Jay was jealous of Adnan. Adnan was good friends with his gf, Stephanie -bought her bday present and let Jay know that stephanie was excited about getting a gift from him(jay) Jay didn't have a present,

Great ideas here, lots to work with, and it is true that jealousy was likely a big factor -- Adnan was jealous of Don and it drove him to murder.
What a Gish gallop, wrt jealousy:
None of his friends say he was depressed, or that he wasn't doing well. On the contrary, Peter B. said he was seeing other girls, and Stephanie said he got over it and had said he was glad they broke up.
Since he wasn't depressed, there's no reason to think that his absences were due to depression. Nobody says he was somewhat obsessed with Hae.
You made all of that up, in short.
This is Hae being dramatic. And anyway, please see above.
There is no evidence that he was jealous of Don. Nobody said so. Again, this is just you writing fan fiction.
Again, per Stephanie, initially he was hurt, "then he seemed over it. "So glad I broke up with her." Furthermore, according to all their friends, they were on good terms.
She wrote down his number, so he's obviously telling the truth. Teens talk on the phone a lot late at night. A glance at Adnan's phone records shows that he quite often made or received phone calls after midnight.
The "I'm going to kill" note doesn't prove or disprove anything... Dunno why people keep bringing it up as some kind of point or something.
Interesting idea. It does contain a few flaws though:
So far all I am hearing is that Jay was 100 percent proven to be involved. The only way you place Adnan at the crime scene is Jay. I don't understand why people cannot grasp that Jay could have been involved while Adnan wasn't. It is possible.
It is odd that Adnan never accused Jay of killing Hae. Even after Jay told all those lies, Adnan didn't say "you're lying -- you are full of shit" or something like that. Adnan just called him "pathetic." And many years later, Adnan never got mad at Jay and accused him of lying.
Let’s get this straight: Jay was jealous of Adnan’s cell that Adnan activated the day before. He was also jealous of Adnan being tight with Jay’s girlfriend who Adnan was friends with since middle school. So Jay concocted a plan where he got Adnan to let him borrow his brand new phone that Adnan activated the day before along with Adnan’s car. Jay being a master of irony borrowed these items from Adnan for the purported reason to buy Stephanie a birthday gift. I imagine their conversation went something like this:
Jay: [using Jedi mind trick] Hey, guy who’s moving in on my girl! Offer to loan me your car so I can buy her a gift!
Adnan: Hey Jay, you want to borrow my car to go buy Steph a birthday gift? here, take my brand new phone too!
Jay: shit! you have a cell phone too??!!! It was bad enough that you had a platonic relationship for several years with my girlfriend (who remembers that you looked like
Adnan: but I called you first today! Won’t they come to you first? For that matter, why would they go to Jen first instead of Saad or Yasser or any of my other friends who I called and would warn me that the cops are looking at me for murdering Hae?
Jay: easy! I've manipulated the algorithm for reverse directory searches (RDS) so that Jen’s number shows up in a RDS and the cops will find her first because they will get no hits for Yasser or Saad or my number (and several others) and will have to submit a separate subpoena to link those numbers to the address/owners! While waiting on that subpoena, they will question Jen because they will have her dad’s address info from the RDS and she will give them the story!
Adnan: Damn! There are about a billion ways your plan can go wrong. If you want me to back off from Stephanie, why not just say so or just kill me?
Jay: ha! Killing you would be too easy. The cops would be all over me for that because the linear nexus between jealousy and murder would make too much sense—like if you were to kill Hae for dumping you for another guy. Of course my carefully concocted, premeditated plan will work because I’m a goddamn Bond villain masquerading as a cashier in a porn shop and no one in their right mind will believe that anyone would jump through this many hoops for a frame job!
Adnan: I’m sorry for stereotyping, but if you look at the present prison population, there are way more people who look like you than me behind bars. Won’t the cops be more likely to pin this on you because you are black?
Jay: Haven’t you heard of 9/11???!!!! People like you are public enemy #1 and the cops will be hell bent on making you the bad guy!
Adnan: what’s 9/11?
Jay: oh, sorry. My Bond villain skills allow me to see the future and your kind will be regarded as an existential threat to the country.
Adnan: that sucks. I guess you’ve got me. But wait...I can see the FBI coming after me because I’m Muslim, but this would be a local matter that would be outside their jurisdiction. The cops have no incentive to shift their focus from persecuting black people. Why would they pin this on an Indo/Pak guy?
Jay: Yeah, the cops may continue killing and jailing black people like they have historically, but in this one case they will come after the southeast Asian guy. Unfortunately for you, Det. Macgillivary has an axe to grind because one of your kind knocked out his kid in the regional Baltimore County spelling bee. The word is “fucked.” I’ll use it in a sentence: you are so fucked! F-U-C-K-T.
Adnan: all because you are jealous of me being friends with Steph, having a car and a phone?
Jay: yeah when you put it that way, framing you for murder seems like a grossly disproportionate response and I’d be taking a ridiculous risk of ending up in jail myself. But remember, I’m a fucking Bond villain. My intent is only to instill in you the fear of lifelong imprisonment. I’ve already planned a multilayered out for you. Some sophists will spin a facile story that the cops are in on the frame-up. I’ll have the cops make tap sounds on the audio recording of my statement implicating you to make it sound like they are guiding my words. Of course this makes no sense because if this is an audio only recording they could just give me a fucking script to read instead of using Morse code and could do it in one take instead of having me come in multiple times. Oh and let's not forget that because this is an audio recording, there is no way of knowing the source of the tap sounds either, but these details are boring to the dumbshits who think that the cops enjoy the challenge of playing charades to get you to say what they want instead of simply giving you the words because they don't understand that there is no visual component to an audio recording. Not all suckers will go for this, but you needn’t worry. Some misguided rubes will use your case as a quasi civil rights cause based on cases of unfair treatment of Muslims by the completely separate federal justice system after that 9/11 thing I was telling you about. They will ignore that your case was pre-9/11 and has nothing to do with discrimination. They will also ignore the actual post 9/11 entrapment cases of those Muslims who are being persecuted by the federal government and are more deserving of attention and focus all their resources on this local matter because they won’t know the difference. Also, you will have an ace in the hole with your idiot parents and friends helping you fabricate an alibi that your supporters will buy hook, line and sinker despite its obvious flaws. The only way your fake alibi won’t work is if you step on your own dick by demonstrating foreknowledge for when you needed an alibi. Now can I have your car and brand new phone so I can buy a gift for my girlfriend who I think you are stealing and frame you for murdering your ex?
Adnan: oh, in that case, [tossing keys and phone] here you go! In addition to the help you mentioned, I’ve got my sing-song voice with vocal inflections that makes me sound non threatening and will make people say inane shit like, “Adnan just does’t seem like a murderer.” I’ve also got the perfect idiot to help me with the alibi to beat the rap. If you find time between framing me for murder, can you pick me up so we can drive around town, get high and be seen together?
Jay: I dunno, man. I’ve got to buy Steph’s gift, track down your ex, murder her and do a half-assed job of burying her all while framing you for the crime. Hanging out together while keeping you in the dark on top of all that is a tall order, but I’ll figure out how to pause time. My Bond villain minions working behind the curtain at the porn shop developed a prototype for generating a temporal rift in the space-time continuum. They are also working on cloning technology so that the clone version of me can hang out with you while the real me will work with a clone version of Don to murder and bury Hae. What is the Don clone’s motive to help out? Obviously clone Don is jealous because the real version of Don gets to date Hae and the clone doesn’t. I’ll use the temporal rift to make clone Don a few years older than he really is to fool your brainless advocates into thinking Don is some sinister cradle-robber. This would all be so much easier if the real you worked with the real me to murder Hae and the real you was too new to cell phone technology to understand that cell records can be subpoenaed and cell location can be determined by cell towers pinged during calls. But dammit, we’ll have to do this the hard way. In a couple of decades people will not bother thinking through the steps that would be required to plan something like this, the implausibility of this theory and that there are only 24 hours in a day because choosing and sticking with a side will be more important than logic.
Adnan: sounds like a plan. [walking away] I’ll call you to pick me up!
Jay: You mean you will call the CLONE version of me. Oh, and whatever you do, don’t let your friend's sister handle your case! She will ineptly sabotage it thinking that she’s helping like Paula Deen force-feeding her diabetic grandkid a banana split brownie pizza. With her help you'll end up in jail for life. And make sure that your pedophile buddy who got you your phone, made your hotel hook-up reservations and carries your pic around in his wallet stops molesting kids long enough to help you fabricate your alibi. Hey! Did you hear what I said? No? Ah well, it’s not that important...
Haha! I always enjoy reading your responses about this case.
And Jay used Jedi mind tricks to get Adnan to voluntarily give him is car and cell phone and then used his Men In Black memory eraser on anyone who may have come in contact with Adnan during the murder so that they couldn’t be his alibi.
seriously lmao
He has an alibi.
Or, you know, the promise of 10lbs of dank weed, and why he didn't want to tell the police.
Jay knew where the car was. So not only is there a police conspiracy (them giving Jay the car location) but there is now also an independent frame job by Jay. This is QAnon level stupid.
So we’re just making things up now?
And forget normal human nature of going after Adnan straight like a guy would do. Not kill an ex and hope Adnan cant remember one afternoon.
I am just wondering what Jay thought of Adnan before Jan. 12, 1999. Did he trust him, was he jealous of Adnan's relationship with Stephanie? Maybe Adnan was seeking comfort from Stephanie after he and Hae broke up. Jay probably hated Adnan. ...Then Hae disappears .Jay comes up with the idea to start the rumor that Adnan killed Hae. Jay starts with Jen with his lie about Adnan being the killer, then the cops talk to jen, then Jay then jay tells someone else each time telling a different story. Just a thought.
Interesting because it was Adnan’s “I wanted to be sure Jay had gotten Stephanie a gift for her birthday” comment when I started to realize Adnan was a conman and completely full of crap. I literally side-eyed the radio and thought “now wait a second. C’mon, dude.” It was all downhill for Adnan after that.
Stephanie thinks adnan did it though
Has Stephanie ever commented? I'd be interested to read her thoughts. Thanks.
Jay had to "lean" on her for her to think that let's not forget. He also oddly places some blame on her.
Jay's Intercept interview Part 3...
This isn’t the craziest idea I’ve ever read, but it’s up there.
Bahahah. Stop.
This is the most stupid thing I've ever read.
Just more bullshit.
I think you mean Adnan was jealous of Don.
Yeah, that makes more sense if you think about it.
Welll thank god Adnan happened to forget everything he did on the day Jay chose to murder Hae. SUPER convenient!
Lmao now I just laugh at this silly unfunded hypothesis, at least you got the motive right.
It's possible.
We’ve been told that the
But there was a second note, that looks to have set a sequence of events in motion.
Ja’uan says Adnan was shocked by the second break up. Hae had said she loved Adnan, so Adnan didn’t understand how her feelings could change so fast because she liked someone else.
Ja’uan did not know the reason for the second break-up.
But apparently, Hae wrote Adnan a letter. And made it clear. She didn’t love Adnan any more.
Adnan was mad. There was a school trip that day. And when they got back to school, Adnan’s eyes were watery, and he was flushed. Ja’uan had never seen Adnan like that before.
We know there was a Psychology Field trip on Monday, December 21 from 11AM-3PM. And that Krista said Adnan and Hae broke up for good on December 21. By the time the class returned from that field trip, Adnan had read Hae’s second break up note, and was more upset than he had been when Hae wrote the first note, a month earlier, and he used it to make fun of her with Aisha.
The first time, it had been about what his parents did at the dance. This time, it was a about another guy.
He planned to get 2-5 years of prison time. Jay really hated Adnan.
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Someone from Adnan’s camp!!
This was what I thought of at first too that Jay's the one who most likely had killed Hae but I changed my mind after hearing Adnan's laid back reaction when asked about Jay.
IIRC he kinda took a second to respond and I felt like he just came up at the moment. I don't know If I was him and I was innocent I would have a stronger reaction than that I mean this is the guy who's framing me and probably the guy who killed my ex.
He didn't even have any theories on why would Jay frame him.
I think some of this is what Jay used as justification in his own mind to cooperate with police and work with them to put Adnan behind bars.
Especially if he thought Adnan was making a play on his girl, he gets him thrown in jail and gets some reward money to boot. Sounds like a good deal for a heartless chronic liar like Jay.
I'm not saying Jay planned anything. I think the 13th was a normal day for Jay. I don't believe he had anything to do with her murder. The first 5 -6 days after she went missing, her friends thought she ran away or was with Don. I believe Jay, known for telling lies, came up with this story the following week that Adnan did it . Then he was questioned by the cops and couldn't tell them he made it up, the cops threatened to charge him with the murder if he didn't cooperate. Jay got himself wrapped up in this. I don't believe he told jen about adnan killing Hae on the 13th.
But how did Jay know that Hae was strangled? The cops going to Jen first was not something that can be controlled by anyone let alone Jay. It was the result of reverse directory searches as indicated in my comment below (mock discussion b/w Jay and Adnan) where Anthony Pusateri (Jen’s dad) was one of the few RDS hits. The cops followed up on this lead while waiting on the results of a subsequent subpoena connecting 15 other numbers with addresses/owners for which there were no RDS hits called by Adnan’s cell in the days surrounding Hae’s disappearance. The earliest Jay would have started coming up with a plan to increase Adnan’s involvement and decrease his own was after the cops visited Jen where it was just a question of time before they made the connection themselves that Jay was involved. It was self-preservation and not jealousy that drove Jay because he needed to get his story to the cops first before Adnan had the opportunity to throw him under the bus. It was by a stroke of blind luck that Jay was tipped off first because the cops contacted one of his allies before contacting any of Adnan’s.