Church members in poorer nations do not need financial help. They need the trials and adversity that might ensue if they pay a full tithe as these will lead to blessings. Change my mind.

In fact, the greater the sacrifice, the greater the blessings. The members need the blessings of tithing and that is why the Church collects tithing money. To bless the members - even though it could function in a self-sufficient manner (as it has already enough money to do so). Of course, the law of tithing could be changed to even 1% or 0% (as it was changed a few times before to suit the needs of the Church/members) but doing so would risk members not receiving the full blessings of the Lord.

This is no doubt going to be an interesting conversation. I would like to remind everyone of the civility rule. Challenge the worth of ideas, not of people.
EDIT: This is likely just a thought exercise.
Keep on Mormoning!
Said like someone who has a meal waiting for them in their house, while wearing shoes, and not afraid to be killed walking outside.
Arguments like the OP's are meant more to make the rich person feel better about their station in life than it does to explain gods plan to help those suffering to suffer more by paying tithing, so they can be blessed.
It is the opposite. It takes great restraint and self-control not to help these poor people. But it will be worth for them in the end as they will gain “crowns of glory” and be greatly blessed in the end. I don’t want to deprive them (nor does the Church) from attaining these blessings...
My family attends a branch on a native American reservation. The tribe has resources from casinos, resorts, high end shopping, etc on their land. However most members live in poverty. Couple that with chronic health issues (diabetes, kidney problems, obesity), a high crime rate and non-optimal family situations and it makes for a very tough environment. I'm not basing my comments on a poorer nation but on a very poor place that's within the US. Comments are based on what I've had insight to, and are NOT a generalization about any group of people or social structure.
Many of the natives in our branch are active enough to have callings, but very few have temple recommends. Since most of them are not employed I don't envision very many paying tithing. The tribe is a modern welfare state where they will provide resources if a person takes the time to go through the process. Can't drive to the grocery store? Make a request several days ahead of time and transportation will be provided. Don't have money for food? Tribe has their own resources to help. Land and basic housing is provided via tribal allotments. Health care coverage is provided. Quarterly royalty payments from the casino operations. From what I've seen the support that the tribe provides, while well intentioned, gives members enough to survive if they live cheaply. Those who work in addition to the tribal resources can do fairly well even with a low paying job because free housing dramatically lowers the cost of living. I see some cases where "good enough" is the norm, even though people have so much more potential.
I disagree with the premise of the OP, because I think the absolute demand of tithing coupled with no assistance will only benefit a small percentage of people in poor countries by giving them the chance to experience adversity. But when every waking moment of their life situation is adverse, those with resources can and should help. Imagine what teaching tithing while also helping people break a cycle of poverty can do for their temporal and spiritual welfare.
I gave the example of what I see because it's one extreme - a safety net that eliminates the need to put forth one's own effort. But I think OP's recommendation is the other extreme and equally harmful. To me the right, Christlike approach is in the middle. Help people become more stable and self sufficient while also teaching them to sacrifice and give back to help others.
Side note - if the church really has a $100b rainy day fund and spends a whopping $40m/yr on humanitarian things, someone will have to answer for that. I'd hate to be the ones who answer to God for being given so much and doing so little good with it. How would you like to return and report on being blessed with $1000 and saying that you spent forty cents of it on those in need?
Thanks for your contribution.
Let’s take the corner solution given your hypothesis, then. 100% tithing.
Yes, that would work if the entire Church would commit and live the law of consecration so that every member would have according their needs (like in the days of JS) and the wealth was shared. The problem would be that needs of poorer members would soon overcame the system ( as new members would join) and then a Kirtland-like bank would have to be created to print more money to cater for the same needs...it is best that the Church safe keeps the money and then uses it before/during the second coming.
If this is true, do Mormons have higher incomes, better health, longer lives, and more education?
I would wager that they do not. The church simply preaches the concept of the prosperity gospel. Many, many, many churches teach this as well, and all the people at the top of those organizations are rich. Matthew 19:16-24 comes to mind with organizations like this. That, of course, brings up other questions: What do false prophets look like?
A good rule of thumb is "follow the money". Is the money used from tithing being used to help people or is it being used to line the pockets for people to live lives of luxury? Which would the Jesus found in the New Testament do?
Statistically speaking, the average tribal member of God’s chosen people make more money than than the average Mormon.
But that’s because we’re actually evil ;)
The blessings are spiritual and only to be seen by spiritual eyes. Sometimes an adversity can be a blessing and riches a curse. Yes, all the other churches preach a counterfeit of the prosperity gospel because the cannot provide the blessings and ordinances to enter the Celestial kingdom. They’re fakes... Jesus would entrust his prophets to deal with the nitty-gritty. He is not interested in the larger things but on connecting with the individuals on a personal level. To do the things that prophets can’t do - cleanse from sin, forgive and elevate. Jesus knows that pain and suffering brings people closer to God too...
Context for this post: From the OP’s post history, it looks like they’re a disaffected member and in this post, they’re simply trying to play the role of a stubborn apologist. Don’t get worked up! Haha.
Thankfully it looks like OP has enough Karma to survive playing devil's advocate 😂
Maybe I’m like Oliver Cowdery? Just wanting to find a way back?
So in your own mind insert another entity, and then how do you feel? Walmart could pay their employees more, but the act of having them be paid low wages just makes them stronger.....
Walmart does not bless employees. At best, it makes them fat...
I would be more inclined to agree with you if I knew for a fact that each individual in these poor nations would come out better either spiritually or temporally. Unfortunately we don’t have a way of measuring that, so we have to take the word of fallible men that it will be to their benefit. And we all know how much better off most of the early saints were for obeying Joseph’s “commands from God.” How many people lost everything and went bankrupt?
They just needed to stay in the boat and doubt their doubts and the would have been greatly blessed. The blessings sometimes can only be seen with spiritual eyes...
My favorite example was the members of the Martin handcart company whose priesthood leaders promised that they "would eat every snowflake between here and salt lake". We all know how that turned out...
Even if you were right about the need for sacrifice and trials (and much of what I know about the deleterious effects of poverty says that's wrong) they certainly don't need their sacrifice to go sit in some coffers in Salt Lake serving no purpose. If anything they'd do much better by giving the same amount to
If Jesus really wanted that money to go to the poor, He would have instructed his Prophet (trustee) to do so. Jesus doesn’t want this to happen as the money is needed to prepare for the second coming as the Church spokesperson person has explained.
I will check out your link.
If your God is incapable of bestowing blessings without first getting a bribe your God sounds pretty weak.
God can’t rob the law of justice.
What do you think about Jesus's teachings about providing temporal assistance to the poor and needy? It seems like it was important to him. In the New Testament he talked more about helping the poor than paying tithing.
Well that was Jesus in the meridian of time. The poor and needy suffered more then and they didn’t have to prepare for the second coming. In fact, I don’t recall him talking about tithing at all (that might be a false teaching). The only instances where he talks about money he never uses the example of giving money to the poor as tithing. So there is a precedence for Jesus not using tithing money to help the poor and needy. In fact, He will need the 100 billion when everything goes to pot before the second coming...
The Lord does not make tithing a contingency for financial prosperity. Before we force poor people to pay tithes, why aren’t we as a church providing some infrastructure, such as clean water, that could enable members to pick themselves up? The great problem in the Church today was called out in the Book of Mormon — inequality. Wealthy general authorities getting stipends and poor members staying poor sets us up for failure as a Zion society. Tithing will not prosper poor people; our mutual love for each other and voluntarily abasing ourselves as “the rich” is the way forward. Consider these:
What type of blessings are you referring to?
Highest kind - celestial blessings for living a celestial (almost) law.
Hell yeah on the devil's advocate man! I know some people dislike your approach but I learn a lot from these discussions. I should try this sometime ;)
Also if you don't want your karma wrecked then maybe make it clear in your posts. But then again this will make people less likely to engage.
No, you prove it. I have tested the theory and we have only gotten more successful since giving it up. Not sure what blessings I am supposedly missing out on, but after years, god sure is making it seem like it was a huge blessing to give it up.
The thing is you could actually have been 10x more successful than now if you had stayed in the boat...now you have a little canoe that you think is the Queen Elizabeth cruiser...
This post is proof that the church isn’t true