You're likely to be most miserable at age 47, study suggests

Well considering the last 30 that doesnt sound good at all.
Wow, so true. When I was 47, I lost my job, got a new one several months later and then was diagnosed with cancer.
Good thing I'm 48 now.
Just turned 48 today. Out of the woods now.
Thus begins the decades long slow burn back to the happiness of 45...
Remember there is also the idea of “mental age” so if you feel good, maybe your mental age is like 43... and you are not out of the woods yet. /s
I'm 51 and the happiest I've ever been in my life. There's hope!
This made me laugh the saddest laugh
It is BS. They polled a bunch of senior citizens to rate their decades by the most enjoyable to least enjoyable, and they basically just returned them in reverse order. I find this to be true also. You get wiser, you get established economically, you get less emotional about good and bad news, you start to realize you have less in front of you than behind you and it makes you enjoy daily life more.
Not exactly surprising, in middle age you've likely got kids and parents both relying on you to help them through life.
Plus if your career is stagnant this is the age you are most likely to know it and that there are no clear paths out.
And your health issues are becoming more numerous as a lifetime of bad decisions catch up to you. Add in that for some this is the time when the kids are leaving home and they have to take a long hard look at their marriage for the first time in two decades, often leading to divorce with everything that that entails.
In general this is when most people have a moment of awakening and realize they are less than 20 years form retirement and still haven't gone for their dreams, but are now so mired in mortgages and obligations that it is unlikely they ever will unless they make a drastic change.
Also for some this is when one or more of their parents pass away and they have to face the reality of their mortality.
Mid-life crisis is a thing for a reason and it happens to both men and women (though men tend to be more stereotypical and obvious about it)
Some people are happier than ever. Don't let studies dictate your life.
Edit: Thank you for the gold, kind stranger. It's my first! ;)
I just turned 47 and this headline just has me like, wow, that's oddly specific.
Thank you! My mom is 48 and has been living her best life since at least 44 years of age, if not earlier. Her kids are independent but present, her career is at an all time high, she has a fantastic marriage of 20 years, etc.
I’m 47 and life is smoothing out nicely.
Studies show that you should not let studies dictate your life.
Some but not most :///
That's what luck is for.
but when it hits you squarely in the jaw....ouch
Wow, I am 47... off work due to depression and anxiety. I am miserable and hate my life. This is bang on for me... sadly.
On the upside, everything gets better from here!
45 to 55 have been some of the best years of my life.
Teach us your wisdom
47 sucked fucking ass. FUCK 47
I'm 29. And it's been awful lemme tell ya.
So what you're saying is... I got approximately 18 some odd years of exponentially shittier shit to look forward to????
I wonder if that’s a common age where people’s parents pass away? Also probably the age where you think it might be too late to start a new career/big life change...
Love that people who are now 47 speak in a way similar to myself
45 sucked for me. I fell off a cliff and began 2 years of pain until it all got sorted out with diet and surgery.
This is the best tl;dr I could make,
Extended Summary
Source: am a 49.2 year old cis-gendered doughy married straight white male.
So has it gotten better from 47.6 or are you still in the shit of it? And yes I said shit not thick on purpose because shit is shitty.
Your poor fucking wife.
Great, now I feel like an ass because I'm 47 and I don't remember being happier. I may be developing memory issues, however.
At age 44 I divorced my husband, lost my business in the process and left him everything we had worked for because I felt it was fair because I was the one insisting on the divorce. I figured, no big deal, I'll start over. Well, starting over at 44 is not the same as starting over at 24. The ensuing three years were the most painful in an already unhappy life. Instead of owning my own business I now am grossly underpaid to do a miserable job. Instead of a nice house I live in a crappy overpriced apartment. I am in debt for the first time. I am beyond miserable. So, thank you OP for a small ray of hope that this year will be even slightly better than the last three. My body's falling apart, I have the flu, bills are due and I am broke. That ray of hope needs to find me. Best of luck to everyone on this sub, of all ages. I hope we all find what makes us truly happy.
Only 3 more years until I hit the bottom! Whoohoo!
The moment we have all been waiting for IS ABOUT TO ARRIVE
seriously tho dawg why do they even put this shit out for us to read? Like my sad ass needs this in addition to clinical depression.
I’m turning 48 on Friday. This explains SO much about the last year
Fuck, it gets worse?
37 was bad for me..47...well, menopause complicated life a bit, but other than that it was manageable.
You should read the article...because you’ve basically just confirmed what it says.
Great! I just turned 47.
Haha just turned 48 and can confirm things are looking up after what I've dubbed my "year of trauma."
I'm 47. It's not that bad. Mainly, I guess I'm finally thoroughly established in my current career. And I'm wondering if maybe I wouldn't like to do something else. But I'm also wondering if maybe I'm too old to start something else.
But, other than that, I'd say things are pretty good.
I'm 48 going on 49. Kill me please ;)
With that attitude....
So it improves after that??
Oh good, it gets worse.
47 and 48 both sucked. The only reason that I haven't used my "retirement plan" is because I'm dumb enough to think that things might get better.
Oh well great. At least I have that to look forward to. Thanks Reddit
Wait, I'm 44, so is it going to get a LOT worse in the next 3 years or am I already kind of used to it at this point?
Naa, I'd be happy to be alive to enjoy it good or bad
It's all in our hands to be happy or miserable.
That's stupid. You cannot just decide to be happy if life is stomping your butthole in.
Just wait until 53. Surprise!
Backside of 50. It can always get worse.
You mean I gotta put up with FOUR MORE MONTHS of this bullshit?!?!!
Interesting. I'm either really 47, or I'm 8 years early... 🤔
I dunno, 32 has kinda sucked so far.
I just turned 46 the other day... great
Lol, I'm 47
Laid off two days before christmas. :D
I'm kind of just staying home, rotting away for the time being.
I'm 45, can definitely confirm the misery
Yeah, that was rougher than 25. But 53 was great!
Am 47, can confirm
Thank god. Only 4 weeks to go and I’ll be past it. 🤣
Of course. Not looking forward t oi the next year if my life.
It's all downhill from there!
I’m 35 your data is flawed
36 here. It's been getting worse since I turned 26. I don't want to know about ANOTHER 10 years of this shit getting worse. Blah! God damn
Eh. I’m 10 years late.
Jokes on you, I'm miserable at 30!
Just wait
Not to be a downer but I'm just really hoping to make it that far.
If you're miserable now, get up and make time and space to change what you can. Life will feel far too long when it shouldn't and far too short when you literally have little left.
Oh boy, you mean more misery to look forward to? Fuck me!!
Oh good! Something to look forward to.
Jokes on you.
Plan to be dead for about 2-5 years prior to that.
As someone who just finished 47, can confirm. Was pretty miserable.
Ah fuck.
You’re telling me it gets WORSE?
Yay I'm one year early!
damn you
this explains much
47 was hell on earth.
more miserable than the last 20 years? sure ok
Oh ok
Well that doesn't sound good for me looking at it a decade early
Fox4news... I'm not American, but I've heard enough about fox news to guess that this website is as credible as flat earth Facebook groups
Fuck, you mean it gets worse?
Goodness, if I’m gonna be even more miserable than I already am, well I don’t really see the point of making it to that age.
So you mean I haven't hit rock bottom yet?
Awesome. I’m 34 and want to die. Glad I have more terrible things to look forward to.
Seems like many have a crisis at this mid point in their life. May have discovered something new here.
I read an article here on reddit years ago that late 30's was the age for this. I remember it because I was 38 and miserable at the time. Turns out it was just alcohol, and mainly alcohol's effect on my sleep, that was making me miserable. I am 51 now, and I have to say, I enjoy life now more than anytime in my life so far. Finally getting professional recognition, my stress has reduced, getting money saved up, traveling, not running around all week and weekends delivering kids to events, more downtime, income exceeds outgo by a very comfortable amount, etc. Looking back, the decades up to now were a real struggle, with lots of pressure. Every new decade seems better than the last. I didn't hate my 20's and 30's, but I wouldn't want to do them again.
Can confirm.
Am 47. Am miserable.
I just passed the halfway mark and I don’t even want to play anymore
Holy shit. Can confirm. I'm fucking miserable and Just downright morose. 48 next month so.....
Damn, I don't know about 47, but 41 is pretty fucking miserable🧓
Can confirm.
Source: am 47
Looks like I only 42 days to live if this is true.
If you're 47, try to put it out of your mind by watching some Star Trek.
I been miserable my whole life, but I’m happy with it
Pretty much so. Divorced after three years of utter hell with someone who kept her rage addiction a secret for the three years we dated.
Count yourself lucky. I'm 47. Twenty-five years of marriage. Two kids who are still kids. My spouse has encyclopedic knowledge of every disagreement we've had that wasn't resolved in her favor, and she's held onto that anger until now. When someone cannot compromise, but does anyway ('passivity' as our marriage counselor calls it), and holds tight to the resentment and unhappiness, it builds up. I guess I'm amazed she lasted this long given how unhappy she's made herself. I can/will/am making changes in myself, but it takes both people to be willing, and at the same time. As our therapist said, we're in the bottom of the ninth with two outs; maybe if we had sought help a decade ago...
A little over 5 months to go and this misery will finally end. Whew. Finally.
43 almost killed me already. Do your worst, 47
I just turned 48 please let it get better
Sweet, I still have further to fall down. :)
Something to look forward to at least.
47 checking in, very content over here
Hahaaa jokes on you I wont make it to 47.
Like in Back to the Future 2?
Brother and boss got divorced at 48. After a year of hell each, that had been "slow building for a long time". Nightmare fuel.
aww crap, Im 47
Like Star Trek?
I'm only 4 months in and I can confirm. If I didn't have a kid under 18 I'd have ended it all not too long ago.
I'm amazed at how many 47 year olds are on this sub
Struggling to be happy at 41. Been working on it for 12 years. I guess another 7 is doable.
It gets worse?
I never thought about it. I am the oldest sibling of my family.
I can be more miserable than I am now?! What the fuck.
Oh jesus, what'll be kicking me in teeth then
All you idiots committing suicide as a teen cant even hang for the easy years