Planets at the moons distance

this is very spooky but why is the video an hour long-
I honestly have no idea
Reddit's video player glitches and uploads +1 hour long videos when they're just a few seconds/minutes long. It happens every now and then.
To scare the megalophobes that hate big file sizes
I thought Jupiter would be much bigger, I guess the moon is really far away
The Moon is about as far from us as Io is from Jupiter. So that's what you would see from the surface of Io. Jupiter would be about twice the width of your fist at arm's length.
I felt the same until I tried to imagine it in real life compared to the moon and then preceded to cry
The distance between the Moon and Earth can fit all our solar system's planets in it.
You could fit every planet (lined up) between Earth and the moon. At least, that’s what I’ve heard.
Maybe Earth would be one of Saturn's moons
All of the planets together could fit between the earth and the moon
I thought the same thing. Saturn looks bigger then Jupiter to me
And I thought Uranus would be much smaller.
Saturn and its rings would just fit in between Earth and the moon
Edit: Why are you booing me? I'm right. (Memes aside, this is actually factual, so why the downvotes)
Every time I see this I have to scroll past super quick. Makes me feel ill.
take a look at Saturn flying past Earth
If we were that close to Saturn we’d BE the moon.
If we were that close to Saturn we'd Be dead.
I hate it and I love it. It's a really weird feeling
That’s what I thought when I saw Uranus
Where is my favorite planet: Pluto?
Who's gonna tell him boys?
Mickey took him out for a walk.
Wow Uranus has never been so close to my face
If anything I'm surprised your the first person to make that joke
Original / way higher quality
Despite how gravity would be all wonky and we’d probably never exist, I wish there were other celestial bodies close to earth. Sci-fi settings are just so beautiful to be with planets super close to each other
I watched all 90 minutes and I can honestly say it’s a bit shit
Yeah, the first bit was pretty good, but it got a little stale after a while. Think they could’ve at least done away with 30-45 min of the Saturn shot
I love seeing Saturn in this, even if it does freak me out a bit at the same time
i aint gonna lie, it was scary to see saturn this close to earth
This should have been imposed over a nice landscape....an ocean view or some mountains...
The real megalopobia is the lengthy of the video
Huh I guess despite popular belief, Uranus isn't that big after all
u r a n u s
89 minutes? and it's almost all saturn
Somehow I feel like Jupiter would be larger than that.
Apparently, the moon is quite far away.
It's interesting looking at a scale picture of the earth and moon. It really emphasises the distance. And shows how false most movies and tv shows are with space images.
Surfers would be so happy though... imagine the strength of the tides
Haha Uranus
The real megalophobia is how long this video lasts
I saw an hour and a half and got genuinely excited to see that much content dedicated to comparing this stuff.
And they’d all still look like tiny dots on my phones camera! 😤
Ngl Saturn or Jupiter would be fucking scary as shit, I got fucking trembles when I just looked outside at the moon and imagined what Jupiter would look like and poop cam out my anus, fell on the floor, and then I stood in it and cried
Fought Venus was the moon. I’ve seen many photos where the moon looks like Neptune here. Zoom trickery
Anyone else think of Lars von Trier’s Melancholia?
I thought of planets being closer
Why can’t Saturn be our moon dammit it’s so pretty
I mean at that distance the tides would be strong enough to affect the ground and the oceans would be pulled over certain parts of the land (rip anything less than about 1/2 mile elevation)
Jupiter and Saturn look frightening at this distance
If Uranus was totally habitable no one would move there just because the name
What about Pluto?
Man, I never noticed how big Uranus is
I have nightmares like this omg
Uranus is much much larger than that
yea that's horrifying but interesting at the same time
Saturn scares me the most
It’s 1:30 AM and I’ve discovered a new fear so thanks
Why is the video an hour long?
At the distance of the center of mass or surface?
There's another video floating around the internet where the planets are at the distance of the ISS, and when Jupiter comes into frame, my heart sinks. Just can't find it.
At what point do we become the Moon?
Elon bring the other planets to earth please
My anus is quite close
That was really fucking cool. Thanks.
I like how all the cars stop when they see how big Saturn is