I bet he does...

Be yourself so women know to avoid you
Men are making it incredibly easy to tell who to reject since especially western society wants to be as open with their values as their Ugly American in Chief. so thanks for assholes removing themselves from the gene pool so maybe we're not in the darkest timeline after all. The weeds that pop up get cut down, so keep revealing yourselves!
No, we do not appreciate genuineness and authenticity when you are genuinely awful and authentically terrible. This is true. He’s not wrong, per se....
Well, we appreciate the warning signs...
I just find it really telling that respecting other people is not considered genuine or authentic. Political correctness is such an overused term it has no meaning anymore. The only virtue they signal is selfishness. Selfishness is extremely unsexy.
Literally the guy is using a movement about standing up for yourself and other women after sexual assault, as a bad thing. He’s like women standing up for themselves after rape is bad for men? Like is he trying to insinuate that he’s done more than send dick pics?
Gary is good. Be like Gary.
Can Gary be a new meme on this sub? Like a guy who's actually a good person could be called a Gary?
Gary is a goddamn hero.
I like that it was a guy that called him out
I really like Gary lol
I love how he doesn't say it like a question, he says it like a statement.
If ‘yourself’ is going to get involved in sexually assaulting something, then definitely don’t be yourself!
If you being "authentic" creates a #metoo incident, then 100% yes, filter that shit. Preferably with the help of a therapist.
There was an article talking about a famous female actor I think it was?
One if the many metoo instances.
They spoke of two instances to the best of my recollection.
Instance 1: was a conversation that was happening in a group of people just chatting, and a person reached out and felt the outer leg of a pair of pants to feel the material. Like a "what are these made out of?"
Instance 2: someone was looking for their script I believe it was? And they gently pushed someone forward in their chair for a moment to see if they were sitting on the script or whatever it was.
So... touching a pant leg and leaning someone forward while they were sitting in a chair?!?!?!? Fucking seriously?!?!? 😂😂😂
If that's how fragile we've become then yes...we have to filter everything and remain 15 feet away from everybody 24/7/365 🙄🤦‍♂️
MeToo = victims of rape speak up
This guy: MeToo is obviously a feminine conspiracy to control us all menly men so we don't have the right to fuck ever again.
But don’t you see how men are afraid to work with women now? S/
This is gold, I wanna high five Gary.
Lmaooo this is some murderedbywords shit
Go, Gary!
Gary sounds like a keeper.
And the other guy sounds like a creeper.
This is a whole lotta words for "I lack basic human decency"
Only heavily filtered dick picks of course.
Gary is awesome.
Filter everything so that you aren’t sexist? Sounds like it’s a you problem, not “MaH pC cUlTuRe” problem
If you suck as a person then you probably don’t want to be yourself. Women just don’t like creeps
You don't like the dick pic I sent you without your consent? But it's 7 inches and the last porno I watched the lady was happy being flashed in public. Stop being so PC, it's pathetic. And don't include me in your stupid #metoo thing.
Thank you Gary
This might get downvoted but I always kept dick pics on my phone. The key to it was only showing them to, no follow me here, the women who WANTED to see them. There’s nothing inherently wrong about dick pics, some women I was with said it showed “confidence” others thought it was “taboo” but they WANTED to see them. I could never understand sending a dick pic to a random person or one that specifically says no
I don’t know why you got downvoted; consent is always cool and really the reason why dick pics became a point of contention. Dick pics really aren’t my thing but I have a friend who loves getting them from her long distance bf. You do you.
As long as you have consent, you do you!
The fuck is this guy even talking about?
Gary got no chill... 😅😅
I hope that everyone understands what Gary has just done. Rather than let this “nice guy” continue to his spiel, he cut him off and pointed out that he really isn’t “ a nice guy.”
you only have to filter everything heavily if you're an asshole with shitty opinions.. that sends dick pics
Gary is the hero we needed
Sounds like he needs some BLEACH to cleanse his filthy mind dm me cuz I'm the clorox man with the clorox plan
Normal guy Shaun + Normal guy Shaun = unholy abomination Twuaun (niceguy BTW)
Thank you Gary
and they were not requested dick pics either,
Be more like Gary
I’ve decided I like Gary
I do... but girls don’t seem to like my millimeter peter
He doesn't proclaim himself as a nice guy neccessarily.
-may I send you some of my genitalia photographic records milady?
I'm pretty sure Hitler was genuine and authentic... As most serial killers were too...
I mean, you should always be yourself, but I get what some mean (not this guy, he's a rapist, definitely) humans often have someone of a filter to see how confident a person is, confidence is attractive, for both sexes and for several reasons. So if you aren't confident in who you are that will show, sure, some can fake confidence pretty well, but not as many as one might think, so there is no issue in being yourself if you are confident in who you are. And if you still get a no, then accept that and move on, then it wasn't meant to be. For the most part, rejection is good, the more times you get rejected, the more times you are able to train in introducing yourself and making a good first impression, which is very important. First impressions mean alot when you want to get to know someone.
That's all folks
I thought he said Guinness’s then as in the drink lol.
I bet he takes that as a request.
People like this really just live there lives on the Internet and it honestly shows just from this one bit.
Gary calls it like he sees it!
This is 100% how to get some tho