Tree of Life tattooed today!

Dopeshit my dude
Its beautiful. Don't listen to the "you did wrong" its perfect for you.
Wow. Just wow. Great for you.
Wow amazing! What inspired you to do this?
i wanted to be my own magic circle, or magic bettery haha, and the tree fits perfectly with the spine
i need this on my front so i can remember which side is which in ritual.
Many consider the pillar of severity to correspond with the right side of the body, myself included. So you're right, OP has it backwards in that regard.
What ritual🤔
Cool! Kinda weird tho, since Judaism, from which Kabala originated, bans tattoos. Really beautiful stuff, though!
well, some say kabbalah predates judaism so idk :)
Judaism is just an expression of a path towards God. There are many paths. (Ironically, Jews often think theirs is the only one. To think God would be so limited to make only one Way!) Within those many paths, there are many that share many of the same constructs/symbols that others do, such as the tree of life. Yggdrasil is the immediate version which comes to mind that could be an earlier, or perpendicular expression, of the kabbalah.
Every religion has super weird things they ban that nobody follows unless they ultra Orthodox, so that's meaningless. I'd rather see someone with tattoos that has good morals, virtues and values than a clean cut liar that pretends.
Former Jew here. Hermetic Qabalah (non Jewish) and the Jewish tradition of Kabbalah are very similar but not interchangeable. They share a lot of beliefs. I think they both use this symbol.
***You mean ironic
daaaamn nice
Realy cool! does it come from Judaism?
yes! thanks
Can someone explain like I’m 5 the differences between “occult” tree of life and Kabbalist tree of life?
Are you referring to the qliphoth? I can't really provide a detailed answer for you, it's a rather complex subject that I know very little about.. but if you add that specification to your inquiry, maybe someone else can.
Totally thought it was "the truth", just got done watching full metal alchemist lol
YESS, also a litfle bit of inspiration from there, i imagined myself as the door of truth that opens and this tattoo is engraved for anyone who has a wish they want to make real except for myself(as i am.. not able to see it)
also, there are two goat tattoos on my shoulders that i like to imagien as the guards of the door
To know, to dare, to will and keep silent!
Wow! I like it
Fucking nice how much did that run you
2 dolla
Very cool. Too bad you don't get to see it
I have no idea what this means but it still looks cool!
Malkuth right by the butthole.. the dingleberry of creation..perfect
anybody who dares to cum on my back will be damned forever now
The Golden Dawn and those influenced by the order reversed the pillars in the body. It seems that applying the tree as OP did was the old standard, but those who do so are a minority nowadays because of the GD influence.
Jewish Mysticism is not influenced by the GD, so you can see that they keep associating the right side to Hokhmah, Hesed, and Netzah.
TLDR: OP is right in some sense. The tattoo is already done, and it looks amazing. Don't be a jerk to OP.
I love it.
thank you!
Very cool.
Nice man! One session?
thanks! yes.. i almost lost my life in pain lmao
I think I want this exact design on my left forearm
Love this love you- I can’t stop staring
Pretty dope. Hoping to get the
Its not even and driving me crazy
yeah most bodies aren't
astrum argentum
I am blown away. This looks so amazing!!
Good tattoo.
To bad that has the wrong planetary correspondences (new age).
oh shit.. i liked the symbols they kinda fit so eh
was gonna comment that :(
Lol, how are you supposed to use it when it's on your back?
you wont be able to be buried in jewish grounds
im not jewish anyway
What does it mean?
Why did you get that on your back? You can't see it? Do you understand it?
Better off on your hand or wrist That's hermetic knowledge.
i wont i only eat children 👶
Dope idea, poor execution... the lines are too damn shaky. Next time pay a bit more and get much more quality
its gonna get polished tho, with thicker lines and stuff, hard to not even faint while getting inked for 5+ hours
to become one with what i believe and practice, to help me better focus and never forget. that’s why
where is giemmel?