LIVE results of Redditvision 16!

Once again welcome back to Redditvision 16! During the course of these next few days we will find out who the winner of edition 16 is by calling every delegation one by one. When you are called, you post a response in a comment with your votes (only the songs you have points to, please leave out your 11th - 15th). You will have 3 hours after you are called to post your votes. If your timezone makes it obvious you are asleep you'll get 1 hour.

First up is Nicaragua and
Hola darliiinnngs and good afternoon Saint Lucia!, After an absolutely plump grand final, 3 bottles of wine and far too many tears later, here are the THICCARAGUAN VOTES!
🍑 goes to THICCPAN
🍑🍑🍑 go to SWTHICCDEN
🍑🍑🍑🍑 go to WATHICCLES
🍑🍑🍑🍑🍑🍑 go to BOTHICCLIVIA
🍑🍑🍑🍑🍑🍑🍑 go to THICCRAINE
🍑🍑🍑🍑🍑🍑🍑🍑 go to SOUTH ATHICCA!!
🍑🍑🍑🍑🍑🍑🍑🍑🍑🍑 go to THICCSTRALIA
Now we move to Scotland and
1 point goes to ... Italy
2 points go to ... Nicaragua
3 points go to ... The Bahamas
4 points go to ... New Zealand
5 points go to ... Argentina
6 points go to ... Norway
7 points go to ... England
8 points go to ... Denmark
10 points go to ... Bhutan
and finally our set of 12 points, goes to Liechtenstein
Thank you Portugal! Next is
Good evening Saint Lucia. This is Wales calling. In the words of our dear friend George: “There’s seven billion forty-seven million people on the planet” and I’m incredibly glad to have met
opens a bottle of wine Right. Here are the Welsh votes:
1 point goes to Canada
2 points go to South Korea
3 points go to Saint Lucia
4 points go to Bhutan
5 points go to Iran
6 points go to Australia
7 points go to Argentina
8 points go to Ireland
10 points go to Bolivia
And our 12 points go to…
MOVITS! representing Sweden!
Best of luck to everyone.
Thank you Iran. Next up is my shower break
Ok look at me im cuba
1 point to Ireland
2 points to Iceland
3 points to Norway
4 points to Northern Ireland
5 points to Denmark
6 points to Thailand
7 points to Georgia
8 points to The Bahamas
10 points to Ukraine
and 12 points go to Scotland!
Thank you for that Norway! Now we move over to the Philippines and
Kamusta! Here from the Philippines with the votes!
1pt - Ukraine
2pts - England
3pts - Nicaragua
4pts - Sweden
5pts - Scotland
6pts - Bhutan
7pts - Wales
8pts - Ireland
10pts - Iran
12pts - India
(Don’t kill me)
Thank you USA! Next up is our current points leader Australia.
G'didgeriday! Woloomooloo calling, here are our points u fuckin bogan cunts!
1 point, Ireland
2 points, Liechtenstein
3 points, Thailand
4 points, Japan
5 points, Bolivia
6 points, Scotland
7 points, Norway
and now for the highest points!
8 points, for the Bahamas!
10 points go to, Argentina!
and finally our 12 points are for - Thiccaragua Nicaragua!
Congratulations to everyone, this was such a hard edition to vote in, and there were so many songs I wanted to give 12 to!
Thank you the Perpetually Non-Qualifying! Now we move to a close "friend" of yours over in Monaco, it's
Hello St. Lucia! What a fine show you've run this time around! congratulations on your hosting. And now, without further ado, here are the Monegasque votes:
1 point goes to our host, St. Lucia!
2 points go to the bop that keeps growing, Iceland!
3 points go to the steamy song from Canada!
4 points go to our current leader, Scotland!
5 points go to the sensational song from France!
6 points to the underrated tune from Italy!
7 points go to the emotional and sensational song from Wales!
and now, our top points:
our 8 points go to the iconic revolution of this RSC edition,
our 10 points go to the absolutely invincible track from
and finally, our 12 points go to the song that has been on repeat for weeks. Congratulations to the best entry this edition,
Thank you Trinidad & Tobago. Now let's hear from
Yes of course, here are the points from the Netherlands:
1 point goes to Bhutan
2 points go to Argentina
3 points go to New Zealand
4 points go to Denmark
5 points go to Ireland
6 points go to Georgia
7 points go to Thailand
8 points go to France
10 points go to Scotland
and our 12 points go to Liechtenstein
Thank you Bhutan, next up is South Korea and
Yes, Hello everyone! This is Seoul, South Korea calling. Even though I am currently last, I just want to say
1 point goes to... my amazing friend
2 points go to... the best boobs in the competition: England
3 points go to... a weird but amazing song from: Norway
4 points go to... last edition's winner (userwise of course): Northern Ireland
5 points go to... a song that I considered sending internally in a distant past: Trinidad and Tobago
6 points go to... are they a brunnete or a blonde, I dunno but we'll shoot these points to: Ukraine
7 points go to... uhm... I don't really have anything funny to say about this... might as well drink Nitroglycerine: Sweden
Now... It's time for the all important points:
I will not give out these points until this contest is done... you've probably guessed it, 8 points go to
10 points go to a very dear friend of mine who sent a great song to the competition. Some people might even call him a Casanova:
And FINALLY! the 12 points go to a song that I have loved from the very second I heard it in a last minute national final. These 12 points immediately go bang to
This concludes the South Korean vote, have a fun night/day/evening everyone
Thank you, Iceland for your points! And now we go to
Back to you mah dude
Thank you France for your points! And now it's time for
Hello jaaaa it's me kastenbrot
1 point goes to Ireland
2 points go to Norway
3 points go to Ukraine
4 points go to Scotland
5 points go to Argentina
6 points go to France
7 points go to Nicaragua
8 points go to Canada
10 points go to Thailand
and 12 points go to the absolute banger from AUSTRALIA!!