Game Thread: Indiana Pacers (17-9) vs Charlotte Hornets (12-16) - December 15th, 2019

Just we hen I thought I couldn't like Vic more, he comes out and rocks a SpongeBob shirt and bag.
Good win Pacers bros. 18-9 without Vic is not too shabby.
Glad we could get the end of the bench in
There ya go Eddie!!
Jakarr Sampson who played some really good minutes when we we're riddled with injuries, can't even get on the floor in garbage time. We have a deep team.
He’s injured
Eddy should just dunk on someone rn
Denari is hilarious on the Martin twins 😂😂😂
"They really look alike"
"Ok...that's cool Chris"
"I'm just saying, they really look alike to me!"
Feel bad for Goga can't seem to do anything right tonight.
EDIT: Then he blocks a shot.
TJ Leaf sighting!
wow, what a fourth quarter!
yep - need games like this one to be considered legit
Solid fucking game aside from the 3rd quarter! Glad Myles was feeling it! Aaron has really come into his own now! Let's hope they finish the game strong!
Pacers be like: double their losses
People be like: yo pacers are underrated
Pacers be like: lose 2 games in a row after dat
People be like: pacers record is product of dare schedule
Aaron Holiday has turned into such an incredible player this year.
Hell of a pass McConnell
Snowing in Indy. Holiday Szn fo-sho!
Member when we said we should rest sabonis this game?
Didn't happen tonight has the most minutes of any Pacer.
I'd like to see sumner and GOGA get in soon
Just popping by to say I am aboard the Aaron Holiday hype train.
Absolutely love the roster KP put together this year
No doubt, KP is great.
Graham as a team's 3rd option would be pretty darn good. Expect him on the Nets by 2021.
I love Aaron
Oh my god that step back was ice cold
Holiday feeling it tonight. You love you see it.
That was absolutely filthy from Aaron
Graham flops more than Trae young
Sabonis just went down the tunnel after he was pulled. Anyone know why?
Edit: back now. Maybe he didn’t want to cuss out a ref
Maybe he wanted to cool himself down after that atrocious foul call so he wouldn’t get a technical from the bench.
Not sure, he only has 5 fouls
The refs hate Sabonis
But they love Embiid who plays dangerously
Devontae Graham should stop taking shots. He is killing his team with these bricks.
Doug with the traditional 2 3s in the 4th
Eating a tenderloin watching the pacers if this isn’t Indiana I don’t know what is
Doug, meet 2-3 zone. 2-3 zone, Doug.
Quinn playing strong defence on Denari's call right here LOL
If he makes it, he makes it.
We literally aren’t allowed to play defense
42-7, never forget
Nice adjustments to the zone. Good coaching and a smart 2nd unit. Move around Dougie draws defenders
and creates gaps.
That kid in the hype video with the gold pg Jersey needs a New Jersey big time........
Aaron Holiday low key developing into a discount version of Lou Williams, and i'm here for it.
Aaron is a better defender imo, but yeah I can see it on offense
What was Vic doing with that gallon of water lol
Reminding his teammates of the importance of proper hydration?
Devonte Graham does draw some wild-ass calls by just throwing himself at people huh
I mean, let’s be honest. So does Aaron Holiday.
Aaron feeling it tonight. I love his energy.
This Charlotte team is so frustrating to play against with their long rebounds
It’s cause they miss shots so badly the rebounds are long.
Aaron Holiday has been our savior this game
Loving Aaron's play right now. Driving to the basket with purpose
Hornets players getting mad cause we're getting foul calls, ya love to see it
Legit shocked Cody Zeller isn't sponsored by white socks and white New Balance.
Find someone that loves you like the Pacers' bench loves bailing out the Pacers' starters after a bad 3rd quarter
Domas got sandwiched and still got the OReb and putback.
That was our worst quarter of the season. I don’t expect that to happen consistently
Pete here is a 45 because you gotta whack a Repeat from happening
We have a game on our hands
It would suck to lose this one
I mean, those shots weren't bad. Just missed them.
Big yikes. Come on guys.
This quarter has convinced me Nate doesn't know what off-ball movement is. Against a 2-3 zone you should be getting layups or open threes every time
They got loads of open threes. They just missed all of them.
11 point quarter.
11 fucking points in the third quarter what the hell this is like all those horrible third quarters we had last year all over again.
I guess the reason you build a 20 point lead is so you can shoot 2 of 16 and still lead by 6
Wanna see me brick away a lead? Wanna see me do it again 😎
Wow that was a disgusting quarter of basketball.
What a fucking joke.
Yeah that was just a rough stretch of shooting. Really good looks that wouldn't go. Not too worried.
Our 3rd quarter slumps are going to cost us seeding.
Hopefully that opens the rim up lol
TJ Mc - good way to exit a dry spell
Going to keep seeing this Zone if we can't solve it.
I mean, you solve it by not going 1 of 14. We're getting plenty of open looks, most of the time you won't shoot 6%
I think we solved it we just can't hit anything
What an awful stretch.
Typical Pacers 3rd quarter.
Lamb has been terrible this game
Get the bench in jesus
I love the Pacers so much. The browns make me too sad.
If they called that on Myles they were wrong. If they called that on Domas they were right.
I’m all about taken open threes, but if we are missing all of them why not feed it to sabonis and let him get some points.
Well this is ugly right now.
ok lets stop shooting threes and get some high % shots plz
These 3rd quarter slumps from our starters are less than cool. Let's just stop missing open looks.
I feel like Quinn Buckner needs a muzzle about as bad as we need to get rid of Myles Turner
Get out of here man
Is this supposed to be a positive, sarcastic comment or is it trashing Mykes and Quinn?
Currently leading the team in points, rebounds, blocks, made 3s, 2nd in FG% and tied for 1st in 3 pt%
Dude Myles is tearing it up tonight
we are missing some wide wide open 3's tonight.
Can the pacers stop bricking open threes.
How would you guys feel about leaf getting some minutes today
Goga and alize need those minutes
No thanks
First game in awhile, I really haven't had much to comment on. Teams playing hard, missing some open looks but still controlling the game. Just get to kick back and watch
Hornets are pulling a 2011 Pacers style “muck up the game and see what happens”
Man, these open looks deserve better.
I feel like Biyombo and Zeller are mugging our bigs at both ends of the floor whenever they can get the chance.
This is a much needed game from Turner and I’m glad to see him play really well!
Turner came to play tonight
White Lithuanian Chocolate.
I'm not sure I've ever seen a Sabonis to Turner assist. Or the other way around. That was beautiful.
Watching Domas and Myles play well together is such a wholesome time.
Sabonis to Myles with an alley-oop... Oh my heart
Mid December is when Myles got hot last year
There is just so much to love about this squad and it’s 4/5-year outlook! Lots of depth on reasonable contracts and, perhaps most importantly, youth!
Love seeing Aaron get interviewed. Always staying positive, always giving credit to the team and never taking it for himself. Dude is gonna be a star someday.
Solid first half, we just need to get more rebounds although we have this in a bag
Myles with 7 rebounds in the first half. When he wants, he can be an elite rebounder.
Doesn’t hurt that Charlotte can’t hit water either. Not trying to bash Myles, but he’s get a lot of opportunities for more rebounds.
Good half, Aaron is a super boring interview and I love it.
Somehow i don't think Turner posting up with sabonis in the paint or Brogdon running in for a floater with both in there will bust the zone
That only happened once right? I feel like Myles has been in the corner a good amount and Sabonis and Brogdon have been doing pnr
I smile every time Quinn states the complete obvious with complexity 😂 I love him btw
Brogdan used his foot to touch the ball.. that’s a kick ball.
Or how he constantly calls shots... “oh wow, you could see that going in as soon as he shot it”
“You see, Chris, he took three steps. That’s a travel in my book.”
Im not a basketball expert, but it seems like this zone defense can be defeated with baseline cuts from the corner.
Attacking the zones is definitely something we need to work on. We're like deer in the headlights when we face a zone. Moving the ball and players should help. Setting some back screens to wall off defenders wouldn't hurt either.
Doug was doing that. But warren, lamb and brogdon didn't look at him
TJ warren should not play when teams run zone. He doesn't seem to understand how to break it and the way he plays is shut down
Vic went with da bob fo today
Nothing like flipping on the game after a long day and pacers are killing it!!!
Graham thinks he’s Harden
I love when Holiday and McConnell push pace. I used to be afraid with Aaron, but he is much more under control as he does it now.
Aaron Holiday is a baller
Love the swagger Aaron plays with
Damn Aaron has been so good lately
The Holiday brothers are grinching the Hornets so far and I love it
I remember thinking after last year's team, that there is no way I could love the next year's team as much.
I was wrong, this team got crazy chemistry and the second unit is so fun to watch.
Watching that quarter put me in a really good mood
Hornets shooting so badly that we cant corral the rebound
My boi Myles is on pace for 36 and 16 this team is so good
On pace for 8 blocks as well
Damn holiday
Wait, Goga's back?!?
One hell of a quarter for Myles
Aaron was brutal to start the season but he looks super comfortable now
Aaron was awful the last 2 weeks. Good this week and 3 weeks ago. He is not reliable but you can see glimpses
Goga time
Turner is turning it up to 11.
Myles is fucking up the Hornets
Myles with some early offense! Always a plus!
Myles cookin' ight now!
Warren has the prettiest ugly shot in the league. He's all herky jerky going up but his his shot is soft, smooth and deadly.
TJ made that floater look easy. That was tough...soft touch hanging in the air
Offense looks good when we run.
TJ Warren is automatic on one handed floaters
Myles is looking confident
Nice to see Myles use his athleticism on that cut and finish strong. Something I’d like to see more of from him
Who flops more, devontae graham or Trae young?
Glad they didn't but, how is it not a travel on Myles, he never dribbled on that pass from Brogdon.
I figure if they're gonna send Goga out, they at least owe us a look at the three-TJ two-Holiday #FullHouseSquad tonight.
‪Chris Denari just dropped all kinds of Hamilton lyrics in the opening teaser of the broadcast. That was so on fire I’m going to have to cool myself off with some Kinetico water. ‬
Already getting screwed by the refs
This is the way
Its tradition
I like the game intro videos when the indycars go NYOOM NYOOM.
anyone else watch the pre-game show? Oladipo said his superpower would be "healing like Wolverine". I wonder why...
lets get this W boiz
Going to my first game this season and got invited to a pregame party on the practice courts! I cant wait!
That sounds lit. With the snow coming prices are down. Buying mine now
No Washington for the Hornets helps, but Graham still scares me. This team is sneaky good and always competitive. Hopefully we can avenge our loss and continue to beat the teams we are supposed to beat.
I want Boomer to come out with a hilariously large can of Raid for this game as a prop
As a lifelong Pacers fan, our last game against Charlotte was one of the most infuriating games I have ever seen our squad play. Revenge game, let's go. Also, anybody else happy for Dougie? I'm glad he's fitting in this year and making things happen.
What would you say was the contributing factor last time. What makes this time different?
I hate their fanbase after that last bullshit game
Tbh I would rest Sabonis tonight. Game looks very winnable even without him and upcomming games stretch is looking pretty hard and Sabonis is already pretty banged up (cuz of his tireless playstyle). Would be pretty perfect game to sit out imo
Hoping we come out strong and dude can sit the fourth. Resting an entire game doesn't help him heal up like it does in the video games - but if we can keep him ~20 minutes for a little stretch would be great.
I also bet he doesn't want to sit out at all. He's got a pretty strong push for an All-Star spot right now - might see some stat-hunting out of him.
Looking forward to this game, I think it’ll be a great matchup for the Pacers
17-9 Pacers continue to exceed expectations this season without Oladipo
Wow. Favored by 11 today? Let's hope so.
Our second unit has been incredible.
I'll take 2 holidays with 2 big macs and a large side of Sabonis.
I'm Loving It.
Just read TJ McConnell's new nick name is Sunshine.
“A guy like that is sunshine,” McMillan said. “People like to play with him. They like to be with him.”
So how is T.J. McConnell fitting in around his new locker room?
Like sunshine, baby.
Revenge game let’s goooo
• JaKarr Sampson - Questionable (Sore Lower Back)
• Victor Oladipo - Out (Knee Surgery Rehab)
• ArchbishopBanana - Out (Broken heart from Vic losing the masked singer even though I don't care about it)
I want to see Sampson!
I wanna talk to Sampson!