My metro Detroit living room in day light

How can you even heat a room like that in Detroit in the winter?? It must be a solid 25 degrees in there at night
I dont know! Just moved in, but the room is noticibly colder than the rest of the house. We keep it at around 70F. I guess I'll find out how much the heating bill is in about one month.
Landlord said about $130/Mon so not bad, it is boiler heating.
I imagine if you had modern Argon windows, it would be easier.
haha i just visited a friends place in detroit this winter and their back room was an ice box. the rest of the house was nice and warm though
Under-floor heating can do amazing things in a space like this. During architecture school I visited the Farnsworth house in Chicago during the middle of winter. The house is made completely of glass and yet was extremely warm on the inside all from heating coils underneath the floor. If possible, I’d give that a shot.
We have an addition (house in Detroit area) that's surrounded on three sides by windows, and on a slab . . . there's a built-in 220 volt baseboard heater on the outer wall that helps take the chill off. It's not super-efficient, but it's not needed that often, either.
Speaking as someone reading this from his metro Detroit back yard, those bill will strike if we get another Frigid February.
Such a shame to block out those beautiful views but you need some thick CURTAINS!
Oh what I really thought this room was in a high rise.
How high are you? How would you be able to see trees in a high rise?
Is this stick built or pre-fab? I want to put an addition on the back of the house like this.
Not actually sure since I only rent the house. My guess would be stick built. The house is a mid century modern house built in the 50s.
I am surprised I don’t see store front glass more often.
High cost, lack of privacy, lower insulation value, needs to be resealed/refilled every 10-15 years.
We looked at a house with a separate living room and sunroom, the sunroom had this and the living room had windows with privacy. Great balance.
Are there no drapes? Does it feel odd everyone can see you from afar at night?
Lovely!! But it looks cold in there!! (I kept looking for a basket of throws.). What a wonderful space.
Where's your couch from? I'm in the market
I also would like to know
That’s West Elm
I’d very much recommend the all modern/wayfair ana left hand sectional. It is very firm, so be careful if that isn’t your thing. But it’s a beautiful, very large sofa with a very decent price point for the size/style.
Isn't this just a sun room or whatever you want to call it...?
It is the living room of a mid century modern house. The whole living area (kitchen, dining, living room) is connected in one big open space.
In my experience, sunrooms are usually separate from the living space, and are sometimes 3 season rooms.
You need to replace those windows and get triple glazed ones or else just keep that room closed off form the rest of the house
I'm adding a glass extension to my house later this year and, during research, we discovered that triple glazing isn't even that much more expensive than double these days. Great news for our future heating bills!
It’s a rental. That ain’t happening.
How comfy are those couches? I really like the style but am concerned that they wouldn't be comfy file say a movie night or watching TV for several hours.....
They are very comfortable, but I wouldn't recommend if you have pets. The fabric doesn't stand up to paws
Does anyone know the intended purpose of the small sliding windows at the bottom of the wall/window?
My first thought is it would make an excellent door for pets.
They’re sliding windows for ventilation. They’re on the bottom to not obstruct the view. Since it’s Detroit, I’d hope there’re screens. If OP owned it (s)he should invest in storm windows for the winter to replace the screens, but since it’s a rental that probably isn’t happening.
Where do you jerk off?
Under a blanket. He’s not an animal.
Get u some curtains.
For privacy mainly, but you can get some insulating curtains to temper that heating bill & keep the room reasonably warm.
Where is that table from? I have something similar from wayfair that's all janky and misaligned
west elm conversion coffee table
It’s one of the best pieces of furniture I’ve ever bought.
I have that same couch from amazon and I fucking hate how wobbly and small it is
Metro Detroit but has a backyard? Interesting.
I’ve never been to Detroit though so if this is a normal thing please excuse my ignorance.
Nearly every home in the Detroit area has a back yard. Even in the city proper . . . houses may be very close together, but there's usually a yard, often with a garage opening up into an alley running between yards. All suburban homes have back yards.
Metro means suburbs bruh. But also even in proper Detroit there are homes with backyards, it’s a huge city geographically built around cars so as you might expect it isn’t very dense.
I really like this. I would feel very relaxed in this room.
Damn, your place looks amazing, but the cold of the windows would break it for me.
That shit is cool but at night you have no blinds and people would see you.
Damn. Its gorgeous but a windowed room on ground level is a stalker's wet dream
I have the same conversion coffee table. Best piece of furniture I’ve ever bought.
So many tv dinners 😆
Any link on where I can find the coffee table? Looks pretty neat
Where did you get that table?
west elm conversion coffee table
Lol I have that couch in my bedroom. Love the vibe you have going on.
What couch
I think that’s the West Elm Drake sofa. Looks just like mine.
Where's the dog though
I didn't see the metro part in the title and was really curious what part of the city this would be in. I live around New Center, and let me tell ya, there ain't a damn thing that looks like that in sight.
Finally, a place on this sub that I can actually afford!
Does that coffee table lift up/have storage? Because if so...fuck 🤤
Yes! The whole thing lifts up as a desk with storage underneath.
West Elm pop-up coffee table
Can you show us the tv wall?
Is this Lafayette Park (Mies van der Rohe's complex) on the east side?
Looks cozy as fuck, I love it.
Can I have it?
I know that West Elm coffee table like the back of my hand!
Looks really good and I love the amount of light that comes in!
What's the ID on that lamp,
Beautiful! Could I get an ID on that sofa?
How’s Detroit? I’m thinking about moving there.
Where do you hide all the guns???
I must not understand the proper use of the word “metro”. That looks like the woods. (Sweet setup though)
Damn the night pic made me think you lived in a luxury apartment a few floors up.
This man is a plant. He lives in a greenhouse. Love the space.
I see that west elm coffee table
Nice cb2 ditto sofa
A sniper’s dream come true.
West Elm coffee table?
Yep I've got the same one OO
Fuck west elm and that entire parent company. I've had 1 out of 4 good experiences with them. Most recently they just stole money from me because they lost a return item from the store to the warehoue3
My couch came ripped and 3 months late. They did not offer any recompense. Only a 5k couch why would I want it on time and whole?!?
Hopefully you don't have electric heat like my condo in Chicago
Where in Detroit is this? I’m apartment hunting in Michigan right now and would be helpful to know! Thanks
Yeah same here, and would like to know the cost
Grose Ile?
Is it spooky at night?
Can't be Detroit, I see no bullet holes.
Source: born and raised in Michigan.
I’m confused why you’d post this in malelivingspace.
It’s a great photo, but your post history clearly show that you’re not a male..with the 10+ photos of manicured nails and all...
Because its mcm so everyone got their pp hard
Looks cold lol
Imagine seeing a bear
I'm guessing you're close to Taylor with a lot size that big and looking at the houses. That's a really nice setup you got there.
Looks metro to me
how do you not get killed or robbed there?>r