AS Week 1 | The Meta Ball (Communal FPR)

Communal FPR is a thread where you can provide your insights and feedback on the competition looks for the contestants to see! Each contestant's submission will be posted as a comment, and you can reply to that comment to give your thoughts. Communal FPR has NO impact on the actual judging.

the redemption look i have to stan
That hair look is my faveeeee
bruh, the hair? everything
Assy Bettie
you just have really good taste. that’s all there is to it. the level to which you improved upon your architecture look is so commendable, the hair is so successful in its simplicity, and the final look is an unexpected and striking way to interpret bettie page
two words:
fire pussy
insanely talented
I'm probably biased (clock the flair), but damn, she snapped. Hard. That signature look? That hair look? That freakin' redemption look? TOO GOOD!!!
The first look is very strong! Not the most realistic, sure, but it looks amazing regardless. The sleeves in particular stand out to me as very well done. The Hair looks is awesome too! My only nitpick would be maybe just throw on some jewelry? I’m not even sure if that would be allowed within the parameters of the challenge, so excuse me if I’m talking out my ass. The last look... I mean. I fucking mean. It’s so good. For sure my favorite of the last looks. Brand me bitch.
your drag name look is what i see when i close my eyes
Talented, brilliant, incredible, amazing, show stopping, spectacular, never the same, totally unique, completely not ever been done before, unafraid to reference or not reference, put it in a blender, shit on it, vomit on it, eat it, give birth to it
your butt was indeed fabulous BUTT(ha) my favorite was definitely the redemption!! Sculpted by the gods, mama
Malaria E. Coli
Umbrella by Rihanna
Omg I love the posing in this picture, bish really thought about everything. Also, that cocktail look, I LOVE.
i really enjoy ur cocktail look ma'am
She's showing versatility! Now I understand the confidence. Also at first I was 'her water look isn't so bad' but the new one is much better!! The colors, the concept, the details...
you have such a good eye. these looks are minimalistic in a way that makes them just POP. the redemption breathes so much life and fun into the original concept (and that hair looks So Good), and the cocktail look’s silhouette and styling is to die for. and the final look. the FINAL LOOK. all week i was waiting for a killer germ outfit and you shocked me with this perfectly executed nostalgia. dark, striking, a little humorous, incredibly glamorous. 10/10
Queen of umbrellas
i wanna start saying the palette you chose of lilacs and purples to complement the blues really gives the showgirl look something of fantasy and intrinsical beauty vs the og blue hues, though I do think it could've used an extra element (perhaps tying it to the rain motif like a netting or something) to lay over the simplistic corset, the hair and mug are phenomenal so it'd have been great to see that also carried into the main garment, moreover the cloud-like elements work well on the sleeves but lose a bit of impact on the train so I think fluffying it up a little into less of a blob shape would've kept the same vibe on both while emulating the showgirl's trains.
I think it's a similar issue of styling + extra main element going on with the drag name look, it's better but not quite all the way there, the asymetry and silhouette are well thought-out but it feels like it needs a little extra piece of something to make it shine, perhaps some styling tying it into the umbrella or making said umbrella the statement piece with some cool shadowing effect or something.
Finally I have nothing but positive things to say about the cocktail look, ,it's exquisite and executed to the max, enough elements with visual interest, the cocktail umbrella adding some fun, the hair and styling complimenting everything else, it all is just on point there.
Bitte Bitte
I have fallen in love with the Queen of the Sewers. Drown me, mom.
Your lenticular signature look slaps so hard! You're really from another word. The growth is real. Before I was 'ok' on you now I'm a big fan.
Yes I am gagging officer
well i forgot to choose you as my flair before the deadline and now i’m even sadder because you DID THAT. redeeming a makeover is the ballsy amount of effort i love to see. the lunar executive is so fucking different and totally surprised me but i almost feel like it shouldn’t have because it’s so YOU. the rendering of that black fabric is exquisite. the final look is such an intellectual, conceptual take on your name, and the color and texture is just so pleasing to the eye somehow
Bitte! The first and last looks are literally flawless. The middle one gets a little bit muddled in comparison imo but its still a stellar look.
the signature look is probs my fave one of all
I really love the 2nd and 3rd looks! They’re both very out there but remain grounded in their fashions, if that makes sense lmfao. I feel like a bit more could have been done with Bittes outfit in the 1st look? Just to really sell the idea of ‘rich bitch’. I think overall though, this is a strong set of three looks.
My winner, I just I can’t with this 😍
Ms. Vicky Pickles
That sea slug is everything
S l a yyyyyy
These are CUTE
Miss Thicc Pickles didn't come to play, huh! I love how colorful you are and the lights on the sea slug were such a good idea!
i was so excited that you got the sea slug category and you did not disappoint. the color and design is so striking and the lights just bring it home. the chips look is so YOU — your designs just always make me smile, and this is no exception
I can only imagine how Vicky’s final look would sound coming down the runway <3
I know no human in the history of mankind has ever said this but: I LOVE THE MOSQUITO.
Hello miss Épi of Nette, first I want to gush about the mosquito dialing it down to actual functional clothing while remaining new and innovative, that's a feat mawma, the braid antennae and visor, delicious.
Now I want to talk to you not about madeline ashton but about your drag name lqqk, the top is absolutely incredible, the mug and the styling of the bows and tree-like adornments are spectacularly executed but I think you let the rest of the look breathe a little too much asdaskksf like the silhouette is phenomenal so I think just a little patterning or extra subtle elements in the same colour (like those in the tights or the sleeves) would've added visual interest to the skirt without losing your well edited silhouette and your clear focus on the head.
I love the aesthetic
me googling spinets - seeing pianos//me googling épinettes - seeing trees ok |D. Your hometown is my favorite!! It's very high end street style. Who could tell you're homeless seeing that? No one.
you have an aesthetic that’s so unlike anything else we’ve seen on this sub. your work deviates from every norm and expectation and that makes it all the more exciting
My 3 moods
the makeup on all of these is fucking stunning & I I o v e the redemption
I love the bold colours omg and the platform crocs
The colors are so awesome for these looks! You really brought each to life for me. Favorite is probably the Ringmaster, but the ReDo is a close 2nd place.
my favorite thing about you is that you’ve improved so much but never wavered from your signature style. this is great work!
stun, stun, stun. we stan a cohesive color story
Just look at rendering on the food look!! Almost makes me cry. Your skills are matching your creativity and it's beautiful.
seeing other ppl talk about iconic looks for other queens when sulphur really did snap and stunt on these hoes...
Bianca Biquini
the moth look is one of my favourite bianca looks ever, oh my goodness
that moth look is stun
YAS delivering us three good concepts and looks!! I'm in love with that moth and the folk looks much better with brazilian folk in it
the moth is so unexpected for you but still stays so true to your style which i love
I love the ReDo look! It has elements of your old one while referencing new parts of your own culture and it makes it uniquely yours now. The only bit I’m not sure of is the arm on our left? It looks off to me. While I do think the Moth look is a tad bit on the nose with certain elements like the antenna and wings, I still love it! It reminds me of your Dollar Store look in how it’s very fashion forward. I love how the shapes play together. Boot for mentioning that awful reboot of Powerpuff Girls, but the last look is a fun little number! I do think it’s the weaker of the three overall however.
hello why yes i am here to gush about this menswear look. I think it's absolutely stunning with the wig, posing and those sleeves, just a little pulling together the palette would've elevated it together a lot I think, letting the sleeves and mpreg fishbowl shine on their own since they stand out already so I think either matching the water or the fin+sleeves would've helped. Jus me 2 cents
All 3 of these looks flayed me. But that rat redemption look? Mom, I've got the plague.
the BUTCH LOOK. this is a level of edge and surprise i’ve never seen from you and i love it
best name origin ahahaha |D. I love the seahorse one! Very creative concept and the minimalism works well.
the power of her menswear look being back to back with her goddess of death look. It astounds me.
The seahorse look is honestly my fave look from this week it’s just wonderful omg
That fucking Butch Queen look holy fuck. It’s probably my favorite look of the entire batch? There’s just something about the posing, the hair and makeup, and the outfit itself. It’s just fucking everything to me and I’m so into it. The other two looks are also strong on their own! I think you’re one of the contenders to be in the Top 3, personally.
Boot Karen’s gets a toot
Sally Spellman
Icb Zelda Spellman had time to appear after what Blackwood did to her.
Ugh, my pussy is on fire.
the holo is done v. well
4 bucks??? More like 400 bucks!! All your looks are so expensive, and versatile.
the rendering of the vaporwave outfit is mesmerizing. you’ve always been incredible but you’ve stepped it the fuck up and i’m so excited
I think the devil really is in the details for your three looks. They seem simple at first, but it’s clear you thought out each of these looks and put your all into them. I like how the Vaporwave look isn’t what one would suspect from you, plus the rendering on it is really well done. The 3rd look is probably my favorite though, it’s just done so well and looks really clean. Great work all around!
what can I say . . the bitch fucking snapped
So maybe I'm biased because greek mythology is my jam but you didn't have to come at us this hard on the first week!!! Also ambrosia is what the greek gods ate so isn't that related to how you're the custard goddess?
And I oop
Trend alert: BODY-ODY-ODY
Hi, 911, I'd like to report Ambrosia for murder?
Yes, she literally killed me and yes, it was a hate crime--
the level to which you’ve already played with androgyny since the season started is so exciting to me. the ganymede reference is so smart and the final look has so much charm
I Want Ambrosia’s carnival ‘fit leggings
(impeccable) fashion aside, seeing them side by side, it's clear how skilled ambrosia is at keeping a consistent anatomical form, regardless of gender presentation
Carmella Fox
I cannot express how proud these looks made me!! all three are so cool and different and well executed!! phenomenal job!!!
Ugh her mind. I cant even comment on these looks because they're all flawless.
you blew me AWAY today. first of all, how dare you redeem a look that was already impeccable and gag me even harder? the envy outfit is downright cool, and i like that it’s not a standard drag silhouette. but it’s your final look that excites me the most. to link fox to kitsune and a japanese aesthetic is so smart, and this design is just perfect
Your envy dress is so cool!! I really like the concept. I like the designs of the signature look, but I'm not sure I understand what's going on with the thighs.
That 1st look is phenomenal. I love the use of honeycomb for the shoulders and hips to add shape to the garment in a unique way. I enjoy the 2nd look as well, my only small complaint would be that the boots end at an awkward length since the eye part is so short. I agree with Memorie on the last outfit, I think there are good ideas here, but it ends up looking a bit disconnected from each other. Overall though, it’s clear you’ve grown a lot since your original season and I’m excited to see what else you bring!
Hello miss Marcie, first I want to commend you for redeeming your beeard, you dialed it down but upped it to 11 a the same time, every decision here is so tight it completes the look and turns it into something incredible.
Moving on I think both your envy and your signature might suffer a bit from the silhouette, the envy concept is really good with the eyes and gemstones but it turns into just a blob and I think a bit more clothe-like structure would've elevated it a lot, kind of like Veruschka's silhouettes in the doll ball or her promo that were also blobby but had more structure to it y'know? Not losing that 'eyes all over' chaotic vibe but giving it a little more shape.
As for the Kitsune I think you absolutely nailed it with the patterning and colouring but the cutouts and fan thighs turn it into a 'too many ideas trying to be executed at once' moment (that with the sleeves and the train and the thighs) I think, like how you did with the pattern, you couldve chosen one or two elements (be it the bows or the fans or those shapes you got in the sleeves+train or what have you) and repeated them so it presented more cohesive and save some of the other ideas for later looks, we can always return to elements we wished we used and maybe we even find out they fit better in the future
love these. great color choices.
Ophelia N. Cyde
ophelia, holy fuck!
YES. you definitely surprised me the most — i knew you were incredible, but this is next level. the zebra look took my breath away and the interpretation of dionysus is so smart
Fashion was invented today.
That ReDo look is so fucking good I could NOT believe it. It just looks so god damn cool. The level of improvement from your season to now is mind blowing. The other two looks are strong on their own too, props for not just going straight to Toga Party for Dionysus, the sultry sense from that look is a great direction to go in.
I think you’re going to lipsync for your legacy
love the pink lion tamer. 1 of my absolute faves
Rupaul’s met gala look could NEVER
All three looks are so well thought. Ugh her mindd
Your original horse was good, but the new one IS FUCKING AMAZING, seriously. Also I need that vase-sleeve right now. Thanks.
she really just blew me away this challenge
I see Wendy’s corpse and a Pink Horsy, and I like it