Marilyn Monroe was a madlass

No dress makes her beautiful, she makes the dress beautiful
Oh yes, no dress makes her beautiful indeed
Tis not the dress that makes the woman, but tis the woman makes the dress.
Yea. That and the plastic surgery
Next week: “Marilyn Monroe is only beautiful because she wears clothes”
Sounds like a ruse to get her to do a nude photoshoot
“She’s only beautiful because she has a gorgeous face and smoking body.”
Potato sales up thru the roof
Marketing done right
Ireland intensifies
Y'know, I'm something of an Irish myself...
To be nit picky, that potato sack is tailored to her. Anything tailored is going to look nice and i dont think a tailored potato sack counts as just a potato sack
But her beauty still is one of the reasons it looks good. Trust me, you would't want to see me in a tailored potato sack.
I was just about to comment this. I feel like they kind of missed the point a bit by tailoring it.
That’s true—the potato sack became a fancy tailored one. Hmm!
I knew she was a potato I knew it
It’s only hot because I’m sexually attracted to potatoes.
Understandable have a nice day
Me too but they always seem to get stuck :/
A good damn nice potato sack though
I recently learned she wasn’t big like everyone has believed. Her dressmaker has her measurements and she was actually quite petite.
Looked this up because of your comment.
She was 35-22-35 (bust-waist-hips). That's a perfect hourglass shape right there. 5'5.5" at 118lbs.
I mean what a fucking stupid journalist
I don't know. He managed to get her in the sack.
I heard it was actually an article saying she was so hot, she’d even look good in a potato sack, not the other way around lol
in 1930s there were flour sack dresses
That’s awesome! Thanks for sharing!
She’s also beautiful with no clothes
Did she do nudes then?
Aged like milk
she da ho
(act3 intensifies)
I didn't even realize it was a potato sack at first
English is my second language, so I just wanna ask. Has the expression of looking good in a potato sack always been around, or did this moment started the said phrase?
Haters are so funny. Reminds me of this one person I met at a hometown party who criticized Idina Menzel for not going through the same amount singing lessons as she did/was. One thing she said was “She could be so much better if she trained properly.”
And she killed it. full makeup.
or because she was famous and rich..
She did have cosmetic surgery tho alot
I mean when you wear a sexy tailored faux potato sack sure, but what about a normal old farm potato sack huh?
Tailoring the sack like that just proved them right.
I think the journalist was trying to bait her into a nude shoot
That’s a sexy potato
Bettie Page was way cooler. Started modeling while 34. Still looked better than 10 years younger models, and she did it for fun. Just saying..
I mean, she doesnt look "sexy" to me in a potato sack. He/she was right in my opinion. I know it was the style back then but the golden girls hair and pale skin is not attractive.
Aaaand I’ve never found her attractive to begin with. Plus, the whole fucking the president scandal was pretty shitty on both hers and Kennedy’s part. But history will always paint her as this feminist icon that could do no wrong. 🤷‍♂️
This bitch ugly af
He wasn’t far off though... She doesn’t look like anything special at all here
I disagree