Who says Buddhists can't be occultist? Who says occultists can't be Buddhist?

Literally no one. Even many occult writers acknowledge buddhism as an honorary branch of occult philosophy that shares many ideas with neo-platonism and hermetics
That said, its a beautiful set up ❤
The Buddha had some pretty strong warnings about cultivating siddhis, though in other instances he seemed to praise them (such as in the sutta The Fruits of the Homeless Life.)
Even so, it is generally regarded as bad etiquette to openly discuss ones psychic experiences in more traditional places, and most Sayadaws encourage meditators to remain silent about the psychic powers they cultivate. Of course, experiences with psychic powers are pretty much inevitable with deep vippassana practice, so the powers aren't condemned outright, but they are somewhat frowned upon.
This is my experience meditating in Theravada traditions. The many branches of Mahayana may have different opinions-- Tibetan Buddhism seems to embrace the siddhis while Zen generally minimizes them as makyo ("hallucinations").
Yeah the title was mostly facetious... I just couldn't think of a better one in the sea of altar posts hahaha
Nobody. Nobody says that. Or if they do, they don't know what they're talking about.
But at least I got a discussion going ;)
I lean a lot towards Buddhist philosophy and lifestyle myself. I wouldn't call myself one, for I am very eclectic. However I have a great deal of respect for Buddhism
You sound like me! I live in a small, rural town in SC, and recently found out there’s a public temple and gardens IN MY TOWN! I haven’t went yet, but only because I want to make sure I have all the customs down pat before going. I would hate to accidentally do something disrespectful or offensive (like turning my back to a statue of Buddha or wearing a tank top, for example).
Samesies! I've got a Hindu/Buddhist/Shinto/Greco-Roman/Egyptian thing going on while I follow the Celtic/Norse Wheel of the Year with a coven.
I don't think anyone's said that, ever. At least nobody who knows what Buddhism and Occultism are has ever said that.
yeah pretty much. there is Esoteric Buddhism and many western occultists likely got some of their ideas from it
I dont think anyone said that?
I think their general point is society accepts buddhism. Not that we don't. I think they mean Buddhism is just a form of occult beliefs that aren't so hidden.
Nobody said that
Vajrayana Buddhism aka Tantric Buddhism has lot of occultism element in it
Thank you for posting this.
It is not about being a Buddhist; it's about being a Buddha.
It is very possible and perfectly okay, for someone who is Catholic, Muslim, Atheist or Jewish, for example, to still find the Buddha's teachings inspirational. You can love Jesus, repeat a Hindu mantra, and still go to temple after morning meditation. Buddhism is not a threat to any religion, it actually strengthens your existing faith by expanding your love to include all human beings.
Yup, Buddhism is a very inclusive religion. It coexisted with Shinto in Japan, basically, since its introduction.
amitābha awaits :D
That's one of the coolest things about the Buddhist "religion;" it's basically compatible with almost any other system of thought.
Vajrayana is very occult in and of itself. In Theravada and Mahayana countries, magical practice is widespread, and it's seen as perfectly compatible with Buddhism.
Never heard that tbh, but always kinda debated it in my head.
I have heard it’s teachings and metaphysics have been found to be scientifically founded in recent years.
No one? Perhaps wannabe "witches" at tumblr or instagram. You do you.
Gorgeous! One of the best books I ever read was by Steve Hagen on Buddhism.
Bön is relevant!
No one says that Buddhists can't be occultists, but it is implied by the Mindfulness tradition that comes from secular westerners who studied in the Burmese schools founded by Mahasi Sayadaw, which already put less emphasis on faith practice and esotericism than most Asian traditions. This includes truly great teachers like John Kabbat Zin and Jack Kornfield.
Our other major source of Buddhism is Zen, which exists in harmony with Shinto shamanistic practices, but we only get the minimalism of pure Zen. The Dalai Lama's tradition of Gelugpa Buddhism is esoteric as hell, but they reserve the esoteric parts for advanced practitioners. Other Tibetan schools start that training earlier, and offer it to more students.
Most generally, the West has imported more of the philosophical and psychological aspects, and less of the esoteric ones, but that doesn't mean they aren't in the original traditions.
True but at the same time Buddhism and other forms of spirituality also do not condone the mixing of practices or teachings.
If you want to follow Buddhism you should follow Buddhism. From their point of view each practice has it's own set of realms and energies.
If you were to mix them, then you would either never practice either properly or pollute the energies from one practice with another and it would not allow you to get to much heights spiritually.
The esoteric parts that are secret and offered only to Advanced Practitioners is exactly that. For those who stayed on one path and reached inner heights to be able to understand or perceive the esoteric parts and handle them properly and not ruin themselves.
Even within all the branches of Buddhism, you should stick to one of them because they all have their own set of energy, meaning and end goals. Even if most of them want to reach the same place in the end, they do so by different means.
I'm not sure who would claim that.
Though I understand people fustrations with the fact that Buddhist concepts/practices have been inserted into the western traditions and now you can't deviate from that with out some type of argument or snark ensuing.
It can be quite annoying to be doing your thing and get criticized by some one for not doing insert buddhist technique, even though your practice may be in fact absolutely more traditional and historically accurate. (Not that historical = better, but my point stands. Buddhism isn't the the panacea of occult practice that it's made out to be.)
People also fetishize eastern practices a lot to a degree I would say can be disrespectful and unhealthy.
Depends on your choice of Buddist denominations. Most of the Theravada and some of the Mahayana sects prohibit occult practice. On the other hand, Mantrayana and Vajrayana sects are deep into occultism. The Buddhism I know best, the Shingon denomination from Japan, is Mantrayana, and so thick with occultism that for most of the last millennium and a half, most Japanese occultists borrowed everything they could either from Shingon Buddhism or from its not-quite-identical twin Tendai Buddhism.
Honestly I don’t think anyone has ever said that.
Ummm, no one. Buddhism in itself is an occult teaching, much hidden under the surface
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Actually I think Buddha says that. In the
Tibetan Buddhism is occult as fuck, not all branches are the same.
Tibetan Buddhism is heavily occultist. Look into the yoga tantras
Well the buddha said both Siddhis and seeking God/Union are distractions from the path, so Buddha. Do you even jhana bro?
I find it to be wise to research multiple cultures , religions and such for formulate your own thoughts and practice. I personally ignore those who do not borrow from outside their comforted beliefs .
Tantrics (looking incredulous or disappointed): Am I a joke to you?
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No one said that but glad you clarify that it can indeed happen. Thank you.
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Very interesting/enlightened conversation. I feel as if several more dots have been connected just by reading these comments. Thank you for sharing this.
The biggest example of this is Tibbet. The yogis there are highly skilled in Tantric practices. The main reason buddha never talked openly on such topics is because this can divert the immature minds to a wrong path and not having a better understating of such matters can be very harmful. Tibbet is one of the surviving Tantric geographic areas still alive after Tibbet Nepal is also one of them and then some places in India too. Occult practices and Tantric methodologies require a great deal of practice and maturity of our own mind,body and the world around us, slightest of mistake can produce a very harmful effect and also such practices were not focused because you can be lost in these and the ultimate goal was never to stop as you start having the powers.
You literally JUST described my spiritual practice at the moment! I'm going to a Buddhist temple to learn more about it and working towards my refuge ceremony. At the same time, I dabble in spell-work, tarot, pendulums, smudging, etc. I'm always in awe of how much there is out there and how little I actually know about the world- there's always a different way of seeing things- hence, my love for the occult and whatever else there may be.
Also, I adore your altar! Goals for sure :0
polyreligious <3
Kurukulla is quite interesting to learn about.
Occult: supernatural, mystical, or magical beliefs, practices or phenomena. Budhhuism definitely falls in this category. Also refers to "hidden or secret".
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I believe it's Eb.
Buddhist magick is a thing.
Nice set up
I describe myself as a "Satanic Buddhist" often.
Very true, even reformed Satanist Zeena Schrek is a Buddhist now.
Buddhists are kind of like real occultists, and people practicing occulty things today are really not.
Buddhism was the first religious studying I took to as a teenager, I still have an interest in the Vajrayana and Zen schools of Buddhism. I learned how to meditate from watching a Buddhist Monk on youtube. My beliefs changed as I got older and read into things like Thelema and Chaos Magick and Luciferianism and became less ascetic but I still hold a great respect for Buddhist culture.
Esoteric Buddhism has some awesome deities!
You should listen to some of their chants some powerful stuff
You should listen to some of the Buddhists chants powerful stuff like Hindu mantras
Well said. I'm a Satanist, but I certainly have a personal view similar enough to Buddhism that I could honestly say I'm a Satanist and a Buddhist
Can you tell us about your practice?
It leans heavily on the Buddhist/contemplative side of things... daily meditation and yoga. I also pretty regularly do shamanic/visionary journeying, ancestor spirit work, herbalism (under the lovely tutelage of my expert green witch SO), and have recently started to explore tantra.
We're all talking about the same thing here. It's life. Life is the teacher, we all follow one path in life whether it's distinct from yours ,we're all leading to the same place, death. Learning is the religion. Wisdom is the path. Knowledge is the key.
Absolutely no one.
Huh? Growing up tibetan buddhist helped alot in my occult endeavours i feel like. But okidoki.
Why did you post the tittle twice? Why did you post the tittle twice? But, seriously, I think it's narrow-minded to think only figures of pagan or Abrahamic origins can be part of occult rituals.
If you're looking to be more orthodox than not, Vajrayana buddhism is supposedly filled with ascetics and occult ritual. The idea that one can attain enlightenment, now, in this lifetime, with the right ritual triggers, is kind of fascinating.
Is there even someone who says either of those things?? I mean, I have a book about esoteric buddhism and stuff. It's pretty common
pretty much no one says that...but whatever, nice ornaments.
The Pope is the greatest occultist on Earth.
The Pope isn't buddhist.
Even greater than the Dalai Lama?
Interesting. I've heard of Taoist magic and I'm sure there must be some asian equivalent of occultism since it has been present in many cultures since the beginning of time, but it never occurred to me that a Buddhist may be occultist. Since it's a philosophical religion, I'm sure nothing goes against occultism there. It's interesting to see how different religions and cultures organize their shrines.
One of my best friends is a Buddhist, iniciated into some branch of it and is a big occultist (he knows a lot)... so... Your'e not the only one i guess XD
A Frater of my Order actually studied Buddhism abroad. He is a Buddhist and occultist.
But one thing must be understood, is that mysticism and occultism are not the same.
"MYSTICISM aims at the speediest possible attainment of the Divine Union of the soul with its Source. In order to achieve this it eliminates all that causes separation. A cardinal doctrine in all mystic schools is that of Unreality. Whenever we find a school of thought which distinguishes sharply between the Unreal and the Real, and seeks to eliminate the former from consciousness in order to possess the latter, we shall be justified in classifying it as an essentially mystical system. OCCULTISM, on the other hand, accepts the phenomenal as actual enough if not real, if we use the term .. real !' in its technical mystical sense as eternal and self-existing. The aim of the occultist is to organise and master phenomena and bring them into harmony with the eternal law of the Real."
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Uh who said that?
nobody but cool concept.
Budhism is right hand path.
Yes I am a vegan.
Yes I eat meat.
We exist.
Occult =/= cult
Anyone can do anything they want. Fuck what others say and do what resonates with you 🤗
No one said you chouldint btw