Just messaged by a new account attempting to make me feel worse about myself. Might just be me but figured I’d warn the community.

Just a warning to those posting that someone’s harassing people trying to lose weight. They apparently saw my post earlier and had to message me.

Just so everyone knows, the moderation team knows about this loser and have permanently banned his miserable ass. Unfortunately, he can keep harassing people because we do not have the power to keep him from viewing the subreddit.
If you get a message from this troll, please take a screenshot and send it to the Reddit admins at reddit.com/report so they can also deal with him!
Also, please don't waste your time interacting with him, and please don't take anything he says to heart.
What an odd way to spend ones day
I got a troll message after I posted some progress pics, and I had the exact same thought!!
Why would you spend your time sending messages like that to people who are trying to improve their health (and succeeding at it)?
Whatever, ignore, report, block.
Honestly, I’m just sad for this person. To send such awful messages like that makes me think they’ve got HUGE emotional issues. You have to hate yourself a lot to be so horrible to others. I hope they can find some love for there self and stop hating on those trying to better themselves
Some days you win, some days you make sure others don’t. It’s a sad world we live in. Keep doing hard work, OP! Fuck this dude and all we can do is try our best and that makes us 1000x better than assholes like this.
I'm rather surprised to see this happening to people in this community, and I... sympathize? (empathize? I get this wrong repeatedly) - I'm losing weight to start medical gender transition and unfortunately this sort of harassment is extremely commonplace to folks on reddit in those communities.
The advice is sound, best not to engage. You can't stop random hatred just for being who you are and trying to improve yourself.
It reads like the writing of a 14-year-old.
I'd like to think 14 year olds are more creative than this.
Like seriously, if I were eating 8k calories a day you think I'd let any of it get away? Guy needs to think his insults through more.
My thoughts exactly.
The spelling and grammar is actually quite decent, surprisingly so. The author has mastered "loose" vs "lose" even.
But no, I think there is a tone of bitter meanness that I like to think 14 year olds can't yet possess, so I think it reads more mid/late 20's.
It reads like a well rehearsed monologue, something he decided to say online today instead of only to himself when looking at a mirror. Very sad, in a way.
I wonder if is it someone who will wake up in 10 years in their bed feeling like a huge piece of shit, because of it...
It reads like someone who is themselves morbidly obese, hurting, and lashing out at anyone and everyone because they can't get the help they themselves need.
A lot of folks in the old fatpeoplehate subreddit were like that.
It has the makings of a copypasta
I thought the exact same thing. He came up with 1 insulting word/phrase AND news flash buddy... it doesn’t have to do solely with genetics... literally anyone can transform their body’s —in good or bad directions, moderately or to the extreme. This person is trash... and also the worst “troll” I’ve ever seen 🙄
I got this exact message too literally a few minutes ago. Looks like just a troll, but such comments could seriously trigger people. It’s not funny.
It's not funny, and the world is full of shitty people. Block any idiot and go about your day. If a person is so low that it makes them feel "good" to lash out at random strangers, they have way more to deal with than a folks who decided to lose some lbs.
The second you let them upset you, they've "won" their bizzarre little game.
Screw that sad excuse of human... Its that kind of person that really wants to get some reaction from you by being mean and trying to be, oh so edgy, because nobody ever loved them while not acting like huge pain in the ass, so it is the only way they know how to communicate and get attention... probably not even his mother loved him... so yeah dont feel bad about the message, he is just a little punk, and Karma already got him hard by giving him this lonely sad life to life
I believe this is the same person who was reported/banned in this group earlier in the week - probably just made another account. Obviously a very pathetic loser, nothing better to do.
Report and block. I have no idea what people even get out of acting this way. It's baffling.
What a jerk! I'd rather be fat and eat 8000 calories of M&Ms than spend my time harassing people on the internet lol
Yeah what a fucking loser. Does he not have anything better to spend his time on than harass "fatasses" on the internet?? Lmao this is a self roast more than anything.
"You're a fat disgusting piece of shit, but my time is so worthless and I have so little going on in my life that I spend all my time messaging you about how much I hate you."
Right? Also, I’d rather eat 8000 calories than only know 800 words with at least 20 of those being variations of “fat ass”
I know it's a cliché, but this is one of those "says more about them than you" scenarios.
Even if it's a troll who just thinks harassing people online is funny (rather than it being someone malicious who has it out for heavier people for whatever bizzarro reason), imagine having so little happening in your life that this is your idea of fun?
Honestly I just want to know just how many M&Ms 8000 calories is
Exactly! Fuck that sad excuse for human... in the other news girl, look at that flair over 24 Kg lost!! Wow what a great and admirable job done by you
Most of the time those people are projecting their self-hatred on to others as a way to cope. Also, that line about genetics was weird. He could absolutely become obese if he eats too much, same as everyone else. I only ate around 200 calories over my limit for the longest time and it made me gain 50lbs :P
Plus praising his "genetics" is the weirdest way to try to insult someone, because you're not claiming to be superior to them in any way... you're acknowledging that you have no control over the thing that you're insulting other people about. Plus his insult vocabulary is severely unimaginative.
Altogether, I'd give him 2/10 for his insult game.
You’re awesome, and I’m proud of you.
I hope you don’t think this pathetic piece of shit is spitting up anything except the bile excreted from the festering hole were his soul should be.
Anyway, I’m glad you’re looking out for other people. Keep being you.
Luckily I feel really good about my weight loss journey even if it's still really early, and there's no way I'd let some pathetic troll derail my positive outlook.
Thank you for the kind words!
I got the same one. It actually made me chuckle because I’m really feeling good about things this time around!
Also, the way my weight is distributed it’s much more likely that someone would use my butt for a trampoline, I have no belly flab whatsoever. Ha-ha.
Glad to hear you're in a good spot this time around! Hopefully they coincidentally only messaged people who're in a good spot like us haha.
I'd rather be 800 pounds than be like this poor, sad person.
Exactly. Weight can be lost but people who try and hurt others for their own amusement are going to have to live with that forever.
I can lose weight with time and effort. It's a lot harder to change a shitty personality imo. Keep chugging along guys! Don't let this idiot discourage you.
Someone else had almost an identical message from this person, but with a racist account name.
This is at least the second one. Probably more.
This is what IP bans are for.
Yeah but then there's VPNs that spoof IPs. No place is safe ¯\(ツ)/¯
This is just so sad. I remember an era of the Internet when trolls took time to educate themselves on their chosen topic, and worked on their creativity, and tried to be original. This comes across as some 13 year old ESL boy who thinks their content is psychologically crushing, but in actuality is not even make "meh" level.
Those still exist. Subtle trolls that are difficult to detect and actually troll people with reasonable, decently studied, stuff.
I actually like those to a point... even if they are trolling, they force people to think a bit, and that's never a bad thing IMO.
This is overt projection. This an clearly an overweight person who has no self-esteem and is lashing out.
What he/she is saying to you is them having a long chat with themselves and giving into negative thoughts, critiquing themselves, seeing themselves as a loser and as, is all too common in the world, them feeling the need to share the pain they're inflicting on themselves with such a defeatist attitude by attacking others and he/she clearly has a streak of jealousy at the fact others are making, and seeing, benefits from the steps taken to control their weight that they seem unachievable.
Just a sad, bitter, lonely, person who can't make the changes they need to.
And, just in case they're still reading - I lost all my weight over ten years ago. I simply enjoy reading other's stories.
I'm really quite hot and feel fantastic about myself, so don't waste your breath. 🙂
Exactly this. Clearly someone who is self-loathing and projecting.
Beyond fucked. So sorry.
Luckily I’m in a pretty good spot mentally right now, but I can definitely see this being hurtful to someone in a weaker state right now.
I really wonder what goes through these people’s heads.
Shaming someone trying to get healthy seems insane.
I feel like there's the beginning of a rad skittles commercial here
I’d rather be the heaviest, fattest, biggest most M&M eating-est loser in the world than feel the need to talk to other people like this.
He or she must live a very sad life.
I can't even imagine how sad someone's life would have to be to actively look in subs to send such hateful messages to strangers.
I agree, when I see things like this I feel sad for them. I feel sad for their family and I hope they get some help. It must be a terrible life to feel the need to insult strangers to make yourself feel better.
How funny, I got the exact same message. Glad We aren’t alone though! What a low life. This subreddit is honestly so inspiring to take control of something that almost everyone on this planet goes through at some point(s) in their lives.
I think it's self-hate for being fat rather than some athletic jock bullying people.
If you're reading this, PMer, the joy you get from bullying isn't really fulfilling is it? You're doing it a lot but still nothing, uh? Do you know what would be fulfilling? Working on the issues you're avoiding.
It's not normal to hate yourself and lash out at people who haven't hurt you. If you're not inspired by progress pics and people finding motivation and discipline then work out why. Don't be offended but maybe a mental health professional can help.
You may be yo-yo dieting and keep putting the weight back on and are very angry about that. Don't give up. Try not dieting. Have patience and just cut down on the calories you're eating, especially empty calories like sugar. It's going to take longer than crash diets but how long have you been doing that with no results?
You're being mean and want my hate but I'm giving you compassion and understanding instead. Good luck and I hope you feel better soon.
My thoughts exactly, reminds me of "the shrinking man" who was trolling on misc of bodybuilders.com and got love and support (in addition to shame) and turned it around. The projecting is real and I just hope they know we're hoping for the best for them in spite of the trolling. I think in that example it was easier for people to understand the trolling because of the photos posted.
We can choose to be better. I'm rooting for you stranger.
Imagine how sad a life someone must have to spend their time harassing people on the internet...
I may be a fat ass, darling, but at least I'm not so hollow and insecure as to bully and troll people on the internet.
How does someone think to themselves “this is how I want to spend my time” ... sending long messages to random people that sound like a middle schooler wrote them. I’m willing to bet this person is extremely obese themselves
Yeah, it seems there's an outbreak of human slime mold around. Don't let it get you down -- it just feeds on the attention.
What in the fresh hell is wrong with people?
This is a person who is either a psychopath, a person with a profound personality disorder, or just a very, very sad, pathetic character whose life has made kindness and love alien to them.
Some people are just disgusting!!! Just know people like that are just projecting their own horrible self worth onto you trying to bring you down to their level.
Well, that’s a loser himself in the worst sense of the word. I’m pretty sure I saw him post in a couple of weight loss threads yesterday, the same sort of nasty remark, and I downvoted him. (I’m using “him” generically, I have no idea).
I hope you reported him. And blocked him. Some people are simply a waste of energy!
absolutely. Unfortunately it was an account made today so I'm sure even if he gets reported and disabled, it wont stop him from creating more and doing the same when he feels the need to bless other posters with his disgusting hate filled message.
For the record, your goals are very achievable and you're on the right track. I've lost a similar amount of weight as you're aiming with about 6 months of calorie counting.
Thanks a lot for the encouragement! I'm excited to see the differences when I compare myself at the turn of the next new year.
Congrats on your success!
People are most susceptible to hating someone that they could be. Meaning you're doing something they wish they were doing but can't, for whatever reason.
He’s clearly fat. Only fat people know about the old fat-flab m&m trick
I mean that is just projection.txt right there
Got the same delightful message.
I find it inspiring. Just think, some loser took time out of their sad pathetic day to be a ridiculous asshole.. you must know that you are already so much better than this obnoxious troll.. just keep on keeping on . That fact you (all of you) are trying to better yourselves obviously triggers some hate in this person's shriveled, ugly heart.. I find it motivating. Prove them wrong!
Looks like somebody is upset because you have enough self love to dedicate yourself to health! Keep doing your thing - I'm proud of you!
Ugh. People are so cruel and this person has nothing better to do with their lives. I hope people have reported him/her
Anybody wanna tell lame me how to see blacked out text on mobile?
I just clicked on it and I could see it.
Honestly dont let anyone get you down, and not anyone online should be top of that list of literally could not matter less.
Hope its not effecting you!
not at all, thank you for the concern though! Just wanted to make the community aware!
I received this message earlier too. Reported them to the mods and to reddit! No loser like that deserves a second of consideration in anyones mind or heart :)
What an idiot. Thanks for sharing so we can all stand together and ignore people that have nothing better to do than spread hate for no reason.
You keep doing your best and that’s all that matters.
He's probably bitter because he got dumped by his fat wife and will never be happy
To be fair, he is only 97% sure! Just be the 3% - easy! Prove him wrong.
8000 calories LOL
but seriously, how insecure and/or unsatisfied must you be in your life to spend time out of your day trying to make us "fat ass losers" feel bad about ourselves lol
I guarantee you it's an overweight kid who feels bad about themselves.
Unfortunately there are people on every sub who do this kind of thing.
I like the bit about "97%" ...not 90, not 100, but 97, that shit is funny. Shit his entire message is funny as hell. I'm not saying he is being nice, only that I find everything he says, funny. And so should you - think about how an utterly boring and problem-filled life you must have, in order to spend time writing this stuff.
He knows nothing about any of you, other than the fact that you are struggling with your weight. He is either the funniest asshole, or a pathetic manchild, take your pick.
Agreed! “the funniest asshole”, right! I laughed thru the whole thing! But of course, not all of us here are in a good position emotionally, able to laugh at something like this. As others have pointed out, struggling with overweight (esp if your struggle has gone on for a long time) can bring on all kinds of negative emotion. Yes, absolutely, this could trigger someone who’s vulnerable and/or fighting depression. So overall, the potential impact that one selfish ass can have isn’t funny at all. Indeed, if I were a witch, I’d turn him into a brown m&m, hopelessly trapped deep within some cosmic, interplanetary fat roll, say...the size of Jupiter. Sweltering within the globulous fold, he’d fight to keep his wee candied heart from racing as his hard shell slowly succumbed to the heat...chocolate filling growing warm, then positively hot! sizzle ...and as the small white m&m logo began to slide off his sheeny surface, his shrieking, occluded screams would begin! mwhuhahaha 👀 cackle
This sounds like a 12 year old having a stroke. Not worth stressing over this.
It sounds like it was written by a 9 year old.
I have a feeling that this person is projecting
Sounds like someone is projecting. What a sad person; maybe we should offer them some help? There's got to be some underlying issue when someone purposely targets those trying to improve themselves.
His repeated insistence that he'll "never be a fat ass like you" and the fact that he's targeting this sub make me immediately sure (like, 90% sure) that he is in fact obese, but unlike all of us here who are improving our lives, this person is not, and lacks any desire to. So rather than joining us and building themselves up, they are trying to drag you down to their subterranean level.
All I can think of is how sad and lonely this person's life must be to spend their time trying to get to people this way. They must have a lot of time on their hands and not much else to do with it. It's laughable but also pitiful. Imagine if they spent the time they took to write these messages and instead did something positive with their spare time. What a waste.
Ignore them. I wouldn't reply or give it any more headspace.
You carry on doing what you're doing, and they can continue being devoid of all empathy and kindness. Their unkind words should mean nothing to you or your life. Who cares what some random stranger thinks?
Joke's on him - a good number of us have lost the weight and are actually maintaining now 🤣
Maybe he was visiting the TheRedPill and only learned about negging lol.
Having said that... 8000cal a day does sound delicious...
8000 calories a day is literally impossible. You’d be drinking maple syrup at that point.
Please remember that you can always lose physical weight, but the weight of the issues he’s carrying around, to say such ugly things to a complete strange, he’ll most likely have to carry with him his entire lifetime.
From one Classic Wow fan to another, don't feed the trolls. Keep on keepin' on!
Wow ... This person is rediculous. Plain and simple. You can do this!
Understandable haha
Even the skinniest teenagers/young adults can become fat. This persons problem is definitely being empty on the inside. This will probably cause them to try to fill the void that is themself with food. Can’t wait for this asshole to come full circle. See you in 10 years you worthless abyss!!!
I got a very similar message from a different account last night off of my post. So sad that people have so little sense of self worth to bother with this petty bs. Sorry bout your penis bro, but get a life. Sucks that people have to put up with harassment :(
If the people of Reddit can find a cat killer, surely they could track down this ... whatever you want to call him.
You're working on improving yourself while that troll seems to be just another sad little sociopath with projection issues.
Stick with It OP!
I saw a comment earlier on another sub and i think its the same person. Their use of words seems the same. Just block and report.
Lol what a sad fucking neckbeard
Lmao this person is so insecure
Just look how often they refer to themself it’s like this comment is more about themself
I see a person who was not loved as a kid. They're probably looking like Quasimodo(Quasimodo didn't deserve what he got as an ending, too). Please, don't let such comments get to you,they're not worth your or anybody's time.
Sounds like serious projection.
I knew someone like this...they openly admitted to being 'fattist' and yet they were the one eating huge wedges of cake for breakfast every day and stuffing their face non-stop throughout classes.
They were literally doing the things that they accused overweight people of doing and looked down on them for. Absolute muppet.
It’s just even more strange to me because if you hate fat people... why would you try and convince them to stop trying to lose weight?
How miserable does your life have to be to write things like that to someone?
I'll take the joy of finding the occasional snack in my fat rolls any day over being so miserable that I seek out online communities to insult them (and repeat over and over how I'll never be fat. Hmmm. Makes one think maybe he found an especially ripe cheezit in his rolls recently.)
What a troubled and unhappy individual one would have to be to go out of your way to send somebody a message like that.
Fungus, f you're reading this, there is more to life man. Go out and find it.
So, which is it? We all eat 8,000 calories or it’s in our genetics to be fat? If you’re going to be a sad troll at least be a logical sad troll.
Kinda laughed at the thing about being a trampoline though. I wish fat was that bouncy, then I'd move through the world like a rubber ball.
The troll really needs to up their game if they even want to cause damage, my middle school bullies did even a better job at being jackasses than this dude
I hope the person responsible seeks help for their mental problems and developmental delay.
Sorry you had to deal with this OP. Thanks for calling it out, other people may have felt lonely dealing with this crap.
How sad do you need to be to have to insult random people on the internet like this? Honestly him/her saying "I will never be fat" really seems to me that they're so insecure about all other aspects of their live that they have to do this so they can make themselves believe that "hey atleast I'm not fat right" is enough to be happy.
Take a shot anytime he says fat ass.
OMG, how can these incompassionate people exist ?
What is wrong with people? This person is probably going through something they can’t deal with and this has nothing to do with you.
Lol, is he 8?
This person has such a way with the written word, it sounds as if they’re maybe 11-12 years old. Repetitive phrases, easy insults, it sounds like a child typing.
I'm sorry but this is funny. What a sad person!!
Holy wow trollbro, you think a community of WARRIORS LIKE US can be hurt by yo punk ass?!
Bitch please. We've conquered far worse demons than you. And we have something you don't have - each other.
Also, yr clearly fat. You're not OK with it, but we are. So maybe just... Join us? We can actually help you be who you want to be. Peace.
yeah, i've got a similar message, albeit from a different account just a few days ago. made me chuckle bc it was just so stupid, but shit like that could seriously hurt people. I didn't even think about putting a post up as a warning before i went and blocked the user, so thank you for doing that!
Hope you dont take what this troll has said, to heart. Its a troll trying to make itself feel better. Such a lame existence.
Imagine being so pathetic that you seek out a community of people trying to better themselves, and try to insult those people from your keyboard.
Thats such a movie bully
Yeah got the same one it's whatever
Sounds like a 12 year old.
Sounds like someone's projecting. I hope they're okay.
What a pathetic loser who's got nothing else to do with his life
Its surprising how people like this actually exist.
What a loser! You just know this is some weird ass 50 year old dude living in his mother’s basement. I hope he’s reading this. Dude, we all know you have a pinky penis and your mum abuses you. The struggle is real my man, get some help
On reddit, the topic of fat shaming is often on
this is low key effective motivation-
I hope he has a sudden case of hit by a bus.
Dear FungusFlinger, if you are reading this, are you okay? The amount of vitriol you just flung at a human being, who had done you no harm, makes me think you aren't. That amount of rage and hate eats you up inside. Making someone less, does not make you more. Take a deep breath and look inward at why you would want to make someone fail. Talk to someone about it and quit cutting yourself.
the account was suspended
you should really take it as a badge of honor that some jerk went out of their way to show you how insecure they are about themselves and how you created those feelings in them with your positive progress!
Over in one of the stained glass subs I had someone messaging me like this several times. Not only about being bad at stained glass but that I was worthless, etc... it hit me hard because they were supposedly from a mod. This is a good sub and you are wonderful and welcome here! You are doing a great job just by showing up in this sub and working to get healthy! I am inspired by you! I’m still in the initial planning stage of weight loss but with people like you working and succeeding here I feel good about my chances. THANK YOU FOR BEING HERE!
The irony is, this guy(or gal) is probably morbidly obese. Texting from his mothers basement, lol.
The amount of insecurity that person must have is mind boggling.
What kind of life does this guy have that he has time to harass a bunch of anonymous people on social media??
I hope you’re okay. Don’t take that to heart, he’s a troll. We’re here to support you!
That sounds like a 14 year old moron.
I got one of those. Different user name.
Exactly. If anything seeing how generic and poorly written it was makes it incredibly easy to brush off and realize how sad that persons life is.
Apparently this sad little dick waste of space messages another user who posted it ok
Sounds like something written from a middle schooler, insanely cringey to read. I see how triggering this could be but jesus, I can't help but read that and laugh because, what the fuck? How generic and repetitive. If I were that person I'd retire myself from existence immediately and spare the last couple of brain cells I had left.
Glad you didn't let it get to you- or at least I hope it didn't. Much love op
I just had to laugh when I read it for the same reason. It reminds me of a five year old repeating all the "bad" words they ever learned were "bad." I also hear this in the voice of an angry five year old, which makes me laugh even more. Sorry, OP. I sure hope you don't take any of those comments seriously because someone with some emotional and intellectual challenges is lashing out.
That is the saddest attempt at hurting an overweight persons feelings, I think I've ever seen. Juvenile at best. My inner monologue has said worse things while sleeping.
Thanks for warning others though!
The troll is using these posts as a feeding ground. Not even 3 minutes later I got a message attempting to belittle me. Yikes.
Totally healthy totally normal way to talk to people. Bet they are drowning in pussy and friends. /s
After my post, I have one too. When I'm already struggling I didn't really need it. But thanks to having seen this earlier in the day I was prepared and able to shake it off. So I just wanted to say thank you for posting this, so I was prepared.
Wow... remember, that person is deeply unhappy with their own life and trying to numb their pain by attempting to bring you down.
Keep going and stay strong!
Got the same message, honestly made me laugh and didn't give them the time of day. Nothing but jealousy.
What a fukin 12 year old...
Dang I received the exact same thing yesterday
Little edgy keyboard warrior that has nothing better to do with their life... Rest assured that you're miles ahead of them because you're actively working on bettering yourself while they stew in their own rage and angst...
It's sad that people have to be like that.
Yes, I got that exact message from him! He is just copy pasting and sending it to posters.
One. I have broken 1 toilet with my ass and clumsiness. Thank you for asking
he thinks he could make me cry? because he probably will.
Lmao their message belongs to
I'm sorry that loser hurt you.
Dudes favourite insult seems to be fat ass...he’s either a lonely guy who has a fetish for larger people or a 12 year old kid who’s struggling with weight loss himself and is projecting his anger and disappointment in himself towards people who are actually taking the steps to succeed. Fuck this guy.
It takes a special kind of dumbass to harass people just trying to improve themselves
What a sad pathetic life does one have to have to feel the need to send a message like that?
First of all, no one looks down on anyone from a position above you. Only weak people pull others down, the strong lift others up. Even if this cunt is in great shape in real life, they’ve clearly got other issues they need help with.
‘It’s not in my genetics to be a fat ass loser’
Not only is this person struggling with self esteem issues, they know fuck all about science. You might not gain weight short term, but eventually eating like shit will catch up with anyone. You cannot eat in calorie surplus without consequence forever. Plus your health would be trash.
This person is wrong. You will reach your goals, because you are gonna be committed to it. They are just jealous, and are trying to take their ego out on you.
Stay strong :)
He is probably fat himself and doesnt have the guts to face you! So easy to tell people they are worthless or look like crap behind a screen.. i feel sorry for him, probably has no friends or motivation himself
This community has lost 1.6 MILLION POUNDS. Keep logging friends!
For what it's worth I lurk weight loss subreddits for motivation and constantly think about what an inspiration the posters are, and how proud I am of these strong willed people I don't even know. For every asshat that messages you some bull like that, just know there are even MORE people watching silently in awe and cheering you on.
Kinda makes me wanna bait him in with a before pic saying I'm starting my journey, then coming back with my after pics
Poor little 14 year old.
Lol nice one, fully outing himself as having some serious mental issues right here. Pray for the wicked.
This made me laugh, honestly. Because some internet stranger doesn’t know me or what I do, so this message is meaningless to me.
He's probably frustrated and sad that he's talking about himself doing the only thing he can to make himself get through a day.
There are literally a million other things that someone could spend their time on. Imagine being a jackass who ‘trolls’.
I got a similar message a few days ago, by a different user. Clearly it's the same idiot
Anyone who is being harassed by this person can report him to reddit admins. A few years ago, I was getting harassed by someone incessantly. I was a mod to a small subreddit that he had no reason to be on. I blocked him personally but he wouldn't leave us alone via modmail and harassed my other mods.
After I finally reported him to reddit admins, he was IP banned from the site entirely and left us alone.
Misery loves company
Edgy 12 year old is edgy
OMG, this is just awful. This person must be a miserable sad sack. Thank you for exposing them.
lol found the 12 year old
Someone needs a better hobby.
Don't feed the trolls fam. On another note. What kind of shallow and unhappy live one must be having to target and verbally abuse people who are trying to lose weight. What a *ucking loser.
Wow, this sounds like some serious projection on his part ...
this is a really funny post, wtf. im just imagining m&m's rolling out of my body every time i shower. i dont know how to explain the blockage to the landlord
It’s a tough concept to really get a hold of, but it’s likely this person is doing this because they’re hurting. It doesn’t excuse their actions in any way whatsoever, and we shouldn’t spend our energy in pitying them, but I think it’s best for everyone that we just silently hope they find the help they need, and keep on bettering ourselves. Good looking out for your fellow losers!
TL;DR: keep on keepin’ on!
I got the exact same message right after my very first post. I could tell it was someone sending the same rude message to other people. My post first post had nothing to do with weight or weight loss. Maybe they are being sent by a rude robot. If it's a human, guess what human, they stopped being funny a long time ago. Just be a duck everyone, and let it roll off. The guy is a couple of sandwiches short of a picnic.
I love how this person thinks that fat is such an awful thing to be. Like. Being fat isn’t the end of the world. It doesn’t mean that I’m lazy or a terrible person. I’m pretty amazing actually. And I’m super happy and have an awesome life. I’m losing weight to make sure that I’m around to enjoy it longer.
I’d much rather be fat and happy than thin and miserable enough to spend time messaging people trying to make them feel bad about themselves.
I bet this tirade was done in front of mirror many times before this person decided to attack others with such venom.
Haha I just got one of these.
I'd stop giving this ink...
No one who has ever accomplished anything worthwhile or difficult in life talks like this.
Put it out of your head. as a former teenage boy I can picture a group of teenage boys all sitting together giggling over the potential of hurting someone's feelings.
Ignore it, it's not worth even considering.
Lol just got one from a brand new account “Hahahahahaha” reallyyyy put effort in that name there.