Gov. Chris Sununu vows to fight plan to change highway exit numbers in NH

But muh exit 32 bumper sticker! /s
Isn’t that a mass thing? For Nashoba valley ski area?
Yes, let's risk losing federal funding over a fucking number on a sign. Good thing we legalized marijuana so we have plenty of cash coming in! Oh wait......
Fiscally responsible my ass.
Why fight it? We’ll lose federal highway funds if not compliant by 2022.
Because the Sununu family owns a stake in
If we change i93 to have milage based numbers, what sounds like just a short hour or two trip starts sounding wayyyy longer ("just a few miles from Exit 108!" doesn't have quite the "oo that's not too far" sound).
Because Republicans are douchenozzles.
We won't lose funding. This is just some bureaucratic nonsense and pencil pushers in DC getting uppity.
If federal highway wants to pay for every dollar it costs NH to make this arbitrary change, then whatever. But they aren't.
And no one whining on this thread wants to pay for it either.
I am from NJ where we have had mike market exits forever. It’s way more convenient. If you’re at exit 30 and you’re exit is 20 you know you have 10 miles left on the highway without needing maps. Not sure why he’s pushing back something like this. When I have to get off at exit 7 and I’m at exit 5 I don’t know if it’s 2 miles away or 6 miles away.
Wish the Jersey Turnpike would have Milage based exits.
It's actually zero percent more convenient. Either way works just fine if you have two brain cells to rub together.
What a waste of time and resources. I get the proud of your exit thing but come on...
I was born at Exit 14, and I'll die at Exit 14. /s
What is a waste of time and resources, changing all of the exit signs?
I've lived in NH for 10 years and this is the first I've ever heard of it. Is it bigger outside of the seacoast area?
It’s weird having grown up primarily in the New England area I didn’t even know other states numbered their highways by miles until I took a road trip south in college. Seems like an incredibly pointless hill to die on for both sides of this argument
I’m interested where he’s coming from? Is all about the money? Redoing signage is expensive, I could see that, depending on how aid balances that.
From my other post you know I like mile numbering. But it’s pretty low on my list of concerns and I’d never vote for or against a politician based on that issue.
Canada does. I was born in NH but spent most of my childhood in NS and NB.
Why? Get over it
Probably the same reason he intervened over poorly packaged cold cuts. Publicity.
Congrats to Sununu on again having the courage to keep NH behind the times.
I think he's really pissed the feds are squashing his secret plans for the grand opening of exit 21 on I93.
He may be the only person who cares if we change them. Even the free staters (who dont want federal influence) are in favor of them changing. Because that's how exit signs are supposed to be numbered anyways.
Dumb. Should be fighting real issues.
He hasn't yet and he never will: just like his dad.
No one ever: “I’m an Exit 3 kid!”
I mean technically, I think I’m Nashua, the numbers stay the same.
Do nothing governors love to pick fights over things that do not matter. It's just so he can "stand up to the fed" and look tough. Tough on what, Chris?
'Cause standing up for a living minimum wage and rent controls in an obscenely inflated state actually requires humanity: something the Sununu family has been completely devoid of since they crawled out from under bridges and rocks. Fuck ski slope boy and his entire fascist family.
For fuck sake
No one ever: “I’m an Exit 3 kid!”
Because exit 3 kids brag about which college is already picked out for them
Silver spoon upbringing and an ignorant view on financial obstacles. Why am I not surprised?
This is almost bad bad as him trying to force market basket to change their stickers they use for the deli.
Seriously we have much bigger things to worry about.
2 and done, time for some one else.
His rationale is some dumb, suburban nostalgia. I bet that really hits home for everyone who didn't grow up near 93 or 89.
Is he the dumbest governor of all time, or just the dumbest looking? Hur dur gotta keep out big gov!
Kind of a stupid thing to lose funds for.
But also a stupid thing for the federal government to get involved in. Why make exits reflect mile markers? There are already mile markers.
Now if only he'd legalize pot.
I'm confused by this- isn't it way easier to ID exits by their number vs distance to another place?
As it has already been established, yes it absolutely is. Either way works if you're not a conplete moron.
Honest question. Why is everyone quick to put the blame on our governor for standing up for NH sovereignty? People blame him when he wasn't the one to threaten taking away money if we don't change highway signs that work completely without issue?
So, you're a Sancho Panza on Sununu's quest to slay imaginary dragons,
Bwaahaahaa!!! Okay.
They’ll oppose literally anything he says or does. It’s the political climate on both sides right now.
You’ll get downvoted into oblivion because this is an idiotic take, not because your loony conspiracy theory is true. But you’ll take being downvoted as a sign that you’re right and just keep spouting BS like this. It’s a vicious cycle and actually quite pathetic.
Enjoy the new exit signs though!
Lol, everyone who disagrees with you is from Mass right pops?
The only outsiders who move into this state specifically to change the political makeup of the state is the FSP. Normal people do not care about that. And for the record, my family has lived in this state for at least two centuries in places.
The only thing I'd change with NH is less taxes obviously, but better laws on recreational pot, and to do what missouri did with gun laws not abiding by the Federal level IE I can buy an F22 raptor if I want to. Fuck red flag laws!
I defected to this state for a reason and when I say I want freedom I mean it in every aspect!
Am I said cunty outta state moron you despise? My ancestors settled Portsmouth and Rollinsford is named after them. I moved up here for a reason.