[Post Game Thread] Vols defeat UAB, 30-7

I've never been so whelmed by a 30 point win where we play well.
The game was one big “meh”
Frustrating that the offense never really got going
23 point win, but yeah.
We saw the signature JG offense: get to the redzone dominately, but fail to score a TD.
You forgot the fumble and the 1500 yard runback for a TD.
It’s like my golf game. Get to the green quickly, then putt until I say gimme.
We should have had at least 50 points. For christ sake, we started on their 30 yard line 3 or 4 times.
He threw a strike to Gray.
here’s a link
The disrespect to our receivers.... DISRESPECT!
Get the fuck outta here lmao
Holy shit! That’s shocking! He literally gave UAB so many advantages. That guy can’t be serious.
Wooooow. How the hell was he saying the receiving corps were even?!
Thanks for the link, absolutely hilarious reading it after that beatdown.
LOL, UAB is better or even with Tennessee at every position?
That explains the 30-7 outcome.
Some of the comments are pretty funny. Lots of homerism but the " Jennings, Calloway, and Wood-Anderson are all gonna get picked up in the first half of the draft, on what planet are they even with UAB's receivers?" That comment is golden.
Honestly hilarious. They weren't competitive at any point in the game, really. And he gave them the advantage or said the teams were even in every category.
How can we troll the writer of this Article? LOL
Obviously didn't do his research. He has Jeremy Banks listed as one of the best players in our secondary.
Bryce Thompson baptized their QB and it wasn’t even Sunday...
Also I’m still concerned with our offense. Hopefully Maurer’s good to go next week.
We have the Ministry of Defense (RIP)
The right Deacon Barnes
And now the Parson Thompson
Baptism by 🔥
Hey we won and Trevor Daniel finally accepted my Facebook friend request from 2017, so good day overall!
Life's about little wins compiled into one lol
You made it !!!!
So we played 2 QBs and only barely. I can find a reason to rest Maurer, but why play an injured JG so much?
Ah well, time for the Civil War in my house. This year I am going to make sure my son understands that TN > KY in football.
I’m sorry your son turned out that way.
Bend him over a beer barrel if you have to
TN > KY in football FTFY
Did you get a DNA test ? “ but I’m the mother “ ya idc I still would play it safe and get a DNA test to know lol
We don't give a damn...
57 min shutout. Loving this defense.
Upvote all damn day! Loving it
3 out of the last 4 👀
Like war flashbacks...
2 of the last 3 😬
So we were holding Maurer back because we didn't want to risk him against a team we should win against right? Cause those announcers were pissing me off by saying JG was our best qb and chance at making it to a bowl game. That team is playing with passion now but when Maurer is on the field they really come alive and that's what I think makes him a great qb cause JG doesn't have that affect on the team.
I wouldn’t give those announcers much in their knowledge of UT anyways cause they said JGs name wrong for half the night. JG is a decent second string at best for us just trying to keep Maurer out of the danger zone
Jg is not losing football games right now. He's playing winning football orngood enough to win football at his spot. Coaches trotted him out there "off the bench" 6 days post wrist surgery. He didn't throw super all night. He had some terrible throws. A bad. Bad. Interception.
Also no penalties. No wasted timeouts, multiple good throws for solid gains and a few drops, 6 scoring drives , most given short field multiple times and had to settle for fgs. Also had an 11 play td drive. A great td pass. Despite not starting*, the coaches are clearly using him as their starter. That they keep going to him and won't even let Maurer play should speak to anyone. They arent/werent ready to play Maurer yet. Cleared or not. They aren't confident in Shrout, but he is getting more than token reps later in games, but the 'starts' , while official, aren't meaningful in any way other than to protect/motivate Gaurantano.
That was how homecoming should be. A clean simple win over a small team, with lots of shoutouts to alumni and all that. Just a little midseason tuner before we clean house in November. A weekend of worry free football, for the love of football. Im not ecstatic, not jumping, just quietly happy with how we did and feeling good into the bye.
We play UK next weekend. Our bye is after them
See y'all in Lexington. Make sure to bring some whiskey to keep warm.
Shiiiit we don't need whiskey. We're already on FIRE.
Tennessee whiskey only!
Welcome to Shamburger; home of the sackburger. Can I take your oooooorrrrrrder?
That sack was filthy
Who loves big orange sacks?
Jbsyko loves big orange sacks!
was our offensive play calling vanilla or did we just not play good
I think it was vanilla to a degree but we seemed to be looking ahead a little bit. It’s honestly refreshing to be able to coast to a win
I feel like a bit of both
We did exactly what I hoped we would do. Win easily and not have me worried at all. We have been playing good teams well...lately. Not concerned about how bad we beat UAB
You'll always be
I high-fived Jauan in the Vol Walk, so I have to say that I felt like I was a huge part of today’s game.
Thank you for your service.
I'm jealous as fuck.
People are really talking smack about JG tonight. That man went out there with a broken hand to help UT get the win.
Against his best efforts lol. Listen I get the kid loves the sport, hes probably a great kid. He is just not good at football. I want to WIN football games, I consider myself a good person, but i dont want a make-a-wish kid playing QB to make me feel good about myself. I. WANT. TO. WIN.
Good win against a good defense I guess. Nothing here that makes me less nervous about finishing out the season though.
A win
Hey, people were predicting we would get upset by these guys, talking about their defense.
We stomped them. I won't be upset by this victory especially considering it was never in doubt.
This just in: Vanderbilt still sucks
This just in air is breathable nothing new my friend
Candy is a fucking door mat
If you can't stand JG with two good hands, you don't deserve him with 1.5 hands.
Ugh. Take your upvote.
Huge positive from today was Aubrey Solomon getting back on the field
Good clean game. Only 2-3 penalties, I think. Offense looked suspect most of the night, O-Line got manhandled considering the competition. But a win is a win, and we won big. Can't wait to see what Pruitt has in store for Kentucky. I feel like we win that one big. I feel good about our D vs their O
For like a combined 0 penalty yards lol
We just beat the crap out of Alabama! birmingham
3 hours. And a 53 yard field goal.
Nice little Saturday.
I get being whelmed, but we got a W, beat the spread, and the defense is on all cylinders. Need some work on offense, but we can get there.
Anybody been to Mizzou before? What was your experience like? Just bought tickets.
It's like the SEC, but not. And boring.
Unenthusiastic crowd. Town is ok, campus is ok, stadium is meh.
I went to Gary Pinkles last home game (Dobbs era) and they didn’t even sell the stadium out or give him any kind of due appreciation. Dude did so much for that program too, IMO.
I just don’t really think of them as an SEC school and the culture on campus and at the game solidified my opinion.
Man, offensive line didn't really show up.
It was Wanya’s first game where he’s actually looked like a freshman. Fortunately, I think their d line is better than any other team we’ll face this season.
I think Derek Mason is about to get fired
Not before he finds a way to beat Tennessee at the end of the yearI’m sorry
Where my boys at?!
Not a lot to takeaway from this. Good defense, offense was a bit mediocre, but it’s UAB. A chance to even up our record next week.
We beat bama birmingham
I'm trying so hard to not get excited or say something that might jinx it but 3 out of 4. We got a shot.
So, anyone know where the beer barrel is?
I appreciate it brother
Just watched the highlights. WRs didn’t do JG many favors, but holy wow is that UAB defense dirty douchers. So many late hits and throwing our OL down or hitting them after the play. Yuck.
They talked a lot of shit for a team that was losing the whole game too.
Any advice on going to the Kentucky game. Is there any particular section I should not buy tickets in, etc.?
edit: tickpick has tickets $20 cheaper than
A win is a win, and I won't take those for granted ever again. Having said that, that caliber of play won't beat UK or Missouri.
I’m trying to find a Jennings jersey by the Vandy game but I can’t find them in the good ole DHgate anymore!
you just have to do custom name and number- don’t misspell it lol
I couldn't find any football jerseys on AliExpress either.
When they finally scored do y'all think the 3 guys (esp dude that was in the end zone) just kinda said fuck it and let them have it since they had already handled the fuck out of them? It kinda looked like it to me.
It was mostly third/ second stringers that were in. UAB still had their starters in.
What a boring game... Snooze fest
Fuck Memphis
I'm gonna support you on this for this season. Go blue tiger team.