Next step for the Corridors of Time questline

EDIT 3: This quest has gotten way bigger than I think we were all expecting. We need everyone in the community to come together to solve it. If you haven't already our and other servers are doing massive data collection of everyone's patterns and running through some sorting programs. If you want to contribute come join the server so we can get more data

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We actually don't. You're supposed to start on the diamond after that clover. If you look at the image you linked, there's an opening to the outside of the "maze" on the diamond. You start on the diamond and end where the 2nd opening to the outside is, on the snake. You can do it the opposite way too, from snake to diamond, and it also works.
Oh snap I didn't catch that
This diagram reminds me of the "Flower game" referenced by the Darkness in the unveiling lore book, which actually has a real world version.
Spinfoil: Definitely. The pattern is even like the flower pattern of life. "We can leave this game", we are gonna find away to cheat our own death lol
All throughout the Corridors of Time, I could hear the same whispers as those that appeared near the Unknown Artifact at the end of Shadowkeep's campaign. I'm not too sure what to make of it, but they feel connected.
On Gladds stream someone (probably Datto) was talking about this and referenced it to Conway’s Game of Life. They didn’t think anything of it, but with Bungie no-one ever knows.
There's a website that helps compiling the emblem code room's information:
However I am lost on how to input the info in that Google Doc. Looks like it was locked, so there's no way to contribute right now?
This was posted on the other thread
This is a website for their old game "Marathon":
and a little bit down the page, it says this:
"This web document serves two purposes:
That second point is eerily similar to what we're doing right now, and to what Bungie just tweeted...
Tweet: "Fractured into may pieces, the Corridors of Time need to be put back together."
Marathon Website: "...in hope that the pieces of the jigsaw can be pieced together..."
Edit- the page was last update jan7 2020, last Tuesday reset before this quest dropped. the page welcomes you as visitor #7777777 also mentions “pathways into darkness” under trademarked terms idk if that is old or unrelated.
If you go into the Marathon FAQ, there's a link which lead to a synopsis of the story for Marathon. In it, they describe how the Martians (humans on mars) revolted and created a leadership group called MIDA. If you then go to the MIDA Multi-Tools lore on the Ishtar-Collective. It talks about the exact same rebellion and how it wiped out 10% of the Martian population, but it also mentions that the weapon came from another timeline possibly through golden age experiments. The Destiny and Marathon stories are clearly linked to each other, though the lore suggests that it's not direct.
Maybe the website has always listed you as number 7777777 because bungo has a fetish for 7s
But, Why was it updated Jan 7 you may ask? I have a answer, it was marathons 25th anniversary.
Oh shit
I wish I was smart enough to actually help put all this stuff together though
What if the whole marathon thing was just a hint that we simply can't complete the quest right now. For example maybe the path changes each weekly reset which you would have to input the new 19 codes to get another reward such as a shader, sparrow, ship and finally at the end an exotic? Just a thought.
so i was poking around the fourms and found this shirt the guys from bungie are buying and the middle looks like the mida compass. now if you look earth is in the south east and the friendlies on the radar and in the south west. im trying here see if that gives any leads
Viewing the larger map, there are openings on the sides of each hexagon that shows a valid path you can take. Upon viewing the emblem path, it leads to the snake that has an opening to the outside. The diamond right below it also has an opening to the outside. There seems to be 1 more path for a reward.
I'd love to see a map including the hex image from the emblem reward area. It might help with the one below it.
Here is what my emblem room floor looked like. I'm having a difficult time matching it up anywhere on the main map.
Every hour for every class the symbols change in the emblem path tresor
Titan path = every hour 1 tile from emblem room Hunter path = every hour 1 tile from emblem room Warlock path = every hour 1 tile from emblem room
Maybe this is something
I'm pretty sure there are two per character and they alternate on the hour. At least that seemed to be the consensus after hour 3
So, a fireteam of 3, 1 of each class, all checks obelisk, get their emblems, fit them into the puzzle and take said route?
Here I was thinking it was strange to build such a big area just for the 2 saint missions lol
when i did the first mission i was sure there would be some sort of maze in there at some point and here we are lol
Someone please tell gladd to go to sleep
Using this Magic Hexagon and rotating the hexagons so that 19 matches the Diamond that has a wall opening to the outside, what does this reward us to run all 19 of the symbols?
Edit: This code would be...
Diamond, Snake, Snake, Hexagon, Plus, Plus, Clover, Hexagon, Plus, Plus, Hexagon, Clover, Clover, Hexagon, Plus, Clover, Clover, Clover, Diamond
I rotated the original solved puzzle and placed them on corresponding tiles within the magic hexagon.
There is a 5 tile path that opens up, but it doesn’t “exit” the maze. It is:
Snake, diamond, clover, plus, hex
I’m at work and can’t try it, but feel free to give it a shot.
The thing that has me intrigued would be the use of 5, 7 and 11-symbol solutions. All prime numbers.
/Zafad posted this about 20min ago in the comments and it got me thinking. He said to maybe use all 19tiles. I said at first it's not possible cause of the multiple dead ends.
Bungie just posted it was a marathon not a sprint, if that's a clue it could mean to used 26 tiles (26mi in a marathon)
If you start at snake then visit each tile and backtracking when you hit a dead end. You'll have to use 26tiles. I'll post the order. I can't try it myself yet though.
The only thing I'm not sure about is the order you have to visit the dead end rooms in.
I can't try till later but I'm going to start with Snake clover diamond hex clover hex plus hex plus hex hex plus hex clover hex plus snake clover clover hex clover plus clover clover diamond clover
It doesn't end at an opening though, unless you go back to diamond after the last clover which makes it 27 so take this with a grain of salt haha
It's a marathon not a sprint . . . hmmm . . .
Rasputin is Durandal, confirmed
Coincidentally, a marathon is 42km... 42, the meaning of life.
Also they created the game marathon. Could be 24 do to its 24th anniversary later this year
The map’s clearly saying Prismatic matrix is coming back to eververse... yay.
pRisMatiC mAtrix is WiSh 15
One thing that strikes me is that this path looks like the hexagon shape.
What if other solutions are also the symbols in question?
For example,
Coincidentally, that’s an 11-door solution. Seriously, I just tried to imitate the snake symbol and it happened to be 11 doors.
However, I have no idea how to start at that different room.
I like your thinking, however I forgot to mention in the post that we can only traverse to the next symbol if there is a hole in one of the hexagonal walls. Check the diagram with the line through it above, it only goes through holes.
I was thinking that this might change for each individual each hour, and then in 19 hours you can make your own map?
What about the weird poem in Lore 18, could it hint at the next step?
Solar Wind
The sand sweeps weeping
Across the stone.
It breaks on glass in keeping
With its own.
You were right.
It helped.
Whilst everyone is playing with hexagrams, do you know/does anyone know if there is a place that the lore entries have been compiled?
This map gave us the Emblem code w/o brute force.
Streamers are in the Emblem Vault Now and are creating a new map, just as they compiled the last map, with the new set of tiles.
Is it normal for the center hex to have nothing? Like this:
Gotta link at all? Totally fine if not I’m just lazy
Any possible connection to the flower of life?
It also has 19 meeting points just like the diagram above and maybe the next step is to input the tree of life
tree of life inside the flower of life
As someone who has looked deeply into the connection between the Kaballah and Destiny, I can say (1) you are not wrong, but (2) this is not that.
Hexagons go with bees (who use hexagons to build their hives). Bees feed on flowers and trees. In the symbolism, if it is a Hexagon, it usually is a reference to humanity as the 'pollinators' of the spiritual world. The flower of life and the tree of life are the things we busy little bees crawl all over. They are almost always represented with circles or curves.
Interestingly, the Golden Dawn types occasionally use Hexagons to represent the tunnels used to travel the Astral Plains, which is very similar to the way they are used here. Reinforcing my belief that Bungie, at its base, started all this with either Crowley or Regardi as their source of "space magic."
So, while I think that the hexagons used by those that are practitioners of the Kaballah probably provided some inspiration for this puzzle, I do not think it is intending to map out the Tree of Life or Flower of Life. That's used more as a Drifter/Nine vibe in the symbolism of the game.
You also now know why I am obsessed with Bees. Bees are also the symbol of Demeter who descended into Tartarus to retrieve Persephone from Hades. As such, they are a symbol of the coming Spring - which goes hand in hand with the increasing sunlight symbolism of this quest.
Been a while since I've seen this. It's probably a coincidence, but *man* is it conveniently inspired :D
I dont know if it could be relevant, but from time to time i can hear whispers while in the vault room. But as english is not my first language, im unable to figure out if they actually say anything.
record it and post it
So regardless of the big bold “I think my friend and I found a solution” we are still not finished, can we remove that huge misleading line in the post?
My understanding is that edit is recently been added. First I've noticed it today.
It reminds me of Outbreak Prime in D1 where they had to compile all the data to come up with the map. I'm certain this is a similar situation...too bad I'm computerilliterate and have no idea how these things work. Counting on you guys to figure it out! Thanks in advance!
hi all, quick FYI my emblem room map changed after an hour passed from the first one.
Edit: Could it be that we gotta get 19 different hours to get a full code on the emblem room?
I was looking at the emblems for this season trying to figure out what emblem we get since this got solved while I was sleeping and it's this one:
Looking at other emblems for this season one stood out:
Look at the pattern on this one. It no longer has all the hexagons completely linked like the above "meta map" and now has blank spots in between. I'm wondering if part 2 of this puzzle will resemble that since we're now getting blank pieces in the final room of part 1.
Also the emblem name ties into the line of the poem referenced in Lore 18:
Solar Wind
The sand sweeps weeping
Across the stone.
It breaks on glass in keeping
With its own.
You were right.
It helped.
Doesn't the hex symbol itself look like 2 hexagons bisecting each other? The line above and below looks like an axis. Maybe the symbols are static on each plane, but rotate to a new set every hour like a revolving door.
I thought it's an hourly thing, hence why they change hourly
Also think it has something to do with the emblem room, every vault room symbol is unique on the emblem room
Have people been taking into account the actual architecture of the different rooms? Many of them have strange looking structures that may have something to do with the puzzle.
Idk if it was mentioned yet, but have anyone noticed that de pattern is horizontally inverted between hexagons that connect with each other?
It matches every single hexagon
That's how they were able to link all the hexagons together.
Anyone try popping a tincture of queensfoil? Lmao
Yes Gladd tried that. Nothin happened.
So I just had something happen, and forgive me if this is known, but its news to me so figured I'd share. I just got home from work and wanted to try something I hadn't seen yet. I started at 2 o' clock on the giant hexagon map made up of the 19 rooms and went clockwise, just like we'd seen so far. When I reached 6 o' clock I got stuck in a corridor. The door on the far side pushed me back, and when I turned around to go back, the door I'd come from was doing the same. So I tried to fan angle myself out by dodge rolling as I was getting pushed back and noticed I could just almost make it into what was clearly another room, so i equipped a sword and after dodgerolling, I swiped. This broke me through into the next room. It looks similar to all the other rooms weve seen, and it had the broken tower structure in the middle, but its surrounded by triangle structures, and theres two key differences in it. 1.) There are no enemies. At all. No cyclopses, no hydras, goblins, hobs, or fanatics, not even any chaser harpies. 2.) The obelisks in front of the doors dont have symbols on them. I dont know if this means anything or if anyone else has seen and shared this already, but just figured I'd share. Havent tried all doors yet, but 2/5 lead to dead end hallways that dont repel you back, but are solid walls and you cant go through, nor is there anything on the other side (before hitting the wall you can get to the other side of a visible non-tangible wall and see that it clearly doesnt lead anywhere.)
edit: just finished exploring all branches and all lead to the same dead end hallway, including the one I initially came from. My only guess is that since the hallway is a loading zone, and the game stuck me in the loading zone, it gave me a generic room that doesnt actually go anywhere, since you're clearly not supposed to get in there. Sorry if I got anyone's Hope's up folks.
edit 2: Here's a brief imgur link. Doesn't back up a lot of my claims, but just some minor findings. I'm working on uploading a video that shows more in detail what I was talking about. Again, this doesn't seem to go anywhere unfortunately, just found it interesting, and not sure if there's anything to it.
edit 3: and a video link. Sorry for slow edits, have some bad internet coupled with being a console player so I had to do a bit extra to get it all uploaded.
Got any screenshots to back up that?
Any chance we can get timestamps for updates on the post?
I've been checking while at work and it's hard to keep up on what's changed and when. Not sure what is new info and what is old.
wondering the same
Me as a non raid secrets user looking at this thread “the fuck?!”
My brain hurts
This is why I don't mess with time travel and leave the problem solving to the Warlocks.
There are no holes in the very first wall the route passes through? (diamond -> clover)
Edit: Oh nevermind I see now – there are holes in the border of the large symbol tiles
There are
Playing as a Hunter I have gotten 2 different emblem room tiles. A blank one with 3 open sides and a snake with 1 open side. I tried doing the first obelisk code followed by the emblem room code and it gave me the blank tile again. I think the emblem room code might be the key for unlocking another map by inputting reach obelisk code followed by the emblem "key" code (maybe) if no one tries that before I get home from work I will post my results later tonight.
Hi there again. I am got 8 results from different paths.
Here is a link:
And 1 screenshot
This is clearly a Magical Hexagon it has been pointed out by other community members.
Magical Hexagon
Now, the solution might be time gated or we need to use Python to run algorithms. Yes I said Python. The Snake.
Oh man I'm down for a Python generated solution. Time to hit Github.
That's a good suggestion. I think maybe the smaller hexagons with patterns could mean the number that tile represents. They each have a different amount
Someone trusted confirmed that it isn’t time gated
The recent tweet about a marathon not a sprint maybe we have to pass though every room in one run before entering the last room
I see a number of people / streamers write of blank centers since "only centers with a symbol will be involved in the path." What if the path goes through one or 2 blanks to reach the next symbol? Otherwise with a map of this size we will end up with a 50 symbol path. I'm not sure why everyone instantly writes of the blanks. If there's proof I'm not aware of, please share.
Let's say it does go through a blank. What are you supposed to do at that point when navigating the maze?
So, it looks like rooms
What is the longest path that can be taken?
Edit: There's been talk of different paths for different classes, and there are exactly three paths that are ten codes long each. I'm going to try them
I have another theory to test as well but I can't articulate it properly to tell you about it, gimme a minute.
I was in the emblem vault room when the hour ticked over and my symbols changed. The big hexagon stayed empty, but it changed from one opening to two. All the symbols on the outer hexagons changed. I couldn't see any pattern to the change.
Does the picture having the same 12 points as hands on a clock and the activity being in a sundial releasing codes by the hour mean anything?
What if the solution is 26 symbols long? You know, being a marathon is 26 miles.
I just double checked my Emblem room floor, and i did not get a symbol in the middle. Assumption is that there are a set amount of that get symbols and some don't. This would mean that we would have to create a new map from everyone that gets a symbol on their Emblem Room floor.
Equip the emblem first, people have been saying the symbols don't show up until it's equiped
What if the goal isn’t to use all the symbols but to find a 7 symbol path that leads from one closed tile to another closed tile.
Unsure if it means anything or has been mentioned, but there are plenty of Roman numerals on the emblem.
M | M, XV | III on the emblem itself (1000 | 1000, 15 | 3 or 2018 if MMXVIII).
On the banner it’s hard to read, but I see M OV XXI, III-A XV M, WO- XIV.
W, O, and A are not Roman numerals so I’m not sure what exactly that would translate to.
And XIV is 14, so WO- XIV is likely Saint-14. The rest I’m not sure about.
This was on another group/ thread.
Yes there are these characters/Roman numerals however you have some of then wrong. And there is another set which I found by changing my screen bounds.
After that I realized you can clearly see all the correct characters in the top left corner of the lore book/emblem image that appears in any of the lore pages of pigeon and phoenix.
My emblem floor had no big symbol in it
So I followed this route; Diamond, Clover, Snake, Plus, Hex, Hex, Plus, Hex, Diamond, Clover, Snake, as seen if you follow opening to opening on the map. And got an empty tile with four openings revealed I have no idea what it means
This is the path that awards some the emblem.
I have been in the map room at three different hours with my hunter now. Everytime I got a different floor hex (different openings, different side hex group codes). None of the big floor hexes had a symbol in it, they were blank every time. I have all 19 lore entries and the emblem.
Try running 19 times build a map out of your individual results. Then place your map over the master map. You should be able to narrow it down to 6 combos since there are six sides
Does anyone have the link for uploading emblem room patterns?
The hexagon in my emblem pattern is empty
I was watching Gladd until he just got off to finally take a nap before coming back on tonight in a few and they had a bunch of blank middle emblems. Its pretty obvious IMO that the emblems are important, its just is it that they are not the path, used to as a marker to reset at certain points or ?
Its probably going to be awhile to crack the code but someone might stumble on to it sooner though!
Bungie did a great job so far with this one though, so many in the community have helped this move forward which is really cool!
Same here, what threw me more off is only one edge was empty. Might mean the new map (if that's what we have to make) is a different shape.
Just outta curiosity, but what if this is meant to be seen as a 3 dimensional object where the ends meet? Like a hexagonal sphere like object?
Somebody else mentioned something similar before but if you made the map 3 dimensional it would be a cube with 4 sides a top and a bottom with the symbols overlapping on some parts for 9 symbols on each side. Could be something, could be nothing...
I am wondering if that compiled corridors snowflake image is like a map to a maze with the ways that have openings to the outside being the main start points and you follow them to the rooms that are dead ends or even to the center. I would test this out but I need sleep.
If you’re referring to the “meta map,” yes, that’s exactly how you get the emblem, by following the maze. That part was solved last night.
This was my emblem
I don't know if that can help, but i noticed that ammo crates stay in rooms after reset. Maybe there is a way to visit every room combination and this can help.
Maybe once completed the map will have some symbols similar enough that it overlays on the old one, and the matching blanks become the underlying symbols from the old one
The emblem room floor symbol changes every hour by the looks of it. I'm sat in that room and soon as the hour changed it went from blank to snake.
What if you fold the map up and make it 3D? Could you make a hexagonal prism out if it? I don't know if this would actually help or do anything but perhaps,if it's possible, it could help.
I just thought of something, and head me out on this.
What if these symbols that are appearing in the emblem room are not connected to the overarching map we you have already made. What if they are making a completely different map?
I hypothesizes this, mainly becasue when I was there, the first time I revealed it, the middle rune was blank. When the hour turned over, and I thought there would be more runes revealed on the outer edge would lead me to a new connection, the middle rune filled in with a Diamond, and all the exterior connections changed.
EDIT: If everyone's tile in the emblem room is unique, maybe we can use multiple people to create a new map. Still, just a hypothesis.
I'm thinking we need 19 of these magic hexagon maps to make one giant corridor map. so we need 361 unique symbols to match up and find the route from that maybe?
Damn i now know how Osirus feels
Questions about flashes after you go through a door - just throwing this out there in case anyone else has seen anything. Sometimes when I leave a room and head into the connecting corridor there is a flash of white light, sometimes 2 flashes, and sometimes no flashes. Then it always (at least that I've noticed ) only flashes once when you cross the half way point. Do these variable flashes mean anything. Is anyone else seeing them? At work so I can't post video, sorry.
After a quick test on only the first room
Plus = 1 flash
Hex = 2 flashes
Clover = 2 flashes
Snake = 1 flash
Plus = 1 flash
All gave 1 additional flash when reaching the halfway point of the connecting corridor
We don’t know I think, maybe try only going through ones with two flashes, one flash, or none
I’m also wondering if the dead ends could be starting points or ending points?
Since the codes have been discovered, do you have to wait hour by hour to grab 19/19 codes? Or can you do all previous codes at once as well?
Last question- is each lore card tied to a specific code. Or do you just need to do 19 codePuzzles, regardless of which one it is?
You can do all of them now whenever you want. You get the lore in order, it's not tied to specific codes. Each code will only give you lore once.
Using your map, I found an 11 corridor path that led me to a time lost vault, but there is no symbol in the middle, and there are symbols on all sides.
Send a screenshot of it to the discord server I've linked above. I'm compiling them all
If the 19 codes made up a map to get us an emblem using a 11 sequence path then....
it’s likely that the odd/even reveals make up parts of community sourced maps that will make a similar 11 sequence path, it’s just the matter of collecting and solving one of these particular maps we just need to collect a ton of chunks
I saw someone mention that a marathon has 26 miles in it, creating a path that goes through every single room has 26 steps, assuming you start in the diamond on the left, I can't run it right now, but I need to try:
See if that does anything.
Marathon was also the name of another, earlier Bungie game.
So to unlock one piece of the map it takes a 7 digit code, to traverse the maze it takes an 11 digit code. Have we tried 7 digit codes that are different from the original 19 to unlock a new piece?
You can also do the emblem route backwards and get the emblem
This is a 5head right here. Amazing work!
I haven’t seen this mentioned but the in the emblem room, the blue outline on the center (largest) hexagon also changes.
I’ve seen two different variants, both had two sides of the hexagon NOT highlighted, and 4 sides that do have the blue outline.
This has been mentioned many times. It changes every hour, is different for every player and for each character
I went through the emblem code backwards and I wound up in the Vault again, when I revealed the big symbol I didnt get anything but there was no symbol everything else lit up though?
Running it backwards just gives the emblem if you dont already have it
In all the codes, and the map, why is the cauldron (or a blank) never a main center symbol, but used in the small symbols?
My guess is cause you can't choose any other symbols from that room. I don't know what significance the small symbols have yet though
Has anybody tried repeating the one o'clock going clockwise pattern on the outer ring and redoing it for the inner ring like what we did for the patterns on the obelisks?
So start at one o'clock on the outer circle, go clockwise, then start at one o'clock on the inner circle, go clockwise, then do the center symbol.
Could it be that we have to clear every room? Cause then we’d be exploring
Can someone help explain the two pluses on the top right? When we move from the hex room via plus corridor, why do we go to the correct room instead of that closed off one which is also a plus room.
Because that one is a dead end, you want to reach the symbol with an entrance
Has anyone tried running the bigger symbol path while NOT hitting the reset button? Since you know the last room you were in you can effectively keep going despite being teleported.
After you reach a vault and activate it, it becomes the only path available. If you run out, you're at the start, if you run back w/o reseting, your at the same vault.
Someone else noticed that the vault rooms are shaped like the marathon logo!
that's part of the emblem/final route. Diamond, Clover, Snake, Plus, Hex, Hex, Plus, Hex, Diamond, Clover, Snake
I ran my emblem room code multiple times after logging in and out several times on my hunter and the end floor changed with each time I did it? Maybe this helps someone figure it out but I think each person can get multiple codes.
The current theory is that you get a new one every hour.
I've saved and written down a few emblem room and got a repeated pattern, but it was turned 180°. 100% matched a room from 2 hours ago except it was rotated. It's a dead end piece so it matters less, but worth sharing.
TT nightstalker 11am and 1pm rooms PST
so far i have 4 different symbols from the emblem room, i think they might change on the hour with the codes on the obelisk. so if we get 19 new ones and build a new map with a path like the first map and we will find whatever we are looking for
They do change every hour, BUT each class sees a different one. And each person seemingly sees a different once, hence the various collection sites to determine what people are seeing.
Here is what my emblem room floor...
1 hour ago
2 hour ago
I apologize if I this has been posted, as I didn’t see it when I looked.
Simple minded thought:
The inner circle Matches the size of the original patterns on the obelisk and we started at the 2 o’clock position.
The outer circle is an actual clock with 12 points.
Is it possible that we start at the actual 2 o’clock on the outer circle? It will bring us to 1 o’clock, down to the 2 o’clock in the inner circle. This will bring us to the natural pattern of the obelisk and to the middle room.
Just a thought
With this point in mind from the post:
"Keep in mind that we can only traverse to the next symbol if there are holes in the walls to the next one. Go look at the diagram with the line I put through it, it only goes through symbols where it can pass through holes."
Has anyone looked for a route that follows this rule and hits every single room exactly once?
This reminds me of those "Magic Hexagon" puzzles I would get in math class, I would never know what to do
This may be dumb but is it possible that each room is a symbol itself. Like a top down view of each specific room, and then the connecting parts that are open on the sides are the paths you can take to get to where you need to be depending on which symbols are displayed next to the open spot? Has anyone tried to choose certain doors to see if they can navigate to a specific room this way? Say if I'm in spire room if I choose hex I'll get to X, if I'm in big red cauldron room if I choose Plus I get to X. These may be contextual as well and randomized each time but it still may be a path to investigate.
Has anyone set a fireteam of three or six to go into this? If so, it should be comprised of one of each class or two of each class. Everyone picks a unique path and follows it. What's the result?
I.e. a Hunter, a Warlock, and a Titan all enter the CoT together but each follows a unique path. What happens then?
If two people are on a fireteam and one tries to go through a door without the other in the bridge room with them, they get bounced back from the door
Do you have a link to the map without the line?
Edit: fuck nevermind it was the other link
It's the first link in the post
Crazy theory, but hear me out...
All of the numbers used for codes or for the lore book are prime numbers: 7 (amount of symbols in each code), 11 (emblem code), 19 (total pieces)
Dunno, seemed weird to me while I was writing down the codes.
I’ve been gone for like two weeks, what’s all the hubbub about the Corridors of Time? Also nice work
Anyone wonder if Bungies comment about it being a marathon may refer to 26 codes? A marathon is 26 miles.
Marathon is one of Bungie's original goal, and the spiritual precursor to Halo. This season, and this content drop, also came right after Marathons 25th anniversary. The vault rooms are also shaped similarly to the Marathon logo. Bungie also said its a Marathon, not a sprint.
Also, if you take the Roman numerals on the emblem we get, make it a date, go to Bungie's forums and search that date, you get some letters and a message that says, "Here's a hint: it's a poem" (credit to another user in this thread for that)
Just read some history on the marathon, the first one was actually 24.8 miles, ran in the 1896 Greek Olympics. It was changed in the 1908 London Olympics to the current length. Also, the myth of Pheidippides originally was that he ran to Sparta, not Athens, which was around 150 km away and then back again to Marathon. It could also be referencing the battle itself? But most likely, Bungie wants us to pace ourselves and get ready for a long puzzle.
A marathon is 44 km not 26 miles, invented by the Greeks, they use the metric system.
Have we tried shooting the symbols in between the meta map as we progress the rooms? With Devil’s Ruin or something?
Just curious if anyone has thought of this: Is there any correlation between what towers you have linked to the sundial and the symbols that show up on the Emblem room?
!remindme 3 hours
Another thing I will look into is Chemistry molecules.
Here's my 2 cents about this CoT thing:
1.The first thing i did was to do the emblem run,once completed i got the emblem and equipped it BEFORE activating the plate below me,here's the result (
2. I started to do a brute force run and choosed always the plus symbol, aaaand i noticed that this place is literally infinite. There are patterns of rooms,which can be different for one thing or another, but every room can repeat itself. Let me explain it: there is a chance that you can get the same room,but with different enemies. in my complete run (over 24+ plus signs passed), i walked into the same 4 rooms,but in different order and each one had a different shape.i created a list with this "differences":
-Normal Room
-Room with lasers everywhere
-Room with radiolarian fluid instead of water
-Room flooded with radiolarian fluid
Here's an example (
Also the enemies are divided into patterns,and a new pattern will respawn in the same room only if you've killed all of the enemies, here's a proof (
So my guess overall? this place is infinite,we have hundreds of thousand of combination because each room can be visited after our first visit forever, so a brute force run,now that we have the emblem and the lore book ,is
I don't find is someone try this : run a big combination of the 19 big symbols in the right order ( order of the lore) ?
The symbols don't connect to the lore. The lore is given to you in order no matter what code you enter. Each big symbol is the last one in the code to get there. All the big symbols have glowing sides that represent walls. When they were put together into a map by matching the smaller clusters on the sides, the walls made a maze and showed the path to get the emblem.
Mfw I suggested what has become the meta map in the mega thread 11h ago and only got downvoted.
So what I’ve noticed in the emblem room is that the revealed tile changes every few minutes
We need to start seeing duplicates. That can help with establishing a pattern, maybe over time, or by character. If they are all RNG like affinities/stats on armor this is way bigger...
If you amalgamate your emblem maps, can you traverse around the hexagons?
Has anyone using devils ruin to break something or to see something through the scope?
After getting all the paths done and getting my emblem I found this forum and I ran the Snake, Clover, Diamond, Hex, Plus, Hex, Hex, Plus, Snake, Clover, Diamond Listed on
This shit gives me a headache ...
Is there a way to run through all rooms and end in either the beginning or the map room?
Edit: nvm I’m stupid
Could the Roman numerals on the emblem correspond to anything?
It’s 2018, forsaken and caydes death. It’s our own grave however so idk, maybe cayde is saved and we die in an alternate timeline
Very nice work and explaining it thanks
Is there any connection of the Emblem with the Slavic cipher?
We get a Molotov launcher as a reward?
Here is mine
Everyone here is awesome and doing great.
I feel like im doing something wrong. I ran through the doors for the first lore and then I got stuck in an infinite loop where I couldnt go anywhere except that same lore room, which kept teleporting me to the beginning. do you need to go back to orbit after every code???
There is a small pillar to the left of the entrance (just before you enter the first tunnel), you can interact with it to reset the instance.
After you get a lore piece or the emblem. If you approach the grave it teleports you back to the beginning. You'll see a set of three standing walls where you can reset the map. If you're not doing that then that's probably why.
If you go snake, clover, diamond, hex, plus, hex, hex, plus, snake, clover, diamond you get a room with symbols but no symbol in the middle.
This is well known my man. These guys are way past where you’re at atm.
Thank you for nominating this content. Goodbye.
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To touch up on point 6: Is it confirmed that we all get the same pattern at the very bottom of the floor if we all run the same course? Or are they different from one another?
My emblem room floor tile has only one opening, so the idea (#6) wouldn't work for me.
Maybe is we run it the same way we ran the original emblems. Clockwise (inner ring) until we get to the last emblem, and then jump to the outer ring and run it that way, then jump back to the center for the final entrance?
Idk, that was my first thought seeing this.
Could I run this in my other character for the emblem to help out with the pic? I didn’t take a pic of my first emblem run :( I wanna help
I anyone putting together the smaller hexagons to try and form something? The ones outside the larger one when you get to the room.