I'm the asleep one
I'm the Snorlax plushie trying to pass as a girl
I'm also the sleeping one - I'm just not in the picture.
Bruh do queer polyamorous communes exist and if so where do I sign up
Discord from my experience lmao
Fire Emblem AND Pokemon in this sub? What is this, Christmas?
Heteronormative? No.
Cis? IDK, dude, I just work here.
You work for the confederacy of independent systems?
God I love that game
I need this. I just wanna live in a big house (or a small one tbh, I’m not picky) with some close friends/partners.
I can't find one person to like me and you expect me to find 3?
I’m monogamous but you do you!
well it said polyamorous which is different from polygamous :p
I was a party of a friend and they were saying we where a big family (our friend group) so I said "yes a big polyamorous family" most laughed and one was really disturbed. So yeah this actually happened to me
I consider my polycule my family, the same as most people consider their family to be their spouse and/or kids...
Omg my dreeeeam 😕
when did heteronormative = monogamous???
That picture perfectly describes my night last night, genuinely x
I'm getting pretty close! The other night my wife and my girlfriend were all spending time on my couch
god i wish
claude and dimitri chefs kiss
I mean, I don't know about the polyamory for me... but I'd love to be a pair of lesbian couples who can stay up all night like this.
if this is implying that being gay and monogamous is heteronormative....
No it's not?
Am I supposed to be extremely confused right now? What is a "queer polymorphous commune"? What is "cis hetro-normative bs"? What does the picture have to with any of this?
A gay group dating each other is what they mean by a queer polymorphous commune I'm pretty sure
A queer polyamorous commune is a group of queer people in a relation without the possession (not like abusive but more in the sense of this person is MY SO) feelings. That's what I understand it
Polyamorous; many loves.
I have several partners. Some of them are also dating each other. We game together.
cis/heteronormative BS refers, in this case, to people's assumptions that romantic and sexual partners should be exclusive/paired.
The picture is of four people who are all dating (by reference).
queer = term meaning LGBT+
polyamorous = dating where more than two people are involved with consent of all partners
commune = like communism, a place where all things are shared equally
cis = people who agree with their assigned gender at birth
heteronormative = believing and acting like straight relationships are the default, better, or normal kind
the picture is of a group of 4 people who are assumed to be all in some form of polyamorous relationship, sharing a home. the implication is that “you” could be as cozy and happy as the photo if “you” were more open to lgbt+ relationships and/or polyamory.
next time do your research yourself, k? :)
I want this.
Would honestly just be happy to have one boyfriend, let alone two. Not even sure if i could do polygamy personally.
Why everyone here feeling so attacked by the idea of polyamoury =/
That's just me and my friends. You just need cuddly queers. You don't have to date all of them! There need to be more queer cuddle piles!
I'm the girl playing the game while everyone else is talking or sleeping
If only I was emotionally mature enough for a relationship in general. Being poly sounds oddly enchanting
Hey, I'm bi as fuck bit still like running around doing stuff.
I’m too much of an incel for this to be me