[Charania] Golden State is moving on from D’Angelo Russell conversations with Minnesota at this juncture, sources tell @TheAthleticNBA @Stadium. Warriors have been clear with Minnesota on price point — and Timberwolves, to this point, are not willing to meet it.

You really had to phrase it like that Shams
He knew exactly what he was doing lol
Shams just Michael Scott us
Thank god, I can’t stomach Wiggins
"moving on from" WHAT
At what point does D'Lo file a restraining order against the whole T-Wolves org?
His bff plays there he wants them
My heart fucking jumped
Same. Damn it Shams.
This is reminiscent of playing Monopoly against cpu, and it keeps offering you the same Damm trade every turn.
How about now though.
Dude might legitimately be the wolves third best player...
Okay so it’s getting done tomorrow
good ole media posturing for the trade talks.
I really hope not. He's definitely getting a tribute video tomorrow!
Goddamnit Minny just give up your pick
Seriously just get it done!
What good does another high draft pick do for us? 2 firsts in a weak draft class isn't getting us much and having 2 rookies who need developing playing next to a win now team next year isn't helping much either.
DLo has at least proven he can be really good and is only 23 and under contract for 3 years.
They wanted the pick and RoCo. Or Culver/Pick. Probably more on top.
Why should they? I don’t think D-lo is really worth giving up a lottery pick
and no one was surprised (except everyone who just read the first part of the sentence)
Minnesota: "Wiggins must be part of the deal"
Warriors: "then two first rounders must be part of the deal"
Wiggins and two pics for Russell. I would do that deal in a heartbeat if I was minnesota.
Bad look now huh
MIN: "We are offering 9 unprotected first round picks"
GSW: "Still not enough for us take on Wiggins"
I mean, fuck. It's almost not.
I don't doubt the Warriors are asking for a boatload of picks. The going price is about a first rounder per $20mm of bad contract and Wiggins has $120mm left on his deal. Add to it that the Golden State are giving up Russell, who's a young fringe all-star and the exact player the Timberwolves want... Minnesota will either have to open the coffers and risk their future to replace Wiggins with a good player or waste KAT's prime playing next to an overpaid chucker.
I still think the right move was to go for CP3 this summer. His contract ends a year sooner -- which would have given them a two year window until the end of Towns' contract -- and he's a far better player in a position of need. Doubly so considering their #1 is a center and they always benefit from having a great point guard to get the ball to them.
It is fun to read those hot takes later.
Anyone else freak the fuck out. Shams knew what he was doing
Good they’re trying to fleece us with Wiggins lmao
Narrator: they were indeed fleeced by the wolves
Lmao 😂 😩 pls no
Shams knows what he was doing with the wording
Fuck man hahahahah
Ask and you shall receive
I'm sure they're working on that new Wiggins max contract as we speak.
Tomorrow my brother or sister
Wolves get to offload Wiggins AND get D'Lo to keep KAT happy. They should be willing to pay up everything
Really if I'm GS the same deals will be open in the Summer. I really think they need to see him with CUrry at least to see the fit. It looks like they want a lot for him which is surpsring for me even as a D lo fan, but I honestly just don't like D lo on the Wolves now. I just think the Wolves must not give way too much and they have to prove they will put a roster that will benefit D lo and KAT. It's a good gamble for the Wolves but also risky.
If it means not just bringing in D'lo but ALSO getting rid of Wiggins? Then they will be willing to pay the price. That will include at least two very lightly or unprotected 1sts.
Fucking. Blueballed.
I am okay with this.
Just means the trade will happen now. Twolves will give Warriors what they want.
You sure though
Sorry, hang in there!
Minnesota trades away what GS was asking for:
So they didn’t remove the protections I assume?
Warriors don’t want Wiggins? Go figure
"Talks will resume this offseason"
Had me in the first half
Restraining order on Minnesota confirmed
Trade him you cowards, you won't.
BULLS need to get in on this man..
What do you think the bulls offer that makes sense for both teams?
GSW disappointing the league once again
Not as disappointing as your return for Capela
Do feel bad for dlo lol. Dude got selected to the lakers (where I suspect he wanted to go all along). Traded to the nets. He signed the qualifying offer they gave him making him a RFA. They trade him to San Fran where if memory serves, wanted to go to. Now he’s getting shipped to Minnesota
Um, no he's not?
Fair play, Timberwolves cant pass up to opportunity to draft and ruin another young prospects career with their pick.
The way he started the beginning of the tweet. You motherfucker.
Ok now we riot
Shams got us with the “moving on” at the start :\
At least Timberwolves fans will always have the last 7 hours to look back at and smile at from this season
What the hell happened?
blue balls
why did i just have a mini heart attack reading the first 8 words of this lmao
Are they demanding Culver?
Demanding unprotected draft picks
He's friends with Booker too right? Call the goat in Phoenix
Not surprising.
Warriors wanna fuck the Rockets outta RoCo so bad.
Breathing is not required
Man the wolves gotta do it.
Imo this'll affect the wolves in the future, esp w KAT;
i doubt the price point was possible tbh, no way they were given a possible trade and balked on dlo
what does GS want that Minny isn’t willing to give?
Unprotected draft picks
Thank fucking god
thank youuuuu
i bet the warriors want the wolves 2020 pick unprotected
And more.
Sham knows he's fucking with us by that phrasing. Ya lil tease
Can’t wait for Summer 2020 D’Lo to the Wolves season. Third times the charm.
Shams just hungry with that wording
What was the price? Roco, Kogi, 2 firsts?
I wonder if Wiggins, Beasley, and 2 first rounders will get GSW back to the table. Cap issues aside, Beasley would contribute more than anyone the Warriors could pick in the next 2 drafts.
Plenty of other teams the Warriors can trade him to in the summer
Shams needs better journalistic integrity by choosing the right verb, the most important word of the sentence. Change is --> wants. Fix the grammar of the next words for coherence. A lot of clickbait is deliberately manufactured by the chosen verbs in headlines. Always watch for them.
just trade Dlo for KAT
Probably picks and wiggins and minny needs picks so
Thank you god.
Mission failed. Why are they unwilling to "gamble" on their star player?
We did it!
Wolves got rejected by their crush D’Lo
No fun tonight boys maybe tomorrow
russell is a solid player, but what type of value are they expecting?
2 first rounders.
they wanted KAT for DLO which beats the whole thing why Wolves wanted DLO
yep, neither team on the same page. Trading D'lo for anyone besides KAT doesn't make GS better. With a core over 30 GS shouldn't be getting picks either, maybe just to flip for another all-star this summer. That's it.
And KAT will be moving on from Minnesota
Hope this is over the draft picks and not Wiggins
Sounds like the want our first round pick to be fully unprotected. Which in all honesty would be dumb of the wolves to give up.
Look, the team needs to rebuild, which is fucking sad. But they have no assets outside of RoCo and obviously KAT.
I’m sure Culver and Okogie could be decent throw ins for some teams, but that’s about it.
Giving up literally every asset we have other than KAT for only DLo would be pretty fucking stupid in my eyes.
Then what? Have a line up of Dlo, Okogie,Culver, who ever the fuck and KAT?
I suppose looking at the current lineup that would probably be slightly better.
I just don’t even know what this team is supposed to do.
Finally! I'm tired of D-Lo T-Wolves Rumors I want to hear more about Capela and some OKC guys.
let see how desperate minnesota :D
Wiggins was too high an asking price ♥️💙😻
I can’t wait til Capela inevitably ends up on the a Warriors and somehow he and Curry have better chemistry than Harden.
What do they want. Getting ride of Wiggins is at least 2 first on its own.
First part of that got me fired up lmfao
I feel like the pressure is on the Warriors. Sure, they can wait this out for a bit, but there is no way Klay/Steph/Russell/Green line up is going to work.
Russell could have went to Minnesota last year but chose the Warriors because of the weather and the night life. He doesn’t want to live in Minnesota and I can’t blame him. I’m sure the fans there are passionate and loyal but the weather is brutal. I don’t think Towns will be there long term if they continue to miss out on the playoffs.
Russell would be a good fit on a young team like the Knicks. There are a lot of great restaurants in New York and so many beautiful women. He could be the guy there and still have a great nightlife.
please no dumpster wolves players