Game Ready Driver 441.87 FAQ/Discussion

Game Ready Driver 441.87 has been released.

Tons of new features.
New Features and Other Changes
Download link below
As far as input latency is concerned, how does Nvidia's framerate cap compare to RTSS? (Would test myself but at work atm)
I can't wait for the TFTCentral article on this. This could be a great thing if it get's lower latency than RTSS' limiter! Good one team green ;)
Anyone have any tips on minimizing input latency on a 60hz monitor that doesn't have VRR? Right now I'm using RTSS, scanline sync, frame limit to 59.92.
I wonder if limiting the framerate in driver will help more. I will upgrade to high refresh rate and vrr monitor soon just waiting on a good 43" 4k panel.
it's all an undocumented joke. Their ULL thingy majiggy has been doing the same thing by capping for months now, Nvidia are positively SHITE at explaining what each thing does. They're abysmal at it.
Battlenonsense put out a video yesterday. It’s on par.
Edited: Early Performance Test is up!!!
441.87 WHQL Driver Early Performance Benchmark (Pascal based)
Hello nVidia fellows, and btw. Happy New Year!
After skipping a couple of driver releases due to a bug with vSync and some DX12 games, here I have the 441.87 Early Performance Benchmark for Pascal cards. The vSync issue seems to be fixed, or at least I haven't seen it on the "Pending Issues" list of the Release Notes. Due to this, I will be comparing my results of this driver vs. 441.20 (the last driver I had installed). I will be skipping the two WHQL releases in between.
This driver includes a crapload of new features, but unfortunately for us Pascal users, most of them are exclusive of the Turing RTX cards. Yet the new Control Panel Frame Cap Limiter is a welcome adition, which is available to all users no matter the card architecture.
Maybe nVidia have squeezed also some extra performance on their Turing cards (
Benchmark PC is a custom built desktop with Win10 v.1909 Update (latest Windows Update patches manually applied), 16Gb DDR3-1600 Ram, Intel i7-4790k with one Asus Strix GTX 1070Ti Advanced Binned, on a single BenQ 1080p 60hz. monitor with no HDR nor G-Sync. Stock clocks on both CPU and GPU.
Frame Times are recorded either by the own game (TD2) or using PresentMon during the built-in benchmarks inside each game. Then the Frame Times are processed to get percentiles and averages with a custom tool I developed to harvest the data.
Unless explicitly stated otherwise, games run borderless windowed, with available 'cinematic' options disabled when possible, (Motion Blur, Chromatic Aberration, Film Grain, Vignette effects, Depth of Field, and such, not due to performance but for my own preference and image quality reasons).
The usual disclaimer: This is NOT an exhaustive benchmark, just some quick numbers and my own subjective impressions for people looking for a quick test available on day one; and I can only judge for my own custom PC configuration. Any other hardware setup, different nVidia architecture, OS version, different settings... may (and will) give you different results.
Remember: FPS are better the higher they are and they usually show the "overall" performance of the game, while the Frame Times are better the lower they are, and they tell us about potential stutters and puntual lag spikes during gameplay.
First test. Tom Clancy's: The Division 2 using updated Snowdrop Engine with Dx12. 1080p resolution, High/Ultra settings (but Volumetric Fog set to medium, it's a resource hog for negligible visual improvement).
The Division 2 - three runs with 441.20:
The Division 2 - three runs with 441.87:
The first test, based on the Dx12 Division 2 game, does not show any meaningful difference. Game have the same raw performance, and more or less the same Lower Frame Times, which translates in equivalent Frame Pace smoothness.
Next one. A Dx11 game on the AnvilNext engine: Ghost Recon: Wildlands on 1080p, mostly V.High but no Gameworks options enabled.
GR: Wildlands - three runs with 441.20:
GR: Wildlands - three runs with 441.87:
The DX11 GR:Wildlands test is a bit worse on raw average FPS, losing a couple of average FPS. Fortunately, things are not that bad because the lower frame times are equivalent, (or even a bit better in the case of the 0.1% Lower). That means that the game is about as smooth and stable as the previous driver, even if the average framerate is a bit lower.
Next is FarCry 5, a Dunia Engine game (a heavily modified fork of the original CryEngine). Settings are 1080p, maxed Ultra settings with TAA and FoV 90.
FarCry 5 - three runs with 441.20:
FarCry 5 - three runs with 441.87:
FC5 improved a bit in a couple of recent drivers (at least of the ones I tested, 441.20 and previous). Fortunately, all the improvements are still here. This was one of the games with more wild variances from one driver to another in the past, and it's good news for Dunia engine games that the performance is being kept stable since November drivers.
Now an Unreal Engine game: Batman: Arkham Knight on 1080p, maxed settings and all Gamework options enabled (thus, heavily using nVidia PhisX engine).
Batman: AK - three runs with 441.20:
Batman: AK - three runs with 441.87:
This time the venerable DX11 Arkham Knight game is running a bit worse than previously. Even if the changes are small, they are consistent enough to assume that the game is performing slightly worse overall.
Last one is the latest adittion to my test suite, Forza Horizon 4. A DirectX12 game from Microsoft, using the propietary Forzatech engine. Settings are 1080p, all options maxed, but motion blur disabled, and 4X antialiasing.
Forza Horizon 4 - three runs with 441.20:
Forza Horizon 4 - three runs with 441.87:
And finally Forza Horizon 4 is this time a bit better than the previous 441.20 driver. Almost the opposite of what we have seen on Arkham Knight. Changes are again small, but consistent enough to assume that this time the game is running a hair better than before.
Driver system stability testing
So far the Driver itself is stable on my machine.
Tested The Division 2, Wildlands, FarCry5, XCOM2, Anno 1800, Batman Arkham Knight, BattleTech, Monster Hunter: World, Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor, Endless Space 2, Diablo 3, StarCraft2, WoW:BfA (Dx12), WoW Classic (Dx11), Magic The Gathering: Arena, Forza Horizon 4, Anthem and Elite:Dangerous (short testing game sessions).
All ran fine without crashes or system stability issues on my rig.
Driver performance testing
To be honest, I was slightly worried with this driver. Even if the version number is just a small jump, the big list of changes, most of them focused on the RTX Turing cards, made me wonder if nVidia would have just forgot about Pascal and the new code in the drivers would slow down our cards, (without providing any benefits to us).
But, as we have seen, performance wise there is nothing to worry about. Yes, Arkham Knight is running a bit worse, but it's a bit old at this point and in exchange Forza Horizon 4 is a bit better, being also a much newer game.
In the end, this driver seems to be a Draw (performance-wise) with the previous one I tested (441.20).
My recommendation:
Well. As I said, I cannot speak for those who have already installed any of the drivers between 441.20 and this one, because I haven't even installed them. But given that the performance seems flat, I will assume that the intermediate drivers did't have any earth-shattering change either.
If you are already on any of the previous 44x drivers, seems there are no reasons to avoid the new 441.87 update. More features are always nice, the new Frame Cap Limiter in particular can be helpful for some, and we always have the optimized Game Ready profiles, new G-Sync compatible/Freesync monitors supported, and bugfixes. If all this come without any significant performance change, then it's worth a try at least. Unless you find a very specific bug or performance regression on any of your frequently used games, this driver package might be a good one to go.
If you are still on older 41x/43x driver branches or earlier just for pure performance, and you absolutely don't need any of the new features/profiles/bugfixes, then this driver might not offer any new compelling reason to make the change either for performance alone.
Last but not least, remember this testing is done with a Pascal 1070Ti card, so cards with a different architecture may show wildly different results. For an accurate test on 16XX/20XX Turing cards, keep an eye on
Thank you for reading!
Thanks for your hard work ! looking forward to it as usual !
Thank you Lokken, you da man
thanks. Have you or anyone else tried DMC5 or RE2R?
Assassin's Creed Odyssey performance is worst in battles,I get deeps down to 50 fps even with adaptive anti-aliasing.With the same settings I was at 65 min.
Thanks for the time you put into these benchmarks, Lokken!
Thank you!
Thanks for the numbers, always look forward to reading these!
theres a typo, should be 441.87?
You are the best!! Thank you for your hard work!!
Lost 5% in 3D Mark Time Spy Graphics Test 2.
Why it took them so long to have a max FPS setting is beyond me but hey it’s there now 👏🏻👏🏻
A better question is why running at max uncapped FPS introduces such a latency penalty. People are looking to fix the symptom of the problem by capping FPS, not the cause of the problem.
UPDATE (15/01/20):
NVIDIA 441.87 WHQL Driver Performance Benchmark (Turing)
Enjoy it! :)
Happy New Year! Happy New Benchmark with this CES Edition Driver. Goodluck!
Thanks for doing this mate!
Looking forward to this!
My benchmarks are on an indefinite hold due to a house fire. My tech looks like it survived but as I'm sure you can imagine, I have a great deal on my mind right now.
I thank you all for your patience and understanding.
I wish the best for you and your family. Please do focus on recovery for your living space and your safety.
Oh man that is horrible. I’m wishing the best for you.
Oh man, didn't know it... I wish the best for you and for your family. Big hug from here!
So the new max frame rate setting seems to help A LOT with frametiming, almost similar to RTSS.
In game limiter
NVCP limiter
RTSS limiter
As for input latency there isn't much I can say, I think it'd be best to wait for someone like Battle(non)sense to do his in depth testing, but I personally couldn't feel a difference compared to the in game limiter which has the least amount of input lag, so definetely an improvement over NVInspector.
I don't have comparison pictures but I can also confirm that the new NVCP limiter is pretty much on par with RTSS.
Here's Witcher 3 at 60, the framerate is smooth, just look at that bar.
Take my word for it when I say that RTSS had pretty much the exact same results.
Can you set your monitor to 24hz? If not 60hz should do but is harder to tell. Set it to that then set an fps cap equal to the refresh rate in both Nvidia driver and in RTSS -1 from refresh rate then toggle framelimiter on and off in RTSS to compare. If Nvidia still adds 2 frames of lag over RTSS's 1 it should be super obvious. I'm gonna test in a few moments and see.
Should we be removing in-game frame limits if we use the Nvidia limiter?
I only thought to ask this cause other people are saying that in-game frame limiters cause frame delays or something.
One thing I've noticed is that NVCP limiter doesn't seem to work when a game in exlcusive fullscreen mode is running in the background. It will run without a frame cap or at v-sync/g-sync refresh rates until you alt-tab back in.
Similar to radeon chill?
i wounder whats's the latency difference between in-driver fps cap vs nvidia inspector/RTSS.
previously, inspector was knows as not the best framerate cap, as it introduced more latency than RTSS or in-game cap, for example.
FPS cap! Fucking finally
Can someone explain GPU Scaling for Image Sharpening? What does enabling it do exactly?
It automatically adds custom resolutions below your native resolution. For me it adds a new custom resolution at 90% and 80% of 4k. It only turns on with image sharpening in NVCP with previous patches which was weird. Glad they patched it.
Took them I think 4 drivers to announce Battleeye is fucked with ultra low latency mode. lol
Oh damn, the limiter starts at 40 fps? Was looking forward to trying 4k 30 in a few games...
Mee too.... sad face
If you want smooth 30 fps, use half-refresh rate in NVCP for game profile and set refresh rate to 60 inside the game. Works well for me in Rome II where 4K does wonders for jaggies and text edges while 30 FPS is plenty for it.
Anyone try the Maximum Frame Rate option yet? How well does it work?
we need comprehensive testing from guys from blurbusters or battlenonsense
what are the benefits of fps capping? just no screen tearing?
Frametime stability looks far more pleasing than tons of variance in frame delivery, and if using gsync then it guarantees you never go outside the gsync range where it isn't working.
Lower temps and for G-sync to work correctly. Less input lag than using v-sync to cap fps.
Micro stutter is what most gamers associate with stuttering game play.
It’s when the time to deliver a frame varies widely so your eyes pick this up and see it as stutter.
Frame rate limiters like RTSS stabilize this delivery and the result is an image that looks far more smooth than even most vsync is capable of.
Also as others mentioned you need to cap your frame rate for various reasons like staying below your GSync limit or when streaming so you have enough processing overhead to render your stream.
Limiting frames doesn't eliminate tearing.
Also lower GPU temps
For laptops, less heat is a big benefit.
I used to cap GW2 and Mafia 2 at 30 fps just because letting them go to 60 would mean the system was always at 100% and the framerate would be all over the place (10-80, not just microstutter). Capping at 30 would make those games have stable 25-30 fps (solid 30 for Mafia). On desktops with better cooling, it's not as noticeable, but a stable 30 is a better experience than 20-60 stutters (IMO). 30 fps is still a shitty experience, but if you've got no choice (and a low-res TV on the other side of the room), it's fine.
On desktop and laptops with better cooling, I still cap my fps because: 1. I'm not that competitive and 2. it's a waste of power. Playing a game like Witcher 1 without any fps cap means sweaty palms on laptops and loud fans on desktop. With 0 benefit.
Coil whine.
I wonder if the DXGI error in Apex Legends is a driver's thing on Nvidias end?
Haven't seen this as a confirmed bug from Respawn or Nvidia. Very frustrating because my friend and I (2080ti, 2070s) get these (device hung, device removed) on a near daily basis. Stock clocks on both cards.
Does VRSS work in tandem with the SS option in SteamVR? Should I set SS back to 100% in SteamVR?
One applies to only the center of the screen (the VRSS), the other to the entire screen. You can do both and murder your GPU. NVIDIA in the article states that using x4 supersampling (SteamVR) is unplayable in Boneworks, but x4 VRSS can be played perfectly fine.
PS: If your flair is up to date, this won't work for you. It's only for Turing cards.
@NVIDIA: what is the recommendation for setting max framerate if a game has the option too? Is the preference to set it in game at the engine level? For example if you cap framerate in NVCP to 141fps and in game to 140fps would that be preferred for precedence, or just one or the other?
Normally you want just one limiter. Start with the in-game limiter. If it performs fine, leave it as it is. If it stutters, turn it off and use an external framelimiter.
I cannot get the Max Frame Rate option to work in any game. Any ideas?
same brother same
same here!
Same dude
W indows 10 Only [Red Dead Redemption 2][Vulkan][SLI]: The benchmark crashes when played in Vulkan mode with SLI enabled and graphics settings set to Ultra. [200565367]
I am actually able to get the game to boot now with SLI, but you sometimes get god awful screen flickering with Vulkan enabled, DX12 runs fine but doesn't support SLI.
Really hope they can fix this soon, waiting till after Christmas to buy the game hoping it would be ready to run with SLI.
NVCP image sharpening is still disabled for CSGO (and possibly GTA 5) in these drivers, Freestyle one still works.
Does nvidia download page default DCH drivers now? I have to use ddu now. I have tons of cuda stuff installed which might get broken after ddu. Couple of hours are wasted, nice..
Yup. They've been defaulting to DCH for a few releases now. Click on the "beta and older drivers" page and from there you can select either standard or DCH.
I just tried this new driver today and it caused micro-stutters in Final Fantasy 12 The Zodiac Age.
With previous drivers, frame-time would stay at ~16.66ms. But with this 441.87 driver, every 5-10 seconds, frame-time would fluctuate between 15-18ms for a brief moment and causes stutters.
Reverting to an old driver and frame-time for the game is stable again.
One interesting note though, on my PC, 441.87 gives the best score in Superposition benchmark. All other drivers would get ~16,030-16,040 points. 441.87 is the outlier that reaches beyond ~16,100 points. My previous minimum FPS for this benchmark are ~88-90. But 441.87 get 97 minimum FPS.
However, a bit of performance gain doesn't worth it if I have to play games with micro-stutters.
GTA V appears to be finally fixed..... hallelujah.
It was the game broken, not the driver. Hence why the game update fixed it.
I don't even play it and I'm happy that issue is gone.
This right here.... Booting The Witcher 3 with the same digital vibrance that i set for csgo burns my retina every single time, i always forget, and have to quit, configure (lower) then boot the game again.
"Our newest Game Ready Driver driver is adding support for an additional 8 G-SYNC Compatible displays"
Is this a typo? Their site only mentions 3 new compatible displays.
So with the max frame rate, what is the recommended G-sync settings now?
Just wanna say thanks. That DDU saved my ass. After I reset my PC Call of Duty kept wigging out and freezing. So I used DDU and did a fresh install and everything is working again.
So is the Control Panel included again or will we always have to rely on the windows store app?
DDU your DCH driver and download the standard driver here:
Installing this driver has caused my copy of RDR2 to crash whenever the game world is supposed to load. I can get past the Start menu but the moment I start hearing game-world sounds everything crashes. Funnily enough, I never had a single crash with this game until this driver. Not a single one in almost 50 hours of playing. I haven't installed any other updates to any other software so I know its got to be this driver. Verifying the game files didn't fix it. Im going to try reverting back tot he previous driver.
EDIT: Just want to add that this is highly reproducible. It crashes everytime, I've tried at least 5 times.
Also had the same problem, never had any crashes until this driver but I fixed it on second time launching the game by just opening the Settings (press Z) on the start menu before launching Story mode. I just tinkered two graphics settings then put it back before starting the game and it didn't crash.
Just updated to this driver - man oh man was I confused when I learned nvidia control panel has to be installed from the app store lol.
Anyway I'm testing 2 things in this driver - normally I play with g-sync on fullscreen only, v-sync off in nvcp, and fps cap in-game
This time I've enabled low latency to ON (not ultra), and set an FPS cap of 230 (instead of 237 in-game) the image looks real smooth from the one game I tested (overwatch)
One thing that I did notice is now my FPS in overwatch has the 3 dots which normally means 3 rendered frames? I'm confused how that happened cause normally reduce buffering enabled in OW made that 2 dots. So either the FPS cap or low latency to ON made that go on but I don't really feel any delay
Anyway - is there any downside to have low latency to ON compared to off (application default) which is what I was using before. Would g-sync work better with low latency off? I see that the 230 fps cap is much better than a cap of 237
The Max Frame Rate feature has had no affect for me.
Guess I'll just stick with RivaTuner's frame limiter.
Wonder if this one will fix the device hung error in Apex Legends. DOUBT!
Nvidia please...
It took them more than 5 years but they finally added it...Time to remove Nvidia Inspector
I like the new addition too, but NI still has plenty of other features that hopefully one day will all get added to NCP, I wouldn't delete NI just yet.
Now the big question for G-Sync users: Low Latency NULL or FPS Cap?
FPS cap with NULL set to On. Ultra only works with limited APIs and sometimes causes weird issues when it does work. Better to keep things simple and just use an FPS cap and be done with it. It'd likely give a better experience anyway.
For some reason, the Maximum Frame Rate option isn't showing up in my nvidia control panel after I installed the new driver. What gives?
If you downloaded from the NVidia site, you may have downloaded version 441.66 instead of 441.87.
Has DMC5 and RE2 DX11 issues been fixed yet? I'd test it myself but currently not home rn.
If you mean the random black lighting bug no I don't think they can reproduce it. It's a strange one because neither my desktop or my wife's desktop (identical specs) can reproduce it but her laptop did a few times. Both use Pascal based GPUs and the same graphics settings and API so I have no idea what is the cause.
I just realized while checking the Max Frame Rate that my DSR Factor is 2.00X (Native Resolution) and DSR Smoothness is %33. What is this? Should I leave it like this?
Dynamic super resolution is a way to render a game at multiples of your screens resolution and downsample it to still work with your screen. Its basically super heavy weight anti aliasing. The 2.00 factor means you can run games at twice your monitors resolution (for 1080p this would be 2160p). Leaving it on like you currenty have doesn't do anything except give you acess to the higher resolutions under the resolution setting ingame. The only downside to leaving it on is that you can't run custom resolutions (like overclocking your monitors hz in the nvidia driver).
frame limiter fuck yea
Do these drivers come with WDDM 2.7 on 2004 versions of Windows 10?
I am unable to not use drivers 445.23 because they add Hardware GPU Scheduling to Windows' Graphic settings and this COMPLETELY fixes the year old problem of stuttering and stuff happening when combining monitors with refresh rate not divisible by 2, like 144/60.
Please tell me it does and that I am not stuck using 445.23 for another who knows how long.
Thank for this tip on how to fix that issue, even though I'm sure Nvidia hasn't readded this very useful feature :P
On which framerate should I cap have a 75hz monitor.
If Gsync/Freesync? ~72fps.
anyone know the new install path of Ansel?
You probably installed DCH drivers. Nvidia is forcing them now. For standard drivers find them in advanced search. And you will get your Ansel folders back :)
Are you using DCH drivers? I don't think they have any path for ansel. I've gone through everything and I can't find it to turn that shit off.
Waiting on the reports from 1080ti users...
No issues on my 1080ti @ 1440p ultra with gta5 on windows 1809 x64 latest updates
Interesting results from the new Max Frame Rate control.
With NvCP FPS cap -
With RTSS FPS cap -
Using the NvCP FPS cap changes how the GPU uses it resources. With RTSS FPS cap, my GPU uses half its cores while running full speed. With NvCP FPS cap, it uses all it cores but run at roughly half the clock rate.
RTSS FPS cap is smoother based on the frame time graph from RTSS OSD though.
Not sure which one I prefer yet.
Max frame rate setting doesn’t work at all, it’s not capping. Neither global nor program settings wise.
Same and nvidia acting its a problem from me and not them lol
had the same proble, im using the Asus Strix RTX 2080 and after I reinstalled the Update with DDU it worked fine. BUT than i started GPU TWEAK and it didnt work anymore... so maybe thats the problem? BTW even though im closing GPU Tweak and its not running in the background the Framerater Cap stilll doesnt Work
I have the same issue, both in sekiro and the witcher 3, didn't test other games. I'll roll back now and test if it fixes it.
Tried the max FPS option on my 1070 Max-Q card.
Modern Warfare 2019 stutters a lot when I cap the game at 110 fps.
Apex Legends works fine when I cap it at 110 FPS. It’s actually smoother.
Some games react poorly to external FPS cap, PES 2019 for me seems choppy at 100-120 FPS on two monitors but smooth at 141.
You can try different FPS level and see how smooth you can get it.
I had severe stuttering with the new drivers, to the point I thought my 2080 Ti was about to die.
Stuttering was very heavy (fps constantly ranging from 30 to 144) and happening in games like Gears of War 5 and The Division 2. Forza Horizon 4, just to say one, did not have this problem.
I reverted back to the old drivers and now everything's back to normal.
Anyone else with stuttering problems on new drivers?
GPU: 2080 Ti
CPU: 3700x
that new fps limiter by nvidia is not working i tried everything seriously everything. i even used ddu to clean install my driver nothing worked.,
Do you have Asus GPU Tweak enabled?
Updated from 418.81 using the most recent DDU, in safe mode.
After install getting lower FPS and consistent screen tearing in -Red Dead Redemption 2 -Fallout 4 -HBS Battletech
Have a EVGA 2080 Ti Hydro-Copper & 1080 Ti SC2. Adjusted refresh rates, using Gsync, Adaptive, fast, capping at 1 FPS the monitors max and half minus 1, etc, and failed to completely relieve the screen tearing and lost FPS so rolling back to 418.81.
I played Call of duty with this driver. It was stuttering in a strange way. Areas with more shadow stutter more.
I play call of duty at max settings and with everything enabled except blurring. I did use DDU and it made game work well but after i turned the game off then i played again later on the stuttering returned again. I had to go to the version before.
GPU: RTX 2080
CPU: 9900k
Monitor : Benq XR3501
RTSS set at 150
I had the same issue with this driver. Stuttering like crazy in Modern Warfare. I was getting 100fps pretty solid before, but with the new driver it sits at about 90 max and plays like it's at 30 or less. My monitor as an audio out also disappears from windows every time my screen idles. I either have to go into the sound settings through NCP or windows troubleshoot to get them back.
Tried as a clean install and tried DDU. Problems resolved after going back to 441.66.
1080ti, 7700k, ASUS PG348Q
Am I the only one, or is the VRSS setting absent entirely from my control panel with this update?
You can't set it globaly, you have to select the VR game and manually enable VRSS for each title that you want to use it on.
The title also has to be supported. These are the current available games with VRSS support: Battlewake Boneworks Eternity WarriorsTM VR Hot Dogs, Horseshoes and Hand Grenades In Death Job Simulator Killing Floor: Incursion L.A. Noire: The VR Case Files Lone Echo Mercenary 2: Silicon Rising Pavlov VR Raw Data Rec Room Rick and Morty: Virtual Rick-ality Robo Recall SairentoVR Serious Sam VR: The Last Hope Skeet: VR Target Shooting Space Pirate Trainer Special Force VR: Infinity War Spiderman: Far from Home Spiderman: Homecoming – Virtual Reality Experience Talos Principle VR The Soulkeeper VR
Missing for me too on 2080ti
I see it when i select individual VR games but it stays Grayed out even being a supported title.
VRSS is not showing up on my 2080ti, downloaded through Geforce Experience. Tried a clean install too. Any idea whats up?
You can't set it globaly, you have to select the VR game and manually enable VRSS for each title that you want to use it on.
The title also has to be supported. These are the current available games with VRSS support: Battlewake Boneworks Eternity WarriorsTM VR Hot Dogs, Horseshoes and Hand Grenades In Death Job Simulator Killing Floor: Incursion L.A. Noire: The VR Case Files Lone Echo Mercenary 2: Silicon Rising Pavlov VR Raw Data Rec Room Rick and Morty: Virtual Rick-ality Robo Recall SairentoVR Serious Sam VR: The Last Hope Skeet: VR Target Shooting Space Pirate Trainer Special Force VR: Infinity War Spiderman: Far from Home Spiderman: Homecoming – Virtual Reality Experience Talos Principle VR The Soulkeeper VR
The NVCP FPS limiter reduces some input latency, but frametimes spike up more often (on a 60hz monitor with a 60 FPS cap). RTSS has a more flat frametime graph with its own FPS limiter, but I can feel more input latency with it compared to the NVCP FPS limiter. Sticking with RTSS for now.
I'm testing and here seems fine capping at 141 for 144hz. And seems a little bit better than RTSS, at least on Modern Warfare
if im using a 240hz monitor, should i cap my fps to 237 ?
If you're using g sync or freesync. Otherwise no I wouldn't
Should I unninstall my driver first with DDU or should I do a direct upgrade without unninstalling the previous driver?
always DDU and do clean install, best option!
It's completely fine to install them without DDU. Only times I've ever DDUed drivers is to downgrade a driver or installing a new GPU and I haven't had any issues since 2012 when I returned to PC gaming.
DDU for other purposes is hardly ever needed. It's mainly if you have some actual problems that might get fixed by clean install or benchmarking to make sure there's the minimal amount of issues possible.
> Maximum Frame Rate
Is that a per-application setting? I recall having to fiddle with a similar setting via Nvidia Inspector as some games like The Sims 3 run at an uncapped framerate without any provision for vsync for some reason. I've been told that this can wear out the GPU due to it churning out way too many frames.
CPU: i7 8700k 4,7Ghz
GPU: Gigabyte GTX 1080 G1
RAM: Corsair LPX Vengeance 16GB 3200mhz
Mobo: Gigabyte Aorus Z370 Gaming 7 rev. 1.0 BIOS F14
SSD 1: ADATA 128 Gb for Windows
SSD2: Samsung EVO 850 500Gb for Games
HDD: Toshiba 1Tb (other)
PSU: Corsair RM850x
Windows 10 Home 1909 OS Build 18363.535
Monitor: Samsung CHG70 27", 144hz, 2560x1440p, Firmware: m-HG727CCAA - 1022.1
Assassin's Creed: Odyssey - Stuttering with this Drivers.
Spent a few hours in AC Odyssey today and performance seems fine here - no different from other drivers. I don't have any tweaks applied via the control panel though.
For me (RTX 2080) the new max frame rate setting does not work at all on my 2 games (Classic WoW and SWTOR)
I hope it will work with dx9 games too.
Do you have any GPU utilities running in the background?
Is anyone else getting micro stuttering in RDR2 with the latest drivers? I had to revert back to 441.41 .
Can you share more details?
Doesnt work for me. Asus Rog Strix RTX 2080. After reinstalling it with DDU it worked for a short time. I think the problem was that it stopped working after i started GPU Tweak from ASus. Even if i close the software now the FP cap doesnt work anymore. Someone having the same issue?
Did you have FPS limiter enabled in GPU Tweak? If so disabled it.
Sadly, still no temporal dithering option available.
Is it normal for this driver to install the Microsoft Store version of the NVIDIA Control Panel? I don't think I ever asked for DCH drivers.
Yes it's normal.
RDR2 is crashing after the loading screen when trying to continue my game now. Every single time. I can't play it.
Makes my modern warfare crash
So far so good no problem with new driver. In fact the driver is more stable, sometimes with previous driver when watching video using MPC-HC my graphic card always behave unstable after pausing the video for long time, I can't resume the video again and had to restart MPC-HC.
Anyone have crashing issues with these drivers on the Witcher 3? You can still hear the audio as if the game is still being played but the screen is frozen.
Had just got into this game. Had to roll back all the way to 399.24 not to have this happen. I'm on the latest version of Windows 1909 and am running a 1070Ti. Nothing is overclocked.
With this driver overheating issue with Overwatch is happening again. Geforce 10 series (notebook) I'll roll back.
Can you fill out the driver feedback form below so we can look into this please?
ok so i have a question abt NULL, vSync and gsync. i have a gtx 1080 and a 1440p 165Hz monitor. the games i play are around 90-100 fps, gtx 1080 isnt powerful enough for 1440p144Hz but thats fine. should i have NULL on or off, should i have v sync disable or enabled in the nvidia control panel even if i have g sync turned on? and should i cap my framerate with RTSS or not? im not sure what combo of setting would be best for my hardware.
NV control panel G-Sync: ON
Cap FPS to 160 using RTSS (as you have 165Hz, 160 lock is appropriate)
Why set the minimum Max Framerate to 40? Why couldn't it had been 30 fps?
Can you share the direct download link for the driver? NVIDIA's own site doesnt have it updated and last one is 441.66 for rtx 2070
Is there anyway for me to test if gsync is working correctly, the pendulum demo is super stuttery for me
Turn on Gsync Indicator on the monitor and you can see if they fluctuate to follow the FPS.
Hello, can someone explain to me if the Max Frame Rate control could improve performance somehow? I read the discriptions 5 times, but I'm no expert and have no clue whats going on.
It can improve latency in games if your PC barely runs at 60 FPS and saves power if you have too many FPS. That's all there is.
Yea yea yea the real question is whether I can finally play GTAV without it crashing after 10 minutes.
Oops I just read the TLDR. I’ll see if it actually works
It's a title update from Rockstar. Update v1.49 fixed it
So how would the new Frame Capping compare to V-Sync on a non-FreeSync 60Hz monitor? Should I just set a global cap to 60Hz and turn off any other V-Sync or in-game frame cap settings?
You could do that but you'll get screen tearing.
What is the difference between in game max frame rate cap and nvidia cap?
What is the difference between vsynch and frame rate cap?
On the surface nothing, fundamentally? Possibly a lot.
Vsync syncs the output of your GPU to your display to eliminate tearing but introduces input latency. Frame rate limiting just limits your frames.
All these NVIDIA FreeStyle features look really cool, but does anyone actually play games with one of those artistic filters enabled...?
I add sharpness to some games, that's all.
FUCKING. FINALLY. Now I can delete NVIDIA Inspector!
Except the built in FPS limiter isn’t working.
Is there any reason why I shouldn't put a global frame rate cap to below my monitor's maximum?
If it's a Gsync monitor, then yes.
Is there any points in updating my drivers if I'm using 980ti? It seems all features are not for Maxwell and framerate cap is better with RTSS anyway. Considering how Nvidia handles drivers they may reduce performance even in old titles like Witcher 3, that's also worries me a little.
Well I updated with my 970 and the new filters and sharpening works just fine. What do you mean all features are not for Maxwell? The features related to VRR for g-sync compatible monitors won't work on Maxwell, but that's always been the case so isn't exclusive to this driver.
Yeah it still happens
I seem to have a new option in the 3D settings menu, called "Platform Boost".
What does that do, exactly?
I will never understand these nvidia drivers. Every single one that has come out in the last 3-4 months have made my computer run games poorly. I just did a DDU uninstall and it automaticly installed 432.00 Which is quite old now and all my games are running so much better with frames way up. I just don't understand why all of the new drivers have been shit to me..
When I install this driver, my control panel is gone and a little popup tells me to download the CP from the MS Store instead. Is this normal?
I always install the driver-only option; is the CP now integrated in GFE and I have to install that too?
You have to download the standard driver instead DHC.
Benchmarks are always stays TBD untill next driver release, then this post updated to next version so wtf with publishing these benchmarks?
True, however may be worth keep an eye on Lokkenjp, ComputerMaster and Rodrog's full benchmarks posted in their sub Reddit
After installing these drivers GTAV and Red Dead 2 crash on loading into the game
For those of you who wonder how this compares to in game frame limiter vs RTSS... Battlenonsense on YouTube uploaded a video about this and found that the new frame limiter in NVCP is on par with RTSS.
any driver after 436.02 causes constant hangups/micro freezes on pubg
What the difference between the 441.87 and the Nvidia 450.12 driver included with insider builds
I’m crashing a lot all of a sudden. Blue screening. Guess I’ll roll back windows and nvidia.
This driver update ruined all of my games. I'm now getting horrible stuttering in every game and for some reason its not letting me roll back to the previous drivers
BSOD during install. Tried twice.. Rolling back to 441.66.
Last 2 months I'm getting random BSOD's which mostly happen around once a week. It only happens when browsing when playing games I don't experience this.
According to bluescreenviewer the nvlddmkm.sys & ntoskrnl are the problem (see screenshot).
I'm using an Asus Geforce RTX 2080 GPU and starting to wonder if this is a driver issue or a HW issue. Anyone else experiencing the same problem by any chance?
What I did;
Any suggestions are welcome if the Januari update doesn't work for me. Troubleshooting this is a pain for the last month since it's so random.
I'm getting terrible tearing in Chrome and Firefox when running fullscreen (F11). YouTube is where I first noticed it, but doing
I and couple of others have reported the same thing on the Nvidia forums, but worryingly this isn't getting much attention, so I'm posting here too.
It happens regardless of G-SYNC on (fullscreen or windowed) or off. I also have a second monitor that is not G-SYNC, which the problem also happens on.
Reported via the feedback form 6 days ago. No response yet (if I should even expect one? I might contact support directly if this isn't resolved in the next update). I hope I won't be stuck on 441.66 forever now, as I can't update with this issue present on later versions.
GTX 1080 Ti. Asus PG348Q. Win 10 Pro 1909.
VRS for non-Super GTX 1650? What's the reason of its non-existing? Lmao
I'm stuck at low clocks with my EVGA GTX 1080 FTW - GPU-Z is telling me that the reason is the system being idle (which is not true) --> Game stutter or suddenly drop FPS, Chromium Based applications stutter (Especially Chrome + Youtube). I'll try to revert now to a previous version ...
edit: It seems to have something to do with the system entering standby/hibernation on Win10 - rebooting helps, although the performance mode gets stuck again once the display turns off or the system enters another power state.
These drivers gave me a horrible stuttering in Rdr2 on 2070 super, reverting to 441.66 solved the issue.
My laptop display randomly drops back to 60 Hz from 144 Hz and only way to revert it back to 144 is by restarting. looks like reverting to older drivers fixes it.