Fate/Another Pretender - Update 1

Link to the google drive with the uncompressed CYOA:
Aw, my "break the game" build (that may not actually break the game - I have very little frame of reference for Fate/ power levels) relied on a Sorcery trait. Back to the drawing board.
Rider is low-key the strongest servant because if you take extra Noble Phantasms at E- rank then you get 37.5 points, which is a 7.5 point gain over the 30 point cost of taking an extra... free points for the win!
What exactly occurs if you take psuedo-servant and two servants?
So... For the Two Servants perk, you still only have one pool of servant points right? So you'll end up with two weak servants unless you took a frick ton of drawbacks and strong enemies? I'm not sure why you'd spend 500 master points for the privilege of getting two weak servants.
I don't want to sound stupid but I want to make 100% sure. Do Follower Traits cost your Master Points? Like if I take Follower (35) + Magus (50) and give them Martial (100) would they cost me 185 to take or 85?
As well, if I get three homonculi from the purchase do they each have their own secondary trait or do they share one?
Sorry I'm a bit curious but why does Scathach (in the Lancer section) have no personal skills?
Should the Divine Hijack give points if given to an enemy Servant? I assume so, since it's meant to be a buff to them, but it's currently -25 to give it to an enemy.
If I buy the EX rank for a certain parameter twice, dies that mean that it is upgraded to star?
Dude, you have way to much time on your hands.
...not that I'm complaining.
Here is a redone version of one of my (many, many) builds for this CYOA. This one is more focused on a role-playing opportunity than a straight power-grab.
The Butler
You: Servant (+50S)
Scenario: Night Stood Still [Reshuffle Mode] (+750M, +850S)
Gender: Male
Appearance: Old
Traits: Tall, Elegant, Unassuming
Class: Assassin
Armor: Uniform
Weapon: Knife / Bare Hands
- Strength: A (-100/800)
- Endurance: C (-35/765)
- Agility: EX (-285/480)
- Magical Energy: C (-55/425)
- Luck: A (-35/390)
Class Skills:
- Magic Resistance: C (-55/335)
- Territory Creation: C- (-35/300)
- Presence Concealment: B (-10/290)
Personal Skills:
- Projectile: B (-50/240)
- Golden Rule: E (-10/230)
- Imperial Privilege: A (-100/130)
Noble Phantasm:
- By My Liege's Command: A (-130/0) [Anti-Unit, Spell, Buff] - Grants an effect similar to a command seal, allowing me a boost with regards to completing a specific task. However, it comes with a backlash if I fail to complete the task.
Wish: Reincarnation
Description: Basically, I am the quintessential old English butler. Heavily modelled on Sebas, with similarly monstrous strength, and EX Agility because I can effectively teleport short distances and combine it with my Presence Concealment to move unseen and pop up when needed. I swap places with EMIYA, leaving the Archer slot open for Caster to mess around with, leading to her either managing to summon EMIYA as an Archer, or her summoning someone else. Either way, they'll be breaking free via Independent Action pretty shortly, I'm guessing. Meanwhile, I play the English manservant role to the hilt, using my Imperial Privilege to pull out whatever skills I need to do what "my Lady" needs me to do, and see if I can manage to out-British Artoria.
Ermigerd, this is great. Nice update to this CYOA. Although the loss of sorcery traits destroyed some of my original ideas for builds (rip, gnostic break), I think the update was really good. I think the change of how mystic code costs work was a really nice touch (especially verg avesta, that used to be broken if you got any other mystic code with it, cause it was free), and the change to modifiers was nice. Overall, good job. Now for my build...
Mode: Master (+50 MP), Night Stood Still Wild Card Mode (+750 MP, +850 SP) (Replace Caster Pair)
Appearance: Female, Teenager, Bland, Attractive, Short, Frail, Elegant, Unassuming
Role: Magic User (+3 Standard Skills)
Magic Circuits: Quality A+ (-200 MP), Quantity A (-100 MP)
Element: Nothingness (-50 MP)
Origin: Nothingness (-75 MP)
Magecraft: Alchemy (-50 MP), Material Transmutation (-40 MP), Time Manipulation (-100 MP)
Skills: Intel Gathering (Free), Martial Arts (Free), Operating Electronics (Free)
Residence: Apartment (+/- 0 MP)
Unique: Mystic Eyes (-50 MP), Mystic Code (-25 MP)
Mystic Eyes: Illusion (-35 MP)
Mystic Code: Noble Phantasm Xanadu Matrix & Evil Eater (-75 MP, -60 SP)
Wish: Hero of Justice
Summoning: Catalyst, Tamamo No Mae (-450 SP)
Slot Order: #6 (+/- 0 SP)
Extra: Make it Double (-10 SP), Psuedo-Servant (-100 SP), Divine Hijack (-60 SP)
Now, the reasoning behind my choices. First of all, I chose the setting because I quite enjoy the fate series, so being in the official grail war instead of a fake is nice. I would choose Zero, but it'd be harder to deal with Zero, what with how many of the other masters would have been willing to end me without second thought. With the 5th war, at least I could join the Shirou team and simply win. As for being a master, well, why not? The choices in the master section, Magic User = good, cause free skills, yo. I chose high quality and quantity circuits but not too high because having the power to use your magecraft is nice, but having power without anything to use it on isn't. For the specific magecraft, I chose time, cause it's cool, alchemy, cause it's very diverse, and material transmutation, cause it's some very basic stuff that you probably should know for anything else in magecraft. Nothingness origin/element are cause it could become broken. Mystic eyes of illusion are useful for some tricky fighting, and grabbing Amakusa's noble phantasm is useful due to the fact that you can connect to thaumaturgical foundations, meaning you can do practically anything with enough prana. Also, eternal youth... As for the servant choice, Tamamo is waifu, Divine Hijack = Amaterasu = broken, and Pseudo-Servant = don't have a weak link with easy to kill master that you normally have in a grail war.
I realized that I misread the Noble Phantasm description and messed up my build, so I went over and made a fixed version. Mode: Master (+50 MP), Night Stood Still Wild Card Mode (+750 MP, +850 SP) (Replace Caster Pair)
Appearance: Female, Teenager, Bland, Attractive, Short, Frail, Elegant, Unassuming
Role: Magic User (+3 Standard Skills)
Magic Circuits: Quality A (-150 MP), Quantity A (-100 MP)
Element: Nothingness (-50 MP)
Origin: Nothingness (-75 MP)
Magecraft: Alchemy (-50 MP), Time Manipulation (-100 MP)
Skills: Intel Gathering (Free), Martial Arts (Free), Operating Electronics (Free)
Residence: House (- 25 MP)
Unique: Mystic Eyes (-50 MP), Mystic Code (-25 MP)
Mystic Eyes: Illusion (-35 MP)
Mystic Code: Noble Phantasm Xanadu Matrix & Evil Eater (-135 MP)
Wish: Hero of Justice
Summoning: Catalyst, Tamamo No Mae (-450 SP)
Slot Order: #6 (+/- 0 SP)
Extra: Make it Double (-10 SP), Psuedo-Servant (-100 SP), Divine Hijack (-60 SP) Most of my reasoning is the same, with the loss of material transmutation being because it's supposed to be simple so it should be easy to learn and/or replicate with connecting to thaumaturgical foundations, and removing the modifier in the quality of circuits shouldn't be too bad. Of course, I had 30 leftover points, so I just bought a house, cause houses are nice.
... you know, you are supposed to chose up to 3 general characteristics, not 6.
And bland and attractive doesn't go with each other.
Bland means forgetable and nothing of interest, while Attractive is something eye catching in it's beauty, and something one simply could not forget.
You: Servant +50s
I don’t think I am callous enough to the stuff necessary to be a mage in the natsuverse. I’ll just go with servant this time around.
Scenario: War of Fakers +600m (master) +650s (servant)
Creating a servant for anyone to use in some OP war that some1 is going to need a ruler to manage.
Additions: None
Keeping it default for most use.
Master Design: Skipped
Servant Design
Relatively normal looking
Class: Assassin
I am a coward who would rather not fight other servants.
Armor: Light armor
Good for fighting but emphasizing agility
Weapon: Knife
Nothing too fancy and relatively easy to use. This is not fighter’s build.
Strength: D
Endurance: D
Agility: B
Magic: A
Luck: E
Standard assassin with high magic combined with low luck given the stuff I am doing later and for points. Net -60s
590s points
Presence Concealment: EX
Kind of the crux and most powerful skill of my servant. Specifically, I exist beyond the ability for any to perceive me unless I explicitly wish or it is inevitable, such as while I am attacking. There is no magecraft, magic, divinity, or technological ability to detect me in any way unless I desire to be. Additionally, there is no magic that can explicitly target me, though I can still be hit by AoE effects. Any attacks will miss unless they have a 100% hit chance or I choose to be hit. Mystic eyes have no effect, even death perception. Any details about me are forgotten as soon as I am not being currently being observed by someone, unless they have something like EX rank oblivion correction. Clairvoyance will not be able to perceive me or the results of my actions. Even physical laws such as gravity or linear time are more like guidelines than actual rules. I am also unaffected by the idea of luck, either for good or ill. Command Seals will not work on me. My own magical usage, while detectable, will be ignored by all but the most paranoid and powerful of magus. With concentration, I can even negate causality, reversing any wounds from ever occurring, even while “dead”.
(This may one may be strong enough to require “Broken Ritual” just to summon, so I’ll add the 25 s to the cost.)
Total: 215s
Independent Action: EX
Goes with the presence concealment + divinity and logical extension of them. I can act totally independent of my master indefinably without ever requiring mana.
Total: -45s
Magecreaft: C
Specialty of umbramancy, since it goes with the presence concealment and allows me to kill without drawing notice easier.
Total: -90s
Divinity: A
Mostly I can just ignore all ickier aspects of magecraft given my near divine spirit status. Also kind of helps justify the outright brokenness of the presence concealment.
Total: -140s
Highspeed Incantation: D
Allows me to use my umbramancy very quickly without much preparation.
Total: -200s
Noble Phantasm: None
Obviously for points, but makes sense as due to the presence concealment, how could I have any legends?
Total: 0s
Wish: Reincarnation
Effectively achieved upon my summoning, but I would spend the war making sure I don’t cease existence when the grail runs out of juice.
Sales-Pitch: Hey there potential master! I am Anon, the greatest assassin in all of existence! Haven’t heard of me? Good! My main feature is that no one can remember me even if I just left the room, nor can they target me with any attack. I know that may cause some problems in our relationship, but just think of how difficult it will be for others to deal with a servant they can’t even remember, much less plan around. Hell, they will actually just ignore me no matter what I do. I also require no mana, ever! You will be able to keep all your hard won power all to yourself! So, what do you say? Are you my master?
I might take you up on that deal...
First of all, interesting build.
Secondly, PC EX drops into PC A once you move, meaning that they only wouldn't be able to detect you with their 5 senses, but you spesifically, so magical effects, time, etc could still very well work on you once on the move.
Thirdly, King Hassan already posses such a magnificent skill, plus he is effectivlly unkillable under any circumstances, and can kill even primordial deities. I don't think you can compete in the "best assasin" contest, just as any other assasin cannot compete as he already took all of their heads. now, bring thy head.
oh, and fourth, you forgot to pay for your skills. To Make something an EX rank you must first buy A rank of this thing, and only then buy EX as a modifier, as stated in the CYOA.
So, your current Servant points total at: -25 SP. I would also like to say that I think you got the math a bit wrong, because 590-275=315, not 215.
Sorry for the neatpick.
My advice:
Take back the C level magecraft.
With A level magical energy you already posses the capabilities of using magic on the level of the age of the gods, which far surpasses any form of modern magecraft. So, your umbramancery is already covered in there, alongside illusions, spacial manipulation, and more. Seems WAY more OP then simply C level magecraft now, isn't it?
Do that, and you would be given back 45 points, putting you at 20+ points, which you could use to buy only around E level skills. HOWEVER, if you decide to, say, halve the effects of level E luck, to the point of achiving absolutely normal levels of luck as any normal person, you would gain 25 more points, brining you to 45 points. at this point, you could add it to your B agility to give yourself A agility, giving you a great boost to speed, OR, you could use it to buy D rank Charisma (although not very useful for an assasin staying in the shadows most of the time)/D rank mana-burst (useful for an assasin, as it works for close combat, and especially for something as small as a dugger to channel through)/B rank disengage (VERY useful for an assasin)/E rank eye of the mind (quite useful for an assasin, as it let's you get an estimate of how dangerous a certain enemy is)/D rank rune magic (can have some benefits, but as someone using the magc from the age of the gods, it is quite pointless and irrelevent just as modern magecraft is)/D rank monsterous strengh (can prove useful even for an assasin, although less so then the others)/B rank shapeshifting (EXTREMELY useful for an assasin, gives you the ability to change a body part or the entire body into any animal between the sizes of a horse and a snake, everything on the humanly possible specturm, and even to things like mist and wind, so you become intangible and cover up for your low defences in case spotted)/B rank combination (can prove to be somewhat helpful, although I am pretty sure it means you would have only half your points)/D rank martial arts (very useful for combat as an assasin who might get caught up at some point, remember korosensei rules of assasination!), OR, you could use it to buy (but then have some additional points wasted) A rank self-modification (as cursed arm proved, quite the useful thing to have)/D rank mystic eyes (quite a nifty and useful thing for an assasin to have)/E rank Clairvoyance (can be a good thing for an assasin to have, so you could watch out for surprise attacks)/D rank Bravery (It's all good and all to be protected from harm, but that only means that once you got scratched, you'll lose your shit at first notice. with this, you could have your arm sliced off and you won't flinch, keeping yourself calm and calculated, meaning no one would go and finish you off as you roll on the ground screaming and vomiting).
And, of course, you can always give up the highspeed incantation for even more bonuses, or use the new 45 points to upgrade it to rank A, and then have 15 points to spend on whatever would be cheap enough.
but these are only my suggestions!
overall, an interesting character, and one I would like to see in an actual fate serise. well, in a GOOD fate serise. I am going to make my own character, so please watch out for it, cause it's going to be a massacre!
I'll toss in my build since I love the material and I didn't for the previous iteration of this CYOA. Instead of going my typical build of helping poor Sakura and Kariya as the Caster pseudo-servant in the 'Back to Zero' scenario, I'll take advantage of all the amenities here. Enjoy!
Pseudo-Servant (-50 / -50)
False Grail War
Accidentally posted when I clicked 'enter' ... Expect to see the 14 pairs of Masters and Servants here! Hopefully its not spam and I have the tenacity to finish all of them!
1st Team: 'Sun Lancer & Master'
Magic Circuits:
Unique - 'Isolation' (+75 / 0)
Unique Double Concept - 'Isolation // Separation from the World' (+75 / 0)
Formalcraft (+35 / 0)
Bounded Fields (+30 / 0)
Curses (+70 / 0)
Familiars (+25 / -425)
Spatial Magecraft (+150 / 0)
Magical Intel Gathering (+50 / 0)
Castle (+100 / 0)
Unique Add-ons:
Mystic Code (+35 / 0)
Other - Large Artefact - Model Castle
Spell Enhancing - Bounded fields (+35 / 0)
Sun Lancer Servant (Surprise... :)
Karna (0 / +155)
Strength: B
Endurance: A
Agility: A
Mana: B
Luck: A+
Oops I realized after doing another build for this that I could have used preset masters on page 15 instead of trying to make a unique one for each servant... That kinda drained my creative juices but letsdo a few more teams
Master Type (so simple now... Yay!):
Enforcer (+115 / 0)
1st Team: 'Moon Lancer Team'
Cu Chulainn (0 / +115)
Strength: B
Endurance: A
Agility: A
Mana: B
Luck: D+
Magic Resistance: B (0 / +15)
Mad Enchantment - Situational : A (0 / +25)
Self Replenishment - Situational: A (0 / +75)
Battle Continuation: A (0 / 0)
Protection From Arrows: A (0 / +20)
Rune Magic: A (0 / +80)
Divinity: B (0 / +40)
Disengage: B (0 / +5)
Eye Of The Mind: B (0 / +75)
here are some servants I statted up in case anyone wants to use them, a few of them are a little fudged but for the most part I feel their pretty accurate setting and points wise
Third war assassin {Hassan-i-Sabbah}
short {described as a literal dwarf}, terrifying {pitch black skin and a skull sewn onto their face}
-355 if chosen, +60 if enemy
strength: D
endurance: E
agility: A+
magic: C
luck: C
presence concealment: B
Independent action: D
Projectile: B
Disengage: A
Noble phantasm: Cyber phantasy
touches enemies forehead with left hand and turns their brain into gunpowder and ignites it
described as extremely acrobatic, and capable of using their small size and forest setting to their advantage along with their poison darts.
Houyi {archer}
-705, +115
strength: C+
endurance: B
agility: B
magic: B {A+ when bathed in moonlight}
luck: D {B when bathed in moonlight}
NP: B-A+
Independent Action: A
Magic Resistance: B
Clairvoyance: A
Eye of the mind{False}: A
Divinity: C
Affections of the Goddess: A
Noble Phantasm:
Tàiyáng Niǎo Pāi- Shooting Down The Nine Suns (A+, Anti-Army): Archer's famous feat of shooting nine suns from the sky can be shot one at a time or all at once, but archer only has nine shots in total, this Noble Phantasm comes with a requirement that he must deliver a warning to the opponent(s) before he uses it (as he did with the sunbirds), and acquires a rank up against any divine or solar servant becoming an A+ noble phantasm when shot against a servant with both qualities.
Gilgamesh {Berserker}
-680, +110
strength: A
endurance: B
agility: B
magic: B
luck: C
NP: B+
Magic Resistance: E
Mad Enhancement: B
Battle Continuation: C+
Golden Rule: C
Divinity: C
Noble Phantasm: Enkidu
representing Gilgamesh directly after the death of Enkidu, he has abandoned his pride and dignity as a king and curses the gods with every breath he takes further lowering his divinity. In this maddened state he himself is unable to use his gate and can only use the chains named after his dearest friend, but since he still manifests with the key his master may be able to use it in a severely reduced state. of course doing so is an unforgivable crime against the king.
Mwindo {caster}
-815, +135
strength: C
endurance: B
agility: C
magic: A+
luck: A+
Magic Resistance: B
Item Construction: A
Territory Creation: D
Affectations of the Goddess: B
High Speed Divine Words: A
Golden Rule: A
Noble Phantasm: Iron Limbs C, Conga Scepter of Mwindo A,Underworld Journey A {sealed}
A legendary king of africa, while his incredible abilities to reverse death and raid the underworld itself is sealed he still possesses his iron hard body reducing all damage taken by a C rank and his terrible scepter either cutting the cost of all his spells by half or casting spells and even fighting independently of him. Every swing of his staff, in his hands or acting independently counts as an attack of an enemy with A rank in strength.
... Do you realize how easy you made it to win the False Grail War? Just make it so that you have enough Servant Points, and you can choose both Soul Survivor for every enemy Servant, thus making it so that the Masters die, and you can choose such Servants as those without such things as Independent Action, and with a personality that would ensure that they wouldn't do such things as devour souls, an example of this being Artoria, thus ensuring that they would eventually die from a lack of magical energy. Hell, servants like Heracles that require a tremendous amount of magical energy would only fade more quickly.
Well, I just realized that I should type six enemy servants that would fill the qualifications I have listed, and ultimately fade somewhat quickly after their Masters death. Note that I haven't really played Grand Order, so my judgements will be mostly from your descriptions of them. Note also that I only name multiple Heroic Spirits when they fit the aforementioned qualifications less than I would like.
If you for the most part avoid conflict with other Masters and Servants, instead hiding away and trying your hardest to prevent enemy Servants from fighting you, with these listed Servants as the enemy Servants, and in following the instructions listed in my previous comment, it is likely nigh guarenteed that you would win.
Saber: Fergus - With a low level of Magical Energy, a lack of Independent Action, and his specified big heart, he would likely fade rather quickly.
Lancer: Diarmud - He has a lack of Independent Action, along with low levels of Magical Energy, ensuring that he would run out of Magical Energy Quickly. Additionally, with him being a chivalrous knight, I doubt he would consume souls.
Archer: Arash - Arash would probably suffice. From his description he doesn't seem to be the type to eat souls, he has low levels of magical energy, and his Independent Action level is such that he would only survive for about a day. Otherwise Napoleon might suffice.
Rider: Saint George: In him being a saint, I can say with more certainty that he wouldn't be the type to devour souls. With his low levels of Magical Energy, and a lack of Independent Action, he would likely survive for only a short while.
Assassin: Jekyll and Hyde - Unless he switches to Hyde, Jekyll would be a good fit in this slot given the limitations for this being an easy HGW to win. He has a low Magical Energy level, a lack of Independent Action, and a personality that would ensure he wouldn't devour the souls of other people. So he would likely fade rather quickly. Although he would probably become an issue if he switches to Hyde. Another candidate might be Cleopatra. With a lack of Independent Action, a low level of Magical Energy, and her sadistic kindness, she might fade within a sufficient time span provided that you hide yourself, although I don't know enough about her to eliminate the possibility that she might devour souls to survive.
Caster: William Shakespeare might suffice, although I would recommend this as the chosen Servant Class.
Berserker: Spartacus - With low magical energy, a lack of Independent Action, and a personality that would strive not to harm the weak (as ordinary humans are very weak, he wouldn't harm them), along with his Madness Enhancement, the thought of eating souls likely wouldn't even occur to him, and he would quickly fade away from a lack of Magical Energy unless his Noble Phantasm manages to somehow save him.
Scenario: False Grail War
Me: Servant (+50 SP)
I've always wanted to bear the power of a Servant, cause they're cool AF! Having to rely on a Master is OK, I prefer that to having way too much power as a Pseudo-Servant. That just really reduce the thrill and intense factor from a Holy Grail War.
Just a regular war like the old Fuyuki Holy Grail Wars, this time settled in the land of modern 2019 Great Britain with just a slight touch in the form of the fake priest. I kinda love a simple fight, no extra world-ending bat-shit crazy gimmicks. The classic 7-way battle royale is spicy enough on its own.
Enemy Pairs:
An immature Matou master who is reckless and charge headfirst into battle without considering much strategy. He is contemplated by his ingenious and calculating Servant: the infamous Professor James Moriarty, who wishes to be reincarnated again so he could continue to terrorize the world with his nefarious scheme. For some reason he knew that I am The Reaper, and immediately plot to take me out early for he fear death would prevent him from his rebirth. He fight cautiously from long range and try to avoid the other Servants while focus on finding and eliminate me, even resorting to use his annoying master as bait to lure me in. Being able to fight on his home field boosted Moriarty's ingenious to the realm of unfathomable, allowing him to scheme almost foolproof master plans to eliminate the other Servants through cunning traps and manipulation.
The Einzbern house's representative is a merciful woman who shy away from combat and bloodshed. She naively seek to resolve the situation in piece, and would most of the time let her Servant: Lancer Artoria take the lead and make their battle decision. However she possess a tremendous amount of magical prowess that boosted Lancer's overall parameter by ++ on top of the ridiculous boost Artoria gained from her home field advantage, which boosted her Strength and Luck to A rank, in total making all of her parameter a solid A++. Artoria is a stupidly powerful foe in this scenario, making her a hardy foe that is almost impossible to beat.
The mature head lady of house Tohsaka has prepared all her life for this False Grail War, and it was her who organized it in the first place. She used her cunning and extensive knowledge of the Grail from her family's long tradition in fighting in it to create the False Grail and store it in her family's possession, baiting other master and Servant pairs into attacking their household. She has planned her strategy very thoroughly and has decided to play the defensive game, summoning the legendary wizard Merlin as her Caster. With his Magical Energy ranking boosted to EX and his Territory Creation to A thanks to being summoned in Britain where his legend is everywhere and just as famous as King Arthur, they fortified the Tohsaka's household into a nigh-impenetrable magical fortress, with tons of incantation to keep out any unwanted Servants from barging into the house from anywhere. Though Merlin is not very great in direct combat and his Noble Phantasm heal Servants, the Tohsaka master planned to cast a subtle and massive "Garden of Avalon" that precisely target all magic infused creatures and thus would precisely slay all the masters without normal casualties instead.
A bankrupted mage who participated in this war to secure his house wealth. He intended to win this war and wish for material wealth to boot his family back to a luxury lifestyle, and would do anything to win. Thus he summoned the universally praised Saber class, choosing the more obscured Richard I as his Servant due to his Noble Phantasm could confuse other master and Servant pairs into thinking it belong to King Arthur, since it could replicate Excalibur whenever he wishes. Sadly for the mage, Richard found out that the real King Artoria did fight in this war and he quickly enter fanboy mode, seeking to fight with the mighty Lancer Artoria in a duel. If left alone this pair would easily loose to the Lancer pair due to their immensely boosted stats and ability. That is not to say Saber is weak, Richard did gained significant stat boost to get him A+ rank in Strength, while his Agility and Endurance is now B rank. Still a tough opponent, since he could spam Excalibur to his heart's content without risking much except for his magical reserve.
A proud and arrogant lord of the Clock Tower magus association has joined this war to earn fame and power for her family, and to snatch that chance to get the Root too if she get it. Her plan was to summon a veteran Servant even before the war begin to gain as much advantage as possible, and it paid off with her powerful Rider: Hippolyta the Amazon Queen. This pair prefer to fight the straight fight, using their vast experience in both Magecraft and past Grail war to overpower their opposition in close range duel.
Secretly appointed by the Clock Tower Association heads to participate in this False Grail War, this master's mission was to eliminate the rest 6 opposing master and claim the False Grail for the association. He gladly joined out of his wish to sate his hunger for violence, opting to brutally beat down his foes to mere inches away from death before finishing them off. His uncaring of the Grail and thirst for bloodshed fits amazingly with his Berserker: Cú Chulainn Alter. The master used up all of his Command Seal straight away when he first summoned Cú and granted his Berserker a form of Reincarnation, just so their pair could split up and kill as much master or Servants as possible. Surprisingly both of them get along unbelievably well, maybe due to their mutual lust for excessive violence. They work in perfect synchronization to hunt down opposing master and Servant pairs, and would both rush into melee combat to wreak unmeasurable chaos and mayhem.
Master (860 MP)
Master: Church Executor (-650 MP)
Thought to be the neutral mediator for this False War by the rest of the masters, in truth Daniel Ahrends participate in this False Grail War under the instruction of the High Church to exterminate the power hungry mages. With many record of the devastating result from the 4th and 5th Grail War and the many troubles from numerous minor false grail war across history, and sensing great potential danger from this False Grail War that outscale fake conflicts of the past, the Church was determined to exterminate the wizard's ambition for the Holy Grail once and for all.
As an elite Executor, Daniel follow his superiors's order to underwent intensive modification to expand his magic circuits to grant him an immense magic resevoir as a part of their scheme to summon a powerful Servant. They intended to to seize this powerful False Grail and make a wish to exterminate all potential future mean to recreate a Grail War of any scale, no matter tiny or grand that war maybe.
Daniel was one of their champions, as he was an absolute devotee to their faith and an incredible warrior even by the infamous Executor's standard. Born from a small mage bloodline, he turned away from the path of magic and devoted himself to the teaching of the Lord. A quick learner with immense potential, he soaked up knowledge of both religious and martial origin. He rose through the Church's rank with incredible speed and was granted a spot in the Executor initiative under many recommendation. A master of numerous martial arts with unbelievable superhuman physical prowess, Daniel can easily tear through thick concrete and power through bullet fire, and he is even fast enough to snatch bullets out of thin air. As he expand his fairly new and impotent magic circuits to great limit, his newly modified magic resevoir is immense, boosting his already impressive physicalities to a ludicrous level, capable of matching that of a medium tier Knight Class Servant in physical attributes. Not only powerful in body, Daniel also possess sharp battle intuition and tactics, allowing him to make split-second changes to his battle plan to ensure the highest chance of victory.
I actually did this.
I hate myself for what I did
I made it as painful as possible.
And ended up with 2015 points to spend, as a servant, with no master.
Servant (+50) (50)
False Grail War (50)
Fake Priest
Founding Families -50 (0)
Stray Servant -50 (-50)
Apocrypha -500 (-550)
Broken Ritual -25 (-575)
All the World's Evil +150 (-425)
Advent Beast +100 (-325)
It immediately goes in a clearly obvious and horrible direction.
Blue Faction, or 'Founding Families and a chump'
It gets worse.
Traits: Knowledgeable, Leader (Homunculi), Dull, Snarky
Servant: Rider, Ozymandias (+150) (-175)
Traits: Snarky, Leader (Homunculi), Timid, Scheming
Servant: Lancer, Scathath (+140) (-35)
Traits: Knowledgeable, Vassal, Cautious, Traditional
Servant: Berserker, Heracles (+160) (125)
Traits: Snarky, Martial, Pompous, Philosophical
Servant: Archer, Gilgamesh (+165) (290)
Traits: Knowledgeable, Friendly(I don't believe it), Traditional, Stubborn
Servant: Caster, Solomon +250 (540)
Traits: Emotionless(This, I do), Veteran, Obnoxious, Young
Servant: Saber, Arthur Pendragon (+150) (690)
Traits: Young, Dull, Leader
Servant: Assassin, Hassan-i-Sabbah (King Hassan) (+165) (875)
Red Faction, or 'Chumps and Magic. Yes, Magic'
(And even more goddamn worse.**)
Traits: Martial, Philosophical, Ruthless
Servant: Caster, Merlin (+140) (1015)
Traits: Martial, Brutal, Cautious
Servant: Archer, EMIYA Shirou (+85) (1100)
Traits: Martial, Obnoxious, Emotionless
Servant: Berserker, Cu Chulainn Alter (+160) (1260)
Traits: Young, Reckless, Unstable
Servant: Rider, Achilles (+150) (1410)
Traits: Martial, Traditional, Comedian
Servant: Saber, Artoria, (+140) (1550)
(Be very afraid. Like... Super duper afraid.****)
Servant: Assassin, No Name Assassin (+115) (1665)
Traits: What do you think?
Servant: Lancer, Enkidu (+165) (1830)
Ruler Servant
My 'Summon' Order
Last (+25) (1990)
Basically I appear after all servants are summoned, including Ruler.
Advent Beast Threat
Chosen Threat: Black Shadow (+25) (+2015)
Chosen Master: Apprentice Chump of Blue
(Interlude: Yes, I'm doing this to myself. Yes, I know I'm f*&%ed. Yes, I'm doomed. Yes, I know all this. However, I have 2015 f$%&ing points to use. Also, why are (nearly all masters female? Ask Zelretch.**)
(Edit: I fixed the formatting at last. I hope*. I want the pain to end.)*
I had to cut the bloody thing in half. So here's the Servant part.
Max 10000, and something like that.
Me, All Esser
Stray Servant
(Wait, that's why I grabbed this? I mean, This is why I grabbed Stray Servant.******)
Male Adult
Inhuman, Tall, Strong, Terrifying
(Faceless, 4m, Self Explanatory, Read prior.)
Class: Avenger, Abberant Class
Custom Armour: Robe Pants, Shirtless, Metal Faceless Helmet.
Weapon: Barehands
STR: EX (-325) (1690)
END: EX (-325) (1365)
AGI: EX (-325) (1040)
MAG: EX (-325) (715)
LUCK: E- (+38) (753)
Avenger: A (-35) (718)
Oblivion Correction: A (-40) (678)
Self-Replenishment: A (-45) (633)
Martial Arts: A (-90) (543)
Protection From Arrows: E- (-10) (533)
Battle Continuation: A (-90) (443)
Mana Burst: C (-55) (338)
Noble Phantasms
Melancholic Existence of the Universe Eater
EX-Rank Noble Phantasm (-380) (8)
Anti-Unit Reality Marble Attack
I am the Danger.
I am the Monster.
I have seen worlds,
Of which I will never again.
My sins are the greatest,
They are the worst.
For they are not known by any,
And those that did are gone, bar one.
I am alone in what I do,
Yet I wish to be alone in it.
Nothing can change it,
For I change All into Nothing.
This is the End.
This is the stop of existence.
This is the...
Melancholic Existence of the Universe Eater.
*This is a very powerful Noble Phantasm, if you haven't realised yet. This NP can be used to materialise things that don't exist, or in a different point of view, devour what is there to make space for nothing, literally screwing the Law of Thermodynamics, and the full Chant, (read above), is a reality marble that consists of literally nothing. If the truest vacuum one can experience does not kill you, the infinite weaponised nothingness will. Some weaknesses are the facts that the chant is slow, and only affects a single target. Also, the reality marble needs awareness of the target to actually target them, and simple use of it without the actual chant would be draining as all hell. It is existential erasure, it shouldn't be possible to do it all the time.**(cough cough)*improvised barrier(cough cough**)
(I NEED THIS TOO SURVIVE. I think. IT'S THE BEST I CAME UP WITH! I'm still going to die, though. Not giving myself any false hope here.)
(Regarding that formatting just above, I tried to edit it multiple times but it appears Reddit is stubborn. So you'll have to deal with it.)
Nice update. Still sad to see the sorcery traits go. I already had a build in my mind for Fate/Zero scenerio using the old cyoa for a fanfic. hey OP Just a heads-up that I might use your old cyoa for a Build for a character in a fanfic I am planning to write. not in the immediate future since I have an exam coming up. Both this and a certain Image I say a few days back in
You: Pseudo-Servant
Scenario: False Grail War (0 & 0)
Additions: Stray Servant (0 & -50), Broken Ritual (0 & -25), All The World's Evil (+100 & +100), Advent Beast (+150 & +150): Black Shadow (+75 & +25)
Enemies: 1. Demon Hunter: (+80) Friendly (-75), Vigorous (+25) 2. Caster (+150) 3. Clocktower Lord (+90): Unorthodox (+20), Martial (+35) 4. Association Enforcer (+115): Friendly (-75), Cautious (+10) 5. Church Executor (+105): Heroic (+0), Overflowing (+50) 6. Dead Apostle (+125): Dark Grale, Dull (-60), Scheming (+25)
My Traits: Shrewd (-60), Overflowing (-150), Vigorous (-60), Comedian (+10), Heroic (+10)
**(Additions) 250 + (Grand Threat) 75 + (Master Traits) -45 + (My Traits) -250 + (Enemy Bonus) 6 x 100 + 665 + (Pseudo-Servant) -50 = 1245
Master Design: Male, Adult, Attractive, Strong, Unassuming
I'm already a guy, so being strong and attractive looking would also be nice. And unassuming also gives a tactical advantage since they might not realise that I'm a Master as well.
Role: Psychic
The free "Psychic Mutation" factor is very handy indeed.
Magic Circuits: Quantity: A (-100) Quality: A+ (-150-50 = -200)
Elemental Affinity: Average One (-100)
Origin: Element (-50)
Magecraft: Elemental (-60), Time Manipulation (-100), Material Transmutation (-40), Healing (-65), Bounded Fields (-30)
Skills: Cooking (-10) Intel Gathering (-50), Martial Arts (-65)
Residence: House (-25)
Unique: Psychic Mutation (Free): Pure Eyes (-25), Retrocognition (-15), Future Calculation (-75), Eroding Detachment (-50), Mystic Code:(-25 x 3 = -75) Spell Enhancing (-35), Transportation (-40), Storage (-10)
All of the cognition, both retro- and pre-, and the visual stuff help with making plans. The Mystic Code which enhances my magical abilities takes the shape of a pair of gloves, the other one is a motorcycle. The third one takes the form of a necklace in the shape of a key capable of opening the portal thing where you store your stuff.
Wish: Hero of Justice
The only wish there is to be had without destroying the world is the wish which goes as follows: "My wish is that the dark embryo inside the Grail gets destroyed before it has the chance to destroy the world to fulfill this wish or any one after it." or any variation of it, as long as it states that the wish shouldn't destroy the world. I'm assuming that Psuedo-Servants get 2 wishes as well, so I'll guess I'll give it to whomever I choose not to kill since only 6 dead Servants are needed for the Grail to appear, and there are 8 Servants in total because of Stray Servant.
Enemies: 1. Yagyuu Munenori (+90): Veteran (+35) 2. Avicebron (+90): Seperation (+30), Veteran (+35), Make It Double 3. Hector (+95): Veteran (+35) 4. EMIYA Shirou (+85): Blooming Battlefield (-50), Camaraderie (+25), Make It Double 5. El Cid (+120): Camaraderie (+25) 6. Asterios (+110): Incarnation (+10), Seperation (+30), Make It Double 7. Tamamo-no-Mae (+75): Pseudo-Servant (+35)
(Additions) 175 + (Grand Threat) 25 + (Servants Extra) 175 + (Enemy Bonus) 6 x 100 + 665 + (Slot Order) -35 + (Pseudo-Servant) -50 = 1590
Class: Saber
Weapons and Armour: Sword & Bare Fists, Heavy Armour
The sword was quite obvious, really, and I chose unhanded as well because I will be putting plenty of points into the strength stat, and it goes well with the Vigorous trait and Martial-Arts skill as well. And I chose heavy armour because it just makes sense for someone who'll be fighting using melee weaponry.
Parameters: Strength: A (-25) Endurance: A (-35) Agility: A (-35) Magical Energy: A (-75) Luck: C (-35)
Having a high strength, endurance and agility makes sense for a saber, but I also chose to have a high magical energy stat because it's a pseudo-servant build, so combining it with the master part's high magic stats will make it even stronger. And because of the Overflowing trait, some parameters will be even stronger. I'm assuming that you have to choose which, in which case I'll choose strength, magical energy and, if a third option is available, agility.
Class Skills: Magical Resistance A (-50), Riding A (-40) True Name Discernment A (-150)
Personal Skills: Mana Burst A+ (-125), Clairvoyance A (-100), Magecraft A (-65), Monstrous Strength A (-90), High-Speed Incantation A (-90), Martial Arts A (-90), Protection From Arrows A (-100), Revelation C (-80), Self Modification A (-35)
The combination of Vigorous, an A in strength, Monstrous Strength A, using the Mystery Code which take the form of gloves so you can charge them using Mana Burst A+, using Reinforcement to make the gloves even sturdier, the gloves' ability to strengthen magic, so also the ones which enhance the gloves themselves, and then combining all of that with both the master and servant Martial Arts skill will make both unhanded and sword strikes incredibly powerful, especially given the fact that one of the 2 Noble Phantasms boosts strength by another ++ and magical energy by another +. Future Calculation and Clairvoyance A will allow you to both see the future which'll happen as of when you start perceiving said future, as well as showing you how to achieve whatever future you want, as long as the enemy doesn't use any magic to interfer with it. Time Manipulation and High-Speed Incantation also work particularly well together since I'm assuming that most time-related spells would take some time to cast.
Noble Phantasm: Saggitae Ex Caelum: Ranking: A+ (-180), Target: Anti-Fortress, Nature: Technique, Result: Attack
Saggitae Ex Caelum (Arrows From Heaven, lit. Arrows Out Of Heaven) is an attack in which you first slice twice diagonally, with the two slices intersecting in the middle, creating a cross, or an X-shape. After this the interstection will grow slightly, creating a portal, out of which a flurry of magical projectiles will fly. The projectiles are affected by gravity, so they can be aimed at an angle to reach over walls, and you can also leave holes in the line of fire as to not hit people you don't want to hit. You can also change the spread a bit, and all of these things can be changed while the attack is still going on so you can chase an opponent if they decide to get out of its line of fire.
2nd Noble Phantasm (-30): Xiphos Hadou: Ranking: A+ (-180), Target: Anti-Unit, Nature: Item (Sword), Result: Buff
The Xiphos Hadou (Xiphos of Hades, Xiphos is a type of Ancient Greek iron age sword) is the main weapon of this build, a sword which will boost the wielder's physical abilities when held, as well as strengthening magic to a lesser extend. Due to it being an A+-rank Noble Phantasm, I personally feel like boosting the strength stat with ++ and the agility and magical energy stats with + would be fair. And combining this sword with Mana Burst, Mystic Code: Spell Enhancing and Material Transmutation's ability to strengthen objects and then using Saggitae Ex Caelum would make for an incredibly powerful attack.
Edit: Added "Protection From Arrows A" because I forgot to earlier
Edit #2: I was under the impression that both the master and the servant would get a wish, but apparently that isn't the case (as far as I know) so I got rid of the second wish
Edit #3: Just re-read the wish thing and I guess you do get 2 wishes
Edit #4 I didn't see the limit of 3 Class skills at first, and I decided to switch from Mansion to House, so I switched Avenger A for Revelation C and got Self Modification A. I also slightly buffed my 2nd noble phantasm since otherwise I would be better off making the 3 plusses permanent since that'd cost less. I also slightly changed the servant extras to get that extra 10 needed for the two Personal Skills I just mentioned.
Holy hell theres alot going on here.
No Charles Babbage yet?
20 slots for Casters are already accounted for, so there is no need to add any more.
Can't help but notice that the Magus gets the Magic Crest for free, but it doesn't really seem to do anything. It says it stores spells and increased magic circuits by "large amounts", but considering we have to pay points for magic circuits, should it be concrete? Like boost an extra rank or two, or give a discount like classes do for class skills? For the storing family magic, maybe it could even give you an extra standard magecraft for free?
Not everything has to have an impact in the CYOA mechanics. If I specify how it increases the amount of Magic Circuits, then I'll have to write down everywhere by how much exactly for every single possible scenario (because its boost depends on how many circuits you have to begin with), and that is simply too much work for something I want to keep vague and up to the players themselves.
Besides, there is not enough space for me to write all of this there even if I wanted to. So only concise relevant information about what the option is about will have to do.
In choosing the Apocrypha Option, are the six allied(temporarily) Masters treated as enemies in regards to points when designing them? Additionally, does the neutral Ruler Servant provide no contribution in regards to points?
Mechanically, all of them are treated as enemies, including the Ruler Servant. This is why the addition takes away your points, it is meant to counteract the shitload you'll get from having 27 enemies at once.
As long as that specific form would make sense in your situation, I don't see any problem with it.
Tankista do you get points for the enemy masters from Founding families addon ( 75 & 135 for family head)
or only the 50 for the addition itself?
also according to you touching The Root will it erase you? can you pick a True Magic then leave? What happens?
Do you using the grail system to open a path to it prevent others from doing it the same way?
Addition gives you points, and each enemy Master gives you points as specified. I don't understand what's confusing about this.
Ask lore related questions to Nasu, not me. I don't know the answer.
If you're referring to the fact that any path to the Root is said to be a one time only thing which no one else can use after anyone passes through it - then yes.
I just found a new addition for my "favorite CYOAs of all time" list.
Thank you very much for making this, OP! ~
Alright, time for my build!
Servant (0/50)
False Grail War (0/50)
LOCATION: England.
This new Grail War is set in England, with the main conflict happening in London. The city have been divided, in a way, between the two factions, the Sun Faction and the Moon Faction, each being housed in two different castles on the other sides of the city, with their base of operation being built there.
The Clock Tower stated to be neutral in this contest, but it is truely in line with the Moon Faction, and is assisting it from behind the scenes.
The Church as well is supposdly neutral, but is in fact aligned with the Sun Faction, and would aid it to further their goals, as well as having a member of their ranks amongst it.
Neither of these groups are truely allies of each other, rather more of "partners due to circumstances", and would happily slit the throat of their partner once circumstances have changed.
One of the main reasons of them being partners, however, is due to a rivalry and a bursting enimosity between the Church and the Clock Tower, as a result of several incident which occured in the previous few years, alongside their usual disliking to each other, which made them to side with the different factions and fight in a Cold War of a sort.
The Moon faction, alongside the Clock Tower, set their goals at obtaining the Grail and using it to get access to the rout, and so to discover new forms of True Magic and Sorcery.
The Sun Faction, alongside the Church, wants to prevent the finding of a new forms of True Magic, and the Sun Faction also have some other goals, however, they are to be revealed later...
Amidst this Chaos, there is a servant who remained in the shadows from one of the previous wars.
Who is it?
What is it's goal?
*We are experiencing a few technically issues at the moment*
Alright, anyway, back to the point:
There are two factions fighting, and the Church and Clock tower aiding them in a Cold War fashion.
there is a CERTAIN stray servant hanging around, with unclear goals.
oh, and there is a primordial world ending beast who's going to show up.
no biggie.
Also, since it is a broken ritual, expect some... odd things to happen.
The Fake Priest is not a participator, however he is aligned with the Sun Faction and would land them aid, and is the one managing this Grail War.
Both Factions are aware that the other have those alligances, but no one really says anything about it, kinda keeping it as a public secret.
First Master:
Her name is Unknown, and she is only going by the epithapth "Q". A former Magi of the association who left and is now wanted and have a death warrant over her head. She have no family, no friends, no allies in this world. Absolutely nothing. She finds safety in the Sun Faction due to it's current animosity with the Magus Association, But she knows not even that would last. She knows very well how to become "part of the crowd", with her relativly bland looks, and she knows very well to hide herself, after years of running away. A very Talented Magi. Her wish is to change her past, and prevent the chain of events who lead her to this current state, to prevent everyone from dying and her life to go awry. Very Pessimistic, although far from the Suicidal and unmotivated scale.
Servant: Saber, Richard The Lionheart (0/140).
Slot Order: 1 Month.
Servant Extra:
Make it Double, Target of Obsession, Blooming Battlefield, Homeland Fame (0/135) = Richard, being one of the most famous kings of England, Have gained tremendous power up now when he appeared on british soil. All of his parameters gain the modified +++. However, it would seem like a certain servant have taken notice of Lionheart, and seems to be unhealthingly obsessed with him...
It would also seems that Richard developed a s[ecial liking to the Saber of the Moon Faction, which is understandable, considering who this saber is, and the connection between them. This feeling is mutual.
Richard is a bit disappointed by his master, and is constantly trying to encourage her to become more positive and look at life with more of an optimistic outlook.
Second Master:
A member of the Immortalis Triumvirate.
In fact, this man was the one who proposed to begin with the idea of a Triumvirate.
His name is Marcus Aemilius Lepidus, the third wheel to the second Triumvirate of Augustus, Antonius and Lepidus.
His death was, in a sense, the thing that broke the power balance in the Roman Republic at those days and caused the civil war between Augustus Caesar and Markus Antonius. Mostly being forgotten by history due to the fact that his death was the most significant (and some would say ONLY significant) event in his life, this Roman General has harbored feelings of Contempt ever since his death.
He was turned into a Dead Apostle by Alcibiades, and worked alongside him for eons since. He watched from the shadow as the republic fell appart, and Augustus became an Emperor. He watched in envy how for hundred of years, this EMPIRE stands, and how his name has been slowly forgotten and disappeared. He would have non of it. He, for once, shall hold power. As a member of the Immortalis Triumvirate, He seeks World Domination as part of their "Ancient Concpiracy". Very reckless, have a hard time with strategy, mostly just jumping head on into battle without thinking much of consequences, which is why he was originally the third wheel of the second Triumvirate of Rome, and also is now the third Wheel of THIS Triumvirate, someone to balance the power between the two big contendors.
Servant: Lancer, Karna (0/155).
Slot Order: Two Weeks.
Servant Extra:
Make it Double, Seal of Authority, Target of Obsession (0/100) = Lepidus have quite the grip on Karna. It seems like not only did he recived more then three command seals, but they are extremely potent for his cause, capable of pushing Karna beyond his normal limits. coupled with his already immense level of power, and with Lepidus's Overflowing magic circuits (A/A level), Together they would be truely a dangerous enemy.
It would also seems that Karna have gained the interest of the same servatn Lionheart have unfortunatly found. However, it would seem that while there is indeed some animosity towards Karna, it would seem that Lepidus is the main source of obsession, and the one this mysterious servant is obsessed with more.
Third Master:
This master is an interesting Fellow.
His name is Alcibiades Alcmaeonidae, The infamous number 1 Magnificent Bastard of Classic Greece, Known to be a head strategist and General of his home city Athens, Sparta, Persia, Athens again, and eventually made himself an enemy of ALL of Greece and every major power in it (including persia), and according to the legends, died with a knife in his hand, while jumping on the band of assasins who came to kill him. He was a powerful warrior, a perfect schemer, a Charming Individual who was able to manipulate everyone around him, and was beloved and hated by every person he ever heard even a single thing about him. Responsible for several successful military campaigns, and double that the number of failures, and was known to be able to bed anyone and anything, including his greatest enemies, and their wifes.
Upon his death, however, Alcibiades became a Dead Apostle, due to some experiments he made along his life, and achived his immortality. Not a lot have changed about him. This man of indomitable will (and boner) Is still as magnificent and manipulative as ever, this time, just on a grander scale. Oldest member of the Immortalis Triumvirate.
Servant: Archer, Hercules (0/160).
Slot Order: Two Weeks.
Servant Extra:
Make it Double, Seal of Authority, Target of Obsession (0/100) = Alcibiades have quite the grip on Hercules. It seems like not only did he recived more then three command seals, but they are extremely potent for his cause, capable of pushing Herculesbeyond his normal limits. coupled with his already immense level of power, and with Alcibiades's Overflowing magic circuits (A/A level), Together they would be truely a dangerous enemy.
However, it would also seems like they are a target of a certain servant's obsession.
Similarly to Karna, Hercules seems to be a target of obsession, but only to a lesser degree, with Alcibiades seemingly the main focus of the obsession...
If I'm not allowed to add the extra stuff like "premature summoning" and "veteran of previous summonings" to the normal F/SN scenario, I'll have to tweak this build. Majorly. That said, I made a stupidly broken Lancer Build:
F/SN Scenario, As Servant
900 SP
-Futuristic Armor
-Polearm, Shield
-STR A (-35)
-END A (-75)
-AGL D (+35)
-MAG A (-100)
-LUK A (-110)
-MagRes A (-50)
-IndAct B (-80)
-Avenger A (-80)
-Territory Creation A (-120)
-Mad Enhancement C (+25)
-Imperial Privilege A (-100)
-Knight Tactics A (-100)
-Continuation A (-90)
-Bravery A (-70)
-Clairvoyance A (-100)
-Anti-Army NP A (-100) [Attack]
Servant Extras:
-Veteran Saber (+35)
-Premature Rider (+50)
-Premature Berserker (+50)
-Freelancer (-500)
-Overflowing (-150)
-Veteran (-100)
-Unorthodox (Free)
Yes, that is correct.