MASH TRIVIA round 2 (2/5/19)

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Question 3: What is the street address of Klinger’s home in Toledo?
Let me know if you need a hint
1215 Michigan street.
That’s a good question!
What is Charles’ sister’s name?
(Not pronounced as "gonorrhea" as Flagg once said.)
How much money did Charles win in a card game before being sent to MASH 4077?
Question 4: What unusual object was behind Henry Blake in most of his scenes in "Abyssinia Henry"?
Don’t make me watch that episode again! 😭
I think we need a clue. Which scene are your referring to
This has peaked my curiosity. I’m going to rewatch this episode when I get off work. :)
The photo on Potter’s desk is warmly known as his wife Mildred. Who is the real life person in the photo? :)
Harry Morgan’s wife!
In the episode called “The Late Captain Pierce,” what George Orwell quote do we hear in Potter’s office?
"you are what George Orwell described as "an unperson"
QUESTION 2: In season 3, while all of the nurses are away, Hawkeye, Trapper, Henry, Radar and Klinger share the enjoyment of a film that Hawkeye calls one of "the dirtiest films of them all." What film did they watch?
Edit: provided a little more context
Was it Frank’s wedding video? 😆
What was the name of the little girl whose letter Charles answered in the episode “Letters”?
Virginia. A testimony to the beauty in a young girls heart.
Sorry for the wait, time zones.
According to B.J., who gets an A in fidelity?
ETA: A somewhat cryptic hint for you. Mickey Rooney is the most devoted family man in the world 😉
ETA2: Apparently this was way too hard, sorry. The episode is Hanky Panky in season 5, Hawkeye asks B.J. “Who gets an a in fidelity?” And B.J. gives a joke answer.
RCA Victor
that would be hawkeye
Colonel Potter?
Which of Colonel Flagg's aliases is Colonel Blake not supposed to use and why?
Louise, he need it for Tokyo.
Donald’s mother knew two Houlihans before Margaret. Describe one of them.
One was a maid, and the other one was an alcoholic chauffeur.
In order to help a soldier reconnect with his love of music, Major Winchester sends Klinger to pick up music for the left hand. Who was the composer of this music? Bonus points if you remember the war in which the composer lost the use of his right hand.
Ravel was the composer and he wrote the song for Paul Vichenstein (sp?). Paul lost his right arm in the First World War. I just watched this episode last night. Lol :)
When Hawkeye and B.J. buy a ring and have it engraved to replace the one Margaret lost, what was written on the ring?
Is this Over Hill Over Dale, Our Love will Ever Fail?
According to Hawkeye, why is war worse than hell?
Sadly he says that bc in hell there are no innocent bystanders but in war there are a lot of them. 😢
Which season did Dr. Sidney Freedman say is the busiest for him in his line of work?
*edited for grammar error
I don't know about Sigmund Freud but Sindney Freedman states that the winter months are his busy season.
"It gets cold, the days get shorter, the nights get longer" "I was seeing 10 cases a day, real crack ups"
Adam’s Ribs is across the road from what train station?
Dearborn station. Dearborn 5-7500
When Hawkeye ordered ribs from Chicago, what was the name of the person, and the relationship to which MASH character, that was called to go pick up and ship the ribs?
Mildred and she was a girl Trapper dated at one time. :)
A quick one
Where does radar keep his clipboard?
In the filing cabinet under k
When Robert Altman ask his son (mike) to write a little song for the movie MASH. What did he ask for as payment.
50%? That’s what my child’s father is saying. Lol I had to ask him bc no one has answered yet and it was killing me to know. LOL
All I remember from reading about that is that he said it had to be the stupidest song ever written, and he couldn’t come up with anything bad enough, so he asked his son, who was an idiot. 😆
Ok. Clues
It is a dollar amount that they payed him and what he bought with it. Think what a 15 year old aspersing musician would want
In a ploy to get sent home on a hardship discharge, Klinger claims that his two brothers have died, leaving him as the sole provider. How does he say that his brothers died? Bonus points if you remember their names.
In an explosion of the boiler at the Toledo harmonica factory. The brothers name's were Maurice and Hakim.
What did Trapper tell Radar to give Hawkeye when he left?
A kiss!
I always laugh at that part in the episode. Haha :)
Here’s an easy one: Who gets the longjohns after Klinger?
Father Mulcahy :)
Who was the nurse that got away that Hawkeye fell in love with during his residency?
Hint: She is played by Gwyneth Paltrow’s real life Mom. :)
Edited for a hint*
I know it, but I want to give someone else a chance 😅
Chararacter is Carlye Walton (formerly Carlye Breslin) played by Blythe Danner.
It the episode "the chosen people" a Korean mother ask the 4077 for a favor.
What does she ask for and what does she need?
Edit: sorry for the delay. It has been a weird week.
She needs a bris (circumcision) for her Jewish son, but what she says is something like “labeye fo bis”