Rush Music Streams Surge 776% in U.S. After Death of Drummer Neil Peart

SiriusXM turned Deep Tracks into a Rush tribute station on Friday the 10th. Fans got it extended to Monday. Then Tuesday. Now it’s through the weekend.
They need to give Rush it’s own permanent station.
I’m gonna have the car set for the rest of the week now. Thanks for the heads up I had no idea!
Been locked into Deep Tracks all week...lovin’ it!!
Good to know, thanks!
Ya lol even the NFL got in on it playin some rush
Now Deep Tracks = Permanent Waves is going through next Wednesday. I suspect this is a trial to see if a dedicated channel will fly.
They just said on the radio that it’s continuing through Wednesday on DeepTracks. I hope they create a fixed station after that!
I usually listen mostly to Ozzy’s Boneyard and Octane but I’ve been tuned nonstop to DeepTracks since they switched to all Rush.
My data shows 2112%
Damn it, have my upvote.
Good job everyone. Keep streaming, Shazaming, searching, looking up lyrics, posting and sharing pictures and stories. Sharing Rush with the world and keeping the music out there reinforces how much people care about this band. Watching Spotify monthly plays climb over the past week has been encouraging.
Reading all the stories about how Rush played some role in people’s lives is heart warming. Amazing to see all the billboards and tv news types bringing up their admiration for the music.
Thinking about what I’ve listened to this past week, I’ve been connecting so much with the 2nd half of the catalog. But perhaps most taken with the song Anthem.... the first time we heard Neil. When the drums really kick in, you hear all this energy and enough power to propel them through another 40 years.
Edit: thanks for the award.
Well said!
Exactly. much like
No better way for the man to have introduced himself to the world.
Suddenly, you were gone
From all the lives you left your mark upon
This is me. I listened to the entire Rush discography in chronological order and subscribed to this sub after I heard the news. Neil Peart’s passing had a huge impact on me as a fellow musician.
Back in simpler times, my high school friends and I would air drum, pound on the dashboard, and mouth the “frappada frappada frappada” of Peart’s fills to hysterical laughter like we were finishing each others’ sentences. It’s one of those things that still makes me smile when I think about it.
Even though my tastes have changed over the years, returning to 2112, Hemispheres, and Permanent Waves was like walking through a vivid dream I once had. It was not my dream. It was Neil’s, and it was brought to life through so many indelible works of genius over the years.
This journey inspired me to discover more of the prog I had ignored for so long. And listening to an album like Dream Theater’s Images and Words after listening to Rush’s discography, it is undeniably clear how Peart inspired a new generation of musicians to dream big as well.
This is me too, and it's pretty obvious that we are legion. The loss of Neil was absolutely a trigger for taking a journey back through those formative years.
Sirius Channel 27, Deep Tracks, has been playing Rush since the weekend, and looks like it'll last until this Sunday. I've been listening to that every day in the car, and streaming on Amazon music at home.
Same. And I love the fact that is displaced the RnRHoF takeover they'd planned to do. That's been moved to Classic Rewind.
I’ve definitely been listening more than usual
listening to my playlist of only Rush right now!!
Sad that it happens that way, but I’m glad more people are giving their stuff another listen.
I guess, when it’s all said and done, all that really matters is what type of a friend, father, son, and husband Neil was to those he loved. We will never really know the true Neil like those close to him did. The drumming was great but I bet he would have given up the whole journey of his musical career for one more day, or even one more hour, with his wife and child.
Now that you've said that out loud, go listen to "Mission" and don't cry.
it was amazing to hear Rush being played during NFL playoff and hockey games. for a band that played to the nerds and misfits throughout all these years with a massive cult following, it's incredible that Neil's passing was honored on the biggest stages of sports entertainment. just a testament to Rush's influence
Sure, Tom Sawyer, but it was nice to see that some of the songs showing up in the top list were topical and not just the most popular.
From OP:
“Founding member of Rush”? Heh.
"The new guy"
I've been listening to snakes and arrows and other more recent albums. A big deal for me because I was critical of the last 3 records and their lyrical content but now, listening with fresh ears and with nostalgia and humility, I find that I do care about those records way more then I thought. The strength of the songwriting and arranging really spoke to me this week.
As critical as I ever got about the last few records, I never missed a tour. I love Rush and Neil Peart will live in my heart forever.
S&A and CA have some of my favorite Rush songs (and favorite Neil lyrics) - Far Cry, Armor And Sword, We Hold On, Caravan, HEADLONG FLIGHT, The Wreckers, Wish Them Well, The much awesomeness!
It's easy to get into a rut. Several albums gradually fell out of my playlist entirely over the last ten years or so and Sirius XM shook so many college/early career memories loose I had to go back and rebuild it from scratch. Now I have like 120 outstanding tracks in there and can't figure out how to trim it.
In all fairness I've listened to and appreciated Vapor Trails for the first time since it's release. At the time i I was like, "Meh".
I do have to say, I am quite disappointed in the media in my area. I have not heard one thing about it from radio or TV around here. Rush has a decent following in the Detroit area and there are three rock stations that could have mentioned it. Although its possible I could have missed it since I have been listening to mp3s from my phone since I have heard nothing anywhere else. (I no longer have Sirius.)
Being in Canada, I'd say the same about the CBC coverage. I know there's a lot of heavy things going on in the news, but even sliding in a few more song snippets would have been nice.
Well time to listen to The Necromancer for the billionth time! God I love that song
That song is the reason my old, beat-up truck was named By-Tor. Not because of his evil fight with the Snowdog, but his redemption arc. (I love how that character got a full story arc, in TWO SONGS)
Here is my R40 Tour playlist on Spotify if anyone is interested:
Thanks for putting this together!
And this is just the streams! So many people were jamming out on their original vinyls and CDs too. I haven’t been able to stop listening.
I may have bought 4 Rush albums that weekend... No shame
I have not listened to anything except rush the past 7 days, that might be part of it.
They're going to hate cashing that check for 17 cents...
there is a Rush book on Amazon for 25$ that is a history of their live shows. A huge coffee table type book that covers every show they ever played. I bought it got it in 2 days went back to send one to a friend.. and they were already back ordered for 2 weeks.
Which one? I might look into getting it, I don’t mind the wait
I’ve been on a major rush kick. I got back into them a month ago and The Kings death only drove me back in. It’s a shame.
Been listening to my records at home, but streaming their live albums at work.
This was to be expected
I'm finding it hard to listen to Rush lately.
Amen. A lot of my streams have been tears.
I know its all I have been listening to over the past week. 100%. And that's not normal for me. My normal play list is about 20% Rush. This week - 100%. Next week - 100% again.
Let’s stream as much as possible and get it to 2,112%!!
I think I've listened to moving pictures at least 10 times since hearing the news. I know that's really their most mainstream album but I still think it's my favorite probably due to nostalgia. I grew up with Rush because of my dad and he always played MP and it's hard to describe how much that album has impacted my life. I can't stop thinking of my childhood and simpler times whenever I listen to it now. I'm glad I got to see them once for their Clockwork Angels tour.
Damn right
I’ve got the music at Work on Rush non stop since the tragic news. It was pretty often anyway. Will be until the end of the month.
If people don’t like it, they can learn to like it.
I made a playlist on Spotify with all of my favorite Rush tracks and have been listening to it pretty much non-stop for a week. And I listen to the Sirius channel in my car when I'm doing ride shares.. So I've been helping with this!
Hopefully they make the Rush channel permanent!
Need to bump that up to 2112%!
Spirit of Radio...Radio.
A splendid mirage in this desolation.
All in all, I have to say not worth it.
As great as it is that Rush is getting all this attention, I wish it weren't like this. I would've preferred having Neil around, and I feel bad that it took his untimely demise to get people to really care.