travelled 15,989km to get the big salad

What's in the big salad?
Big lettuce? big carrots? tomatoes like volleyballs?
Like a salad only bigger, with lots of stuff in it
You had to get the BIIIIGG Salad!!!!
You wanna go to Mendy's?
Twice. I wanna go twice!
Why not reggies
OMFG! Was it good? Was it worth it? Was it everything you hoped and more???
it’s different inside to the show! but I got a chicken salad on rye, was pretty good!
From what I’ve heard it’s expensive and pretty meh.
Should hit Arby's while you're at it..
Feels like an Arby's night
Gotta support the team.
Arby's: It's like shock and awe for your bowels
You should have tried the clams casino.
Chef recommends!
Little funky...
I say this every time someone posts a picture here, but the actual diner Monk’s is based on is the Westway on 9th Ave. The studio just used Tom’s for the exterior shots.
Next you'll tell me that Mom and Pop weren't even a Mom and Pop.
I live about 500 feet from The Westway Diner and it looks nothing like the inside of Monk's. Other than Seinfeld discussing coming up with the tv show inside the diner, I don't see how it's "based on" The Westway.
Now that's quite the buffer zone
What should have gotten was salmon. Because salmon swim against the current, while the tuna swim with it
good for the tuna
What was it like? Was it a salad, only bigger, with lots of stuff in it?
Did you bring your own bottle of maple syrup?
Love it
Tomatoes like volleyballs
Alright just give me a cup of decaf...
We have Sanka.
Just get two regular salads.
Can you put them in a big bowl?
You just had to get THE BIGGGGG SALADDD
Then it’s a good thing that you didn’t go to Reggies
Shoulda got chicken salad on rye with a side of potato salad and a cup of tea
You just ordered the same exact lunch as me.
She‘s stickin’ it to us, guys. STICKIN’ it!!
Just have a yolk, it won't kill you
This makes me happy.
That’s awesome! 🌃🥗
Wow the inside is nothing like Seinfeld
if you wanted the regular salad, I wouldn't have said anything...
I'm guessing Aus?
I just took a pic there yesterday too! Didn't go inside though
The inside was, this is just the exterior they used. It doesn't look anything like it in there. :)
I can bring you two small salads...
Could you put it in a big bowl?
First I’m going to New York for the cocaine then for a strung out pic in front of this.
i hope YOU paid for your big salad 😂🤭
Been there, they don't have it😥
It's just that I was the one that actually paid for the big salad. She just happened to hand it to you. But it's no big deal.
Coming from
I feel very weird that i know exactly where this is and have passed by those streets many times during my life. If anyone is curious, it's near the Morningside Heights library in New york City.
Didnt know this place was famous?
Where did you come from?
Gotta be Australia or New Zealand
9935 miles for Yankees
You're bringing in an outside cucumber?
Ensalada Grande, por favor
I'm in New York at the moment and actually contemplating going there. I have been before but only to take a photo of the outside of the restaurant.
Paco still makes the soup?
You just had to have it, didn't ya!!
Why does the ambiance look so dark over in that diner compared to how it looks on the show?
What's the deal with the metric system?
I did not find the real food to be that good.
Sydney Aus?
What's a km?
I went to NYC from Europe for a week, first time in the US. Thought about doing this. Decided against it. I should have done it.
Glad you did it though :)