Loading up and moving out. what a beauty!

These are awesome times to be alive!
I hate that those are flown shuttle engines. I get it, but I hate it.
Always are! Life is good!
Have you ever compared nasa's budget to the military?
This is a minor distraction to the possibility of WW3... by a full scale Iranian conflict spilling over to a conflict with Russia and China BUT NOBODY TALKING ABOUT THAT.
Lets see some more cool rocket pictures.
What kind of constraint do they give you when they ask you to design a system like that?
If it needs a vent system during shipping does that mean when transporting the rocket is partially fueled?
Soooooo.... you drilled holes in the barge?
Do your work!
Get back to your oar! No breaks!
Do you have any further information about where it's going, why.its going there and whats planned for the next 1 or 2 months?
Would be glad to hear!
What do I see here and why is everyone so sad about the engines?
These engines are from the retired Space Shuttle, and they're fully reusable. This rocket is not reusable so the USA has decided to throw them away into the ocean after one flight
It’s the core of SLS, which is single use - sad because its engines are from the space shuttle (the OG reuseable rocket), are among the highest performance engines ever made, and will soon be wrecked on the bottom of the ocean.
Can I have it
The destiny of those beautiful reusable engines saddens me.
They've done their time at the least.
This is such a cool pic!
I’m so going to the launch!
It’s launching at Cape Canaveral right?
We use those Wheelift transporters at my work as well. Really handy machines. Ours aren't quite as big and only have 4 zones per transporter. Those like like 12 wheelsets. So awesome!
I've only ever worked around prime-mover Goldhofers; but the project I'm hoping to get sent to will have self-propelled ones; heavy lift is so effin cool.
What rocket is that? And for what mission it's going to used? Or got used?
That’s the center core of SLS. It’s planned to be used for Artemis 1.
sigh... unzips
This is so exciting!
A long time coming.
Go Green Run!
Hol up when does this launch
Could someone explain what this one is going to be used for? Don’t know a lot about this topic
Nasa moon shot
Well, it's a beautiful site to behold, I'll give you that.
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What is this?
SLS rocket stage
Two million lbs of thrust, baby!
The price of beauty is over 2 billion per launch lmao.
876 million is the launch cost.
Given that it costs 4x what SpaceX would charge it better damn well LOOK good...
On the other hand, it can carry infinitely more astronauts to the moon than the Falcon 9 🙃
try 32x - $62m vs. $2000m
This side faces aft
Does this rocket have a particular payload you are interested in, or is it simply the rocket itself?
Acronyms, initialisms, abbreviations, contractions, and other phrases which expand to something larger, that I've seen in this thread:
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I feel like a noob here :(
I saw a :( so heres an :) hope your day is good
I saw a :( so heres an :) hope your day is good
What a gorgeous spacecraft
But can you reuse it and land it.
not this one, it's single use
Sad they are just gonna ditch it in space
It's not even reusable
This thing serves 1 and only 1 purpose... Fleecing the American taxpayer. Every exec and congressman responsible should hang their head in shame and hide their face while being escorted to trial in handcuffs.
If this amount of money had been given to Space-X, We'd have a thriving colony on Mars and be profitably mining the asteroid belt by now.
I wish we could wait to go to space until we have made more efficient thrusters, or a more effective way to collect space junk.
How are you going to make a more efficient thruster if you don't even know if it'll make it to space?