned something somewhere in here that I believe she has an attraction to Sean...
Also, Leanne's comment about Hiroshima was ODD. "Did you know a whole city was wiped out by a bomb?" This is hardly news and if someone brought it up, nobody would mention just one. My theory is Leanne is reincarnated or something from 1945... Hiroshima and Nagasaki were bombed three days apart so maybe she only knows about one.
That doesn't explain how she was in the video with Dorothy.
Didn't she mention that she read it in a book? The three days apart thing wouldn't make sense as much taking that into consideration.
oh my god. are you fucking serious? that's retarded. this is almost trolling level here.
that part just means leanne was probably home schooled by some crazy religious people. i'm guessing she made a pact with the devil and killed them both. that's why you see an unburnt straw figure in the burnt house. that's also how she brought back jericho.
Man that was a great episode. Not often that a tv show can surprise me like this. I feel like watching older episodes again to see if I missed out on anything.
First A-grade episode of the show. There are always two sides to every story.
So hopefully after this one we can dispense with the “Leanne is evil” theories. She obvi has some weird supernatural power, but I don’t think she’s deliberately using it to bad ends. I don’t even really think she can control it. Also I think some of Leanne’s personality quirks could be related to autism. The way in which she changes her personality and behavior to mimic those around her really remind me of my personal experiences on the spectrum.
Last but not least, I stan Sous Chef dude. He’s the only one who’s actually nice to Leanne and cares about her. I hope we see more of him and he does not meet a bad end!
I thought she is on the spectrum too! She seems to have a fixation on tomato soup and Dorothy's reports, it's like her every night ritual. She got very frustrated when their scheduled plan to go to Dorothy's work was cancelled.
So why was she whipping herself?
Okay here's my theory, Leanne was being sent a message with all of the crickets that kept showing up around her. I'm guessing to her it's a warning that she's maybe not safe or doing something wrong. When she went down stairs and ate the sweet cricket it was as if she rejected the message. So when she went up and grabbed the whip to punish herself the cricket was dead, when she was well into whipping herself the cricket was alive again. To add to my point, she was very delicate with all the crickets she encountered and even collected them all to put them back when found.
Have you read the Scarlet Letter, IIRC the main priest character beats himself on the back in a similar manner when he is tempted sexually or sins.
I'm assuming it was because she gave the little girl ice cream, knowing she would likely be allergic, to get back at the baby sitter for lying to her.
An observation that comes to mind is in the scene when Leanne ate the cricket Sean offered, sorta gave me some garden of eden feels, with the forbidden fruit. There’s a lot of emphasis on intent and action, being as this is a character driven story with different perspectives, and the weight of her decision, whether to eat it to please Sean or not, really highlighted her mind working through that scene. Not sure if it makes sense. She stared at it quite intently, and she genuinely wants to help and sees the best in others, and when we see her finally eat it, her response towards the taste isn’t exactly forced, but she accepted what she did, and then followed it with the second one, which also felt like a major choice she had to make, as Sean’s reaction gives the approval towards this moment between them.
i think the scene was more about how she felt so much pressure to please them. she was almost crying when she ate the cricket like she couldnt say no.
also she seems to not want to kill any creatures. that's why she only eats tomato soup. that's why it was so hard for her to eat the cricket.
So, I’m a bit confused.
Who was the one who pulled the cricket and dog food prank on Leanne?
Was it Sean, the private investigator, Julian, or Wanda?
I believe it was Julian based on the conversation he had at night with Sean.
Julian and Sean, or Julian did it and Sean didn't stop him. When Leanne is hearing them talking about her, Julian has the dog food can label in his hands and Sean has the label-less dog food.
I still don't understand what Roscoe was doing unless he was planting the crickets in her room, but why would he need to be there twice? And why would they only show up when she was sleeping? This is unexplained.
The crickets weren't a prank though, no? I just assumed the box fell over and the crickets found their way to her room through the vent. Or was it Sean?
M Night also talks about (in a recent interview) how the splinters are a very biblical form of punishment, and how he wants purposely wants the audience to winder wether its Supernatural or not......... He also adds that Episode 9 is the one he Directed entirely (aside from the premiere) and that episode will explain what actually happened while keeping you intrigued and in the EDGE OF YOUR SEAT !! Cant wait !!! He also added that the Entire series (About 6 seasons) will have an ending and that everything in the show is intricately and purposely placed to keep you guessing. The attention to detail in this show is absolutely stunning and Now that we know that M Night knows the ending of the story and will present it to us over 6 seasons makes me very excited! The interview is titled “M Night and the splinters of Servant” or something if that sort, it will pop up when you search it on Youtube . Im just very happy that the story will be told gradually and methodically with great Detail and that makes me want to rewatch every episode so far.... every scene has purpose and every item in the show (Food, clothing, etc) has meaning...... They also mentioned how in episode one, M Night focuses on every characters Hands, very interesting....
Now after this episode I realized that everyone has gotten into something weird except Dorothy. Unless I’m forgetting something everything from her POV is fine, she even doesn’t notice the “pauses” she has. Maybe an episode focused on her is coming?
I keep wondering where her mind goes with her mental breaks. She snaps right out of them and returns right back to what she was doing or thinking.
Such an amazing episode! And we still don't even have a clue as to what's going on.
This series is just strange at first i was interested in this but after this episode it just keep get stranger and stranger but nothing really happend. How did this progress the series?.
Anyone understand the significance of the Bible verses?
Dorothy - 2 Samuel 19:24
Sean - Leviticus 18:16
Leviticus 18:21 seems to be most fitting verse from that page.
That wasn't the line underlined for Sean, it was just shown on the page. It only showed a closeup of the corner.
For Dorothy, she underlined 1 Samuel 20:13.
What if we are not only looking what LeAnn is going but also we see the world from her point? Julian is this evil creepy guy, Sean is not so bad, he even likes her, etp
It’s very interesting to see what you think about last minutes of the episode?
The writer has said that certain episodes will put one character to the foreground. The first few were all Sean I think, this one is Leanne and we know episode 9 is a big one for Dorothy that will reveal what happened to Jericho. So there's definately one with Julian in focus coming up as well. The cast have often spoken about how the show wants to showcase how differently people perceive the same thing (and deal with it), not only because it's just realistic but it's also a great way to not present everything so black and white for the audience.
Sean is not so bad but he has been ugly to Leanne, although it's understandable that he doesn't trust her and thinks she possibly stole a baby. What she heard them saying about her was horrible and then the dog food thing was revolting. And he shouldn't have yelled at her about the yellow onesie or at least apologized and explained. Probably Jericho died in that.
I think the last few minutes answered a big question about Leanne's powers. She definitely didn't smuggle a living baby inside her suitcase (this would have been impossible anyway), but probably Jericho's dead body that she brought back to life although
I'm sure she is self-flagellating because she is very religious and this is her ritual. I don't know if the self-flagellation was on purpose to bring the cricket back to life or it just happened because of her powers. I noticed she didn't have any other scars before she started so she couldn't have done that on her back to bring Jericho back.
I think she is a Christian witch or reincarnated saint or something.
It’s definitely got me very intrigued! Usually I feel I can pick the twist by a couple of episodes in but with this it’s honestly got me stuck! Last night I definitely liked Leanne and thought Dorothy was a right bitch 😳 do we think Jericho was brought back or did Leanne bring her/another baby into the house?
Leanne brought Jericho back for sure... I'm pretty sure we will see a ceremony where the doll transforms into the baby. Leann treated the doll like a real living baby from the very first second, even when she was completely alone with the doll.
Did the television randomly turn on to Dorothy's news segment when the PI was in the living room?
Yes. I figured it was a TIVO thing, set to start recording at 12:30 or something.
Query this - What if Sean killed the baby and buried him in the basement? Then replaced him with the doll and told Dorothy the doll was the baby. Leanne brings back the baby. We all thought she was the evil one but it was Sean all along. He seems to kill a lot of things during the episodes.
To that point, Toby said he wouldn’t kill the eel if no one would eat it because it’s cruel. Sean’s response was something like, “you’ll really go far in life with that mentality.” I feel like there’s lots of line drops that seem unnecessary if they didn’t foreshadow.
I may have skimmed past a comment referencing this same thing... but when she’s looking out the window talking about how the baby never cries for Dorothy... her voice got deeper and was so full of rage. I feel like she was saying Sean’s thoughts from before Jericho died and we heard his anger and dislike for being a father. He killed Jericho.
She says that the baby never cries with her, not Dorothy though.
Being a Shyamalan series, I rewatched episode 1 to see if there are any clues dropped. Right in the beginning as Leanne is getting out of the cab, I’m pretty sure they subtly show flames in her room.
This is going to tie in symbolism from earlier episodes. The crux, Cross, tool that Leanne uses is witchcraft. No if, ands, buts, don’t be in denial to this. Witchcraft is not completely separate from spiritualism and believing in God. Leanne is dead. It’s been affirmed, through her tombstone, also through Crux symbolism. Who knows what brought her back to life, if done by her own doing or by something...else. Both Jericho and her are assumed dead figures that have Crux symbolism (at her home in her room) and above Jerichos bed. How this is going to ultimately play out we have yet to see.
This episode shows Leannes perspective as not entirely malicious, she’s quite pragmatic...but it’s indeed a harbinger of danger for the family. Crickets remind Leanne of home, remind her of her not being entirely tied to this world through normal means, and they are drawn to her...not placed by Sean or Julian because one is always following her. Right now she is coping with the animosity she is receiving, but the family is uncovering layers of who Leanne truly is...while all falling into the illusions that help them to cope and heal with what life currently is. For now Leanne is coping with the pain of this existence she is tied to with self flagellation, but who know what will happen as the family’s underlying darkness remains to be seen...
There are Christian witches too apparently. See the video here from episode one with the shadow - this is surely a reference to women hanging (doesn't match the mobile at all):
I hope we get some interesting mythology explored.
I’m pretty sure when LeeAnn says she can’t leave Jericho to Wanda that he’s not fully and safely alive yet and she needs to be physically close to him for longer.
We’re also seeing that she may seem naive but she’s not helpless when she got the lobster ice cream out for a girl with food allergies, knowing she could bring her back if she needed to.
I felt for her when everyone was being so deceptive and making her feel unsafe.
Now that we know she brought the cricket back and likely the baby too, I’m feeling more strongly that this might be an origin story (like Unbreakable and Glass). Remember when Dorothy was talking about his name, “Jericho...Co...” I’m thinking Jericho...Co...Cole! A baby brought back from the dead might be able to see the dead, walk between both worlds.
Could be for the first two things, though I think she has to do some kind of ritual to reverse death. Letting her die could risk her position with the Turners. I think the other Leanne was in charge... either she has wild mood swings or she is two people in one. This is really suddenly clear.
But this isn't Cole or any origin story for M. Night's movies. It's not written or created by him - he came on late. The setting was only moved to Philadelphia after he became involved. It was originally set in the UK - that's why three of the four main cast are British.
Please guys give a theory on why is she whipping herself ? And why Sean won't see a doctor?
YES!! WHY won’t Sean see a doctor? He’s got splinters all over his ass, in his neck, and not to mention down his throat to where now he can’t even taste anything. His whole career is culinary, he has to taste his own creations especially since he’s an advanced caterer. He should have went to a doctor 3 episodes ago. They haven’t even addressed him seeking out any kind of medical advice.
See my response below to RonnieDeBear:
Self-flagellation is all about sin and punishing yourself so you suffer as Jesus suffered. Only extremely devout people do this. Jesus was whipped before his crucifixion and so to the ultra devout Christian, the ritual represents "killing" your own sinful self so you can be reborn, like Jesus was resurrected (according to Christian beliefs).
Fittingly, as Leanne did this, we saw the "resurrection" of the cricket. The cricket is hugely symbolic of locusts, which in Exodus, was one of the plagues sent to publish Egypt after Pharoah refused to free the Israelites. One of the other plagues - deaths of the first-born son.
Leanne is trying to protect Jericho above all so her motivation has to be about this. She was spiteful when she gave Dorothy the cold sore and gave the little girl the lobster ice cream so she would have the allergic reaction, so she has to "suffer" for her sins and the harm she caused.
I guess it could mean something totally different but I believe they were very thorough in their symbolism with the writing of this show.
BTW she is kind to the crickets and didn't even jump or scream when she woke up with them all over her. She just gently gathered them up. I think she has some kind of connection with living creatures. The big mystery is why she behaved so bizarrely the night she drank wine and killed the eel (and felt up Julian).
I don’t think she (Leanne) was flaying herself as punishment for the curses she (apparently) places on others, she seemed very satisfied and pleased with the power and authority she exerted over the girl and her mother. The one thing she seemed to really hesitate to do was kill / eat the grasshoppers (notice death/killing animals seems to severely affect her).
Maybe she can’t withstand death and has the power to reverse it?
It was really fascinating to see Leanne in the middle of figuring out her own mystery, when usually she's the subject of mystery herself.
Full Review:
That article makes a lot of assumptions. We don’t know why the crickets are in her room. She didn’t hide the epipen, she just didn’t help Wanda get it. Not that it was okay to stand there while the child was in distress.
I thought I had an idea of what might be going on, after this episode fuck no I don’t. I didn’t like this episode for the most part. The PI basically getting caught twice was embarrassing and dumb, and Julian was way too heavy handed in trying to force her out. Messing with her food was fucked up. My least favorite ep of the season but still very much enjoying it still.
Leanne brought Jericho back to life. She knew Dorothy suffered a tragedy and wanted to help them for being so kind to her when she was younger.
^ speculation
The first scene shows $200 (4- $50 dollar bills) in an envelope getting slidden under Leanne's door. I don't see anyone mention this. Do we know what this is for?
This is her salary, presumably. Apparently they pay her weekly.
That’s true! And yeah the whole baby thing I definitely creepy haha
So is there a definitive answer on who Dorothy had sex with ?
OK I missed how did Leanne cause Dorothy's cold sore? I'm rewatching and at about 13:50 they show Leanne taking the cake back from the hallway into her room and at 14:30 or Dorothy has a cold sore - was it the prayer that did the trick?
Do we know that Leanne was the cause of the cold sore?
I haven’t read all the comments but has anyone noticed the way some of the characters faces become “distorted” when they’re alone? Leannes face did it a lot this episode. What do we think this is all about?!
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damn, this girl is so cute and vulnerable in this episode. it really makes me want to have sex with her.
Incels gonna incel.
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