In your opinion what is the best mod(interior/exterior) you did for your 3?

Post any and all mods you did to your car that you thought were the best and include pictures if you can!

ceramic window tint all around
35% sun strip, 70% front, 35% rear and back windshield
edit: also
That’s a really nice wrap job you did. 👍
Any issues with the safety features being affected by the tint strip on the windshield?
I did the same tint, except I did a 5% sun strip instead. Other than that, nothing, car looks perfect as it is.
Wow that is so fycking nice. I need to do this to my 3sport
Damn that wrap job is incredible!
How did you do it?
Do you have pics of the sun strip?
Looks good! Mind sharing what wrap you used? Was it easy to remove the console pieces and put em back?
I would love to wrap my interior shiny trim but I don’t know where to start
so far... my trim didnt come with fogs... 15 mazda 3 sport. After confirming behind the plastic piece it was pre-wired for fogs. Bought and installed them, and replaced the light column too. EASY! So EASY. Zero wiring needed. I didnt even have to drill holes. Nano Ceramic Tint was next, Android Auto via Mazda AIO... playing Tetris while driving is hard ( I am joking.. but the fast food peeps dig it).
3rd gen? I’ve wanted to get fogs for mine
I am interested in knowing what fog lights you bought :) caught my interest
If you happen to see this, can you provide more info on the fog light installation
Which guide have you referred to for android auto? And which parts. I am looking to install one by myself in cx3.
Edit: just googled...anything for apple? :D
For me, nothing beats some lowering springs, spacers and lip kit.
I’m new to the modding world.. I recently got my hands on a 2018 hatchback and i want to lower it for better handling any suggestions on where to start?
Bit late, but I've been wanting to add spacers to mine. How large were yours?
-Debadged (removed) MAZDA3 and SKYACTIV emblems off from trunk (2018 sedan). Really cleans up look.
-WeatherTech floor liners
Whats the correct way to de-badge? It leaves little holes right? How would you fill those in without redoing the paint job?
what did you do about the little holes that would've gotten left behind after removing the emblems?
2019 Mazda3
Aero package Gloss Black (Front splitter, side skirts, rear add on spoiler, rear diffuser, mirror caps)
HR lowering springs
JNC005 18x9 et34 wheels
Michellin 225/40/18
Mazda window visors (Not installed yet)
Window tint
Exhaust modification - Replaced muffler with Vibrant 1792 resonator and 2, 4 inch exhaust tips
PPF full front
Ceramic coating
Couldn't post pics so here is a link to the video.
Looks good but I gotta say I'm not feeling the wheels. They're nice wheels but they seem too busy for that elegant car. Just my opinion. Glad you're happy with it and thanks for taking the time to share the video!
Love the aero package on your car!
Man, I have an ‘10 Speed3 but the front end of yours looks so damn clean. That minimalistic sleekness is so friggin gorgeous!
Jesus Christ! Your car is too damn sexy my friend.
What percent tint?
Dash cam and dash mat. Plus phone mount on vent I can leave on permanently
Ugh seeing my car with beautiful clear headlights makes me really want those. Are they the stock lights?
A brake light strobe module. Back off, brand seems to be good so far.
It never occurred to me that that's an aftermarket gadget until just now. Thanks! (I just got rear-ended.)
I have been seeing these a lot! People don't respect stick drivers so I want to pick this up. Where'd you get yours?
Exterior: replaced the stock 18-inch alloy wheels with OEM gunmetal wheels. They look really slick.
Interior: aluminium pedal covers. Cheap and simple to fit, look great. Also, replacing all the light bulbs with LEDs is a really easy job that makes a significant difference.
What LED lights did you use and do you have pictures? Wanting to do that as well down the line
Which pedal set did you go with? I've been trying to find one myself.
Are the aluminium pedals more slippery? Just worried that I might not get good grip on the pedals cause its always so wet where I am.
Has anyone found pedal covers that fit the 2019?
You have a picture of the gunmetal wheels?
For me, it was the carplay upgrade on my2015 mazda3
I want to the upgrade, too! I have 2014 GT. How much did it cost you?
puddle/convenience lights
Come on when the car is unlocked, or when a door is opened. I’ll come back and update with a nighttime photo soon.
Those are awesome! Where’d you buy the parts from?
Blacked out chrome on 2019 mazda 3 sedan
Nice. Looks good. How'd you do it?
Corksport Alcantera Steering wheel, shift knob, disable the stupid blue ring around the gauges
Corksport lowering springs, Projector shroud paint and halo DRLs, Dual 4" exhaust tips, heated signal mirror retrofit
Got any photos of that steering wheel? How long have you had it? How has the Alcantera held up?
Been considering this upgrade for a while and curious what people are experiencing with it over an extended period of time.
How did you disable the blue ring?
Jeeze, these mod lists make me sad. Mazda has fallen from the world of zoom zoom to chopped exhausts and lowering springs...fancy lights and plastic trim bits. How the mighty have fallen.
'12 Speed3 CS short ram intake and inlet and boost tubes, turbosmart 50/50 bypass valve, AutoTech HPFP internals, CST4 turbo, CS electronic boost controller and 3.5 bar map sensor, CS injector seals, Damond motor mounts, JBR short shift plate and solid bushings, V2 Cobb Access Port and E48 selftune.
Last time the car was on the Dyno was before the turbo swap, 326whp 380wtq.
...also have ceramic tint and fancy led interior lighting...
I know you 3rd and 4th gen guys are just working with what you have...Mazda is the one one that moved the mod community from the garage to the craft table, and it makes me kinda sad.
I agree, I have a gen 4 and the only thing I’ve done is window tint and custom black California plates. Not a whole lot of options atm
Well said, sir. Also, nice dyno results. What motor did you start with, 2.5 MZR?
$1.07 shipped from china:
Mods, can delete this if it breaks some intergalactic law on posting links in this subreddit, I appologize.. but Geezus $1.07 shipped from China.
If they don't have a plastic insert, I highly suggest finding a set that does.
The aluminum threads will weld themselves to the stems, leaving you unable to remove the cap. This is heavily documented, I suggest you take a peek at some forums about it happening.
When that inevitably happens, you'll either need to A) Somehow cut the cap off without damaging the valve stem, or B) Replace the valve stem, which requires removing the tire from the wheel. If your valve stem is of the TPMS variety, you're looking at $60-100 each for replacement, all because of $1.07 valve stem caps without plastic inserts.
AutoZone sells identical ones with plastic inserts for like $2.50 in a pack of 4.
Borla exhaust and Vibrant headers. A little expensive but it sounds amazing and you get some HP out of it
I have vibrant headers and corksport exhaust myself :]
Do you need a tune to make use of it?
Awesome! Diy install or did you have a mechanic fit them?
do you have a link as to where you got the headers? I've just finished my corksport catback install and im looking for some nicer headers
Replaced all the crappy interior lights with LED lights. Looks awesome plus I can actually see what’s going on inside my own car now. That little trunk light (2013 hatchback) was absolute garbage before but now it actually illuminates the trunk. Also replaced rear license plate lights with LED it looks so nice!!!
Did you buy a kit or get them all separately?
Lowering springs. The first thing I always do is lower the ride. Did that with both my old 2007 GS sedan and my current 2014 GS.
Old ride
New ride
What brand of springs did you buy?
Nice! How much did you spend for everything? Did you install them yourself?
I'm just generally happy with all the little things I've done to [my car] (
Something about white cars that they just look awesome with extra black details added. Nice job!
About those wind deflectors.... I'm assuming they reduce wind noise? Where'd you get those?
I like the tints. It's sad I can't install them by myself in my country.
Morimoto led fog lights, amazeballs! The fog lights can actually function.
I came here to say this. I love having my xb’s every time I drive at night.
Wheels by far make this car look so much more personal
Traded my base 3 for a Speed 3
bought and mounted this phone mount for my 2017 Mazda 3 hatchback
I'll allow it
Damn, wish they had one for 2009 3 sedan
That looks pretty decent but does it block the infotainment screen at all? IT looks like it would!
Rims and springs.
16 3 itouring hatch Took out the trunk foam and spare wheel, used 2 half inch boards as support, put some emergency stuff under that, boot mat over that, mega trunk room. (Im a contractor so i put my tool bags and equipment back there) i have fit a full size washing machine in my car)
Removed driver center air vent (it was always blowing on me) place a backer in it, now its a pocket.
Front and back dashcam.
Tall rubber mat under driver feet to catch rocks and water.
Next is trailer hitch, brighter reverse lights, and performance brakes and rotors. (The factory rotors are warped on mine. Had them resurfaced once now its coming back)
Need pics
Next im installing a voltage monitor/dual usb port. Still figuring exact placement.
Rear swaybar upgrade on a 2017. The car feels a lot more balanced when turning.
Pics please.
Got links to the bar?
H&R 15mm spacers, Eibach springs and BaysonR skirts/front lip. Gave it a "hot hatch" look, minus all that unnecessary speed. LOL
I spent about 150.00 for a factory kit, did the install in about 30 minutes.
Sorry, what’s a factory kit?
Are there any mazda 3 2019 interior add ons to put over the gloss back interior?
I see a few on Ebay, but I would rather get it wrapped by a professional.
I'm a HUGE fan of the K&N intake I put on last night. Surprising power boost, and it sounds amazing.
I had to install an aux port in my gen 1 neo, most useful and only mod i have done
My ‘07 GT hatch just died and I picked up a ‘13 GS SkyActiv hatch... first mod is going to be satellite radio into the factory HU.
Work Euroline DH rims mmmmm
Interior: Can't decide between Instrument
Exterior: Bi-Xenon Headlight Swap or
Which Bi-Xenon lights did you use? OEM or a different brand? I really want to make the upgrade, but the cheapest I've seen are $900/set for non OEM
2.0 engine but a corksport full exhaust with resonators, tinted windows, and the shorter CS antenna. It sounds how my dad's Camaro should.
Tinted windows
I'm curious about tinting. Does the tiny you got look factory quality? I cannot stand tinting imperfections of any kind...just looks so bad. Assuming yours looks pro, how much was it? Did you just do back windows or the whole vehicle? I just bought a beautiful 2017 special edition and one of my only nitpicks is it has no rear tint!
Ordered and installed the factory tweeters in the sail panel. The wiring was already there and made a good addition to the stereo. It brought the voices up from the floor. Close 2nd are the racing beat springs.
Switching to OEM 17s, and changing my tires to Pirelli P7 plus. Changes the look of the car without sacrificing comfort.
I've also added some window visors, lets me keep the window lightly open when it's raining.
corksport exhaust, koni sport shocks
Exhaust and intake tint windows
What exhaust and what intake? I’m curious
35% ceramic tints on windows and rear windsheild, will probably do my front windsheild next spring (100% probably). ceramic tint cuts down on heat so much its awesome.
Outside? 30% window tint all around and converted the remaining incandescent bulbs to LEDs (turn signal, license plate, side marker, and reverse lights).
Inside? My BlackVue dashcam, front and rear facing. Can't imagine driving without one now.
Lowering on H and R springs.
2014 mazda3 2 0l sport So far ive done Orangevirus stage 1.5 cams and e85 tune Corksport exhaust with muffler delete Jbr Solid rear motor mount Jbr short shift plate and bushings Jbr coilovers and rear sway bar with camber arms 2014 cx5 rotors and calipers with ebc green pads Morimoto ds2 projector swap Morimoto led foglights F1 tint 30% front doors 5% rear doors 15% hatch Enkei rpf1 17x9 with hankook ventus v2 tires
By far coilovers where the best upgrade
Yo that's pretty dank dude. Got any vids or dyno pull results?
For Gen 1 owners with a sad looking antenna I’d spring for a paint matched shark fin style replacement.
Corksport Catback by FAR. The sound it makes is so good it's almost indescribable. Ive had it for months now and I haven't gotten bored of it.
Wrapped the glossy piano black trims
Led lights. Fitted them everywhere there was a halogen globe. Looks so much newer with leds and it’s easier to be seen and to see!
For the second gen SPEED3s I like a Larger hood scoop extension and front lip. It's looks more mean but not too ricey