GAME THREAD: Yankees (74-39) @ Orioles (38-75) - Wed Aug 07 @ 07:05PM EDT

And now the real show starts: the Hyde interview you've all been waiting for!
How do you boys feel about Davis? I want so badly for him to succeed
My phone is blowing up about the Hyde Davis fight, and I saw it go down live, and like it was what the fuck ever, it's August it's been a grind, who fucking cares?!?
mets are doing good and the pirates/reds shit has passed. this will be the new baseball drama storyline till the next thing happens
Mike Ford strikes out swinging.
Pitch Type: Four-Seam Fastball
Start Speed: 94.6
End Speed: 86.8
Top 9 - Yankees: 14, Orioles: 1
Had to miss the game and was wondering what has been happening to Means as of late?
He came off the IL and did pretty well in the first inning or two, but was taken out after he met his pitch count quickly and collapsed as a result of some bad fielding.
I just want to see Hyde in the post game, at this point.
David Hess is one homer away from leading the league. The leader is Verlander who has pitched over 150 innings. Hess will have 75 when he finishes this one
Make it stop
Mike Tauchman called out on strikes.
Pitch Type: Changeup
Start Speed: 85.3
End Speed: 78.6
Top 9 - Yankees: 14, Orioles: 1
End The Pain...
Oof, ouch, owie, my ERA.
shouldn’t boone be calling off his fuckin goons at this point? 12-1 with 7 hrs and gardner’s going for a hustle double like it’s 3-2. what a garbage bag full of shits
DJ Stewart would have collided full speed and broken three bones if he ran at the wall like Jace just did.
At least we only get one of their big 3
Yankees fan here, coming in peace, seriously. How do you longtime O's fans deal with a team when they're under performing to this level? I don't mean that as a dig and i'm genuinely not looking for a fight, i'm actually curious as to how you maintain your fandom during long stretches like this. I know eventually it'll come to pass and you'll rise to glory again, but for seasons like this, what do you do? How long do you watch? Whats it like going to a game?
pinche idiota, cuando regresemos a los grandes nombres no vengas a llorar. imbecil sopla polla cara almohada de mierda
Ok, I’ll take the bait. You look for the little victories. The rare great plays, the occasional walk off, and the wins that come when they’re least expected against much better teams. You enjoy a night at the Yard after the storms have passed through in spite of the fact that the team looks terrible and the score is 13-1. And even though most of the Yankees fans around you are insufferable, the guy in your row with the Yankees hat on is pretty cool and actually knows something about baseball. Mostly, you count on the cyclical nature of the sport to eventually bring the team back to being competitive.
it’s summer, it’s baseball, i’m an orioles fan. i’m not going to stop being an orioles fan just because they suck. i don’t make it appointment viewing or anything, but when i’ve got the night free i turn the game on. do chores, make dinner.
but mostly the orioles are at the beginning of a rebuild and there’s more to watching baseball than the final score ya dingbat.
It hasn't been that long. They were the best team in baseball through May 2017. This has gone to shit quickly.
its better to suck than be good enough to choke in the playoffs. I say this as mostly a viking fan but also as a 2018 yankee fan.
its fucking summer. what else are you going to do, watch the wnba
Well... the Orioles see trash. Just like the Red Sox and the patriots.
Purple Mountains All My Happiness is Gone
Rest In Peace David Berman
Happy cake day!!
Happy Cake Day aresef! Today you are you, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is youer than you.
Video of the “scuffle”
I was planning on watching the rest of Orange is the New Black, but those colors are a touchy subject right now.
Ugh even Means got lit up. I was hoping he would continue to build on his success
Means has a great change up, but im not sure about the rest of his repertoire.
We played some poor defense behind him which didn’t help
Jumanji is on Nick
me voy a suicidar
The hell was that strike call? What a joke lol. Yanks don't need any help.
the whole time i thought he was hiding out in seedy tangiers nightclubs
I learned he still exists
This is like... actually depressing
Kyle Higashioka strikes out swinging.
Pitch Type: Slider
Start Speed: 81.3
End Speed: 75.2
Top 6 - Yankees: 11, Orioles: 1
This is obscene
It's a violation of my Eighth Amendment rights.
Turning on the game in the fifth inning
denle cabrones, no me bajo del barco
its weird seeing dudes with beards and mullets on this team.
Yankee fan here I feel bad guys you have it rough I feel for you boys all love.
At least we are helping you bury the Red Sox. Yanks are amazing though, all those injuries in the line up, Yankees just keep replacing them without breaking a sweat.
Worst FU game of the year so far. Just everything bad in this game.
i am disgusted. petition to allow 40 ft fences when the yankees come to the yard until the orioles have major league pitching again.
At this point in the game, with that latest home run, my main concern is that when they put in a position player to pitch now they don't have Davis for it.
Yea but they still for Stevie spirals so we all good
Not Tyler Scott's finest game
is limiting their scoring to singles an improvement?
If this leads to Davis getting released i'll cry tears of joy
Never. If they release him they still have to carry that contract.
Sighhhhh walks up to the MLB store "Hi I would like one bullpen please"
Apparently the Davis thing was because of the failed pick on the error.
Says who?
I’m watching on masn and they didn’t say anything like that.
RIP Crush Davis
It was a good run
man our division sucks
As Gary Thorne said, the post game will definitely be more exciting than this game
And if anyone thinks Hyde is gonna say anything of substance about it, they're crazy.
Can someone explain what just happened in the dugout please
Chris sucks at baseball. Hyde said, "you suck, Chris." Chris Davis acted like he was going to swing on him, Trumbo did the 'hold me back bro', then Hyde put in Jace.
Wait, what the hell just happened in the dugout?
The only thing I could think was that E4 he didn’t grab out of the dirt?
And I think they just said Davis is coming out of the game?!?
Davis and Hyde went at it apparently. Idk why but jace is in the on deck circle for davis
That was a nice defensive play by Chris Davis! Positive thoughts!
Kudos to you folks sticking out this tough season...really hope you bounce back soon.
they’re going off the rails. these homeruns are fuckin up their brains. sounds strange but hopefully the stros will give them a break from this yankee bullshit. buncha bullies.
me cago en dios
Man this is painful
Trey Mancini homers (27) on a fly ball to left center field.
Pitch Type: Four-Seam Fastball
Start Speed: 94.1
End Speed: 86.3
Launch Speed: 105.94
Launch Angle: 21.3
Total Distance: 404.88
Bottom 4 - Yankees: 4, Orioles: 1
Next 7 games against Houston and Yankees. Fuck
Glad I had spaghetti for dinner to go with that giant meatball
None of those runs should’ve even scored. Sucks for means
John Means hung that bitch! Goddamnit!
Baseball trivia question from Quiz night, what team did the Rickets family purchase for $900 million?
Aw hell.
Means didn't save this inning!!
I have an irrational hatred of Brett Gardner
Hatred of any yankee player is rational dw
Womp womp
Dammit. Wilkerson has got to take charge of that.
Jones would have
Yea wtf is he doing there. That’s something a real center fielder would catch easily
Heads up by Martin. Pesky.
Richie figuring things out?
They are sure giving him a chance.
yanks swinging like they have a plane to catch
John means is actually just that nasty
Kyle Higashioka strikes out swinging.
Pitch Type: Changeup
Start Speed: 81.7
End Speed: 74.8
Top 2 - Yankees: 0, Orioles: 0
Did y’all see that weird face Gardner made? He looked like Popeye 😂😂😂
I’m watching on YES and they showed where the Gregorious HR plaque is going to be. Why again do we celebrate visitors scoring HRs against us, again?
Cameron Maybin strikes out swinging.
Pitch Type: Changeup
Start Speed: 81.6
End Speed: 74.6
Top 2 - Yankees: 0, Orioles: 0
Didi Gregorius strikes out swinging.
Pitch Type: Slider
Start Speed: 83.9
End Speed: 78.2
Top 2 - Yankees: 0, Orioles: 0
Aaron Judge strikes out swinging.
Pitch Type: Changeup
Start Speed: 82.0
End Speed: 75.1
Top 1 - Yankees: 0, Orioles: 0
DJ LeMahieu strikes out swinging.
Pitch Type: Slider
Start Speed: 85.2
End Speed: 79.6
Top 1 - Yankees: 0, Orioles: 0
Excited for John means return