Don’t let me call in sick? Fine I’ll just quit

Little bit of background. I had been working at a restaurant for about 18 months as a food runner. It was an okay job but the company was going corporate and they had really stopped caring about their employees. We were super short staffed because of this, (I was 1 of only 2 food runners and normally they have 6-10 people hired), and I was considering quitting too because I was tired of being mistreated.

It's really sad how many managers turn understaffing into their employees' problem. Your former manager doesn't need to wonder that nobody wants to do that job. Glad that you left the place. The manager could get themselves in an awful lot of trouble if the right people notice that. All it needs is a health inspector surprise-visiting and noticing that the staff is being made to work even when contageously sick. Or a costumer noticing and reporting it.
I hope you found a new and better job.
I came in on a Wednesday to find that my manager had no one on the dish station for the day, understaffed me 3 cooks out of five for a shift. And I had a last minute breakfast, lunch party for 25. No FOH, I was the only manager. Really busy that day, the rest of the week was no better, definitely got burned out after 15 years in the industry.told FOH manager I was going to tell upper management on Monday with a detailed report of the shenanigans I had seen in the past months. As this was not a new occurance. Got fired on Monday morning right before the meeting.
If it were me I would have made sure the order to work from the manager was in writing, then sent it to both the health inspector and corporate, and possibly a local paper that might be interested in running a story about how contagiously sick people were forced to handle their reader’s food at a local restaurant.
Indeed. My soon-to-be ex bosses (married couple) refused to believe us when we tried to tell them that business was picking up and our staff couldn’t handle it. Instead, they started micromanaging, which made it worse, and literally ostracized the woman who had acted as our spokesperson. The bosses reasoning was that she talked too much and if we didn’t talk to her, she would get more work done. (Yes, they told me this during one horrifyingly candid chat. At the time, they thought I was on their side I guess) They didn’t actually use the word ostracize, but you get the picture. They actually sent one of the teenagers home for the day when she was caught talking with the coworker in question... they still do not believe we need another worker, so I’m booking it before the busy season starts again.
If he had gone into work sick and the health inspector surprised visited, would he have gotten in more trouble or the restaurant itself?
I definitely wish the right people would have noticed, some people had been forced to work who were much worse than me. I just needed to leave the place but luckily I got a much better job!!
OP should have called the health inspector, and had them meet them at the door, pain in the ass, but i guarantee that manager will never pull that shit on anyone again
Wen will people realize that punishment gets you nowhere.
Not to take anything away from this but health inspectors are an absolute joke, at least where I am.
The restaurant I work in passes health inspections all the time even with the shady shit they do. Health inspectors just want to walk through, check off the list, and move on.
Often times its not being made to work sick, its deciding between making money or not. Most restaurants do not offer paid time off.
Honestly surprised you put your 2 week notice in, I expected more pettiness and just telling your boss that you quit instead.
I definitely considered it. But this manager was technically not my boss. I reported to the head chef who had always been very kind to me, so for his sake I put in my 2 weeks
Just did this. My boss was an asshole, put his understaffing problems on employees, did as little work as possible while expecting the moon from us. Slyly threatened to fire me a lot. The last time he did it I'd had a job interview that morning, so I kept my mouth shut (we'd gotten into it before and I tend not to keep my opinion to myself), finished my shift, and told the owner I wouldn't be coming back and why. Needless to say it screwed everyone over very badly as we already had no staff.
I will never understand people like him. If you have minimal staff you treat the ones you have like kings. Also, he was the first person to truly criticize my work in the last five years so I think it was just a god complex.
Or called the health department when you where working with food while you have pink eye.
Seriously. Call the health and the labor department and tell them that you were not only forced to work while being sick but also threatened to be illegally terminated. They’ll have a field day. Call a lawyer, too.
Hah I should’ve!!
At least you gave two weeks notice! I had a job that I worked at for almost 3 years, and while I was doing my internship I asked my boss if I could go down to working just Saturdays, I even gave a months notice for it, but since my internship was M-F I couldn’t work during the week. My boss agreed to it and scheduled for just Saturday’s for the first month of my internship. After that she scheduled me Saturday and Sunday for the upcoming month, when I told her there was no way I could do that because I would be working 7 days a week on top of school, she told me that “what you do in your free time isn’t my business. It’s not fair to your coworkers here that you only work one day a week.” Not to mention that upcoming Sunday was Father’s Day and I had plans. I walked out that day. I was planning on going back after my internship was over, but after she told me that my other ‘job’ and school wasn’t any concern to her and I need to work every weekend, I was so pissed. I heard from one of my old coworkers that it took months to fill my position and that my boss had to start coming in on weekends because now she had nobody. It felt amazing to hear that lol.
That’s amazing!! Sometimes you do just have to walk out, good for you for being assertive! It’s not like you didn’t warn them it was gonna happen
I would have walked out too. As soon as a boss says "I don't care about you", I'm out. Good bosses care about you as a person, and not just view you as a number.
The last place I worked at can't keep their employees because of the treatment and it is a higher paying job for the area. In the group interviews, they always hire everyone because they are so desperate for people. Then people get pissed off at unions when they try to defend employees for their rights.
Wife’s work is constantly griping that “good talent is hard to find.” They just told their newest hire to check himself out of the hospital and get on a bus to work after a car accident. He quit immediately and management was shocked. I just don’t understand. I don’t think the managers are psychotic, but by those actions it’s plausible.
That’s honestly what this place was turning into. Most new hirings we’re leaving within 2 weeks
Should have went in and rubbed your eyes all over all of the managers shit then quit
I think that’s how you get pink eye in the first place.
Hello, health department? I have pinkeye but my boss is making me come into the restaurant anyway...
...so I wondered if you had anyone free to come in to work with me today?
F to that last food runner. Good on you though, companies that don’t care about their employees don’t deserve them
What does “going corporate” mean in this scenario? I’ve seen a few people writing about their restaurant going corporate but never really understood it.
If the restaurant is a franchise owned by a franchisee, going corporate means the corporation buys out the franchisee and then owns the store.
If the restaurant is a family owned or independent establishment it means a restaurant company that owns various restaurants will buy them out to become part of their portfolio. They would hope to cut operating costs by scale. For example, if they owned several "independent" Italian restaurants, they would be able to buy the same ingredients, etc in larger quantities or by agreement from the same distributor and save.
In this case the restaurant was opened about 20 years ago. About 5 years later the company opened up one more location. There was no other big changes until like 2 years when the owner decided to open 4 more locations. It’s a brewing company as well, and a couple years ago they began to ship their beer all around the US. Then this year they created a board of directors and changed all the company policies. That’s what I was referencing as going corporate here.
But what your really asking and what a restaurant employee means is they starting becoming sticklers for everything. Sock length, tattoos, piercings, "using a tray for every beverage even if it's just one"..
Let me tell you that list goes on and on.
The employees at a place like cheesecake factory have strict rules, compared to your neighborhood bar with hats and t shirts on. At cheesecake they have an ironing board set up in the back if you come in with a wrinkled shirt you must iron it.
i ended up quitting my DD job cuz the manager decided to tell everyone she was gonna fire me for being out on thanksgiving in the hospital. even with a note she gave me hell, so i ended up quitting.
Aw I’m sorry! It always sucks when management doesn’t treat employees right. I do understand how they think it’s okay to abuse others
Like the old saying goes, "People don't quit shitty jobs, they quit shitty managers."
Sadly, management tends to attract the kind of people who shouldn't but put in charge of others.
So so true
Yeah, fuck dealing with labor boards. That kind of shit ought to carry an actual prison sentence.
The last thing we need is Patient Zero handing out Whoppers to schoolchildren, and the law should reflect that.
I don’t know how managers think it’s okay to do shit like that. Sadly it’s not the first time I’ve had one with that attitude
Stories like these make me so happy I left the US.
Here in Germany/Switzerland, your manager will force you to stay home if you just started sniffling. Stomach ache? Stay home. Mild food poisoning from that iffy meat you ate the night before? Stay home.
If you're sick beyond 2 days, you'll need to see a doctor for a note. They'll tell you to take a few days off work to rest and recover. The bill will be close to nothing and you never have to worry about your job. Not only is this the norm, it's encouraged by every single employer.
I know this may come off as bragging or something, but it really isn't. I can't imagine forcing myself to go into work with a fever, or even letting it get that far to begin with, anymore. It's been years and my quality of life has improved so much.
I have been in the US all of my life and I just stopped giving a shit about having to call off when I am ill. They don't fucking care. They really don't. Someone else will do the job, and it's not like they will take care of you. I have been threatened to be fired and IDGAF. I can get a DR's note. If they fire me over that I'll take them to court so they pay my bills for the rest of my life. Fuck them. Besides, they want ONE person doing the work of TWO people, to cut down on labor costs. I hate America for this very reason and hate cheeto and capitalism for blocking universal healthcare. It's disgusting.
yearns in American
I really want to move to Germany. T.T
Double pink eye?
You might want some safety goggles with whatever shit you're into.
I don't get managers like that. Why can't they just say "sorry for the trouble but I will need a doctor's note for corporate." or whatever. It costs nothing to be polite.
So so true
Its disturbing how pervasive this mentality is in the restaurant industry. I have been working in it for nearly 20 years and have not gotten such a thinly veiled threat, but have received a pile of guilt trips.
I don't often get that sick and even more rarely call out. I once received a stack of texts and calls telling me how "needed" I was when I had a fever of at least 103, (Turned out to be viral brochitis) and was only allowed to take the following day off when I started coughing up blood.
I've seen chefs call their sous' and cooks awful things for calling out sick (or even attempting to).
I cooked until i was 30. Went to trade school I get paid right and treated decent now. I remember when I was young people telling me foodservice was the worst thing Icould ever get into ....they were 100% right. If you wanna be paid dogshit and treated worse go get a job as boh. I still have freinds that follow there "passion" and do the cook/chef life They wonder why they just cant seem to make any kinda decent life for themselves and it seems so easy for me now....lol. Following your passion was the biggest scam of my generation.
My mom works at a nursing home, and they're chronically understaffed. It's gotten to the point where it is destroying the bodies of the people working there, causing them to quit and making the problem even worse. On top of that, they have INSANE hiring standards. It's so bad that if their best housekeeper were to apply there now, she wouldn't have even gotten an interview. And there are countless people in town desperate for a job, they just need to be willing to accept them. It's just plain sad at this point.
Could have asked for a county inspector to come in on your shift while you were there, and get the whole place shut down...
Notice, for a restaurant job. That's really really gracious of you. While it may be common courtesy to give notice, walk outs are pretty much the norm
I would've reported them to the department of health as well.
i had a micromanager that would make you get a Dr. note if you called off sick. we have access to all kinds of Dr at work. my co-workers would just get one of them to sign a note.
the day i called off sick due to some kinda crazy gastric thing, she demanded a note from a Dr. so, i make an appointment on a day i am working. she has to give me 4 hour appointment time to get her note.
It really sucks when you’re forced to get a note. I understand the logic but it can be hard to miss a days pay as well as have to pay for a trip to the doctor.
Oh that is some seriously satisfying revenge. Good on you.
They only have 2-3 of us on at a time normally lol. But it is a huge place
It is likely that it would have been easy to get the manager fired.
There's nothing petty about this. You did a very adult and responsible action for yourself. A petty revenge would be to show up and rub your pink eye on the office phone and keyboard and then quit on the spot.
As somebody who actually has been fired from a restaurant for calling in sick, THANK YOU!
Food industry managers need to realize that just because they made it their life to work there, doesn't mean everyone else should. Can't stand that mentality.
I’ve had a similar experience where my manager fires me only because I couldn’t work for only one day because I had school. Didn’t even bother to tell me the time I should start. He just told me to turn in my uniform and pick up my check, it was stupid. I only worked there for 4 days.
That’s so dumb. I never understand how places can be short staffed and then fire employees for stupid things
I had something similar happen. I was a hostess and had food poisoning or a stomach virus. I called in at 7 am. I didn’t hear anything back by 3 and I was supposed to work at 5 (which is another problem in of itself because I was constantly scheduled out of my availability) and my manager threatened me if I didn’t come in. I called right before my shift and gave my two weeks. My manager was an asshole though. He didn’t pay for for work I did when I first started because he didn’t show me how to clock in.
The theft of worker's wages is the single most profitable crime in the United States. More money is stollen from workers than any other criminal endeavor makes throughout the country.
Gotta live when management screws up and makes it your problem
Shoulda just not gone in. Fuck the two week notice.
I can hear this whole thing
Hah gotta love pink eye
This isn't revenge... petty or otherwise.
I can relate! When I was 15 years old I got a job as a hostess at Chili’s. I took it very seriously as I loved having my own money and I was an idiot with my priorities all mixed up. Anyways management treated up like shit obvio and this one day I was getting ready for work (my parents always drove me) and I was clearly sick. I tried to convince my parents I was fine from fear of missing work but eventually gave in and literally crumbled into bed. I can hear my mom downstairs polite but first calling the manager and telling him I’m sick and not coming in. His name was Uvey and he was short, fat, nasaly, thick glasses, thought he was the shit because he was a line two manager and just overall terrible. Next think I hear is my Dad screaming something about child labor laws or such. My dad is honestly the kindest person on the planet with the biggest heart but apparently you don’t fuck with his daughter....he came in and gently said “honey I don’t think you have a job anymore”. And my response? I cried my eyes out! Stupid. Apparently my managers response to my mom was “well if she ever wants to come back here she better bring a doctors note” and hung up on her.
Turned out I had mono. Got that doctors note, made a meeting with the gm told him what happened and quit. The next week I got a job at the Keg and was astonished at how well they treated their employees in comparison. That was 15 years ago. I still hate Chili’s.
Yes you go! Employees don’t deserve to be treated line shit ever
Schadenfreude is a beautiful thing.
The other day at my new food service job, a girl was trying to leave because she was throwing up. The manager was yelling loud enough for customers to hear "you'll be fired if you leave right now!" The girl left anyway and a little later her mother came in and dogged the manager out. The next day the girl called the owner and apologized but she didn't feel comfortable working with a manager that treats employees like that and quit on the spot.
The managers excuse was that the girl had a problem with her and was in the bathroom for 45 minutes that day "making herself sick" because she was fine before going to the restroom. The owner shrugs it off and no punishment for the manager's behavior.
All I know is if a person is puking, even if they made themselves sick, I wouldn't want them serving food to anyone. This manager hates her job and takes it out on everyone around her. She power trips constantly and is hellish to work with.
But she (the manager) is allowed to continue her reign of hell unabashed because she's been there 8 years. These working conditions have me looking hard for another job. I cant afford to quit until I have something else. I don't blame anyone for walking out from jobs like this.
If you do food stuff check out catering gigs they make good pay and you don’t have to get to know anyone
I once had a power tripping manager too when I was a food runner. She said I was faking being sick, so I had someone drive me and told them not to park but to circle the block. I clocked in, threw up in the trash can right next to the expo window and was sent home.
Hah I love that!! That’s what I shoulda done
6-10 food runners?!?! How big is this place?! Like in addition to servers and bussers and a hostess?! Wow...
Would've been even sweeter if you quit, without the 2 weeks of notice, right after your sick leave. The notice is an requirement.
Yea it would’ve been more petty if I just didn’t come back. But I reported to the head chef who was always very kind to me. Didn’t want to fuck him over too bad for a FOH managers mistake
If you really want to mess with them call the locak heakth board abd share your story as to make sure the restayrant dud nit become a publuc heakth hazard
I would have gone in and made it my goal for the day to rub my eyes and touch all that POS belongings then top it off by making sure customers noticed the pink eye so they put in a complaint to H/O or health and safety boards themselves. Get that place shut down and that moron fired.
OMFG I AM LITERALLY IN THE EXACT SAME SITUATION AS YOU!!! The restaurant that I work at is in the exact same position and is treating us employees terribly. The only difference is we're overstaffed, and they keep hiring more and more people that are getting younger and younger. This is ridiculous because this job is super intense and with the pay that deserves it. Most people who work there are between the ages of 20-40 and this is their full time job, and now they're hiring 16 y/o's, and taking the shifts from the older people and giving it to them. Never in my history or working there have I gone below 3 shifts in a week. I took none of Christmas off and yet only have one shift this week and next week, and the 16 y/o's have 6 shifts a week. Anyways enough ranting about how mad I am.
The main point is, the other day, I called in saying I wouldn't be able to make it to work cause it was my mum's birthday and our car had broken down 2hrs away from work. All I got was, "I don't care get here as soon as possible," even though we weren't short staffed at all, and I had told the manager several times that I was hours away. Needless to say, I'm pretty sure they won't be giving me anymore shifts, despite the fact that the situation was completely out of my hands.
I'm sorry this is so long, I cut bits out. I just have so many issues with my work atm and stories of them treating us employees terribly. I wish you the best with finding another job though bro! I know where I am, it is extremely difficult.
I got lucky and found a job doing what I’ve actually dreamed of doing for a job. Thank you for the support! I wish you luck as well with your situation, hopefully you’re able to move on from the place soon
Should have gotten fired then told unemployment you had note.
It would have been pro if you discussed this with the other food runner and you both quit at the same time.
I did try and convince her to leave to. Wish she would’ve but she needed the money too badly which I understand
People often don't quit a bad job. People quits bad managers.
That’s so true
Working at a university cafe we had new management take over and they were terrible! Put me on a coffee cart on one of our busiest days with someone who had never made coffee before. I walked out half way through the shift. Hospitality can be so much fun, but if management is no good you’re gunna have a bad time
I loved working at this place until management began to change. Once they stopped caring and treated us like shit it just became miserable
Is it company policy that you need a doctor's note to call out sick? If not, super AH. If yes, they are an awful communicator.
Company policy was to get a doctors note to call out sick. If you didn’t you’d get a write up against you. All this write up would do is affect your chances of getting a raise or a promotion. Calling out wasn’t a fire-able offense at the company.
Which country os this from?
United States
I understand you wanted to quit anyways, but doctors note or no-call-no-show was how my restaurant years worked too.
Actually did call in sick with a doctor's note during that time. The doctors note was...
To whom it may concern.
Steve is fuckin sick as hell and cant work for 2 weeks.
Dr. Jaggoff, M.D D.O OBGYN
And it worked perfectly, No questions asked. May not be everyone's experience, but I was pleasantly surprised as my appendix casually exploded.
They said my viral infection just moved into my eyes. Not even sure how that works lol
How tf is it not?
For pink eye? Seriously? I’d gladly take your job and report for duty with pink eye.
How ever will they find another highly educated individual to carry food from A to B?
But you went in with pink eye anyways?
No, I didn’t go in. I just didn’t show then brought in a note the next day.