I call this "the Ikea special". the first finished space in my new living room. now i need some cool wall art.

i wanted to post over there as well but i have an old and janky pc and was too ashamed ahah.
Vaporwave is so hot over in
I wonder if Ikea is aware of this sub, it might not be an enormous community but I'm pretty sure it has an impact on their desk sales.
Also, amazing set-up! I'm jealous of your cord management
As someone who used to do a marketing internship at IKEA, they are definitely aware of the impact these kind of subs have towards driving sales. It was always pretty fun to check analytics a week or two after more popular posts. Even if they weren't always related to extra conversion :)
I bet you
Dude. This could easily be a photorealistic render (just like their catalogue) put out by them and posted by an ‘arms length’ marketing agency.
What are those metal legs that the desk is sitting on? Also from Ikea?
got them from Amazon. they are just regular no brand metal legs for furnitures, you can find a whole bunch of sizes for cheapo.
IKEA sells the
Choose fabric and stretch over wooden canvas stretcher strips. You can create so many looks using these.
What do you mean? Would this be a good idea for a tapestry?
Do you have any links to products?
Edit: Found this tutorial:
Where is a good place to buy stretcher bars?
Whats the chair? Looks comfy.
Ikea JÄRVFJÄLLET. i basically just bought it because of the name (but it's also pretty comfy)
I have one, it's not terribly comfy for me. Back support doesn't feel great and a year in its already pretty rickety, despite re-tightening all the screws I could find.
it looks dope af, really like the pink and blue aesthetic
what are those metal things between the table top and the drawers?
furniture metal legs. i'm using them as spacers since the drawers are a bit too short fot my taste. you can get them on amazon for cheap.
Pvc panels would look cool, rather than the obligatory acoustic panels.
Ha, shoutout to you fellow warrior!
Hello there fellow weirdo ❤️
very nice, i quite like that fridge-like cabinet on the right, might have to pick up one of those if the inside is what i think it's like
it's pretty basic on the inside, just a single adjustable shelf and two big main compartments. it also has a hole in the back to route cables.
Get wallpaper engine. Life changing.
That is wallpaper engine, with a sprinkle of rainmeter. Totally agree it's the best thing ever.
I got you fam.
Print 1
You must buy the pair.
Seriously though, that site has lots of affordable prints. Also
ahah dude, i low key love the yelling cat combo. thanks.
Love the name, recognised quite a few pieces but great aestethic
I like the vibes.
ID on the lamp?
it's custom made. i found the original shades in my grandma attic, i have two of them, probably from the 80's, metal body wrapped in rattan with a canvas diffuser inside. i just glued them on a brass lightbulb stand and got me some cool retro ambient lights.
love the desktop wallpaper, where did you find it? also, what’s the light behind the monitor?
thanks! it's an animated wallpaper on wallpaper engine called "dreams" by user Simulated (on steam). the light behind is just a cheapo no brand rgb lamp, but i've got some proper rgb strips in the mail.
Nice setup! I dig that Aurora album too
Thank you!
Aurora vinyl is a must, great setup!
What’s the turntable and receiver? Clean setup 🤘🏻
Which monitors are those?
the ultrawide is an LG 29UM67, with a companion Benq GW2406Z (also known as "the reddit scroller")
Are those individual shelves or is it one unit?
all individual cubes and you can mix them as you want. they have a whole bunch of colors.
I need that desk in my life, you got a link for the build?
it's technically a kitchen countertop from ikea, they have a bunch of finishes and lenghts you can choose. once you have that you can put basically any drawer unit you want underneath. i've got the ikea ALEX and added some metal legs as spacers to increase a bit the height of the whole thing.
I've seen those ikea drawers before. Is that just one of their table tops on top? What's the cylindrical things inbetween?
yep, it's one of their kitchen counters on top. the metal bits are furniture legs, mounted upside down as spacers between the two.
Try earthbound
This is gorgeous and I'm absolutely going to mimic it one day XD
Hell yeah my dude!
I'm still jealous that the right alex cabinet is not sold in the U.S Ikea locations.
I recognize some of these ikea furnitures :)
If you’re looking for wall art and are a fan of aviation, take a look at this website. I bought a super wide canvas of a MV-22 aircraft and couldn’t be happier.
This is right up my alley pal. thanks!
WHERE did you get the two pillows?
The yellow ones on Amazon, the colorful ones are Ikea, can't remember the exact name i just saw them in store and grabbed a couple.
Check out Walltones. They've got some cool wall art that would fit this vibe
Very nice
I've been looking for the Alex drawer on the right forever! Do you remember what it's called??
In my country is just called Alex container instead of drawer, don't know if it's the same everywhere.
Where did u get that wallpaper
Wallpaper engine on steam. this one is called "dreams"
I’m so jeleous of people who are/were able to buy that ALEX kitchen drawer. I want one to mod it for a pc tower/ console storage solution. Nice
Nice wish I had the cash to do that 😭
We have almost identical setups lol monitors and all
I love lamp!
Thanks bröther!
Nice colors! Can you give me a link to that wallpaper? I really dig it
It's a wallpaper engine preset called "dreams". you can buy wallpaper engine on Steam.
I have that yellow pillow. Love it
I like society6 for my art, maybe you will find something you like there
If I may ask, why a vertical 2nd monitor instead of 2 horizontal?
i would like to give you a meaningful answer, but reality is i literally just got it to scroll Reddit ahaha.
Could be different VESA mounting points. I have a similar setup only because my second monitor's VESA mount is much higher.
The flooring is fantastic though, even if you didn't have a say in it.
I actually laid it down myself, so i had a big say in it ahah. it's laminate wood on old tiles, pretty easy to lay if you are a bit handy, also pretty easy to get off in case of future renovations and such. looks stunning in person.
That cable management is spectacular.
Really clean look, I wish my turntable and records was that close to my battle station
Switch where your computer table and your record player is.
How quality are Ikea products? Been thinking of buying one for some time now
Well they are not top end by any mean, but if treated right they last quite a bit. My previous bedroom was all ikea and it lasted for years. They are mass produced products so you might get the occasional imperfection of ill fit, but they are pretty chill with refunds and substitutions.
What is that chair. It looks like exactly what I'm looking for! (fabric seat and a headrest)
Ikea Järvfjället.
I have the exact same cabinets under my desk with the exact same piece of desk wood except the nine footer length! What I really like about yours is the spacers between the desks and table, where did you get those?
Amazon. generic no brand ones, you can find plenty of sizes.
What are those risers that you are using for your desk top? I'd like to get a set too!
Look for
What’s the right leg / non-Alex drawer in your table setup?
Alex container, don't know if it's avalaible worldwide.
Looks slick!!
I just got a chair for my home office from IKEA yesterday. Went with the Alefjäll.
I have the same, one of my better purchases ever
Protip: get yourself some rubber wheels for that chair. It’ll prevent the inevitable scratches from plastic wheels (on Amazon). This is coming from someone who realized this too late and now has major scratches in my floor.
Thanks! yeah i'm looking into that, i don't really like these stock wheels.
I luv them pillows
Is this in the living room? Or does your setup have its own room? This looks so inviting and homey!!!
Thanks! It's a corner of the living room.
Get some LED light panels for your walls above your PC
Ikea special.. hmm wallart .. Swedish flag
Do those furniture leg things move? Because I don't understand how it stays there without sliding from the cabinets to the desk. If that makes sense
The legs are screwed into the top of the drawers. the countertop weights a fuckton so it's not going anywhere.
OP, help me out
I’ve got a similar set up with the Alex (?) drawer and a kinda bamboo desktop.
The set up in the store led me believe that this was an option, but even with the sticky dots they supply, the thing wants to slide around all over the place.
The desktop has predrilled holes legs but what have you got going on there??
In my case the desktop is heavy as frick so that kinda resolve the issue of sliding for me, i also added as you can see some furniture metal legs, screwd upside down on top ot the drawers. These legs have rubber ends, so the grippy rubber combined with the heavy countertop is more than enough to keep things stable for me. If yours is too lightweight to hold you might want to search for metal legs with screw holes on both sides.
Thanks OP
Cracking space by the way, nice work
Is that an IKEA chair?
yep. Ikea järvfjället.
Do you use the vertical monitor for programming or just regular browsing ? I'm thinking of buying a monitor arm to do the same but I don't know if it's worth it if I'm not a programmer
Just browsing. I think it's preatty cool, but not really necessary unless you really want it.
What’s the chair called and is it comfortable for sitting for prolonged periods of time ?
Ikea järvfjället. It's pretty comfy for now, but i literally just got it so not sure in the long run.
What’s the backlight you’re using?
Just a cheapo no brand rgb lamp for now, but i have ordered a couple of light strips.
Can you add more pictures ?
If you need some cool wall art and can afford check out BossLogic
Regarding wall art I can recommend getting a print of
Here are they on my wall
I did cut the images a bit to look better in print, if you're interested I could share those with you.
I know it's a month old but I love the retrofuturistic feel, so glad I scrolled through the comment chain. How'd you crop and print em so we'll?
Your office chair looks like a spaceship