2021: "This is the worst YEAR so far"
I like to think of last summer not as the hottest summer of the last 200 years, but as the coolest summer of the next 200
The worst year so far so far.
It’s also the best month so far
guess it's only downhill from here lmao
It was the best of times, it was the worst of times...
Order statistics in a sample of size one!
That's the spirit
January doesn't bow to mere logic.
If a virus is spreading, a war has started, volcanos erupted in the in the Philippines, Australia goes up in flames, and venice is flooding all in January, than by 2021 we'd be Invaded by aliens.
Hopefully, maybe they can fix our shit lmao.
What War started?
You forgot Kobe
Wait Venice is flooding?
Now Australia is flooding
Brexit, Palestinine, US constitution becoming meaningless, Joker got nominated for too many oscars
What war? Is there some secret war that is going on right now? You cant possibly be talking about the US and Iran.
March, we will be invaded by March... FTFY
Earthquake in Puerto Rico.
I, for one, welcome our alien overlords! Can't be any worse than what we're doing already.
Australia bushfire was started back in 2019 actually.
No fair, these are the same fires from last year.
Don’t forget a 7.7 magnitude earthquake in Jamaica
Also Tolkien's son passed away. Thanks to him many unreleased books got published
Aliens gonna clap our cheeks
Don't forget the earth shattering quake
When the aliens do visit, they'll be very disappointed in us humans
You forgot the earthquake at the Caribbean
Most of that is 2019’s fault.
And Kobe passed away
you forgot the sudden death of Kobe
What are you saying, m8? .-.
Holy fuck I just realized the first month of the year is already over.
hey future guy enough with the spoilers, i'm still in january here!
It’s only been the first month...
The 70s, 80s and 90s were very distinct, especially with their culture. In the 2000s you could narrow huge changes down to certain years.
Now, from 2016 onwards it's been a sucsession of.
Oh shit.
Yes, I remember all the kids going "2016 pls stop". So cute.
Future Shock is real and Singularity is Near.
World war 3 hasn't started yet and the virus hasn't spreaded world wide
The virus isn't even a threat. You have a higher chance of winning the lottery than it killing you.
Ye, I don't get this meme where people pretend the year is horrible, if it wasn't those reasons you'd get "random celebrities died, this is the worst month/year ever!"
Oh it did buddy
The virus is not even a threat, the flu is a lot more dangerous.
But how do you define worldwide? You have cases in many countries on several continents.
World War 6 is coming.
This comment didnt age very well
Might be the worst month so far but if you live day by day one can still strive to make every day a good one
This aged well
Coming back to this and I can't believe it was that real. Fuck.
We had NOOOOO idea lol
This one aged very well
this aged well
And continues to, Jesus fuck 2020, please stop.
Happy Cake day!
Hahaha I love this generator
Truly a bad month to start. Just got told my entire team is being laid off at the end of March. How do you continue doing your job knowing you have to find employment elsewhere while working as expected to ensure you qualify for your severance and not get fired and lose it.
Sorry :( what industry are you in?
Just curious, how are you now?
Well this is aging like fine wine so far
Uh oh
That’s a pretty stupid point because then pretty much nobody could complain because someone would always have it worse. People have the right to complain about whatever the hell they want
Modern day version of predicting the date when the antichrist emerges from the sea. Instead of thinking about how to fix the problems, lets just have a doomer circle jerk 24/7
In the span of 4 days my grandmother died, my septic backed up, a water pipe in my cellar sprung a leak, in the process of fixing it I accidentally cut the hot water pipe instead of cold so I had to replace both, I went under my grandmother's house to drain her water pipes and close up the house only to find that the toilet drain pipe had leaked and frozen shit water was almost completely covering her drain, her water pipes were all frozen, my dad (who has a foot missing and walks with a walker) and my aunt's boyfriend (who is a jacked up idiot and was drunk, and even brought a travel mug of vodka with him) got in a yelling match at the funeral home, and the brake caliper went in my car.
Oh and I now have to take in my grandmother's 2 cats because no one else can, when I already have 2 cats and 2 dogs.
January of 2020 can suck a fat one honestly.
"There's always something bad happening somewhere" Blimey, with an astute observation such as that, I'm suprised MENSA haven't been in touch with your membership.
So we’re not allowed to be scared of a deadly disease that’s spreading quickly? Or be sad that a huge motivator and contributed in the basketball (and just all around community died? The guy who was a lot of people’s idols? And a guy that was looking like he was majorly contributing to changing female sports as a whole? Fuck outta here lmao
this, it's hell on earth for a large portion of this world. If you can post about it on reddit you've dodged the third world bullet
sobs quietly
who here march 2020
I'm from the distant future of June to tell you it just gets worse.
Aged like wine
This was prophetic as fuck
Sorting comments by new XD
Man this aged so poorly
oof im sorry bro
Last year was suicide jokes, 2020 is where the rubber meets road.
What happened this month to make it so bad?
Some years are god awful.
This aged well
Indeed it did
Oh boy they didn’t even know that the government would turn into a totalitarian mess and thousands of people would die from a virus
And this was before the riots. Dear god
It's may, and still the worst month
Lol just you wait
Honestly yeah I'd say May kind of was the peak. Nothing's changed since then but the shock's worn off.
This aged remarkably well
keep upvoting and commenting because im desperate
Ok sounds good oh and here’s another “this aged well” and let’s throw in a “little did you know”
This aged well SO FAR
Damn son what a post.
Jesus fucking Christ you didn’t even know the half of it
How the hell is this meme still making the rounds?
I hate how this meme literally comes back every year
The format is alright, but it’s not even used correctly. Worst month of 2020 is a pretty poor way to frame it.
Because it’s widely applicable and there’s nothing that can replace it yet.
If it gets worse I'm killing myself.
Chill bro
cries in Australian
remember when this was a thing, damn
Ah yes
boy howdy
Aged like milk
Well this aged well
This has aged well lol
It's not even November yet
Homer always says the right thing in the end. Good guy.
Wait till November.
I did not sign up for this, it's unfair...
Lousy Smarch weather
Happy Valentine's day
The worst month of 2020?
But... it's also the best month of 2020... because so far it's the ONLY MONTH OF 2020!
I just realized the next 11 media will drown us on Presidential candidates
February is the Monday of months... IMO
remember the month of January is the test month hahaha
Yeah there’s been terrible stuff around the world and I’ve had terrible stuff happening personally. So let’s hope March is better! I assume February will still suck
I'm thinking that March may not not have been that much better? Hopefully you at least have toilet paper
It bothers me that the screen cap isn't correct
I have nothing to complain about this month
If january almost not ended, so august will take forever
dude its not great first day of my exam im fucking hurting I WAS WOKE FOR 8 FUCKING HOURS REVIEWING AND I FUCKING FAILED
No no oh gods no
Sounds about right. This year fucking sucks just like last year. Fml.
I hate 2020 already
At least we can’t lose Kobe twice😞
I just found out my friend died. This really is the worst month.
Since the beginning of January the store I worked at closed down and left me without a job but luckily i was picked up by these older ladies who wanted me and my manager to help start their store up After about two weeks I found a box of product that was empty and decided to show the owners to which their reply was if it happened again they were gonna let me go. well fast forward to my day off this last monday. I wake up feel good start heading to my workplace to pick up my pay where i was greeted by three owners who told me they were letting me go because of “too many inconsistencies” when I asked what they were her reply was a swift “really we don’t have to explain anything to you” I didn’t argue as it didn’t look like it was gonna help and now my car payments due in a week. :)
Doesn’t have a high degree of verassity.
No gonna lie I use that line all the time and it really helps change my perspective about negative things in my life.
Thank you Homer Simpson
That's some great parenting right there I hope I disappoint my kids the way Homer does
Yep November gonna be the worst month for reddit haha 4 more years of reeeeeeee
Yup the Corona virus is the US in Indiana and a few other places and I'm one state below in Kentucky
Nah this is worst month for the general public, things only go up from here
Imagine if they had memes in the 40s
Americans can possibly set a new shitty month record in November 2020
The problem with this month isn’t what’s happening worldwide. This month has been so fucking shitty for me personally. And other friends I’ve spoken to are also having a shitty January And the shit worldwide isn’t helping. I can’t believe January took this long, compared to July-December 2019. I can’t wait for Jan to be over. But I’m also kinda sacred of feb
We're just cashing in all the bad karma early so late 2020 makes it the best year ever.
Beast month. The Q4 2019 earnings across tech crushed it.
My best guess would be with his hands.
These leap years seam to always be so off
We just got elon musks "Don't doubt your vibe", the year is saved
There’s 11 more months waiting to outdo January.
Anyone else read that in Bart’s & Homer’s voice?
made me chuckle
Change worst to best and you got yourself a deal
Been a great month over here!
I swear to god if I see this meme one more time
Ho boy we had no idea did we. Did anything even happen in January?
Little did we know....
This post fucking aged well
The great thing about this year being so shitty so far is that we can remember it's probably not gonna get any better thanks to climate change lmao
This meme is so accurate!
Lol I’ve had a great January. Feelin pretty good.
You had to remind us!!🤦‍♂️😪😪
Ah yes , just wait till Morgan Freeman dies next month.
Honestly can't see it getting worse
No it can't get worse were on the verge of ww3, Kobe is dead and global warming is getting worse
Math here... pick up an imaginary history book and notice how thin it is after World War 2. Pretty much everything is cold war. Russia and now China taking over as the new colonial powers. It’s been extraordinary quiet. The reason is, no matter how much power you have, there is no pleasant place where you can sit out a nuclear war. There are 8 billion people on the planet, there wasn’t this much peace and tranquillity when there was one billion. Sorry, we are long overdue for some history.
What did you do?!
Just wait until we lose Clint Eastwood and Kirk Douglas. :(
Time traveling sucks.
OMG this comment!
Brace yourself OP
angry downvote