[Wojnarowski] The Timberwolves, Rockets and Hawks possess the assets to fulfill some of each team's goals: forward Robert Covington to Houston, center Clint Capela to the Hawks and potentially two first-round picks and an expiring contract to Minnesota, league sources said.

Woj every single day:
“Robert Covington is a name to keep an eye on as the trade deadline approaches.”
“Covington is a player many contenders are looking at moving assets for.”
“As the trade deadline nears, one player on everyone’s radar: Robert Covington.”
“At least 20 teams have enough assets to make a major move and trade for none other than Robert Covington.”
“BREAKING: Robert Covington emerging as valued trade piece by many other suitors in the league.”
How has he not used "many teams coveting Covington" yet? Seems like a missed opportunity.
Woj is shilling for the Wolves hard rn
Austin Rivers gonna end up being the center come playoff time after Houston burns out all their other 6'6 or under options doing so. Chris Clemons at the 4. PJ at the 5 full time aint it
Here it is per cleaning the glass
PJ at the 4: Hou offensive rating: 109.3 def rating: 106.8
PJ at the 5: Hou offensive rating: 118.4 def rating: 114.6
All the Covington deflections are cool but it wont actually address the real issue behind that 114.6. But if Tillman wont pay the tax and you cant win a title anyway might as well just go down having fun going all in on offense and swapping in Danuel House as your next 5 when PJ cant do it anymore. MDA not pretending to have to care about defense is Tillman's parting gift to him before firing him in June. PJ on LeBron, Covington getting blowtorched by AD and Harden giving up lobs to Dwight Howard in a playoff series #moreyball
Yeah i dont understand how getting rid of capela helps the rockets unless their getting a center as well to replace him along with a player like cov.
They’re getting a Center back. They obviously aren’t gonna play Tucker at the 5 against AD
I hope they don’t try that. LeBron incinerates PJ Tucker.
Houston gonna get destroyed by AD if they match up with the Lakers at any point and have no Centre lol ... heck Even Howard will give them troubles
I hope Tucker can still grow a few inches.
He still can, most nights.
Imagine him vs AD in the playoffs. Lord help us
What do the Warriors get tho?
They get to help the Timberwolves. Duh.
The picks, the expiring and some filler probably. Doubt we get wiggins
The warriors probably told them they want picks they dont want Bob Covington. So this is a trade to get that then to give the picks to Russell potentially
They get to keep DLo
Cap room for Giannis?
They get to drop Russell’s contract.
oohhhhh shit
If that happens you don't have any picks left right?
So PJ Tucker will be a full time center?
Oh god, we're really going to trade a first rounder to "dump" Capela's salary, aren't we?
This doesn't look quite right
Can't believe we are going to get spit roasted by the Hawks and Rockets.
If the Wolves essentially flip RoCo for D'Lo then that is a great piece of business from their FO
Exactly. Not only they they are also trying to salary dump Dieng’s $16M in the process.
Atlanta might be sending us an expiring? Such as one Jeffrey Demarco Teague?
Time for The Return
Looks like its the mad lad ET instead
2 first round picks for Covington??? Am I reading that right? Maybe the Wolves are giving up more? Shiiiiiit if Covington is getting 2 first, then the Knicks better flip Morris for equal value.
Covington is cheaper than Morris for next year, so that plays into it
Exactly, where the freak are these reports coming from?
This sub is so fucking weird. Its either Covington is good enough to be the centerpiece of a trade to bring in D'Angelo Russell and Covington should be earning $20M annually, and then there are logical posts like yours trying to figure out in the world is his value this high? I don't get it
Make it a 5 or 6 team trade you cowards!
See if I'm a Wolves fan, this is the trade I want to make.
Cut all the DLo bullshit out of it. Then again... they'd just waste the fucking draft picks.
Meh at least they have a new FO
Isn’t the two picks and expiring going to gsw lol
Warriors getting a 21m trade exception and 3 first we are helping them form the first warriors team again damn.
I hope this means we get chandler Parsons
Please explain How RoCo is worth 2 first round picks?
2 first round picks can't play in the playoffs this year.
I imagine 1 pick is from the Hawks and 1 is from the Rockets.
He is not.
I'm so fucking close, my god
Let me help you Sandor
Covington/Theis to Rockets pretty please
According to this, Theis wouldn't be a part of the trade.
surely houston gets a center from the wolves out of this. maybe KAT? /s
I want it to work, but I want MORE TEAMS.
Oh lawd
We really can't afford giving these picks away.
Tillman can't afford not to. He doesn't have the cash to pay the luxary tax.
Do the Hawks have someone else’s first round pick? I know they aren’t shopping their own top 3 pick around and protections make it pretty useless
Brooklyn 2020 1st
Good , cov on the rockets will be fantastic for my fantasy team lol
Hartenstein has been solid when capela our. Why is everyone sleeping on him?
He has been solid, yes.
He's also received 29 DNP-CDs, some of which came with Capela out. He's played 10 or more minutes only 11 times. He's played 14 minutes in the last 11 games. Our coach's clear preference is to play no center rather than play Hartenstein. That won't stop just because Capela is sent away.
I’d rather have Clint than just Covington tbh
I'm assuming the Hawks are giving up the picks?
Len + Cov to Rockets, Layman + Capela to Hawks, Turner + 2 protected Hawks firsts to T Wolves. Then T Wolves use those two protected firsts + one of their own to get D Lo from GSW and send Turner, Bell and Vonleh to GSW maybe.. Tough to make salaries work for the last portion
way too many moving parts, would never happen
Can anybody explain why are Rockets trying to trade Capela?
is Clint Capela only worth RoCo? what the heck
RoCo is not worth more than Capela.
The rockets fucking had Covington for free, AND Capela.
We gave him away, and now we trade Capela away to get him back. That's shit.
3 first rounders and Wiggins for DLO?
Warriors don’t care, the Knicks package is too good to turn down
Rockets fans, which do you prefer:
I'd like the Raps to get in on this with Marc Gasol to LAC which is why I'm asking.
Why would the rockets do this? covington for capela? lol
If they get a pick out of it, they can probably make a run for dedmon somehow
Wasn’t asking for one of the Hawks first round draft picks is what derailed the potential Drummond trade? Why would they give up both now?
AD is going to feast on the rockets.
Come on Danny swoop up Capela
im gonna miss capela man
Why are the hawks doing this? 2 first round picks is way overpay , better be top 15 protected. They can also go after Tez or drummon in FA.
Capela has 3 years left on his deal and his contract is significantly cheaper than what either of those guys will be getting in free agency. This makes it easier to pay Trae and John Collins and keep the rest of the young core together
This would not be wise if Minnesota wants DLo. Warriors are looking to compete and would want someone who can contribute back, not just draft assets.
Yeah i don’t get the draft picks i don’t think the warriors would be against it but they want win now players
John collins culver okogie and 4 first rounder to golden state please and thank you